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Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: Soo... •You blame riot for bad teammates •You are trying to encourage us to discourage other people for playing a very nice game because you flamed and got banned. •You praise fortnite, so you lose half your credibility •You call lane-dominant champions OP because you have the game knowledge of my pet tortoise •You exaggerate saying half this server doesnt speak english, when we both know thats not the case and you are exaggerating •You are claiming that LoL and social life cannot go together (trust me they can) •You are encouraging people who love the game to quit it, after all these years of playing and having the time of their lives, just because you flamed your botlane and suffered the consequences. I'd let you tell me if you think you are worth our sympathy.
* Read this first * Riot adresses that some games may be "unlucky" which means just bad matchmaking. * LoL and Social life are completely two opposite things, just because you got it doesn't mean everyone got it. * LoL brings out the worst in the best and trust me its a trash game. * I far more liked season 4 or season 5 than this season. * And I hardly give a damn about your opinion. I praise my teammates when I win and flame them when they lose. It is not my fault they play champions like Yasuo and Malphite on botlane or play champions with skill level: amateur. It is hardly recommenced to play champions you have experience with.
Gabresol (EUW)
: Skyrim is a better game thant Fortnite
: mind sharing the chatlog?
Most is actually Croatian, I was mostly focusing on my lane until I saw botlane losing 2nd tower then I started flaming them.
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Cornspies (EUW)
: League is dying? My Opinion
Lets compare this game to a rising Fortnite. **Player support**: **Fortnite** : It is possible to accidentally get banned for Fortnite due to bugsplat and similar stuff. All you have to do is explain what happened and you will be unbanned. **LoL** : No matter if it was storm outside or bugsplat you will not get your leaver buster lifted because "they have to respect" authorities. **Gameplay**: **Fortnite**: Epic games are constantly trying to improve their game by adding (and removing) stuff from their game, they listen to their whole community and seek advices from them. Players get matched up with all kinds of players which sometimes sucks. **LoL** : Mostly professional players get their right to vote, game is tuned for LCS tournaments because today its their most important money source. Matchmaking is basically broken because you get paired with low players and get matched up with high skill players which forces you to feel bad and spread that feeling through the game which eventually leads to (again penalties). **Overall**: Both games are money hungry but feels like Fortnite is try-harding because they have a lot to achieve unlike LoL which doesn't put any more effort like they did before, new champions are losing sense (execution R and very high damage) their new updates are getting worse and they have Remake system which doesn't work and its really ruining the game for both sides (First blood and reconnect detection doesn't work anymore).
Kroxoboy (EUNE)
: Matchmaking sucks
I assume you play this game for short time, this has been topic for a very long time. Game is based around luck and how well you perform. Most people claim that your true skills are challenged when you pair with such player but I propose that as a bulls*it. Just play and stay unhappy while you play, LoL works that way. {{item:3187}} {{item:3070}}
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: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
Direktor (EUNE)
: [EUNE] TEAM Looking for players (flex queue)
Gold V Tends to play Kayn in jungle and Lucian in botlane. Really bad at mid and playing skillshot support champs.
: How does Riot know when someone is account sharing?
Sharing is actually boosting in some way,they actually don't know but huge jump in MMR from one account can result in one,if you play duo I think its ok because you are playing the game too, you are learning more about it with your friend playing with you.
Sontax (EUNE)
: Quick poll for gaming setup enthusiasts here s mine tho, its still unfinished waiting for cable zipper and LED lights to come :)
Perilum (EUW)
: Invest the money in a proper case instead of these 50€ epileptic seizure "gaming" trash stuff.
Im not investing into RP for sure and LED tracks cost like 4 or 5€ only
: I voted for red black ..but a purple black might be a nice one
Litteraly im so on Red-Black I m going to paint the room like that xD
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: League of Legends Stuck at Honor lvl 2
Depends on how much honor did you gave,you got and how much games have you won. I got honor level 3 in 2 weeks since release.
: The floor is good gaming companies
Hahahahahahahah got me in laughter
Fathands (EUW)
: > Doing this will prevent patheon players from spamming Q at you (deliberate poking, he can poke you by Q but when you go he stuns E ignite and youre dead no matter who you play) , hotfix is here to regulate the "balance"(ik this game is not balanced but atleast do this) this is the only thing pantheon does. Strong early, shit late. Just pick something that outscales him, which isn't hard.
> this is the only thing pantheon does. Strong early, shit late. Just pick something that outscales him, which isn't hard. ha ha ha you got me laugh if he gets fed in early its ending in late, pantheon players tend to ult on other lanes and pick up kills ruining other lanes leads to loss game
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: you said you were on a 20 game losing streak, your match history proves that wrong
that was a little bit exaggerated
House x33 (EUW)
: So, you think that if someone boosts you to silver/gold, you will stop losing? so wrong! You will lose a lot more games, because you simply don't deserve higher elo than you currently are.
I was thinking about normal games, someone can play and win with me not logging into my acc and play, and " because you simply don't deserve higher elo than you currently are." ofc I do, I can do alot better than most of bronzes
SiffLort (EUNE)
: It's neither bad or a curse. It's you. You're in bronze for a reason m8
oh stop saying that, we both know that is not truth, I got bronze just because I was Silver V last season and after you drop 5 leagues you get to B4
ChrisMac (EUW)
: Surrender at 15.
Tehnically AFK means "Away from keyboard" if you are on keyboard but still not playing(staying in base and throwing spells) you cannot be punished thanks to the hole in the report sentence Instead of remaining to play the game and frustrating yourself, destroying your equipment because of players who are unskilled stay calm and don't play with them, after that don't even play league,search calm games like mario or tetris, GTA or minecraft too!
