: total not competent answer... Pls leave it to the pros and don't involve in something that you don't understand :)
Again, I cannot trust that you are remotely good at your job despite your education level, considering that you haven't shown any proof nor any explanations as of why you may be right. All you have said is "i'm right, becuz i be pro", which isn't trustworthy in the slightest. To me you do not seem like some guy who is either lying about his degree of education or someone who got his education and experience through sheer luck, or possibly a troll for that matter.
Rioter Comments
: um, ur still wrong, pansexuals are people that don´t mind gender, they can love anyone that loves them or something like that. And what does saying she heard his students have to do with being pansexual? how did you even relate that? seriuosly, this is a real doubt. How?
My definition of transexual back then wasn't too great. I meant anything that wasn't guy or girl. But honestly what I have no idea what I considered funny with what I said. Please forget you ever saw these comments.
: Well, i guess {{champion:3}} is way too heavy to be dragged all the way by a bag of slime...
The Ahri who saw it happened said the same :P
: you mean you went all the way to where you ulted but galio dropped earlier?
: Ok man, I have master degree in computer science and also 10+ years of professional experience. Also i`m software architect , so please don`t tell me what i can and what i can`t. I don`t care very much if u believe me or not, but the fact is a fact! They are incompetent in what their doing and they really cannot deal with this problem !!! And again i`m not talking about some fantastic analyze of the player, but just teams with equal stats. If u again u tell me that no one can solve this not so complicated math and logical problem then save your answer because someone will think you for stupid ... not that u are! And please believe me there is such thing as experience in logic!!!
Having a master degree in computer science and having 10+ years of professional experience does not make you good at it. In fact, you are quite literally proving to be bad at it by saying that they can "just match people of equal skill", since as said, if it was that simple, then it would have been implemented in every competitive PVP game ever.
: Playing Diana is a horrible experience.
Well they're planning to do some changes to her when they roll out the diver class rework that's coming sometime in the forseeable future. They will probably take better care of her then.
: The logic is simple - 1. you can check all players MMR in the current queue and wanted postions. 2. Make 2 teams of them with equal number of unranked in both teams 3. You are done. I have a lot exp in logic and i know it is possible this system can work ... but i think the people working their dont have any ideas. They need people looking out of the box ... In any case their current team sux!
First and foremost: No, you do not have experience in logic. Never say that you have "experience in logic", as there's no such thing. It does not make you more trustworthy, it will just make people think you're stupid. Not that you are, but that's the conclusion most people would draw from such a statement. On the other hand, there is something called "thinking logically", but the fact that you can't comprehend the problems with your idea means that you don't think as logically as you may believe. If your solution really was so good, then it would already be implemented in every single competitive online PVP game ever. The idea is simple, and I can guarantee you that there are millions of people that have already thought of this. The mere fact that it hasn't been implemented despite how obvious it is, means that there is something wrong with it. The most obvious and possibly the only problem with the idea is increased matchmaking time. Matchmaking is already quite long, so to lower the spectrum of players that can be matched with each other by such a ridiculously large margin as you are suggesting, I imagine matchmaking would be amped up to at least 30 minutes, which is absolutely obscene and would make the game completely unplayable. While "but there are so many players in queue, matchmaking shouldn't be a problem, just match 10 of the many people queueing together and it's done!" would seem like a clear argument against this, you need to remember that there are internal problems such as coding or server limitations, and thus matchmaking naturally takes longer than what one may imagine. There might also be other problems with the idea besides matchmaking, but that's beyond my knowledge. These people are professionals. Professionals do make mistakes, but I can promise you that they won't make mistakes as big as not implementing such a simple concept. If it isn't in the game already, then there chances for it to be dysfunctional is over 99.9%
: Please hire new riot stuff. Fully unfair ranked solo/duo
No online game that i've heard of has ever fixed this issue. There's no reason to fire someone for not figuring out the impossible.
: riot please
You should post this in Help and Support, Bug Reports or send a ticket directly to riot.
: Game is gone
This goes in help and support or bug reports buddy.
