: What do you think about FNC apearence in the final?
Very pathetic and disappointing performance. I expected them to at least put up a fight. But it was a complete stomp.
: GG fnatic.
FNC had a very disappointing performance. Not even remotely close. Even if IG were to win i expected more of a fight from FNC.
Eambo (EUW)
: EU > NA
I create a similar post, no toxicity in it, I get downvoted. A rioter creates it, he gets upvoted. Life is unfair and cruel... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
The Seva (EUW)
: Riot's downfall
Why anyone should believe you where polite in game when this thread is toxic? Show us your chat that got you banned and then we talk. Otherwise noone will take your word for it.
: > [{quoted}](name=Solicitude,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=0fjP9mRp,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-10-23T17:33:39.056+0000) > > These champions are strong but, except kaisa, none of them is OP. > > You definitely have the right to say your opinion. But you cant force it on the game. Because you think they are broken, doesnt mean they are or that riot should nerf them. They wont nerf a champion because someone or 5-6 people think him OP. thats your opinion brother, its not fact i need a riot employee to tell me the FACTS what you say is opinion. with all due respect
Nope. This is your opinion. And thats my opinion. There are not facts here. Your personal opinion on something is not fact. And riot will definitely not balance the game on a few peoples opinions. They have tons of data, these are the facts.
HemaH1899 (EUNE)
: Help, I'm trapped.
Agreed. I got a ton of experience with champions by playing ARAM. Though you still have to get used to their laning phase, but it makes it easier. Also there is no problem with playing a new champion on normals. Many people do it. But when im about to play a champion I dont know, I play one coop to get a quick hang of his kit and then I go to normals.
: Money Grabbing Riot
These champions are strong but, except kaisa, none of them is OP. You definitely have the right to say your opinion. But you cant force it on the game. Because you think they are broken, doesnt mean they are or that riot should nerf them. They wont nerf a champion because someone or 5-6 people think him OP.
: Hello, who is suspendet unjusty again...?
Yeap. Ban system works just fine! did nothing=/=didnt come to my lane Why should anyone listen specifically to your calls? From what i see you are the egoist here. Your jungler tried to snowball bot, you were losing lane and got camped. Suck it up and play at your turret. If you push when your jungler is not near and you dont have wards, its like asking to get camped.
Kalviras (EUW)
: Certain champions are better at carrying a tank, a tank might not be ideal for it but the CC you can offer will generally help turn a team fight and let you soak up some hits from the fed person, as Hecarim I'm not that tanky and I only offer 1 bit of CC on a long CD, as such sure I can take out the enemy carry, but if they have 2 or 3 people acting as carry because they are so fed there's little I can do. I can turn around games that seem to not be heading to a win, but it's kinda hard if you have lanes that have all died non stop, or somebody who fed somebody like a Yi or Yasuo. Plus unless lol OPG is broken your progression looks weird anyway... its saying silver in February this year, then suddenly plat in March, and then slowly down to plat 4. over several months. And I'm gold on my other account ( Kalvix , yes I'm original at naming) so I've no doubt I'll climb up again and probably could be near plat if I'd kept playing that one instead of going for a clean slate, that doesn't stop it being super frustrating getting games you just couldn't win without playing 1 of the more in meta champions with enough tools to turn a game instead of doing the stupid thing I do and playing 1 I enjoy
It looks weird, doesnt it? But there is an explanation. I started playing ranked only this year, at February. Without previous ranks, i got put in silver 4. I climbed out of silver in 2-3 days and out of gold in less than a week. Kept playing, got to plat 3, after a couple days fell to plat 4. I got back to plat 3 in a couple of days. Since then i rarely played any games. A couple here and there or when i was getting inactivity notification. Thats why my op.gg seems so weird. Only the past few days i started playing some ranked games again.
