ADC Yuumi (EUW)
: Supports in Draft Pick don't HAVE to go botlane, do they?
You support, by default, the champion that is weakest, which is the ADC in most cases. Now, if you gained a lead bot lane and your ADC can stand alone for 1 minute, then you can roam and support another lane.
: > [{quoted}](name=Obi Wan Kanosey,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0PEwEMMz,comment-id=0005000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-26T08:58:49.529+0000) > > I'd like to see a video of a level 1 tower dive. Where both players are full HP and the one tower diving gets a kill and walks out. > if i ever see it again i'll record it and post it O,O > At level 1 a tower kills almost anyone in about 4 hits, since it increases damage the more you get hit each shot. So when you have only 1 ability skilled I just don't see it. Ever. > i did the math on that like 3 times now, towers have 152 ad at first and 180 max i mean outer towers though, inner towers cap at 250. the outer tower has 30% armor pen, so the math would be : the formula to calculate damage done is : total ad divided through (100 + total armor) times 100 so 50 divided through 100 times 30 = 15 50 - 15 = 35 total armor 152 divided through (100 + 35) times 100 = 112 1st hit 152 + 40% = 212 ad 212 divided through (100 + 35) times 100 = 157 2nd hit 212 + 40% = 296 ad 296 divided through (100 + 35) times 100 = 219 3rd hit 296 + 40% = 330 ad 330 divided through (100 + 35) times 100 = 244 4rd AND 5th hit = 488 total all in all 5 hits do : 112 + 157 + 219 + 244 + 244 = 976 damage against 50 armor meaning at level 1 a regular champion aka squishy like adc can take about 2 to 3 hits, champions like sion can take 3 to 4 hits at level 1, it usually takes about 2 tower hits before you kill a champion towerdiving, thats how disgusting damage is these days. > I do agree sometimes all you do is go back to your fountain and you lose your tower, but it depends who's seiging your tower and when you chose to go back. But if they can do it to you then why can't you do it to them? Surely you can bully them out of lane if you're good enough right? Then take their tower level 1 while they're in base? Or does it not work like that? > what's being created is a stalemate :/ neither party wants to retreat and neither wants to engage since its too risky, this behaviour is even worse in lcs. the only one that can tip the balance is the jungler, the jungler is THE most impactfull champion in the game atm. > Either way, laning phase isn't everything, so if you happen to lose a tower early to a jungler/mid gank or you're simply up against a lane bully you can still freeze and farm, putting your enemy in a bad position and just wait for ganks. > you create an opening where bot, 2 champions can roam free and put pressure on other lanes, forcing the jungler to pressure too and losing farm. its kinda like a domino effect, lose tower = lead for bot = roam for bot = pressure for mid/top/jungler = possibly lose objectives like dragons and herald as well. > Towers with a bit more HP and defense or that slightly scale against resistances as the game goes on would be kinda cool. But I don't feel like they need to be made much stronger than they are now. they need to cause % damage or true damage or have at least 80% penetration, and indeed more overal defence, i would also like to see multitarget, this is not a T.D game but a M.O.B.A thank you very much, yes they need to be stronger since towers are nonexistent and the ONLY thing together with inhibs blocking your opponents from destroying your nexus. so whomever gets first tower gets a massive advantage and suddenly could become a battering ram melting rows of towers ending the game quickly before you could even call it an battle OR arena :/ you are defending towers 24/7 instead of battle, even rift has become like aram O.o
Dude, how the %%%% do you die to a level 1 Sion under tower? Seriously, stop being %%%%%%ed. The squishiest champion has at least 500 HP or something with some armour on top, which means that Sion needs to dish out at least 8 AAs to kill you. How does he get so many AAs off if he dies in 4 seconds under tower? Seriously, if it's so easy, then pick freaking Sion and go get first blood in every one of your games. %%%%ing silver players, seriously.
: At what elo do you see people level 1 tower dive and walk away with a kill and no death. Such an exagerration. Pick your times to roam, if you roam badly ofc you get punished
He is silver 2, so this probably happens.
