: Is It Time We Got More Bans?
What are you talking about Rito doesn't need to balance anything. Every hero is totally playable. That's irony, if you didn't catch that.
Eraenis (EUW)
: They already talked about Elise in another thread. Should her performance drop too much, she will get her ms back. They just don't want to act prematurely. Kinda suxx but well ... makes sense in a way.
Rayz01 (EUW)
: I didn't want to believe this but
Riot hates anything that doesn't have the name Zed, that's why.
Sèbelon (EUNE)
: Season 6....
It just gets worse every new season with the shitty 1 second kill champions with 10 flashes. They just keep bloating new champions with mobility and damage while ignoring old ones until every now and then they remake some old shit champion making it super imbalanced for a couple of months. Riot has to be the worst out of all Mobas at actually balancing their game. Just look at how many champions there are and how many of them you can actually play. I get that they are a company and that they need money but it just feels like everything they do is either to suck money out of you or to make the game a more entertaining esport to watch while also making it less fun to play. If there was some way to play the game de-patched a couple of seasons, I would. As it is now it's unplayable, and only fun if you're maining assassins..
FatScope (EUW)
: My thought about league.
Riots current goal is to only make assassins viable so you can expect it to get worse, not better.
: On hiatus with League due to many reasons
Don't let Rito get away with making shitty decisions. The only reason they buff some champions and create this current 1hit kill meta is because it makes for good watching (Esport). The problem is for the casual players it's shit. I've already uninstalled and I ain't playing this shit again until this assassin meta goes away. I regret spending hundreds of euros on this game.
: Lack of Balance
You're correct in the way you're thinking of the game, that it is unbalanced. You're not correct in the way you think Riot thinks, that they listen to the casual player. Judging by the last few years, they don't. They want to make the game fun to watch, not fun to play. That means one hit kill combos and assassins up your ass. That's only going to get worse. I uninstalled the game yesterday, and I'm gonna find another game, maybe DotA which I played a couple of years ago before I started LoL, which I enjoyed then because it felt like a slightly faster DotA. Now it feels like a game where most of the champions are useless and teamfights are over in 2 seconds. And that's not going to improve. It's going to get worse. I feel kinda bad for even mentioning DotA here, I used to love LoL and thought of it as so much more fun than DotA. The current LoL is not fun though. Unless you like Zed, I guess.
Brawler (EUW)
: I feel you man. How Duskblade made it onto the live servers in it's current state is beyond me. The idea behind it was good, but the execution and the result is ridiculous, and the designer(s) of that item should be ashamed. However I feel that Giant Slayer & kin is a necessary evil against the juggernaut meta. It's a shame it impacts tanks so heavily, but que sera sera.
Well, looking at the current direction the game is going, in a year or two the only champions that will be viable are the type of champion that use Duskblade so by then it doesn't matter that it's OP because every champion in the game will have it.
: Fiora and Fizz are exceptions, they deal % damage. Buying {{item:3151}} is even enough to make you top the damage chart if that's important to you. Fiora in particular is similar in toxicity to Vayne due to uncounterable damage. However, you are sorely mistaken, just look at Mundo alone, he always tops the damage chart (in part due to %hp damage, but still). Assassins are basically Zed and Talon right now, maybe LeBlanc if the player is good, the rest are pretty trash, all because {{champion:103}} is making all AP assassins useless atm.
Speaking of % damage, thats another thing that works against tanks, and alot of new champions seem to be getting abilities like those, which is also a new thing Rito did to make dealing with tanks easy peasy. Fun fun fun fun! Mundo is another exception I guess, but like Malphite is often banned. Or at least he used to be, I didn't play more than a few games in patch 6.3 because I got so tired of the game so I don't really know.
: Tanks are bs. I agree they should be able to tank more, but would you be willing to lose all that %hp and high ratio damage? Because right now, tanks have better defense than most other champs, at basically no cost to offensive power.
That's not true. Most tanks don't deal much damage compared to Zed, Yi, Fiora, Fizz or any of the other FotM assassins. It is a very rare occurence that a tank is at the top of the damage chart. Malphite is maybe one of the few capable of doing it.