Xeoron (EUNE)
: Petition for Maokai buff or change revert
I think it's too early to say anything right now. I've heard the ult can be pretty good for flanking, but I don't know whether it really is or not. Let's just wait a little while and see if people discover how to play him.
Rstonius (EUW)
: "It's only your fault that you can't climb"
This has nothing to do with champions and gameplay. If it was feedback then it would fit to some extent, but this is definitely not feedback either.
: > [{quoted}](name=Soda Popkillski,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JFp4euE1,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2017-05-03T18:27:27.447+0000) > > What does that have to do with the passive? Were you silly enough to use literally all of your abilities on her while her passive was active or something? Like really now, even if she did 2v5, there is no way that her passive had any real play in it unless your team messed up really badly since teamfight TEEEEND to last longer than 1-3 seconds. We did not use all of our abilities on her but the fact that the fight lasted 1 to 3 seconds was wrong as it took around 21 second. Her passsive isn't the thing that I am complaining about but what I mean is that her passive is what maker broken now, a small nerf will do and fix our prob :) Edit: nerf in her abilities this is what I mean.
Well, then I suggest that you make a proper post next time where you first explain why she's too strong and then explain what the biggest balance problem in her kit is, and then preferably a suggestion on how to balance it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Doomley,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JFp4euE1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-03T18:20:18.259+0000) > > she has that kind of resistances only for 1-3 seconds depending on her level. And only once per fight so it's not like it would be broken. She literally 2v5 my team today while we were 3 fed in my team.... how is this not broken...
What does that have to do with the passive? Were you silly enough to use literally all of your abilities on her while her passive was active or something? Like really now, even if she did 2v5, there is no way that her passive had any real play in it unless your team messed up really badly since teamfight TEEEEND to last longer than 1-3 seconds.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: How to play Janna/Sona
To land one of Sona's large array of extremely hard-to-hit skillshots I heavily recommend pressing either Q, W, E, right click or whatever the keys to your basic abilities and basic attacks are. Hope it helped.
: > [{quoted}](name=Soda Popkillski,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zrGK5mVq,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-12-11T14:25:02.703+0000) > > Better than having every tank sitting at 20% winrate due to not being able to contribute to their team with anything else than slightly above-average CC. Actually, that's the true purpose of a tank. Someone who goes in, distracts them, cc's them if he's ignored, dragging attention from people and working around it, a punching bag. Right now in LoL tanks do that, and on top of it, they do lots of dmg too.
Problem is, distraction has come to be completely and utterly worthless. I have seriously never seen any other champion than a braum or Tahm go in to sponge for their team and actually get anything relevant out of it. If tanks really dealt TOO much damage, then their winrate would have been much higher than they are now.
: League of Garbage meta, where tanks are capable of doing more damage than carries
Better than having every tank sitting at 20% winrate due to not being able to contribute to their team with anything else than slightly above-average CC.
: Name for Katarina only player
Dagg'ur Mrs.DullVoiceLines |<474|^1|V4 1|V £337
Kiramurai (EUW)
: Champions where a skill have not the same hitbox as the animation
I'm pretty sure Iverns Q is smaller than the actual animation, especially when it comes to how far the projectile goes. But anyways, there's {{champion:25}},{{champion:2}}, and then basically every skillshot _**in the entire game.**_
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I watched all of them except Gintama. I keep telling myself I'll start it one day but I'm too lazy >^> > -Boku no piku. Amazing overall anime. No commento.