: > [{quoted}](name=Obi Wan Kanosey,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0PEwEMMz,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-03-25T09:11:40.695+0000) > > You're supposed to protect your turrets. They only protect you early. > > It sucks, but can you imagine how boring games would be if you had like Anivia and Sivir both sat under a tower clearing waves before they even got close to the tower, and it being too risky to just dive them right now towers are more than useless, they offer no strategic possibility like they used to, the only way to towerdive back then was with at least a team of 3, now 1 champion can destroy 2 to 3 opponents under a tower, i'd say that makes for even more boring play :/ go watch lcs YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNN.
Silver? Check. 100+ games played? Check 55%- winrate? Check If you think that it's so easy to towerdive 1v3 and get 3 kills out of it, what don't you do it for free elo then?
: thats like seeing chess in the olympics .o. who the heck wants that O.o? it needs to involve some activity, not sitting down staring at a screen .-.
What's wrong with chess in the olympics. Maybe not the most fun to watch for most people, but for those invested in it, it's sure a blast. Same for everything, honestly.
BaconTits (EUNE)
: Aren't turrets supposed to be a threat in this game?
That's why it's necessary to have tank champions in your line-up. Which is why I hate when my team picks carry top, carry jungle and squishy support at the same time and can't tower dive a low enemy pushed into his tower. With correct aggro juggling, this is all fine. If you stay under tower with 200 HP, expecting to survive an Alistar + Olaf diving you, then you are a moron. Towers are there to secure your position in most cases, but not when you are below 20% HP.
: How do you win lane against Caitlyn + Brand
Well, it's probably one of the hardest lanes to play against. I played against this as Sivir with Nautilus, and it was abusive. Sivir is kinda fine because she can block Brand's W easily, so that's fine, but apart from that, it's a nightmare. Just drop some cs. There's not way to go even in that lane if the enemies play correctly. Drop some cs, stay safe, protect your tower and avoid deaths. For a counter lane, Janna support is fine. I played as Janna vs Brand (can't remember ADCs though), and I outdamaged Brand at levels 1 and 2, and if I dodged his passive proccing, throughout all laning phase. Brand must use an entire rotation to do decent damage vs Janna's shield, which requires mana, so Janna can go with E on her, W, AA and back off. She will probably take the same damage in return, but Brand will only be able to do that full combo maybe 3 times. You win that way. For ADC, either pick Cait yourself, or against Cait, pick something with long range, like Ashe. Still, I believe Sivir is the best best. Most of Brand's damage from the early levels come from his W and his passive. Blocking his W means that he won't proc his passive either so a good Spell Shield will nullify that pick completely. Since he's a squishy champion with no health regen or shields, a well-placed Q as Sivir on Brand will put him on notice.
: Thats such a pointless argument. If you get zoned then you get zoned and you probably wouldn't trade anyway.
You can go in for a cheeky AA as Darius to proc the bleed and be able to proc Conqueror. You can't do that with any other champion.
