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: I think they work ok together but you have to play slightly different. In my opinion you should trade more yourself & probally max E first. When you pressure them the Ezreal has an easyer time to hit his Q'd. The problem with this tho is that this won't work against hard engage so that's why it's so important to max E. The best part is when in a reengage situation it will be a lot more usefull to have this ezreal buffed with E than having point in W that won't reach the target.
Uraraka (EUNE)
: You can't follow as a dash, because many adc will have movement ability {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:67}} and most of the supports don't have such a dash. That is why it is better to build {{item:3117}} first, as it gives good ms buff and overall it is good for roaming too. As {{champion:267}}, I think using your abilities on you (like self E) will give a small ms buff and with both you can follow to some degree. Enchanter supports has some sort of ms buff {{champion:37}} E, {{champion:267}} passive, {{champion:40}} passive, {{champion:117}} W, {{champion:43}} E and useful for roaming/following adc/an engage from jg or others. I play mage support and {{champion:111}} ; with naut it just needs to be clear ground in front of him and the Q hitbox is so broken that even if I aim badly it will hit mostly once I am in range. For mages, I usually pick {{champion:143}} {{champion:518}} and hit max range E(they pass through minions) to catch opponents. I don't build {{item:3117}} and always kind of having slow movement speed due to this, which makes me position diagonally to opponents most of the time and constantly moving to confuse them when I will be throwing my cc.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Simple... Dont pick Nami. Not all champions work well together.
I said in my previous comment that I am talking about the situation where I choose support first and ADC choose Ezreal last... Please look before posting. Thank you
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ryandub (EUW)
: You should have a few supp champs under your belt. If you see ADC pick ez, then you should switch to a supp that you can compliment with. Best thing you can do is to play Ezreal yourself in AI games and get use to him. Then you will be able to predict the movements of you adc better. I'd recommend playing on the side rather than in front of behind.
Great, I know that - I am talking about a situation where I chose support first and then adc chose Ezreal... Regardsing playing Ezreal yourself - that might help.
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Pxerkza (EUNE)
: there is not much mechanical knowledge for nami you can learn to hide your bubble with your model the rest is knowledge of the roster and what champions tend to want to do
"you can learn to hide your bubble with your model" what model sry can you explain, please?
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JustClone (EUNE)
: ***
Thanks - that was enlighting. Now I'm looking for bad ADC to practise it XD. Well .... that won't be hard to find XD
: > [{quoted}](name=Soulrk,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mEGGokqn,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-04T21:43:26.511+0000) > > So there is no way to minimize the damage that ADC is doing? Either protecting him or pretending to ditch them so they would somehow hug tower? most of low elo adc will not hug tower they will keep pushing 1vs2, 1vs3 even if you ditch they, and about protecting them, this season i think is to hard, to much damage and since riot change his vision to Assassins game is hard to protect him, some time ago was support meta whem even if your adc afk you could heal him and he would kill all with autoatack. Botlane need coperation is one of adc or suport is unskilled (bad) is hard to win {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
"Botlane need coperation is one of adc or suport is unskilled (bad) is hard to win" ==> Yup thats why i asked , either way thanks it helped a lots.
: I most times I do ditch them is better adc feed alone that suport and adc feed {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} If they start flame a loot just ditch them almost 100% probably they will flame even more in the end you will report they and they get punished If you see your adc is less experienced just do roaming, help jg, gank mid if you can't do nothing on bot i dont think 2 times if i see a better option to win instead stay with my adc i leave him, you should play to win not to be adc's pet (sry for be agressive), if you think suport/help other teammate will make your team have a better chance to win just dont think 2 times
So there is no way to minimize the damage that ADC is doing? Either protecting him or pretending to ditch them so they would somehow hug tower?
: I... tend to ditch them... which doesn’t make me very popular with adcs but oh well If bot lane is a massive gank magnet I will leave lane and try to make something happen elsewhere, as trying to make plays bot is just gonna get us killed when the jungler turns up... if the adc still pushes that’s their fault but at least that’s only one kill and you can trade back elsewhere on the map.
I do ditch them eventually as well , but my question is what to do in that particular moment. I mean, you don't need a lot to see if your ADC is a beginner or someone who have some experience. Usually, around level 2 I already know who am I dealing with. PS : I support TEAM, not individual players, at the end of the day it's the TEAM that wins the game.
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Nakoruru (EUNE)
: You can try Mobalytics. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
DragonovP (EUW)
: on support after you get your ward item you swap to oracle. on jungle you swap if every lane is heavily warded and pushed in so the lane cant clear the wards. you might only want 1 farsight in the team as it cuts into the ammount of ward your team can put out. from what i understand farsight is meant for very long range skills scouting and safety.
"Farsight is meant for very long range skills scouting and safety" - Yeah actually that how I use it every game, I put ward near baron, dragons or simply enemy jungle.