Estti379 (EUW)
: >Can someone play with me to boost my MMR so I don't lose anymore? Bad Idea... If you do this, you will just make sure that you loose more games in the short term compared to when you were "not boosted". People who have a higher MMR have a higher skill level. If you get matched with people of higher MMR while you yourself don't have the skill level needed to reach said MMR, you will become the weakest player of the whole game(statistically speaking, at least), thus, the team you are on is more likely to loose the match... And even if you got "boosted" into a higher MMR, with enough time, you would end up dropping into your old MMR again, making the boosting useless... If you want to get into a higher MMR, do it the right way and improve your skills.
my MMR is currently for bronze which is actually truth according to my match history, if someone plays with me and win, my MMR gets up to etc. gold-silver, I will get more skilled players which can hold their lane, and unleash deadly combo in tf
: your match history tells a different story
as a jungler? Ganking a lane requires 2 players not one jerking off while jungler comes
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: Yasuo mains = time to dodge.
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: Mission: play 1 matchmade game as Support Reward: 2 autofill-protected games hehe xd
It is not about me, I will play supp as I mentioned its about toxic children who are playing league.
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: Generally no, but don't be surprised anyone contacts support if you admit to having bought the account of scripting for example
so if scripting is illegal,then geforce USB which records our gameplay then plays for us is also illegal right?
: How can i stop Automatic Patching?
you don't lol, reinstall the client, check compatibility, or run as admin
: ?
just {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: There's no tip, just play and play and play and play and play and play ranked games and you will eventually climb. It's also a matter of luck.
: Need some serious tips for climbing
Don't main champions like: Zed,Yasuo,Master Yi and Kha Zix. You may seem its easy to win with them but you're going to need a good team. Instead play hardcore champions like: Trundle,Jayce,Pantheon,Rammus,Ahri,Orianna,Ezreal,Lucian,Jinx,Braum,Lulu. Main thing is to if you win your lane, hurry and help the others by rushing on their matchups. **Don't do**: -Tower diving,face checking bushes,invades(50/50 chance that youre going to succeed depends on what champions your team8 picked, its a lottery),soloing in late game,barons without any inhibitors destroyed or their team alive, solo drakes **Do**: warding,pinging(not false pinging like youre coming and then you don't,or those ? pings to indicate wtf just happened to your team8),building it right(dont just follow the build as it is in your shop, see the situation in the game if they have more AD then you should tend to buy armor, if they have more AP then magic resist and so on,Focus on their carry(adc or assasain or maybe in some cases fighter) never focus tank or supp, they want you to do that so their carries can lay more dmg on you. That are the most common tips for your gameplay and every player who has more skill is going to agree with me. Also: increase mouse speed,camera speed,use quickcast,shortcut keys. Also if you are rager like me, you don't like to lose and seeing your team8 failing to do objectives and see them dying so much, see if you can improve it by coming to their lane and try to buy them some time. Raging is actually useless since you're trying to insult them but that will never going to do it, also complain about stealing only if it is(its not in situation like teamfights or if youre helping them), but it is if your team8 won't leave the target even if it is 10 hp that indicates that they want the kill even if youre adc or any type of carry that needs some extra g. A good jungler leaves the target to his laner since junglers do not need kills just to keep the game flowing and disturbing enemy jungler. Finally if you suck at your lane, in late game don't split push(except if enemy is pushing like idiots and don't care about you),keep it up with your team you can provide some CC and help them. Check your map often!
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: /mute all
doubt that is going to prevent him from leaving games.
: That would be (more or less) accurate for 10 games chat restrictions, but it isn't for 14 day bans. Those reform periods are waaaaaay longer.
you use bot downvotes or what, or just want your post to be on top?
: Reform after 14-day ban?
About 2 or 3 weeks of gaming should drop the punishment tier. Or atleast 20-30 games.
KrisBendix (EUNE)
: Prepare runes and masteries for support too. You can have multiple.
"You selected Top and Jungle" Support wasn't in your plan, what do you do?
KrisBendix (EUNE)
: Autofill Evading
Perhaps you wait 20 minutes with your friend because he has penalties. Then match get avoided by some players 2 times. You selected Top and Jungle. You enter in first game. You get top. Someone is unhappy with jungle and tries to swap. Player leaves. Finally you find the match after 35 minutes of waiting. You get support. You prepared every rune and mastery for toplane. What do you do?
: Rammus bot Q
download a replay record that part send a ticket
: Unchained Alistar free skin
submit a ticket support with screenshot describing you subscribing their channel
: How to play a game of League in 2017
: Riot gives free chests for good grades? Get pranked kid, you thought it would be that easy? xd
Simple, don't fight for it, only hextech items I get are chests, probably because they want me to spend money on keys, but I wont.
: Riot blaming users for their client crash
Its not worth fighting it, this is why I have stopped playing this, believe me no matter how much you email them, they will still say "our system automaticly detects chrashes" even if it doesn't
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:143}}
: Looks like my laptop gave up on life.
i bronze scrub but i help your hard drive is probably full of viruses which corrupted your lol files or did you installed any cheat tool recently? Update your GPU drivers. Clean your fans Or simply replace the processor paste (if your GPU is integrated) Thats all the service provided from me I cant access to yr PC to check it Also your GPU may be focused on background processes which are caused by viruses or windows itself. Check for that $hit too GL HF <<BronzeScrub4lifexxy>>
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