Petsho (EUW)
: Questions about runes and stuff nowadays
You can pick a maximum of 6 runes, that you can have pre-selected, or you can change them during champion select, like old masteries. There are 5 trees which you choose from, and each tree has some keystone runes, which are the main runes and some 3 tiers of secondaries, which have some amount of runes themselves. You pick runes from two trees, one tree is your main and the other is your secondary. On the main tree, you pick 4 runes; one keystone, and one from each subsequent tier. On the secondary tree, you pick 2 runes; one from either two tiers, except keystone. Now, as far as what to pick, there are general guides and runes that fit the playstyle of a champion more, kind of life the old masteries, but you can still play around with them, especially based on what your playstyle is, what champions are on your team and on the enemy team, where you take your champion (might be top or jungle for example) etc. To me, it leaves a lot of room to experiment different things. You will more likely have a go-to as your keystone, but with the secondary runes, you can play around because they offer a lot of different things which are useful on different situations. As far as the meta goes, well, it's pretty stable on pro play. Top lane mostly consists of a tank (Sion, Ornn, Chogath) or less often a carry (Camille, Gnar, Kennen, GP). Jungle is tank-based; Zac, Sejuani, Jarvan tend to dominate it, with occasional appearances of Nidalee, Nocturne, and Camille / Khazix for aggressive carry junglers. Mid lane is kind of a mess. Ryze and Galio are the most popular, with SIon making an appearance lately. Taliyah, Cassiopeia, Syndra, Azir, Orianna all make their way in. Generally mages that have an option for a global ability mostly, though. ADC is also weird and most ADCs are viable. Ezreal was favorite a lot because of Kleptomancy, but we kinda moved away from it lately. Caitlyn, Kog, Varus, Tristana are all popular and effective picks, where anything else takes a secondary place, while also being in a fine spot. Support is most tanks, notable Alistar, Braum, Taric, Kench or Thresh. There's still some Jannas and Morganas but not as much, mostly because the tanks already offer quite a lot of utility + the enchanters are very squishy and susceptible to tower dives. Now, in casual play, you can still play pretty much anything that doesn't fall below 50% winrate and climb. Maybe you will struggle with top lane carries I believe because their impact isn't as much lately. They can't snowball hard, and even if they do, the bottom lane will still outdo them. Honestly, learn to play the bottom lane especially as a support. You won't find a lot of good supports out there, so learning the role will make a huge difference. There are a lot of good ADCs out there that need good supporting, so if you can provide that, you are fine. Or you can also play Jungle if you realize what needs to be done and have good game sense and knowledge. Focus your attention on bottom lane, play around it and get them ahead if you can, because it's honestly free elo.
: Anyone can stay 4 seconds in combat just by hitting minions.
You can't always auto attack minions, because it leaves you vulnerable to free harassment. Darius can use one autoattack, back off, and his passive bleed will keep him in combat.
Rondö (EUW)
: Why actually all chat exists? For "Ez", "please report @username" and "my adc soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad ahahaha xD"? All chat makes this toxic game even more toxic. Tell me at least one reason why all chat shouldn't be disabled from game? For this one massage when you saying "wpgg" in the end?
I mean, sometimes I have fun chatting with the enemy team before minions spawn for example, or if a funny or weird interaction happened and you need to comment on that. But generally yeah, it's more toxic than necessary. If anything, there should be an option where you can see if a player has muted the chat so that you know if you can throw shit to that player or not. Really will reduce the toxicity.
: The history of Zeal items
Honestly, Shiv is toxic to play against. You get a good lead in your lane but not good enough to take tower before 10 minutes, then all of a sudden, enemy ADC shows up in lane with Shiv, clears the wave in a matter of seconds and you can't really use your advantage. The only thing you can do there is swap lanes and try to take top lane tower while bot lane isn't able to respond. Literally, Caitlyn with one Q and one Shiv auto can clear an entire wave.
Mada (EUW)
: The game is lost, surrender/open mid
Well, some games are truly indeed lost, and sometimes, not because of the actual game knowledge etc, but because you know that a teammate of yours is complete trash. For example, if I'm support and my ADC 1) doesn't know how to farm 2) positions outside of the minion wave and gets hooked by Thresh 3) takes stupid trades and free harassment and so many more I could list, then proceeds to be 0/5 at 10 mins with me falling alongside, while the rest of the map is also like 0/2, then you can call for an open mid. It's not because the game is lost based on game knowledge, it's because you know that even if you manage to snatch some kills and stall, your ADC is still a monkey, and being the most important role later, he won't do what needs to be done and lose. Sure, there is a very small chance that such games can maybe turn around, but they are so slim, to the point that wasting effort and energy is probably gonna have a toll on your next game. Sometimes, it's just better to save up for the next game.
: PLEASE can we get some manual account checks?