Kalviras (EUW)
: I didn't say I'm not climbing, just that it's a pain to do with the luck element especially lower down, got to gold in a month or 2 after a 2 year break with steady progress it's just very frustrating when you have games you literally could never have won because 1 game just feeds to high hell. Example just had a game where our mid was doing well while our top was doing badly, so we both had a bad lane, bam S- mosts CS, 2nd most kills 2nd least deaths, nice and simple. However if all your lanes are losing or they are even and just 1 lane is 0/10 by the 10 minute mark theres very little you can do, you can't even gank that lane at that point as they are to powerful so you'll just feed them kills and they can start roaming quicker slaughtering the lane(s) next to them. The only option in those situations is put a lot of effort into the lane doing the best and hope the bad one doesn't feed so incredibly much their opponent roams all over as a second more powerful jungler. And if you don't have a lane doing well then you're just s*** out of luck
Im currently at plat 4, not that i worked to get higher than that tbh. But, because i only started playing ranked this year, i got placed in silver 4 (or 3, i dont remember exactly). While i was in silver and up until i got to plat, i faced the same issue, though i was playing top. I had teams that fed out of their minds. Truth be told, there were some games that i couldnt carry no matter what. But they were only a handful of them. But even when i had feeding teams i carried a lot of games. And imagine that i didnt even play a carry, i was playing tanks, which is even harder to carry with. If you deserved being gold or higher, you would be able to carry a lot games, even those that seemed unwinnable. The fact that you dont, means that you are where you belong. And, as i said, if you keep blaming your teammates for not climbing, you will never climb and never improve. Accept that you are not a good player and start learning and improving. Then, feeding teams wont always be a problem.
Kalviras (EUW)
: Can we just make getting through silver a coin toss?
When you are good enough to get up the ladder, you will get up the ladder. You will lose some games because they will be unwinnable and you may lose your promos as well. But, given enough time, if you are good enough, you will move up. But if you are waiting to get players on your team that just happen to play god-like to carry you through it, then you will stay there. In all honesty, i dont understand why silver and bronze players complain. You are not good enough to climb. Accept and then you can get better, If you dont accept it you will stay there. Plus, in those elos, if you fail your promos you get 1 free win in your next promos, so you only need to win 1 out of 2 games. In higher elos you dont have this luxury. You fail your promos, you still need to win 2/3 next time.
: Just 2 Questions !
1) Yeap. All stats are reset. 2) What do you mean "kill conversion ratio"?
T00Late (EUNE)
: That god damn 2 augs mission was so easy, but that ziggs mission...
It was easy and not easy. It all depended on the team. I tried and tried with many different people. Completely failed. Then i found 4 other guys and we beat it easily 4 times in a row. And another 3 times with some other random people.
I want an EU vs EU final!
: No buddy i don't post it there. I report as page open from client. And dont see it now :) Wooow maybe another buggy in hole? So it is new day... 1 bug founded? xD
If you report a bug through the game client it is sent as a ticket to riot support. It's not posted here as a thread.
Bloodnacht (EUNE)
: About Odyssey
I finished them in 3-4 days. But that god damn 2 augs mission... I won it a total of 7 times... Somewhat satisfying.
Smerk (EUW)
: You can skip divisions if your MMR is much higher than average in your current division. You can use your LP gains as a way to measure your chance to skip division. IF you're getting 30 or more per win, then you're likely to skip your next division, but after that your LP gains will go back to normal values
I got out of silver with 80% win rate and out of gold with around 75% win rate, it only dropped when i got to plat. But i dont remember skipping any divisions. I mean, with 75% win rate, my MMR should be way higher than average in silver-gold.
: Need help with a game on my local radio.
Its a coffee machine making coffee.
Kintaros (EUNE)
: Rng lost vs g2
EU vs EU in finals! But, seriously, G2 clapped RNG in the last 2 games!
ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: What do I have to do in order to jump divisions in gold ?
You cant jump divisions as far as i know. But, if you are good enough, you can get past them quite quickly.
Sunwise (EUNE)
: No mission is getting completed
did you login in the lolesports site?
: Missions
Make sure you are here https://watch.eune.lolesports.com/en_US/worldchampionship/en and log in with your league account. Watch a game and wait about a minute. I watched half a game and got the quest.
IkOerman (EUW)
: Stop making missions for which random people have to cooperate
I started doing the mission about 7 days ago. All played with random people i never knew. The difficult part is to make people cooperate not in a single game but over a small number of them. Help each other. For example i had then 4 aug mission when the rest of my team had 2 or 3. We stayed together and beat it with 2 augs 2 times and tried the ziggs mission as well. It was like "help me with this and ill help you back". And ive done it quite a few times, either helping others or getting help. In all honesty i won the 2 augs mission a total of 8 times when i managed to cooperate with me team on that regard. If there werent people who think like "f* you, i want my mission and i care not about helping you" it would be way easier for people to complete them.