Oh wait, there's also Overlord. Especially good if you enjoyed One punch man. I've also heard good about Drifters, going to watch that one myself in a few days.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Anime recommendations? :D
-One punch man is a must if you haven't. Not too horror-y, but it has some fantasy and supernatural and the anime is just godlike. -Same with death note. Dark and supernatural. -And same with Steins;Gate (starts slow I promise you'll be ridiculously satisfied by the end). Steins;Gate doesn't really follow -I heavily recommend Mob psycho (you'll get used to the slightly different animation style after the first few episodes). Fantasy and supernatural I guess. -Gintama barely follows the supernatural genre but the anime is just overall great. -Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood (remember the brotherhodo part). Supernatural. -Death parade was a pretty good one. Supernatural and can occationally be pretty dark. -Mirai nikki. Dark and supernatural. -Code geass if you can handle older anime art. It's only slightly dark and doesn't really follow supernatural or fantasy at all while being a mech anime though. On the other hand, I loved it despite really disliking mech anime. -Boku no piku. Amazing overall anime. -No game no life was great. Fantasy anime. I don't like horror anime whatsoever so the closest I could get is dark anime. I can't really get anything too similar to ajin itself either since I haven't watched it, so these are mainly just anime that I consider really good and should be viewed sometime no matter what.
Okuma (EUNE)
: What's your favorite off-meta pick?
I used to do basically every champion in the game in the jungle, with varying builds (on-hit braum, AP nasus). But nowadays the jungle is way too strict due to the removal of purple smite, the recent buffs to jungle monsters, the increased cooldown on smite and the lack of wolves. They added the potion and the jungle plants, but the jungle plants arrive way too late and the potion only helps champs with really fast clears.
: It was not an OP pick, people in higher divisions didn't see her as a pick or ban actually, and dealt with her pretty well. I myself have played at this level, and I think there are ways to deal with her but it's easier to just change the champ than playing against her. Everytime a new champ was released in the mid lane, i learned how to play against it. The old yasuo, zed, fizz, riven, etc... Now some seem to find it hard to play against leblanc and now they"ve changed it. Meanwhile fizz can do the same dmg, talon and zed, riven, all do the same dmg, they even have no mana and a shield stun for riven, zhile fizz has the im invincible mode. Catvh out leblanc and ur good to go. People didnt really learned to aim for the spot where she "Q+W half health gone" W'd from. Her trickyness was to know where to aim to. Try taking an ahri charm see where ur hp lies. Or maybe a xerath stun, or maybe a velkoz bump. If she dashes, and prolly going back, try and aim for the position of her W. U'll do more dmg and cc 95% of lb players Needless to say most elos up to low plat all panic and sent skills absolutely nowhere. As for the : "she kills u so fast if fed" Well... Any champ kills fast if fed and is not dealt with... Same as a nasus, if not dealt with he can go out of control. Pretty much every champ goes crazy dmg if fed, not only lb.
"op pick" and "uninteractive and unhealthy as hell" are two very different things. Riven is melee and has no way to QUICKLY get to you nor any way to quickly get away, Fizz doesn't have nearly as much range and in those few cases he can kill you from the same range he just got himself killed too. Zed has tons of delays already, Talon needs to get into range and his burst is also quite a good amount slower than old LB. First of all, experienced players will probably play around these types of things. Second, LB had overall higher damage than almost any midlane champion in the earlygame. It's not about not being able to attack back, but more about the fact that you cant avoid her damage together with the fact that she deals overall more damage than you. Most champs do kill you fast if fed, on the other hand, only Katarina and Rengar had burst of that speed, and both of those were reworked (Rengar wasn't really fixed though). This, combined with her 2 really long range dashes, gave her the ability to instakill you from the most ridiculous distances. Nasus really doesn't go out of control as much as people think. If a Nasus gets too fed then the team can just focus all of their crowd control and damage on him at the start of a fight and he's gone. He's really slow and really low range, so there's a lot of time to do that. Pro players have at several times said that Nasus falls of lategame for this exact reason (though his midgame is still really powerful).
Just Cat (EUW)
: tbh i thought it was {{item:3504}} at the start , but noticed its blue so it had to be one of them
I'm pretty sure he means mana potion.