Honestly, even though there are a lot of games to be checked that it's pretty impossible to do with manpower, you can have 5 people watching 5 games daily. Just that. The proportion is very low, but you can slowly but surely start off somewhere. Just the threat that maybe by some small chance you will be checked if you trolled might be enough to dissuade people from trolling. Just imagine a game where someone gets reported for trolling, like in the examples in OP's post. One Rito employee checks the game, sees that the guy is indeed trolling and takes severe action against them. Easy. There it is. There are still A LOT more reports and games that need to be checked, but you can slowly start thinning out the herd. If the trend is that "X amount of players were punished for trolling today", and that the punishment is strict and fierce, maybe people will double think to troll. As of right now, I can troll as much as I like, yet I will probably not get punished if I don't type in chat or anything.
: So what is conqueror even good for? What is it supposed to achieve?
I can already see this being good on Darius. He can easily get the 4 seconds in combat and then he can engage in a fight and auto win it with the bonus AD + true damage he will be dealing. Seems decent enough honestly.
Fedairkid (EUW)
: Don't take everything as flame
Really, people always try to find excuses to get offended. But I guess you can't blame them as much. There is so much negativity in the game lately, that you can bet that anything being said is negative and get your money's worth most of the time. People really need to chill down on their offensive things and try to be more polite.
Tikchora (EUNE)
: Brand's damage
Brand only has damage in his kit though, apart from a single target stun that only works under certain circumstances and isn't as easy to land anyway. He has no mobility, not a lot of CC, no shields / heals and has high cooldowns. Honestly, I never had a problem playing vs Brand. He seems like the typical mage that deals a lot of damage, but can be easily focused and killed if he tries to be overaggressive.
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: Well I'm pretty much bored going full tank every time, so I was thinking if I can make Ali a little more bruisery... Is the build shitty or is just Ali good for going full tank and full tank ONLY?
It's more complicated than that. Alistar is best utilized as a support, because his kit offers: 1) a lot of CC / protection 2) a lot of tankiness with his R. This means that he doesn't need a lot of items to make good use of his abilities, therefore low gold income doesn't hurt him enough, which is why he is good for being a support; he doesn't get a lot of gold, but it doesn't matter. Now, if you want to take advantage of his decent AP ratios, so that you can go full AP and one shot people, that's another story. Sure, it is a fun build, and you can try it if you like, but from an effectiveness standpoint, it won't work. As I mentioned above, the build you want to use on him requires a lot of gold and also needs to pretty much be at full build before you get to be effective with it. Therefore, you need a lot of resources (jungle camps, farming minions, taking kills etc), thus you need to play him in a solo lane. Either mid or top, so that he can reliably try and get resources and farm up. The problem with solo lane Alistar is that he is weak as a solo laner. His kit's damage isn't big, so even though he offers CC, it's not gonna help if you can't kill your enemy, so it doesn't matter how much CC you have. Also, last hitting as Alistar is also pretty hard and leaves you vulnerable to enemy harass, so you probably won't get a lot of cs, thus delaying your gold generation and leaving you outpaced by the flow of the game. So yeah, to answer your question, right now Alistar is only good as a supportive champion. He isn't a damage dealer and isn't a clean cut tank. He is the guy that can initiate fights and can peel off enemies from your teammates. That's his job, and he can do this well by building supportive items like Knight's Vow, Locket, Redemption etc. He is already tanky enough from his ulti and has a lot of CC, so it's only logical that he builds items to help out his teammates survive.
Zyzyx (EUW)
: If you only can enjoy League when you are winning, it's probably not the right game for you. You will always lose roughly 50% of all your matches.
I can still enjoy a game I lost, if it was a clean loss. I won't enjoy winning my bottom lane, but the enemy Wukong top is already 7/0 with Duskblade and Yoummu's 15 minutes into the game.