EmEx (EUW)
: Thats why I only get 1-3 defensive items on a tank (if I play serious) the rest must be damage or at least items that have some damage and defense like Titanic Hydra, thats just how the game has to be played now. It's all about damage now and cc, cc might be even better than ever since champs die so fast.
Most games are decided around the 25 minute mark, and thats enough for 2, maybe 3 items. If you choose to get 3 defensive items, you're not gonna do much damage. If you choose 2 tanky items and one damage item, you're going to get melted by heroes like Fiora, that can soak up loads of damage will still dealing alot more damage than any tank ever will. Doesn't help that you can't stun her either, what with the riposte bullshit. So out the window goes the cc, too. Even against champions like Yi you're going to struggle, because with good timing he can dodge cc too with the dash. Same with alot of the champions currently in the meta, they got mobility or something that lets them dodge stuff. That's why pure tanks are mostly garbage. They are basically a 2nd support, dealing no damage and only offering some cc at best.
: u make valid points, especially the fact that ''You want to play a champion that isn't much use before he gets more than 2 items? Sorry, the game will be over by then in most cases.'' most tanks are not insanely broken even if they have 2 items and it wasn't the case in the past either, because they needed to balance their items or become CC bots that just sit in teamfights spamming CC and soaking damage. while champions like Riven/Fiora etc gain all their defense/offense stats from the same items, scaling basically with just 2 kills or at the 15 minute mark if they have full farm. Former SK player Freddy and Dyrus from TSM both had the same struggle with making the transition towards hard carry champs. I think that some tanks are still viable, aka ammu and malphite, they offer alot of CC utility and still can get tanky. as for NUNU in jungle hes actually doing okay since he roams all day and counterjungles at really early levels. so there are still options if you dig deep.
The only tanks that are still decent are tanks with a bunch of AoE stun and high mobility, like those you mentioned. That doesn't leave a lot of them, considering how many tanks there are. Even among those, some are still kinda bad, like for example Sejuani, which is way too situational and the ultimate is really easy to dodge if you have a dash, which all champions that are viable does. Sure, Malphite is still decent, if nothing else because he's made to be anti auto-attack (aka anti-fiora) and has a decent ultimate. The only reason they haven't nerfed Malphite yet is because he's a good Esport watch- Like all the rest of the champions that are in the meta.
Larry (EUNE)
: I'm sorry to hear you leaving, but if you dont enjoy the game anymore it's up to you. I also play from season 1, i got really dissapointed for all my champions gotten changed/nerfed/ruined the fun out of them. But i didnt like the gameplay and the pace this game had, people would build hp and destroy everyone, remember the heart of gold? For supports it was basically this or lose.Remember later on when everybody built warmogs?And at this moment, shen/malph/amumu/maokai, are pretty viable options, i play maokai/nautilus as supports and they really are not weak by far. Playing a tank in this season is not just chasing enemy team around, scaring them and staying alive for 1 minute while taking damage. It requires tactical in-and-out, the tankiness provided is just enough to win fights, mistakes will be punished and this is why i stick to lol even though i have all champions runes and runepages, and reached diamond. There is basically 1 thing left for me in this game, to reach challenger. Riot has forfeited easy mechanics and forced more aiming, timing, and avoiding playstyles.The tactics in this game are more versatile than ever, meaning skarner is viable, nunu is viable, everybody is viable, but you have to think considering the other picks.Each champion brings a unique kit, and there are many more tactics to be invented or combined in the future.Ofc there are champions who are favored by the current meta, making them viable in more situations than others (and that is what OP champ means, being able to perfom well in more scenarios than others). The tactics to destroy the nexus are more than just starvation tactics as there used to be, poking is not so famous lately due to the fast pace and difference of tactics being available, i will not stand getting poked, i will roam in your jungle waiting to assassinate, i will split push, run for objectives, force team fights.I will try high-risk high-reward scenarios, it gives more excitement.But it requires more thinking and strategically speaking, could be equivalent to real war tactics. The only thing i dont like, is the lack of items in specific champion pools (like mages at the moment) which i do believe will get fixed since Rito has proved that they look problems in depth, and take baby steps to a better experience for the gamers.
