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: Honorsystem broken?
then how many hundreds of honors do i need to get lwls climbing?
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: Here's an example of a bug
ya.... i have had that same shit for yhe last 3 hours.... im so %%%%ing done whit this ''new and better client''... only bugs and crasheas after every patch...
: league of legends queue bug!!
client keeps crashing all the %%%%ing time... i cant get in to lobby and when i get there it lags at the point when u should ban and doesnt allow to close the client whitout console command...... Finland crashing hard...
Inzzzy (EUNE)
: Loading screen bug
I have had a similiar bug but mine just crashes in loading screen, shows bugsplat, starts some wierd repair process and wont allow to reconnect. i think the spaghetti code in this patch is bad... and whats even more worse, lowerpriority Q for 5 games constantly bc of this bug that wont allow reconnect. it really annoys the living shit out of me...
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