: What in Yasuo's kit makes a Yasuo player start being toxic
It's not Yasuo's kit that is making people toxic, but the players who decide to play him. Just watch the majority of players who play Yasuo. They are mostly around the bronze-silver division which means that: 1) They probably rage more, since that's the reason they lose games and can't climb higher. 2) They are people of lower age, because I assume that older players are better at the game, so younger players are probably more likely to be in silver.
kmph2mps (EUNE)
: AP Ali?
No. At best you might do a lot of damage to the ADC if you get close enough, but you will probably die before you get even close. Also, this is a pretty expensive build to go for, which means you need to play Alistar in a solo lane, which isn't ideal. Solo lane Alistar is very weak and you will be exploited in higher elo and you will never get to the itemization you desire. Farming as Alistar is really hard early and he has high mana costs and no escape, so he will miss a lot of cs and probably die a lot.
sAyCo (EUNE)
: Draft Pick 'All day in Eune'
I still don't understand the meaning of Blind Pick.
: They shouldn't have been... The idea was scratched in PBE
Item tab in client is actually updated.
elin990 (EUW)
: League of Legends is a game of luck, agree or not?
I just go on and check my teammates win rates, KDAs, main role etc during champ select. If I see weird stuff, I just dodge. Works well. But ye, it's really about luck. Who gets to have the troll / AFK in their team.
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reticxE (EUW)
: that's the reason you have been gold for 2 seasons
Or maybe I only play about 80 ranked games per season and manage a 65% winrate. Currently plat 4 by the way.
reticxE (EUW)
: gold 2 talking about game knowledge xd
Probably know more about the game than you, though.
TheLynxMan (EUNE)
: Take a champ with aa resets. Crawl around, destroy turrets-champs with press+titan+aa reset. I do it with my guy, {{champion:58}} Tanky enough, has kill pressure, can control teamfights. You can even take him to jgl. With resets, you can burst things with ease( {{item:3748}} works on turreta aswell). But you can do the same with jax. Roam a lot with goals. With plan B-s. Like if i cannot kill mid, i counterjgl. Or i stay for a siege, call bot then we drag.
But what happens if I'm 3/0 in lane and bot is already 0/10? Happens almost every game. And apart from that, team is generally doing nothing at all. 0 map awareness or knowing what to do.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: u play good, team play bad -> u blame team. BUT u play jax u fed -> not your fault coherent? what if other lanes suffered same treatments? a large part of your matches ends with you being KDA < 2 rarely 3, that is not carrying.
The Jax game wasn't the cleanest, honestly, but I got camped top multiple times and it's Maokai so I couldn't get away. KDA doesn't always matter. You need to see replays to see how I end up carrying. When I'm Janna I have more deaths than usual because I play aggressive and make plays. Because of the play I made, I might die, but my team will eventually follow up and kill them. Play I MADE. There are countless examples I can offer. Trust me I know what I'm saying.
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rèV (EUW)
: I don't know how the idea of intentional feeding is hard to understand. Intentional feeding is, when someone makes no efforts to prevent dying, but also actually does actions that encourage it. Nothing more. Not playing "optimal" (whatever that may be) is not intentional feeding. You are going with the premise, that there is no knowledge gap between any player and that every player puts in the effort to optimise. That's not the case. It's not even close to be the case. A Vel Koz, who doesn't go exhaust against Zed is maybe not aware, how much it actually helps. Maybe he assumed, that he has Seeker's or Zhonyas already at level 6, who knows? No one, besides him. Not playing by meta is not something punishable.
Then, what do you do if that Velkoz goes 0/3 at 9 mins, all solo kills? Is that reportable?
: The term is pretty self-explanatory: Intentionally feeding is when you a) feed and b) do it intentionally. This is precisely what is is and nothing else; no wiggle room for interpretation.
What do you do if someone builds full AP Cait?
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: ARAM is for fun, if you don't take it seriously then those situations shouldn't bother you as much.
league of legends is for fun, if you don't take it seriously then those situations shouldn't bother you as much.