What's the difference between heart of gold and current gold/5 items though? Not much. About champions being viable or not, you CAN ofcourse play champions like Maokai and do decently. The problem is, you're playing a hero that is worse so you have to be better than the opposition. Why should I have to play alot better just to be able to break even? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. You're gimping yourself by choosing a subpar champion over a obviously stronger choice. About tactics. I don't really agree with you that there are more tactical options now. Mostly this is due to the limited hero pool. Thanks to around 10 champions being so much better than the rest, you usually see them very often. This leads to similar games, and similar tactics. About mechanics: Again, I don't agree. Pressing more buttons faster doesn't really constitute harder mechanics in my books. Just because you can spam every button at once on Rengar that doesnt make him a very complicated champion. He's really simple. Just use ulti, jump on someone and press the buttons in the right order. Boom, dead. It's the same with a lot of the new assassin/bruiser champions, even though Riot tries their best to make you believe otherwise. There's also the fact that Riot does their absolute best to control which heros should and should not be played. They are actually TRYING to make some heroes worse. And it's usually tanks and recently lategame AP champions that got the short end of the stick. Look at the recent nerf to Ryze, making him basically useless, and then look at the nerf on Zed, which makes zero difference to his domincance. I play tanks. Tanks always get the short stick. You can probably understand my frustration. I think the pace the game used to have was fine. I don't mind games taking more than 25 minutes. Especially now with the new champion pick thing, which usually takes around 10-15 minutes to get a game started, which just adds to the frustration. There's also the fact that this pace change again just makes the hero pool smaller. You want to play a champion that isn't much use before he gets more than 2 items? Sorry, the game will be over by then in most cases.
kírts90 (EUW)
: Can you guess which is the new champion with the lowest winratio in game?
Riots idea of balancing is to make incredibly harsh nerfs to any champion they deem boring (read: non-assassin) and when enough people complain, they make a really small, mostly pointless nerf to the in-meta champion. Then they revert that change in the next patch. Rinse and repeat until 95% of champions are useless.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Janna last year was "not meta". "Meta" were engage tank supports. I got 80% win rate on Janna in ranked. Malzahar last year was "not meta". "Meta" was Azir and Viktor and Vlad. My win rate on Malzahar in season 5, 71%. Fiora, pre rework, last year, was "not meta". "Meta" were maokai instant lv 2, smite hecarim, smite fizz, etc. I used to have a 60% win rate on Fiora in season 5, then I made the mistake of playing the new Fiora and lost a bunch of games with her. My point: You can make your own meta. If you are the better player, there's high chance you will win. But if anyone in the enemy team is better than you, that high chance to win, vanishes away. only a plat4 scrub. But that's enough to say that you can get better than 80% of this game's ranked community by playing your own comfort champions, your own meta. I mean, when was "Shako" or "Udyr" meta? And there's such players in diamond whom only play that.
You can certainly get good at a certain champion, but that's only up to a point. If you're up against a player of equal skill but with a better champion, you're screwed. And if you're playing ranked, you will be playing against players of equal skill eventually.
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: [GUIDE] - Part 1 - A new player's arrival!
Here's a guide including all you need to know: Pick Xin. No matter what.
: Good job with zed and xin zao this patch
If you don't have at least 1 flash ability or speed and can kill someone in a couple of seconds no matter how fat they are, you're useless this season. I've decided to uninstall the game for the time being and hope that it will get better in a year or two, although I can't say I'm hoping for much with the way Riot seems to want the game to be played. First couple of seasons was awesome. This and last season is no fun to play unless you pick the meta picks, because you WILL lose because of the wast ocean of difference in damage output and mobility between meta and non-meta. It's like Riot isn't even trying to bring the bottom barrel picks (which is 90% of champions) into line witth the rest and I'm tired of it. I played the game since season 1, and I've been trying to play tanky junglers for most of that time, but nowadays it's not fun anymore, because stuff like Skarner or Nunu is worthless compared to Xin that can kill either of those without breaking a sweat. Rito PLZ.