: LeBlanc in depth discussion and rework
You seem to be contradicting yourself here. You say she's become a kite-mage whose sole purpose is dealing with tanks, yet you complain about not being able to kite Nasus, one of the most easily kiteable champs in the game. Old leblanc was one of the most unhealthy champions that have ever existed in this game, more so than Rengar. Old leblanc could kill you ridiculously far back in a matter of milliseconds, which was just plain stupid. The amount of counterplay was ammounted to none whatsoever if she was fed or if your teamcomp didn't counter her well enough. Her laning was also just as stupid. Q + W and you just took half of your healthbar as unavoidable damage due to her Q being a point and click and the W having the dumbest hitbox out of all abilities in league. The only reason why rengar got more complaints is because he's generally easier, more popular, can affect more of the map, and it comes as more of a surprise. New leblanc was given counterplay, less dangerous waveclear and a much more solidified identity. It was great.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Base Health Regeneration explanation please :)
Health regeneration does increase with level. Going to the league of legends wiki is nice for these things, just type something like "braum lol wiki" and you'll get detailed stats on how the character is, this includes how much of each stat they get per level and how much they start with.
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Gajoob,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AR08xmRk,comment-id=000000000000000000000001000000010000,timestamp=2016-11-14T20:54:03.108+0000) > > ... > > I really don't see the confusion here. > It&#x27;s not the point of why or when it was fixed. It&#x27;s the point of; around that time, everyone was bitching about it. It was a bandwagon that everyone was jumping on. What&#x27;s so hard to see about that? You&#x27;re literally admitting it. I never denied that it was a bandwagon, I was justifying it. You're heavily indicating that the bandwagon deal is a negative thing, and I disagree. There's nothing to admit when I didn't try to hide or deny it in the first place. > > I mean, I don&#x27;t know why I&#x27;m arguing. I even said there was no point trying to reason with you guys because you **fail** to see reason. This much is evident. Inb4 you take over some country and start the next holocaust. Like seriously, saying "because you fail to see reason" shows how much of a close-minded prick you are, similarily to people like Hitler and medieval christian people. > > Take it easy. I took it pretty easy until you said that your opinion is automatically reason.
Erch0 (EUNE)
: New energy champion
A new energy champ will come once they get an idea for an energy champion. They can't exactly design a concept around such a boring and un-inspired thing such as energy.
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
"generally it's to refer to something that has suddenly becoem popular" -You "suddenly" I mean yeah, the complaining only started recently (for obvious reasons), but draft itself has been popular for a while. Well, he was broken. 20% (or was it more?) free lifesteal, that's pretty ridiciulous. Yeah, it only lasted a short while, but do you know why? **Because warlords bloodlust was reworked into no longer being too powerful on yasuo.**
: First off all, thank you for your comment and feedback. What i would like to know is what you don’t like about the change to Q - Deceive. It is kind of reverted to the old version, but with less damage (is that the problem?) and less invisibility in the early game. Damage is something i have to make a guess off, as i can’t test it out, and can be buffed/nerfed by Riot if needed. On the W change i understand his boxes are awesome. The change to W are to improve his jungle clear and 1v1 attacks. I think the fear duration isn’t too long, but long enough to land a full combo. If you have suggestions on a other W, or improvements, please let me know. The new passive is basically a combination of the old passive (20% bonus damage from behind) and his old passive on E (Two-shiv poison). I wanted to keep the backstab bonus, but a raw damage increase is so season 6, so i gave it a twist. I would like to know why it “fits badly in so many ways” as isn’t, as far as I think, too big of a change. On the ultimate, it might be too OP, but to compensate the duration of the clone is decreased by 33% and the cooldown is higher. Also the clone doesn’t deal full damage, which can shows enemies which Shaco is the clone.
