: Having fun at the expense of someone else's fun is not allowed.
That's right. I bet in your world playing anything which is not meta is banable offence, right?
: A PSA to Premades.
Yeah, why just have fun in a video game.
Madldaddl (EUW)
: Why is yasuo so often banned
Ape skills, annoying to play against and windwall is a broken spell.
: Thats a stat out of thin air if ever there was one. If you could read what they told me in the ticket you too would be telling people not to waste money and spread the risk, unless ofc ur completely bought. The banning policy, as clarified to me in a ticket, is frankly horrendous, draconian, unjust, and ineffective. I didn't deserve a ban on my first account, not even close. Also considering this my 6th most played multiplayer game and the only one where I have had any kind of punishment is evidence enough for myself to be extremely cautious of the game, its dev, its policy and spending money on it. Edit: The fact that i mistrust the system so much that I am spreading risk over three accounts, shows how unfairly treated by the system I have been. On all my other games I have 1 account, LoL is the only game where I feel it necessary to spread risk in this fashion.
You sound a bit paranoid. From all my friends just 1 got chat restricted couple seasons ago, and he had it coming. It's really not that hard. So what did you do to get your first acc banned?
: Its very dangerous to only have one account.
Smerk (EUW)
: Not every mouse has side buttons. My current mouse has only 3 buttons total: left, right and middle
oh.. I though we are living in 2017 year ;> I can't imagine gaming without 2 side buttons.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: how are you even able to use so many actives properly? I cant even reach numbers 4 5 6 with my fingers {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: make an option to disable the chat entirely
If your advices are like this one, no wonders no-one listens.
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > It's not like it's so hard to find a script program if you really want to. It sadly isn't, but allowing them to be publicly advertised on a LoL board is certainly not the way to go. --- > On the other hand clear statement "extra super cheat lol pew pew" is forbidden and using it will get you banned list would be welcomed. I guess? This isn't really possible. A tool that may be ok to use today, can be updated and become bannable tomorrow. If Riot created such a list, you'd risk people finding a tool that was mentioned as OK, but the next day it wasn't OK anymore, and people get banned for it. You're simply responsible for doing the research yourself in regards to if a tool is ok or not. If in doubt, don't use it. LoL does not require any add-ons to be played.
To be played no, you are right. However to list all your skins? Like elophant. It was so stressful for me, to install this program to do something, lol client should have been able to do ages ago.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > the name was blurred automatically so i guess this program was already known by riot and not allowed? The tool you mentioned is a tool used to get scripts and exploits for the game. Regardless if you were just using it for a skin, the entire program is not allowed in any manner. I'm able to check what you wrote before it was blurred out, so I know what tool you mentioned. The creator of the tool advertises it as a tool that allows you to "use automated scripts, hacks, combos, bots and much more." That should tell you that it's a tool you should not use. --- There's no 14 day ban for these types of tools. They're immediate permabans, since it's a very specific decision on your side to use it.
I'm not sure, how I should feel about Riot censorship. It's not like it's so hard to find a script program if you really want to. On the other hand clear statement "extra super cheat lol pew pew" is forbidden and using it will get you banned list would be welcomed. I guess? Enlighten me please:)
: wait wait wait this gets me to another question, can you get banned for running a program that can alter your skin? as a darius i always use my self bought dunkmaster darius skin but recently (about a week ago or something) i downloaded this program that can let me use dreadnova darius, only for my sight obviously. I googled if i could get banned for it and the only results i got were that i wouldn't get banned for it but maybe i would get a warning because its still not allowed but it doesnt give you advantages.
And name of that program is... ? Rito usually doesn't make problems if you use custom made skins, like not already existing in the game. However it's not what you did, you used a program to get access to a game content, which probably got you banned.
: Thanks. Looks nice, looks like after one episode I'll be on some fapping websites.
You can skip the story and watch all epic "moves" on youtube ;> Got ur MAL?
: Anime suggestion?
Keijo!!!!!!!! No need to thank me.
: Use clubs, or 3rd party like discord
Yeah but how to pick good club? Is there any list of clubs which I'm missing? I really liked anime chat room on euw:<
Frank 404 (EUNE)
: How i can turn on NORMAL (female) commentator ??????