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: Only ziggs skin?
Aside from the other skin shards i got from the bag i opened, which i dont remember what they were since i had already a lot of skin shards.
: How many of you managed to complete the 2 augments Odyssey quest and what skin did you get?
Dmitko (EUNE)
: Friendly girl looking for friends to do the Onslaught missions with ^-^
I can help you if you want. Ive already done the 2 augs mission like 6 times (dont ask why) and i still got only the ziggs/sona mission. Add me if you want, though i probably wont be able to play until Sunday morning...
: Destruction of choice
>changing keystone completely blanks my page These, along with what mentioned that happens when you try to modify the rune pages, is not the system's fault. Its your computer's problem. Maybe if you try to enable low spec mode will save you from that trouble. But for sure the problem is yours. I dont have such problem and i think only a handful of players have it. >4 premade rune pages, these four are useless They are not. This rune system is new and most people, aside from those who have already played with them in the pbe, dont know them well yet. Having pre-set pages helps trying some recommended things so you can become more accustomed to them. This is particularly helpful to newer players who have very limited knowledge of the game. As they would, in most cases, buy the recommended items in the game, the pre-sets will compensate for that lack of knowledge of what is better and when. >images are just useless THIS IS A GAME. Never forget that. And for a game, in order to be able to compete with others, visuals are extremely important. Nice visuals, images, model design etc. are all bound to attract people's attention. On the contrary, a wall of text without images and colors is bound to attract way fewer players.
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: 1 more people for the TP mission EUNE
Oh well, the reply is quite late. I completed it shortly after as well... So no problem!
xXFreeezyXx (EUNE)
: Make a new skin for Shaco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Creating the same thread multiple times is annoying and wont bring as much attention as you would like.
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: Alt+Tab= Bugsplat
Then there is a problem with the client, thats for sure. The hextech repair tool will fix it. Probably... maybe... It sure takes some time. Why dont you let it do it while you sleep, since you wont be using your computer anyway.
: Alt+Tab= Bugsplat
Its Windows 10. They are a virus concealed as an operating system... They really suck.... Other than that, have you tried to repair the game with hextech repair tool?
ElectricKui (EUNE)
: Please help me i receive a wrongly bann
>sigh always this "gamer" knowledge. >1) It doesn't matter if he is using VPN or not. You get a new IP address every 24 hour from your provider anyway. You use a VPN if you want to use a specific route through the internet or to establish a secured connection. 2) Yes they can check that. Both ends have to announce each others identity (IP) to communicate. Or do you shout into your mobile phone and wonder why nobody is answering? Try to call a number. Bonus) Yes Riot also knows from where the IP address was used. Bonus+)IP addresses are no proper indicator for evidence to provide bans. There are also no IP bans and neither there are ever bans made based on the IP. "gamer knowledge"... I wonder from where do you get this knowledge you share in here... 1) There are 2 "types" of IP, static and dynamic, static is a unique IP address assigned to a specific device (modem or router), granted by 1 of the 5 regional internet registries, under the global management of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Static IP address is permanently assigned to a device and doesnt change unless that device's manager requests a new one. That device is also assigned some dynamic IP addresses, which are the same as its static address on all but the last 1-3 digits, which are assigned to the other devices connected to the network. VPN has 2 uses. It allows you to connect to a different server and temporarily changes you IP address as to make your specific device unidentifiable. The second is to create a closed network, in which only its users can connect. 2) True, RIOT can see its users IP addresses, but there are legal implications if they try to use them in any means, including trying to track a specific device. Thats why they cant do it..
ElectricKui (EUNE)
: Please help me i receive a wrongly bann
1) There is something called Virtual Private Network (VPN) that many programs offer. This thing, in short, makes your IP address look different. So how can, by identifying the ip address, be sure that you didnt use one such program? 2) They cant actually check the ip address used. 3) Even if it was unintentional, your case might be considered account sharing, which grants permanent ban. >Oh no someone found out my password. Better not change it or anything. Really, this summarizes it all...
: ??????????????????????
Lets take that you get at least 1 "troll" in your team in 100% of the games you play. As per the chances reveal, the enemy team will also have at least 1 "troll" in 100% of the games. Unless RIOT has targeted specifically you, chances speak on their own. By the way, you are level 5, you are new to the game and you dont have knowledge about it. You play with players around your level, who are also new and dont have knowledge about the game. You cant blame anyone for playing bad. They are new to the game.