: maybe spend more then 10 seconds scanning an online profile before you profess to know me. ive been playing ranked since seaon 2 when you got 2 points a win and -1 a loss, then 0 at 99 points JUST IN CASE you were on a streak and didnt deserve the promo. THAT was a ranked grind. the reason im not playing ranked right now is im getting some friends into the game with hopes of dynamic queing a 5s team (was gonna be ranked 5s but they killed that within a week of us getting the team together) and speaking as someone whos played ranked from season 2 i can give you a brief rundown of the overall game-state changes. towers nerfed, bruisers buffed, ADCs buffed so thier lategame is at 25-30 mins, global gold MASSIVELY buffed so noone falls behind and careful farming isnt important compared to KDA, splitpush killed, poke comps killed, wombo champs buffed, % of champs released with dashes CC or both increased, wards made free so people dont have to spend money being careful and can dump it into items for moar damagez, tanks nerfed because living long is boring, bruisers buffed, towers nerfed again, dragon becoming less about gold and more about a buff designed to force wombo combo dives, winions buffed because stalemates are boring baron buff buffed for the same reason, towers nerfed again, junglers given the means to remove wards without paying for pinks, assassins buffed, every new support being released with more and more rediculous utility and unkillability making tanks pointless. anyone who can leap and global someone tends to do well in the patch notes unless they get TOO far ahead of themselves (aka khazix). fizz, zed, leblanc have all been hated by the community for years but barring the removal of LBs silence (to enable flashy counter all-ins) they are allways playable. the only champs that ever get completely killed are slow farm champs that dont have mobility. compare the game now with season 2 and games last about half the time, have much less tactical depth, focus less on farm and devolve into who wins early because snowball is unstoppable, its not a case of "get armor and you will slow them down" its "get armor to add 0.5 seconds onto your "damage taken in" count and stop your team flaming. thats why most of the new bruiser items focus on womboing your opponent. people in plat which is according to lolsummoners.com in the top 10.55% of players globally STILL dont know how to play as or against poke comps and cant deal with splitpush. i say this time and time again i feel like all i did to get to plat last season was have a good grasp of the fundamentals equal to someone of silver elo in season 2, and a willingness to grind. it feels like i just havent gotten any better since silver 1, but everyone else has gotten worse. they watch LCS and scream wombo combo and pick meta and build meta, but thier fundamentals are trash because the game dosent focus on that anymore, only on fancy plays and nerfing anything that isnt fancy plays.
I agree so much with you it's not even funny. If you don't have at least 1 flash ability or speed and can kill someone in a couple of seconds no matter how fat they are, you're useless this season. I've decided to uninstall the game for the time being and hope that it will get better in time, although I can't say I'm hoping for much with the way Riot seems to want the game to be played. First couple of seasons was awesome. This and last season is no fun to play unless you pick the meta picks, because you WILL lose because of the wast ocean of difference in damage output and mobility between meta and non-meta. It's like Riot isn't even trying to bring the bottom barrel picks (which is 90% of champions) into line witth the rest and I'm tired of it. I played the game since season 1, and I've been trying to play tanky junglers for most of that time, but nowadays it's not fun anymore, because stuff like Skarner or Nunu is worthless compared to Xin that can kill either of those without breaking a sweat.
Xa3k (EUW)
: Just delete the game and relaunch it with the finished version of season 4. Then that's your second chance at not ruining the game.
If only it was possible to do that and also play with others.
Thoriar (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Harbinger195,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ulJVFgV2,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-13T09:43:51.014+0000) > In Jhin you have essestially taken all on the strenths of Jinx and given them a boost, and I do not understand why? Not sure about you, but the primary strength of jinx is the fact she can fire off an obscene amount of AE damage late game with the rockets. She has some of the kit, but by far nothing compared to Jhin.. I for once actually feel that jhin is a weak champion, compared to many others released. He is so very easy to CC and has no counterplay to gap closers.