Well, everything. It's not that I hate any of it, but I just prefer what riot did. They gave it much higher descisionmaking, while making it more of an assassination tool and less of a "teleport around and be a general nuisance to the enemy team". The current relatively low damage is quite fitting as it takes some of Shaco's power budget and allows riot to put more power into more interesting and important parts of his kit. The fact that it was a flat value was also great help to making him less snowbally. Being able to place a clone mid-invis is also pretty nice, especially since it makes the box a little better. There is no need to make his Q stack on levels either, like literally no good ones. I really like the concept of making his W as skillshot and an improvement of his jungle clear, but see here: 1. His boxes are already his strongest helper in jungle clears, removing them for a new jungle clear ability wouldn't do much. 2. Going around and sneakily placing boxes and gaining vision advantage fits an assassin champ like Shaco, especially one such as shaco (a tricky sneaky guy). 3. Some low range AOE damage ability fits horribly with the fact that shaco is an assassin (Zed has it, but it suits his clones (that can reliably stand in the middle of the enemy unlike Shaco's ult clone), he gains waveclear from it, and his mobility makes him better at using it. 4. A fear is the complete opposite of what an assassin wants mid-combat. He wants opponents TOWARD him not AWAY from him. His W has it, but they're not a combat tool, and when they are they tend to be much more strategic than a generic AOE damage ability. The passive fits badly because: 1. Auto-attack stacking mechanic on an assassin? Really? 2. As an assassin, Shaco needs powerful temporary slows, not constant weak slows. Same with the damage component. He wants high burst, not high DPS. 3. It adds this "hurr durr use ablilitiz cuz i behind oppunent" thing. No real strategy, it's just a "do it when you can" thing, which suits really badly with an outplaying trickster sort of character. 4. If the opponent suddenly decided to use an ability or auto attack you then you'd all of a sudden not get the effect from his passive. His current kits Q allows him to reliably get one autoattack off from behind the enemy, so it's much better with just one auto. I don't think increasing the cooldown is a good idea. His ult is a very inconsistant ability, so he has to use it a lot for the sake of getting some sort of satisfaction out of it.
: Concept for a Shaco rework
I hate polls with few answers. Never a choice that I actually like. The current shaco is far from perfect, and he needs some change, but nothing too enormous. I agree on the ult changes (except that they may make him a tiny bit too strong) and I like changing his W and E to skillshots, but I prefer the current Q, am not a fan of the new W that you made, and I especially prefer the current passive (the one you created fits badly in so many ways).
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Look, Now we have more reasons to play Rank, I dont know man , Ive been playing this game for years, Riot started NOT listening to anyone 2years ago. I truly feel that some guys from withing are trying their best to make players leave =) I had around 15-20 real life friends playing it, now ? 6 left... Reasons ? Last season
The community was much smaller and condensed back then. Now there are several clusters of the community and it's impossible to find out what each one wants.
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
Considering the sheer amount of people who add personal examples to why they hate the removal of draft, i'm pretty sure it's less of a bandwagon and more of something that was actually popular in the first place.
: You can't say that, here on the boards about 100+ players agree, according to votes and comments, but there are millions of players playing this game, so as long as you didn't asked every damn player that they agree with you, you can't say ''Every damn player'' Sincerely, somebody who was smart enough to pick Euw :^) {{champion:74}}
You're not automatically smart because you picked EU. First of all, there's no way for new players to know how toxic EUNE is, unless they're ridiculously overinformed about the game before starting to play. Second, playing on EUW when living in EUNE regions fucks over ping for most people.
: He already did that if you don't remember.
Except the entire point of the rework was to fix it.
: Syndra is not killing you with just r unless she is VERY fed and had time to set up balls. Then, again, why the hell were you in range of a Syndra with balls??? Her E IS dodgeable if you have any reaction time... heck, I'm bronze with shit reflex and I dodge it most of the time unless it comes from a better player with strange direction
Syndra can just place the balls in your direction, or carry her balls from other locations using her W into immediately Q'ing like experienced Syndras do. She really doesn't need to be remotely fed to do this kind of crap either. I've fought against 4/9 syndras that literally just pressed Q once (and missed), then clicked ult and immediately killed me with it. It doesn't deal that much damage in the earlygame but as mid and late-game comes this becomes extremely common. Even if you build a tanky item, minor amounts of poke can make you very suceptible, especially if she plays it right and gets a load of balls down (which again, can be put toward you, making it impossible to be out of range). The main reason why you are dodging those balls is probably just the Syndras you're playing against being bad. The ability has an absolute bonkers hitbox, yet one of the highest projectile speeds in the game. The main weakness of the ability is that it's hard to hit, which will probably be an issue in bronze. It seriously only needs to be fired directly toward you, no prediction needed.
