: hmm som iam definitely the only one ... sadly i was in ranked game and even more iam in plat promo
I checked in op.gg and it shows i am still ingame, and i checked if it shows for the other players in the game and it shows they also are . So dw, the game ll probably be, what was called ... lost prevented .
: Reconnecting into game
Same problem, i dced and now i cant reconnect, another friend is also having this problem and its been already an hour since it happened .
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: > **''We’ve also replaced the solo/duo queue with a dynamic group queue, where you'll be able to climb the ladder with any number of teammates.''** Huge -1 on this one. I was so happy about the new champion select, but when I saw this, it's even worse than the current classic champion select / match making. What is the point of SOLO/duo Q then ? We have a 5v5 and 3v3 ranked teams. This thing is just the same as the ranked teams, and even more ''unfair'', since some people play solo with unknown players, while his/her opponent play with its team, especially if that team played together for a long time, they are more coordinated. Also, lower players can be carried easier and placed somewhere where they do not belong. It is really, really bad idea, IMO. Everything was just very cool, I mean the whole patch and news were cool, until I saw this, which is the worst thing ever. Basically you made a perfect thing with the new champ select and you totally ruined it with this dynamic group where you can add more than one (4 team-mates) in ranked. 6 years of LoL and its ranked solo/duo Q are just thrown in the trash.
Imagine if you are with 4 premades, and u go 0-2, the flame ll be unreal, or if you are with 4 people that speak their own language. This is the worst idea that rito could do ...


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