lelfgt1 (EUNE)
: Add a Balkan languages in league
YES, it would be nice if that happens.
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Didnt watch whole video. Looks nice tho, but if i may add.. Just play Garen and wont be a problem to get out of silver.
NípeT (EUW)
: Unban me and i wont flame
U cant flame if u are banned. If i ever get perma ban which i doubt will happen i will pick my bags and move away. Unban aint happening unless its a mistake which also never happens.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: how did you climb out of silver?
I got out of silver by playing Garen. Simple as that, and that was long ago. Garen today seems even stronger. So u can try him. Gluck
iluminati14 (EUNE)
: unskilled players deserve punish
No, no and no.. No1 is born with knowledge to play perfect. You need to fail, to lose and so much more before u get skillfull. Even pro's makes mistakes. Also my Englando is bad but for God's sake try to make short and easy readable sentences.
: Id like to join. Returning to game after almost 2 years and looking for someone to solo/duo rank. Still getting used to all the changes but im solid top. Have most of champs and can cover any lane if needed.
Hey sorry for not answering you sooner, been busy this days. Added ya in game and in club. Gluck and have fun ^.^
Soni (EUNE)
: Is BUMP-ing posts alowed?
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: Im going to wait for the instant feedback report.
Edit: didnt look the picture, gl man. xD
xGunna1 (EUW)
: is saying Ez or Rekt bannable ?
Probably yes, no point in saying it ever. Persons that does it just feeds their ego. Raport and move on.
elin990 (EUW)
: Whats your opinion on Kayle?
She can only be supp to champs that can 1v2 early. Her early game as supp is very bad cause of high cd on skills and not providing any form of hard cc. But if your adc doesnt fall behind and menage to hold up your enemy is fked up. High cdr is a must on her for heals/speeds and for ult. Best use of her as supp would be in top with Yi tandem.
: Pre-season ranked games weight?
Basicly what you tought it is how it works. If you climb during preseason you will impact your mmr and have larger chances to get placed higher. 2 seasons ago i was gold something. During preseasons i hit high platinum and after placements i got placed in platinum 5. Edit: This season i didnt play during preseason, i was platinum 4 and after placements i got placed in gold 4.
: noob = all below dia.. they all play the same.. more or less? xD
Noob has nothing to do with a rank.. Its a person that is ignorant and does not want to improve. If you point at some1 calling him noob, and he gets super agressive about it, well you have just found one or two. Noobs are basicly players that want from you to do all the work, and then starts screaming how good they are while doing close to nothing.
: Crazy...I know!
{{champion:63}} or {{champion:35}} . Brand is easy to pull of and you will often have the most dmg dealt in team. Shaco might take some practice and probably isnt good as before since his E doesnt deal magic dmg now.
Leorice (EUW)
: What is the best keystone for SHACO ?
Didnt play him recently but Dark Harvest looks like a way to go. Wouldnt recommend Press the Attack because you already burst enemy down before you hit them with 3aa, but thats just my opinion.
: Choose one champ that relates to your personality... Who?
{{champion:201}} I find myself in so many of his quotes. Such a positive champion, also i started playing league when he came out. ~goes to check that login theme for the epic music~ :)
BabyFluff (EUW)
: I need game advice
/Mute all if you cant deal with them, and play your game. And yes its pretty much the same in every elo.
Borieko (EUW)
: Kayne for sure, hes pretty fun though. Ornn is quite good right now, but I heard from some of my friends that Zoe (aka Surfer girl :P) was really boring to play. If you need any help or advice feel free to add me ingame. {{champion:114}}
Wait what? Zoe can surf? Isnt Taliyah the one that can surf?
myCro (EUNE)
: Honor capsule drop - ONLY CHAMPIONS???????????????????????????????????
Well thats just a bad luck there. I got 3 honor capsules so far, 1st one was taric and few keys 2nd was grey ww and 3rd that rat skin. Also i can confirm that alot of players i play with got atleast 1 of those skins. So must be bad luck.
Sontax (EUNE)
: Quick poll for gaming setup enthusiasts
Voted for rainbow cause i cant chose anything else. xD I am using rgb on all peripherals so im changing colors daily but just one up to three colors at the time. Even got couple of led tracks across the room, but those are off most of the time cause they are just blue and red.
MacDeath (EUW)
: Those threads are become rarer I assume tho. The last I read they admitted to be at fault but simultaniously blamed Riot for something unrelated. Maybe I'm just ignoring them too because they're boring and all the same :/
Boring yes, i agree but they are poping up like mushrooms.
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: Shaco mains
I could write a novel on this, but ill try to be short as much as i can. Also u can add me in game if u want some help/tips etc. I hate to say it but he falls behind ALOT compared to other assassins. Why? Beacuse if target isnt isolated from its team u become just a pawn. And u will often realise that if enemy team starts grouping up u cant do much unless target is low and u can get a pick. But lets ignore this facts and talk whats good about him and what u can do to make enemy want to uninstall the moment they faced u. There are two types of Shacos, 1st is the most basic type which runs ignite for cheese on enemy jungler because you lack dmg to kill them without. Basicly u start red and go to enemy side of jungle, take all you can and wait for him to come for his buff and kill, or kill while he is doing it. Then you control him, go back after u killed him buy items and wait him on other side of his jungle. Kill him again on camps or counter gank him so he falls even more behind. Repeat this over and over until your team groups up and u go split push other lanes. 2nd one is more advanced cause it focuses more on teamfights and u run flash. So u dont counter jungle, u do full clear and gank or counter gank if u can. This is more late game oriented, which i dont recommend to no1 unless u are super experienced with clown. So basicly u play around objectives, go solo drake at 6 or even before if 1 teammate can help u. U always want to help bot to get 1st turret. So lanes can rotate and u get herald after or before top turret. After that all mid for 1st turret or 2nd (preety much basics until u win). But heres where flash comes in most handy, u know those moments when u have to q in for baron or dragon steal and no team around or even teamfight. If u go in u cant get out so flash saves u most of the times (u are not a pawn anymore). Basicly Shaco is nerfed hard but with proper playstyle and manipulation he is still a force to be reckoned with. I really tried to be short xD sorry if i was to negative about him. Retired Shaco main with over 600k mastery waiting for rework. Peace {{champion:35}}
: Orange Essence Value Changes
Well i dont want to complain since its still free stuff, but compared to before this isnt looking great. Today i got Soul Reaver Draven from a chest (i was so happy i screamed out loud :D), and when i found out i cant unlock him by disenchanting: 1 Epic, 1 Legendary, and 1 cheap legacy skin i was beaten down. Guess next weak or in 2 weaks if im lucky ill be able to gather enough essence. Was thinking today that it is probably way better to reroll any 3 skins even legendary since they are worth so little now, and hope to get something good.