I found on reddit that you can disable custom announcer in options, during a game.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: This game isn't fun anymore.
So stop playing. Take a break, recharge batteries and game will be fun once more.
: What do you think about this Rakan's build?
Rakan is a range champion, so last hitting minions to proc {{item:3097}} gonna be a pain. Tank build sounds fine, i tried Rakan with more squishy build and that was a failure(for me) :<
LTSpec (EUW)
: I struggle most with the 3rd point, because i have overwatch, a game that is 50/60€ but i know will be supported for a long time and all content free, then i look at league and you see how much time you need to invest etc and you realize it's not free, that's why i don't even know what to do. thanks for replying to my post
Do you need half a content thou? It is not a pokemon that u need to get all champions:>
: > [{quoted}](name=SoulPaintedBlack,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=g77n9AUE,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-04-25T14:01:13.285+0000) > > Play more, get experience, and mute/report people offending you. > > You can always ask for a trade, play with someone who mains support or just dodge. > > I just don&#x27;t get why you can&#x27;t understand that lol is not a single player game, and there is not enough players playing specific role. your reading with understanding is weak as my support experience
Perhaps, however the right question should be, how many games are required to play as support to get the essence of this role? You benefit more, in a long term, playing against stronger opponent if you are willing to learn. I really wish we could go back to those times, when pick order decided what role u played(or call order, why not) just for like 2 weeks, and then back to ur %%%%%ing about fill, as support, and how unfair, and unpleasant it is.
: Autofill matchmaking has a serious flaw what impacts quality of matches negatively.
Play more, get experience, and mute/report people offending you. You can always ask for a trade, play with someone who mains support or just dodge. I just don't get why you can't understand that lol is not a single player game, and there is not enough players playing specific role.
Ârzo (EUW)
: Most played game with {{champion:64}} this Season 45 games with a 44% winratio So not autofilled Also most likely I'm assuming it's a very immature kid since his name is a Big D joke
He has played 281 games and he is still in silver 1 with 50% win ratio. He has nice % playing adc, but i guess Lee sin is fun to play:) So i guess he tries to jungle but suck at playing it? Dunno.
Ârzo (EUW)
: There's a difference between a unique playstyle and that. Not only did he play a tottally unviable build, he missed smites, didn't know what to do all game long. Most of the time he was standing afk hesitating, should he gank or not, should he go in or not, and he **always** did the wrong decition. Situations he clearly should've just went all in, he backed off farming the jungle, before you say anything about greed and stuff. One enemy was caught in our jungle, we had wards and seen all other 4 enemys in their own jungle, not a single chance this could've gone wrong if we killed that 1 overextending enemy, but he prefered farming. 2nd he goes in when he should not. If he hits like one Q after 20 times on a champion, he gets straight up the "Lee syndrome" which means **Hit Q followQ** into 5 enemies blowing up instantly This person, had no valuable skills which would've made him reach gold without someone to boost him
: Instead of Flaming someone for suggesting something to you, how about you honor them instead ?
Yesterday one guy was trying to help me, second guessing my every decision. Apparently my runes were wrong and my build order was crap, and i bought wrong item. There is a reason why "helping" people get reported.
: Transferring to another server
: Riot should try stopping people from inting how about that?
When u finish ur 2 weeks ban, feel free to try trolling without typing anything and give ur results:>
adi1983ro (EUNE)
: =)) and... what story would that be?
Keep typing it and you will find out.
: Playing with unlocked camera
Press space -> profit. It just take some time, you might try it while supporting, cause usually you have a bit more time without an action.
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Agree...I ve played 90 games already this season and I encountered a lot of very toxic players. I reported at least 1 each game and sometimes I reported 2 or 3, so 100+ players were reported by me...but I only got 1...JUST 1 report feedback, that means that 1 out of 100+ toxic players got a 14 day ban or a permaban. And the majority of them were extreme toxic, spamming things like "cancer to your whole familiy"/"kill yourself" and so on. Also, some of them just trolled because of stupid, someone took some minions from them, jungler didnt ganked them or they just died 3-4 times in the laning phase, then decided to feed even more because why not.
