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: > [{quoted}](name=Smitey,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E74rxHEF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-23T11:55:56.696+0000) > > U should put that on Riot Support to see what they have to say about that, There are only bans in this game to the good guys that flame the bad guys It's not even like I flamed, I just tried to defend myself against their ridiculous accusations. At least they are ridiculous if you know what's really happening. That's the dangerous thing about them, if you just look at the surface, they might even seem plausible, which they are not. And that pisses me off. I think I should be allowed to do that, at least if riot doesn't seem to care about such behaviour. But riot is too busy punishing self defensive behaviour, instead of getting rid of those troublemakers. I honestly believe that those people are what starts this whole "league community is shit" thing in the first place, every round over again. If you eliminate those people that are false accusing and currently getting away with it, I truly believe toxicity would decrease A LOT.
I feel like there's 2 points of view for this: the people that are getting flamed is because they are bad at the game, so everyone would play better, there won't be any flame xD, but saying bad things is unbearable. So my soltuion to this would be just to not say bad words when u are flaming someone and paraphrase everything
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: If you flame by no way you are a good guy.
I meant good or bad at League, it doesn't matter if u are kind or whatever, I expect at least some level of play.
: Punished for Tilting
U should put that on Riot Support to see what they have to say about that, There are only bans in this game to the good guys that flame the bad guys
Cadelanne (EUW)
: Are there really people thinking Lee Sin is fine ?
From a guy that mains this champ from the beginning of my account, I can't understand why you would hate so much on a high skill cap champion. The thing with ward jump is, if u remove it from Lee, he just stops being a champion, it enables him soooo much, u can't do much with him. As a mini exemple, when I don't have any wards, I'm even scared of counterjungling bcs I won't be able to escape. People that say u can shield carries in the lategame, it's just not true, his shield is 200, I'm not seing the frustration there The "AoE slow" is just like 30% max, again, I don't see where the frustration comes from there. Self healing, ofc, he's a bruiser, never thought about that as a problem, mayb I'm biased here. (Arguments taken from "Emperor Talquin") I heard from friends the fact that it's frustrating to play against him when all he does is R Q Q, bcs it garantees him to hit Q (which is his only skillshot) but otherwise, yyou really can't complain about losing to a high skill champ, that just means u're garbo, sry to say it. U should probably complain about more important things, like Kai'Sa having such an overloaded kit that u have the right to have Zhonyas as an ADC. BTW I think Zhonyas is OP and Riot should remove Stopwatch, bcs it's just frustrating to play against but that's another topic. Anyway, hope u stop complaining about high skill champs ( like Yasuo lul ) and u learn to counter them ( for exemple, I feel so countered when I play Lee vs Hecarim). GL HF


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