: Kata has way to much damage
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Well first u need to learn about MMR. Every new player at lvl 30 starts with MMR around high silver. New players can be placed in mid gold to high bronze. Now enemy Xayah ( i suppose u talk about that game) has 46% winrate. Meaning her MMR is around high silver. Now im not sure if its really that game, with Twitch, cause u said he had 30 CS at 20 min, when in reality Twitch had 140 CS in 30 min. Basically all players in that game had MMR of new players.
Well, it's still wrong to place an experienced (even if bad) player vs a player who doesn't even use masteries or runes, just because the new players are placed into high silver MMR.
: What do you think about this Rakan's build?
Well, he is a supportive champion. He heals, shields, and applies a lot of CC. Maximizing his efficiency by building the support items is the way to go, otherwise by getting a tank build, most of his kit goes to waste. His E shields are useless, his Q is useless. Going tanky at a champion who doesn't really have a lot of offensive capabilities like other tanks (Maokai, Shen, Nautilus) basically doesn't do anything. People are just gonna ignore you. If anything, he isn't even a melee champion so that he can get into the enemy team and stick there. The supportive build is the best build, because he is a support.
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: Nothing worse than being blamed for other peoples shit right?
Yeah, it's like expecting basic things to happen by your team, only to be let down and die for it.
Encrux (EUW)
: But that would discrimminate unranked players, who are actually playing well. I know people who play on plat-diamond level but prefer to stay unranked. What do you want to do about them? Making a seperate MMR for each queue is actually the most rational concept if you ask me.
I think the OP was referring to really unranked people. People who have never played ranked before on that account and thus can't know their actual skill level division-wise. If someone ended in Diamond last year, sure, place them in whatever game feels suitable, but some guy that just got level 30 should play in gold games.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Just a quick question: if unranked players can't enter ranked matches, then how do people start playing ranked games at the beginning of the season? Or how do new players start playing ranked games in the first place? They can't get ranked if they can't enter ranked matches while they are unranked...
I should re-phrase. They shouldn't allow them to enter Ranked games of Gold+ or something.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: Who was your first pentakill with?
Level 26, I had Sivir and pentakilled the enemy around the dragon pit. It was almost stolen by my friend in the end, he was like "ah I should have stolen". I don't get many Pentakills, so every time I get one, it feels good. I've gotten 3 pentas with Tristana in ARAMS and 1 with Fiddle. In Summoner's Rift, I've done a penta with Irelia, a couple with Sivir, 1v5 with Viktor etc. Good times.
Encrux (EUW)
: All I'm reading in this comment section are crazy conspiracies about how riot tries to force you(or other players) into an MMR you don't belong in JUST to make your gaming experience worse. Are you guys actually thinking about what you're saying? This game has been around for over 7 years now. They tried a lot, they optimized a lot and fact of the matter is that the system is REALLY good at placing players in an environment that's suited best for them very quickly. What you're complaining about would matter if it happened every game. It doesn't. That's what makes the system good. From a developer perspective, it's basically impossible to implement a perfect system, **especially** on a scale like league of legends. Exceptions will always happen and you can't change this. Take a look at the term normal distribution. It's such a fundamental concept of stochastics. If you can get rid of the small probability of exceptions, you'll probably get a nobel prize for math. The point I'm trying to make is that this does **NOT** at all influence your progression as a player. Climbing is a process that requires **many** games and wasting the time to cryi over a loss that you couldn't have prevented anyways instead of improving will lose you games (in the long term) you **could** have won. Stop crying, start improving. Other's mistakes do **NOT** matter.
They can just make a rule to stop Unranked players from entering Ranked-player games. That's not hard. I've seen a lot of level 30 unranked players in my normal games that are just bad and I would be glad if I was never matched with them in a ranked game.
IMelchorI (EUW)
I think the system sees how strong of a player you are based on how you got to level 30. Afterwards, you will play with bronze-gold players, depending on how you do in your first 10 games. I created a smurf last year and I played most of my placement matches with gold and low plats.