Google when you get a report feedback and come back. There are no words how much I respect some players here who patently explain over and over same thing. "4 man premade just got me banned", "I was toxic in just 3 games", "I report toxic players and I'm banned, while they not", "I got just one report feedback over 100 reports" It's not totally your fault thou, there should be added FAQ, cause it's tiresome to answer and discuss the same damn cases over and over again.
Arcade Cat (EUNE)
: Yes, but it would still be nice to get an actual chance to get skins and stuff for those who don´t have that much money.
I have 16 chests and I'm not complaining. I don't have keys cause I don't play as much as I used to. I'm still grateful that we can get something for free, as you should too:)
Polytra (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=5wOqv3EG,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-12-22T22:23:54.316+0000) > > Pretty fair. If you don&#x27;t break the rules, you won&#x27;t get punished. I would say a warning will be fair. Or a 3 days or a week suspension. But as I mentioned, no loot and all honoring reset that's a bit too much. Do Riot reward a nearly 1000 honor by resetting them ?
Why honor reset hurts you so much? It's not like is needed for anything unless you are a very special case - owning a honor ribbon.
clausrica (EUW)
: No as at now im disgusted with the system. I started a match to go toplane but our jungler took smite and begged someone to quit so we can remake( i gladly did because teamwork and unecessary trust in people im meeting for the first time {big flaw}).I kept staring at reconnect for 5 minutes and when i did it brought me back in the game which means no remake I asked why and they said along the line they kept playing cuz they got first blood and thought they had a chance with an exhaust jungler vi. I did my best and we lost of course and open seeing the defeat screen and pressing continue i got an alert. I just got put on a lower level queue for 5 games for being a good team player so rito thanks for nothing.{{summoner:3}}
: Yes but I am surprised one game is enough to trigger that when I see accounts who are allowed to feed for weeks before they get banned and that in ranked.
Feeding, or rather playing poorly/getting outplayed is normal. That's why you have elo system. Banning champion you intended to play sucks, on the other hand sometimes it's a strategic call. If someone is being an ass, and even taunts you in a lobby chat, just report after the game.
: Adellaideskyhart
Use search function.
RSF Rasen (EUW)
: Well EUW is better actually. I played on EUNE for 4 years and damn. There are lots of flamers and toxic ppl. Not worth to play there for me tbh. But it's not late to change server ^^ I'm sure you would feel yourself better on EUW.
both servers have flamers and toxic ppl. Only advantage, for an average joe player, euw holds right now is normal draft:P
: If you flame, you are an asshole. It doesn't matter if you are doing well or bad. You are an Asshole either way. And it doesn't matter if you get reported by 1 person or a 4 man premade, if you flamed it'll be seen by the system.
omg stupedirino, don't u know it only takes one game when 4 man premade to report, u and then u get unfairly banned?!?!?!
Yaveinn33 (EUNE)
: A message to all players who don't speak english Here you go, you meant Chinese, right? Not knowing English is not the end of the world.
: if i wanna try new builds on kled? do i need to play flex? u fcking serious.
play flex like normal draft and problem solved. ps. Healthy queue time , cough, cough
An1via (EUW)
: Anivia - The champion who is no longer viable...and I shall explain why phroxz0n is responsible for anivia changes, why won't you all join this discussion?;)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Here's my deal: When Riot first changed anivia last Year i was really strugling geting to work her, apperantly others didnt have trouble with her, my guess is probably because they decided to rely on her E-R combo even more, which i wasnt that much of a fan, i relied more on the rest of her kit too, but with how long it took for her ult to reach max range it was hard to rely on the rest of her kit for me. This is why im probably gonna be okay with this change, i should be able to keep enemy team in my ult much easier and new ult is much more impactfull. Never really had an issue with dashes, what ussually hapaned was they dash on me and i put ult on myself and we just duke it out. While mages do tend to have CC, i don't feel like it was that big of a deal with her(probably because cc in mid is ussually only a snare and stuns are pretty hard to land). I guess this change just hurts those Anivia players that heavily relied on E-R.
Whatever works for you:) However what I'm gonna fight for is that hitting with q should be enough for x2 e - just like patch note says!
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You're gonna have to use W too.