Cheini (EUNE)
: Which roles do we main, in the forums?
Jungle 24/7 but if im with a group i can go anywhere really.
Kagarni (EUW)
: Already LvL 126
Thats one hardcore grind he did there. Yesterday i saw a guy that is chalenger and lvl80 or something and i tought that was high. Jeez im still fixing mine dislocated jaw atm. Edit: would be a shame if he used botting. Edit2: apparently guy that i played vs. is ranked 10 on OP's list, what a small world.
: Could we get a hover-over text for icons?
Thanks for bringing this up, hope we get this in future. Its not that much important, but it would be cool if you could see it.
Vivianna (EUW)
: This is how to escape bronze: 1: Go to the store 2: Get Tryndamere{{champion:23}} 3: Go to any guide site and get a rune page for Tryndamere{{champion:23}} 4: Think "Nah %%%% this team" and split push non-stop 5: Solo the herald since Bronze junglers aren't even good enough with objective management to be called junglers 6: Keep farming 7: Keep split pushing 8: You win
Actually that is the smartest thing u can do. And this reminds me of something i saw few months ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L14ZVMP7AqQ But by any means DONT DO THIS!
l C18 l (EUNE)
: Finally :)
This guy is a legend! I tought its impossible to climb when u hit 0. Keep it up man! Also that name {{sticker:sg-lux}}
: Which champion do you hate the most?
There is just one that i hate. {{champion:35}} He is quite obnoxious champ to deal with. Hate him when enemy plays him and is to good with him. Also hate him even more when enemy or even teammate is bad with him. Hate him cause he is nerfed hard in latest patches. But! I love him at the same time cause he is very unique, and unstoppable in right hands.
: Can i get to platinum with just playing one champion ?
Yes and no, you should have up to 3 champs u can play very good (mains). So you can cover up if any gets baned.
: Explain Aatrox
His new pasive is all about fighting and keeping it at max, but he will get huge rework in near future so no big deal about it.
: How Easy Is It to get perma banned?
Just be nice to others, you can compliment them if they did something good. And by all means ignore provocations and arguing with anyone. GL :)
: The last mission is PVP SR only.
Oh yea, just got it. feelsnoobman >.>
Spurious (EUW)
: Last PROJECT mission is the worst ever
Did u try to win vs bots, if not that is the best way! GL xD
Krubaver (EUW)
: Thanks! I dont have much success with yi, Idk why; lately I had good results with pantheon and illaoi. Tried ahri but need training. Would you have any other champ to suggest?
Every champ is good if you feel good when playing him. Keep up with Panth and Illaoi if you like them, they are great for climbing. Back in the day when i was silver i played Garen and Renekton and they were great for me, got me fast to gold.
Krubaver (EUW)
: what champ should I play to solo carry out of silver?
Hi, dont play support nor adc. Pick one champ and one role, practice few games on normals to get confy, if you like that champ and feel confident then try ranked. Check youtube and lolking for builds, tips and strategy. Personaly i would recomend you Master Yi jungle, he isnt hard and can solo carry 1v9 to gold. But you need practice whatever champ you pick and alot of experience. Ye it takes a time to master any champ or role but when you do its a walk in the park. GL {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Strongest tank - top lane
Sion for sure. He tops out all these during all stages of the game. But if Trundle was on the list i would vote for him as top spot.
The Splicer (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Swarmer,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=2mTJbv5T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-21T09:47:59.175+0000) > > Well, now gaining curency is so fcking slow anyway. > > Previously i made 1k-2k ip per day, now in 2 weeks i have gotten only 3k blue essence. 1k? Okay, sure, possible I guess. 2k? Unless you were using IP boosters I highly doubt that, unless your day is 24 hours.
It was posible if u were playing 7 hours a day. Depends on win ratio, if u win alot even less time. I know this because i had 1 week to grind 14kip for name change.
: Can't redeem free Garen skin
Hi, those codes doesnt work anymore. Just send a ticket to support, they will add it manually.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hey everyone, We're still actively investigating this one, but just some context around the issue. We were releasing a patch to resolve the store issues (store button intermittently not available) - however the files have not replicated out globally correctly. Teams are currently investigating why and how best to push those files out given our normal process has failed. We'll update as soon as we have further information to share. Thanks for your patience!
Just got in a game. Expected few hours of waiting but wow this was fast. Tnx Rito! :)
: "Something is preventing you from patching"
Legend says if you buy more RP, servers will work better. But on serius side just wait a few hours, they will fix it.
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: Nice montage, makes me wanna start playing shaco again, used to be my favorite melee champion.
Go for it man, if you need any tips or help ill be glad to help you out. There are never enough friendly Shaco's around.
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