Im just wandering in the boards, is anyone else noticing that the threads of banned players are increased compared to before? Maybe RIOTers are doing better work than we thought...
>Chatlogs or it didn't happen. Do you even need them? His whole post is a wall of insults and toxicity. By the way, from what i can see in this wall of rant, you cant report and, even if you do, riot wont ban anyone because they are bad players. If they did, then they would have to straightly ban platinum and lower elo players. Aint happening.... >WHY THE BEST KDA PLAYER IN THE TEAM GOT PERMA BAN !!!! You might had the highest KDA in the game, but, apparently, you also had an extremely high level of toxicity as well. Thats why you got banned.
Ribyu (EUW)
: Snowflakes &Unfair Bans/Restrictions
Good for you to let it all out, but i dont think there will be a lot of people reading this (literally) wall of text. I didnt...
Solash (EUW)
: What do you call it when you're matched against the same Wukong player as last game?
This is in the wrong board, it should go on jokes, games and contests... ######gonna accompany myself out...
Tarantula (EUW)
: Pls help guys
Whatever i see from everything you write is a toxic personality from top to bottom. And you constantly try to make excuses to justify yourself. That wont happen. Also, trying to insult me wont accomplish anything. As if i would get insulted by someone who doesnt know me and half of what he says are insults.
: "I got banned... pls riot.." 'Can I have my acc back I'm "reformed".."
>I don't know I kinda like reading people who are toxic getting bans it's my guilty pleasure lol im guilty of that as well. Is kinda of a proof that the ban system works well. Ist satisfactory. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Tarantula (EUW)
: Pls help guys
From what i can see from your chat logs, you started flaming quite early in the game. I dont know if your team started flaming you at the beginning, but there is nothing that gives you the "right to flame without getting suspended". The excuse you would use while you were young "but mom, he started it" didnt do anything back then and wont do now. Its not the way mature people communicate. You were extremely toxic and the suspension is so worthy. Its not a ban by mistake so you wont get unbanned. >Tarantula: enjoy ban Tarantula: boi text me when they ban you Tarantula: get a ban Tarantula: this ones deserve ban The irony is unbelievably ridiculous...
: Runes reforged
1) Poppy, Sion, Fiora, Taric and many more other champions were non-existent in pro play. After their rework they started showing a lot. And since those guys know the game better than all of us, i can say that their reworks were successful. 2) And that goes to everyone. You see changes being announced. You start moaning because it throws you off. Yet you dont wait to try them out. Thats wrong. You cant know if something is good or bad if you havent tested it, solely based on some info on the internet. Wait until you try them and then, if you dont like them, start moaning and blaming.
: Runes reforged
>In runes reforged I can't see any runes like AD per lvl and CD per lvl (I very often use 30% cd runes at lvl 18). What I see is very limited and generic stuff. you can't make unique choice. Most people would agree with that. Those who will not agree are those who have played with them on the PBE. As far as i have played with them, they are miles better than the old runes/masteries. They might seem like generic stuff, but they are not. Actually they offer a lot more choices and bring more uniqueness on each players playstyle. For example, if you play a Syndra, you will most probably get some ap runes, maybe some armor or mr and thunderlords and most people's masteries would be almost exactly the same, with only a very few differentiations. With the new runes you might see 10 Syndras who, except from some similarities, will have way different runes. I tried new Evelynn in the practice tool of the PBE and found at least 4-5 different combinations of runes that worked very well. The ability to optimize to your playstyle and champion is way beyond the limitations of the old ones. And while, early game, the new runes wont give that much, they scale very well in the mid-late game. Try the new runes and then, if you are not satisfied, you can moan all you want. But since you have seen nearly nothing of them, whatever you say is empty.
Solicitude (EUNE)
: Congratulations to Misfits
Dont forget. They are the first team in a very long time that showed no fear towards SKT. Even world's top teams feared them and showed it in their games against them. Rookies going in to match the world's best team and fight them on equal footing without fear is a huge achievement it and on its own. If they continue like that, they will have a very high chance to win next year's world's. I really love their playstyle that goes beyond the meta and ive been rooting them since they showed they worth in the EU LCS.
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