Hitting target at max range using wall is part of the skill and that's fine, however any champion with dash and a bit cc makes anivia useless. Cause you can't detonate q while cced. You just don't have tools to trade. I fail to understand how you should build anivia now, max cdr, tear+proto belt, and some tankiness?, cause if you have 2,2 sec on e you have to endure some damage, and guess what, anivia is squishy. I'm going to play her as support this patch, cause her kit is even more about team fights right now.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You should understand that Anivia after level 6 is incredibly toxic, unfun to face and that E-R is just unfair. But there are positivis in this change that you missed, the most important one is the fact that her R takes only half of the previous time to reach full size, that coupled with the fact that her R at max size deals more damage and slows more can make it much harder to get out of her R. Right now after 6 you're more reliant on landing your full kit instead of just relying on E-R combo alone. There are also few minor less important cahnges like low E cd as well as lower W cd.
Reducing e-r burst is fine, but requiring a stun from q with current clown fiesta is just stupid.
Rioter Comments
Fffoty (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SoulPaintedBlack,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=mUnlqohB,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-11-19T18:04:03.710+0000) > > really? i think we are talking about the same player, he has win ration on signed at 53% but majority of his game were on top, when queues went up he decided to play support singed with smite and someone counted that his win ratio is more or less 30%. It is not even about not meta support or his win ratio, it is about that he forces his gamestyle on other players which leaves adc alone most of the time. if you mention it like this then all other players are forcing him to play a differant playstyle and same for riot. i like the fact he plays whatever he wants he gets support he try's a cheese and then helps hes adc in lane still. i dont see any reason to blame that guy. in higher elo's they wouldnt complain so hard either dia2 and up.
It wouldn't work in higher elos, there is a reason why he droped from plat to g5 with silver mmr;> but besides, that i am sure u would be fine with double mid, or even better as support alone at bot. What is he doing it might work if he does it right, with help from full team, with switching bot and top, or just by abandoning adc.
Wen294 (EUW)
: I think 2 support singed players got banned at ~ the same time. One of them was some BR dude with 30% win ratio and one was a NA player with 53% winrate. People saying it works are probably talking about the latter one, who plays reasonably well. The Brazilian guy is a seperate story though.
really? i think we are talking about the same player, he has win ration on signed at 53% but majority of his game were on top, when queues went up he decided to play support singed with smite and someone counted that his win ratio is more or less 30%. It is not even about not meta support or his win ratio, it is about that he forces his gamestyle on other players which leaves adc alone most of the time.
Fffoty (EUW)
: love the fact people say singed support smite is a troll. in SEASON 1 when the game wasnt "defined" with a duo bot adc/supp and whatever nobdoy would complain about this. but now cause its not meta people see it as a troll thing to do. if the persons plays hes best at it and actually helps hes team winning games 53% of the time i and see the need of this crap ;) besides. Riot is trying to force the meta into people and braindead minios like most of them are following along a path whats forced into your tiny heads. doesnt mean pro players are not doing it its not good. he clearly shows he is good at whats hes doing. he clearly has evidence of him being cooperative with hes teams (whats a rare thing in league anyway) and he does a better performance then 75% of the league playerbase while playing it that way.
: > [{quoted}](name=SoulPaintedBlack,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=tGaGWEje,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-11-15T15:34:35.840+0000) > > So me going double mid as support, is perfectly fine in ur opinion? cause that&#x27;s what that guy is doing. He is not going mid, he is going support, like he queued for
he is not going support either, he leaves his adc alone and just jungle.
: When you queue for rank you cant choose what type of teammates you will get, if you are an adc pretty sure you have support champs that you prefer, maybe you prefer a more support base champion like soraka or nami, or you like tanky champions like leona or braum or even ap champions like brand or morgana but the type of support you get its isnt you to choose, you shouldn't flame, report or refuse to play your role just because you dont have the support you would like to, **if you go double jungle just because you dont get another guy to play the support YOU want, isnt your support that its trolling, its you!** Personally i hate having shacos or teetos on my team, but if they are trying to win why would i report them? Pretty sure you or another LoL players had someone on your team that asked you not to play a specific champion in rank, do you think its reason enough to get you banned?
So me going double mid as support, is perfectly fine in ur opinion? cause that's what that guy is doing.
: I like you.. you are right .
It's understandable, I am very lovable person! ;>
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