Eveninn (EUW)
: I didn't read up on her yet, but iirc she lacks mobility, no? It's not too uncommon for ADCs to just want some straight AD, many can use the raw stat well. (Lucian, Jhin, Draven or Cait even) Yet just aiming to do as much dps crit and as starts to look nice on them. Most of the could do fine with just hitting their spellrotation on enemy squishies... the problem is tha ADCs don't have a good way to apply this damage to priority targets reliably. Quinn can that's why she is played as assassin-like. (And in the end 'someone' needs to provide dps for tanks etc. This is mainly the ADCs role therefore.)
She does indeed lack straight mobility spells, even though she has a brief untargetable thing (like Camille R), and she also gets 30% movement speed while her W is up when attacking enemy champions, which seems ok to me. The ADCs you mentioned do like AD indeed, but they also get attack speed later on. Lucian can't reliably go into his full rotation without having some more attack speed, otherwise, he's missing out on autoattacks between spell casts. Same for Draven. Jhin is definitely different, and Cait gets attack speed as her first completed item in some cases. I believe that she can apply her damage just like Quinn does. Activating her ult means pretty much a guaranteed root afterwards along with heave damage + ensuring the rest of her kit hits. Also, as far as the AD based ADCs, Lucian has a way to deal damage from afar with his ult, which is why he wants a lot of AD early. Same for Jhin and in some cases Draven. They have the ability to deal a lot of damage while staying safe either through long-range abilities that deal a lot of damage, or by having small bursts of power which they can utilize and then back off. For example, Jhin can use his W and R to be effective, but can also use his 4th shot + Q to deal a lot of damage and back off. Lucian can use ult and also has a mobility spell to stay safe. Xayah doesn't have these, it seems like she has to play around her feathers, which means a lot of counterplay if not utilized instantly, which also means that she will either have to do her entire combo isntantly to be effective (assassin - style) or wait it out and try to do it over time, unreliably (ADC - style). In any case, time will tell, just sharing my thoughts.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I guess time will tell. Who would have known Graves would become a jungler and not an ADC in the end? People will follow the trends from the pros and copy it in ranked.
To be honest, you could foresee the Graves wouldn't be an ideal laner, especially in the ADC position. His AA range was nerfed to 425, making it miserable, his AAs would be blocked by minions, he has a knockback mechanic that is really good at kiting (jungle help) and also has a stacking E which can only be efficiently stacked in the jungle and insane bonus AD scalings so that he can reliably reach strong points from the early game for duelling power. Xayah doesn't seem so clean-cut, but I won't be surprised if I'm right.
Possible (EUW)
: Her e I think scales really well with crit so I think she will mainly be played adc
It only increases the damage by 50% if you have 100% crit. Considering that most AA ADCs don't even get 100% when it's one of their most important stats, I don't think Xayah could get it either. At best case scenario, she would only get 80%, which then would make the bonus damage increased by 40%. To me, investing into so much crit, just for an extra 40% damage on an ability that 1) is unreliable to hit and 2) has low base and scaling damages, seems like the wrong way to go. If anything, it is the same reason as to why Talon doesn't get crit (his melee range Q can crit). Or Pantheon, Rengar, Xin Zhao. Even though they have some use for crit chance in their kit, building it would either require a lot of % chance for it to be reliable, thus missing out on other important stats such as Lethality or mobility, or just build an Infinity Edge would make the stat unreliable, which is extremely important when trying to calculate how much damage you can dish out in order to have a successful assassination.
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: 3 out of 7 games are 4v5
Yeah, it's really sad. The problem is, you might just be unlucky and getting those people in just your games. They won't ban someone for AFKing in one game, because so many things could happen that are out of their control, so they get some tolerance. Most of the time, if someone AFKs 10% of their games, they will get penalized. I remember a time where I would have my laptop restarted every hour because it was overheating and I was AFKing half my games for 2 days. The third day I was penalized with a 15 minute queue thing for I believe 10 games. I didn't play League until I fixed the problem.
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