: Need a new champ to main
Kled and Darius. Kled especially.
: Adventures of a Bronze Gangplank
Meh would have been more entertaining if it was a montage of worse plays not best plays.
: > [{quoted}](name=Soda Popkillski,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=scvGizdE,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-11-13T15:26:40.083+0000) > > And if too many people lump it, then they&#x27;ll earn less money. If they earn less money, they can&#x27;t imrpove the game as much. If they can&#x27;t improve the game as much, then it&#x27;ll slowly fall from grace. > You&#x27;re basically saying &quot;don&#x27;t ever give feedback&quot; here, which is really silly. > > Riot may be professionals but that doesn&#x27;t mean they know everything. Some games are busts, some are not - that&#x27;s because the professionals workin on it have managed to make mistakes. Similarily, riot have made tons of mistakes themselves, a lot of which they have openly admitted to being mistakes. > > This is an industry not a god-human relationship. There is "giving feedback" and then filling the boards with rants saying the same thing over and over again.
Filling the boards with the same thing over and over again shows how much the community wants something. It also allows me to make my own take of it, as those other posts dont necessarily have everything I want to convey. Additionally, riot don't seem to scan the board extremely often, posts can easily go unnoticed (even if there are already many of them).
: This game is free to play. You get what you are given. Like it or lump it. You cannot possibly understand their decision making process, they have access to every possible stat on how the game is being played to come to this decision.
And if too many people lump it, then they'll earn less money. If they earn less money, they can't imrpove the game as much. If they can't improve the game as much, then it'll slowly fall from grace. You're basically saying "don't ever give feedback" here, which is really silly. Riot may be professionals but that doesn't mean they know everything. Some games are busts, some are not - that's because the professionals workin on it have managed to make mistakes. Similarily, riot have made tons of mistakes themselves, a lot of which they have openly admitted to being mistakes. This is an industry not a god-human relationship.
: > [{quoted}](name=Soda Popkillski,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=scvGizdE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-13T12:40:37.983+0000) > > They removed SoloQ. Everyone wanted it back, but it took half a year before Riot finally decided to compromise with those that wanted it back. Simiarily, they have just removed Draft, and I really don&#x27;t want it to take an entire year before we get a compromise. SoloQ will be repristinated after the pre-season
Yeah, but as said, it took an entire year for that to happen. That's the problem.
: I don't understand your problem, you are complaining about blind pick and asking to not make the new SoloQ draft pick?!
They removed SoloQ. Everyone wanted it back, but it took half a year before Riot finally decided to compromise with those that wanted it back. Simiarily, they have just removed Draft, and I really don't want it to take an entire year before we get a compromise.
: just play flex Q as if it is normals, that what verybody else will do.
First of all, that'll ruin the game for everybody else. Imagine getting matched with Zed jungle in your promos. Second, ranked makes it way more stressful and way harder to have fun in. It's just flat out inferior to having draft pick.
guy112 (EUW)
: Eh, false. She's rather vulnerable to any form of cc, including snares. (it prevents her from like moving and that's kinda important for when she wants to leap ot people with her w to kill em. Also, she's rather slow and such, and you can run away. She is strong though, but there are way stronger champions then her.
She's TOO vulerable to CC and general kiting, actually. It makes her an absolute pile of horseshit to play against, especially when she gets fed.
Rioter Comments
: name one champ cdr is bad on? its good but the is a reason no shyvana player that isnt bronze buys items focused around cdr like other champions like {{champion:103}} would
Yeah and the reason is that there exist other items that synergize better, such as attack speed items, certain defense items, etc. On the other hand, Spirit visage is a very common buy on Shyv. She has no healing outside of occational lifesteal, yet people run it over Banshees. She can't buy any of the mana + CDR items such as frozen heart either, which becomes a problem in buying CDR.
This is a revolutionary moment. You're probably the first one ever to get that.
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