Jhin is garbage, compared to Lucian.
madza12 (EUNE)
: Very untrue in terms of the powerpicks crap. How you play a champion is everything. If you know what you're doing and have experience with it,playing vs a stronger champion ( NOT STRONGER but easier to do well with.) won't matter cause you will be able to play around it. If more people cared more about finding champions they like and practising them instead of going for the FOTM ones to try to win so desperately this community would be a happier place.
Some champions ARE stronger and that's a fact.
: >its all about how you play the champ If that was the case, we would still see Udyr and Nunu played in the LCS. Because these guys can play everything, on a very high level, and the things they can't play. they can learn in a matter of days. However, they are not doing that. Why? **BECAUSE LIKE IT OR NOT, POWERPICKS EXIST.** The meta shifts, new things become powerful, old things vanish.
The meta doesn't shift. Rito Just makes flashy assassins better and better. When was the last time most champions that came out first season was good? First season, that's when.
Bombardox (EUW)
: '' Sejuani is not meta champ '' '' omg why pick kha zix ''
To be meta you need to have 2+ free flash abilites and 2k+ dmg in less than 2 seconds. Example: Zed, Rengar
Hrki (EUNE)
: Assassins in this game are cancerous.
Minstrel (EUNE)
: And no real CC except for a non-reliable knockup. Jarvs always was assassin-like anyway. Check out [the following comment](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/pt97eEjE-duskblade-ad-assassins-and-you?comment=00130000#) for an official Riot response on the topic. >Player: _Speaking of "collateral damage", I'm looking at this and I'm wondering - What exactly prevents it from becoming "core" on non-assasins? What stops me from getting this on {{champion:59}} , {{champion:62}} or even {{champion:64}} considering their high burst potential without building much AD and going full tank from there resulting in the team having an effective tank who can just remove a squishy target from the fight (especially these 3 who don't have much problems getting to the backline) ? What I'm afraid will happen is the item will become a must-buy on alot more champions than just the "ad assasins", but the champs it's actually targeted at like Zed / Talon will get their damage/scaling nerfed to the ground because of the power this item brings._ >Riot Axes: _The near-assassin fighters will likely consider it, and we might need to do some work on them on a champion-by-champion basis if they do. We're not likely to knee-jerk take it away from them if a few fighters use it and the gameplay's acceptable, but we're definitely keeping an eye on that._
So in other words, instead of changing the item they will nerf the non-assassins. As usual. Riot logic: "This item we made for assassins isn't working as intended!" "Lets nerf all non-assassins, that will fix it!"
: Hello In my last game i had a feeling that something is wrong with Duskblade of Draktharr too. Zed having this new item and Cufield's Warhammer oneshotted our tank. He delt 2850 damage in 3 seconds to a character with 156 armor points. Sometimes fed Zed should be able to instantly kill even a tank. This time tho Zed has 1,5 item and Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Darius had Dead Man's Plate, Phage and Mercury's Treads (156 armor exactly at that time). They were equal in level (around 12-14, i don't remember exactly). Assassins should be able to wipe out squishy champions. But now an assassin equal in level and gear oneshots a tank. This is wrong guys and i hope it will change. "Now that Duskblade's entering an item shop near you, we're partially reverting that change so that Zed doesn't spike and snowball too heavily off just a single item purchase." - Patch 6.3 notes (http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-63-notes) I state that the "Zed doesn't spike and snowball too heavily off just a single item purchase" part "isn't working as intended". I dont know how other assassins perform in this case. Im adding a link to game overview: http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/2516094266/219299696?tab=overview "You were suppose to bring balance to the League, not leave it in darkness." - Obi Wan Kenobi
It's ridicilous. There's almost no reason to build hp or armor anymore because there are so many items that negate them you might as well just build more dmg instead. And ofcourse this makes it so that most tanks are also useless.
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Question, are you just trolling or actually being serious? Calling the likes of Zed, Ahri, Lucian and Lee not "top tier"
Serika Zero (EUNE)
: Lets compare her to Lee Sin, Lucian, Thresh, Zed, Ahri and other popular picks. You are welcome http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.playPercent&order=descend
I don't see how those matters, since none of those are top champions. Fiora is the first in the list when it comes to top. The fact that she's still the most common top, even when she is also often banned, should tell you just how ridicilous it is.
Karfuss (EUW)
: It's things like this that make me wonder whether Riot's game balance team even play League of Legends at all. Assassins do not have it hard. At all. Frankly, a great deal of AD assassins occupy the pick/ban roster including but not limited to Fiora, Zed, Yasuo and Rengar. They didn't need a buff - they needed an item that AD assassins could be balanced around, so that nerfing items didn't also directly nerf bruisers and ADC. The solution most people would come up with if they sat back for 5 minutes and thought, would be to create an item to fill the void that came after changes to Last Whisper. We have that, and they're called Dominik's Regard and Mortal Reminder. What could we do with them? Well, we could add melee only passives that tailors it more towards AD assassins, and those passives could be balanced to balance AD assassins as a whole. Except in true Riot fashion, they've overcomplicated everything and we're lumped with a brand new item with the same problems DFG had, that has caused Zed nerfs (the exact opposite Riot wanted to achieve), has shifted the meta during the season and has given AD assassins the buff they really didn't need.
I'm starting to think the balance team just puts together all the messages they get from people into a hat and draw a few every patch. Then they do the exact opposite of what the message proposes.
: My (not so) little rant about the state of the game
I feel you. I'm close to giving up on this game until they stop buffing assassins every single patch, while whining about how hard assassins have it.
: feels good to be a assassin main {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: i am not touching ranked until riot sort their game out. There is literally no point in defensive items or hp at all anymore. EVERY FCKIN CHAMP GOT DAT % HEALTH MAX HP 3 STACK TRUE DAMAGE MIX MAGIC ARMOUR MAGIC SHRED SHIT. (and now % missing execute coz fck it) If I am playing sion I expect to be able to fckin TANK but when I see my 1 defensive item zed last 3 seconds in a fight and I last 4 seconds I feel like WHAT IS THE POINT in playing sion AT ALL when I can play an assassin and die just a tiny bit faster but be able to do 20x more damage than sion. Assassins have it hard this season. fck off rito do you even play your game seriously do you even look at the game. Did you know that true tanks are being bent over by every single meta champ right now. You can play the perfect nautilus game where you get ganks off like crazy and your team is snowballing decent but then A WILD POWER SPIKE APPEARS the vayne who was 0/5 just finished her second item and now your are redundant. The fiora who is 100 cs down bought 1 defensive item and is now suddenly tanking your team AND deleting it with that stupid piece of uncounterable shit passive. OH look morgana landed 1 Q out of 1000 and now the team fight is lost. Zed just came back with ghost blade and now your 3/0 mid laner is staring at a grey screen after winning 1v1 every other time. as you can already tell if you read this far, is that I am extremely salty about current league of % health fck tanks meta.
Yeah playing tanks suck, which I've been doing exclusively for years at plat-diamond level. Now I'm really struggling to be useful since tanks are shit and you need 2 flash abilities to catch up to assassins.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Start with comparing 90 to 13.77 (made up number vs. real number) I'd bet the difference between real pick rate and Urgot is smaller than between real and made up number
Do you even play the game? When was the last time you saw a Urgot? Are you just arguing for the sake of it?
kurnubego (EUNE)
: And aside the duskblade to compensate for loss of last whisperer what other assassin buff did we had?
A bunch of new items, and a nerf to pretty much all ap items (which is pretty much the same as a buff to ad assassins). Less ability to ward the map, better masteries for assassins (thunderlords) and basically every patch since forever makes assassins better in some way.
Neonchan (EUW)
: 90% pickrate?
Alright, lets compare Fiora pickrate to Gallio, Nunu or Urgot pickrate, shall we?
Neonchan (EUW)
: yeah no matter what she is, your numbers stll are made up :D
What numbers? I think you're mistaking me for the other guy. You're still focusing on the wrong thing.
Neonchan (EUW)
: Fiora is no assassin
She is according to Riot. And well, she pretty much is in teamfights. She just bullrushes a weak target, like most assassins do. Not that it matters to what I was saying.
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