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Kimpap (EUW)
: Help me (lvl 341 hardstuck in silver)
There can be many reasons why you lose ... I made I rule (and I stick to it) that if I win a game I continue to play ranked but if I lose 2 games in a row then I stop playing for that particular day. Maybe not a bit of big advice but still a piece of advice.
FixxeS (EUW)
: watching your replays is indeed a good way to know where is are failing, but, at least in my case, it didn't help much as even if I wrote it down, it wouldn't get inside my head... honestly I think the best way to improve your weaknesses is by learning in-game. when you die, just try to understand why you died and what you could have done, the reason for this is because you are still in-game and you will worry about that situation happening. for example, in another game I had I only had 2 deaths. one was a sure death, I got hit by a sona and MF ult and playing kai'sa with her low range I can't do much about it right? wrong... I could have just used E and move to the side when I saw sona's animation and I was already expecting it... the other death was by stupidity, I though my range would keep me away from that diana... and because of this, I never made those mistakes again because I would just worry about it so I would pay more attention to those situations and avoid them happening and since I spent 20 minutes with those mistakes in my head, they got inside my head so I always worry about those mistakes even in other games. the key differences here for me is that by watching your own replays you will find more mistakes than when you just die when you are on the game... you find out that you should had warded that bush, helped a teammate, why you failed to kill that minion, etc, while by reviewing your death, you find out why you died and just that. but, reviewing your death when you die stays in your head for longer than reviewing your replay... but for me these are the best 2 ways to find out where a player is failing, but I must say: what helps me might not help you. also, as my friend says: practice makes perfect. just keep in mind that sometimes you can't avoid getting killed, when you are watching your replay or thinking about your death you are only focusing in one thing so you are able to figure out all the stuff, that you are missing a ward there, that if you looked the map you would see the enemy mid coming bot/top, etc but when you are playing you are focusing in cs, lane opponents, ganks, wards, etc etc etc so it gets hard to keep track of everything, even of that little bush next to you that should have a ward but it doesn't and you didn't notice because you are too focused on farming and watching your enemy in case he comes in. also, playing as support, and since you are silver, take more time to watch how the enemies move and what they do. when I used to main support (many seasons ago) I would predict that the jung was coming just by the way the enemy bot lane moved, I would like draw a line btw their passiveness and aggressiveness and when they would cross that line, it would mean an enemy gank like 80% of the times. another tip I could give you is to stop playing leona and start playing ranged supports. you can go more agressive with them, leo can only go all in, but with a support like lulu or lux you can just chunk some HP from them without much of a risk. you will also realize how they act when they are attacked so you can prevent a future escape by them in the future. specially in the first levels, getting your enemies to half HP by kiting them has a huge impact at brain level. nowadays I play mostly adc so knowing that, usually I just kite them whenever I can, it doesn't just makes them have less HP than me, it will also allow me to farm almost worry free as I know they won't attack me because they have less HP than me, allowing me to farm more than the enemy adc because I just adopt an aggressive position so they can't farm. so if you do that too, you are also helping your adc and it allows you to roam around and get assists in other lanes if your adc isn't a complete braindead he will just adopt a more defensive position and be ready to back to his tower if he must. but ofc, if this was so simple I would be a diamond player...
To be accurate I play Leona, Nami and Vel'koz. Somewhere I read it's good to have a pool of 2-3 support so even if you're main will be banned you will still have a champion that you main or almost main in worst case scenario. Once again - thank you for advice.
: everytime you and your adc lose lane or a game watch it whole after that, then write down you mistakes no matter what excuse you have(I.e a dank comes in you ult too early but you save your adc and die by yourself, but in the replay you see that if you ulted a little bit later and threw your Q at the other guys you both couldve made it) now, most of these situations wont happen in the next game not ven in the next 10 games, but they will happen again and your mind will think of that mistake you wrote down and you will improve with every single mistake, thats the best method in the long run to improve brutally, if you put this effort also into the games you win you could be challenger easily within a year if you play activly(this is what most non naturally talented players in challenger do and also in other games with a high skill ceiling its the most effective method of learning from your mistakes) this technique is what brings you to the top in most games, but going to the top isnt something you archive with lazyness, as you need to watch every game almost full it required extremely much dedication which is something most people dont want to put into a game just to get to the top, and thats what the difference is between top players and low players. btw for background info ive been coaching teams in top 500 in overwatch and in top 100 in Destiny 2. and this is something all top players have to do when not under supervision of a coach and while grinding.
I watch some videos on youtube (how to improve etc) and most people in those videos say that while watching your own replays will point out your own mistake it's much better to watch replays of higher elo players as it will expand your own knowledge - possibility of what you can do. (I give example link below). Dong Huap What's your opinion about it? Also - thank you for replying to me
: well, if you want the easy way, just pay some professional player or coach (i'd suggest ls) to review your and tell you what you're doing wrong, what you should and should not be doing, etc. but personally for me, the biggest mistakes support mains make are 1. dying too much. no matter what your kda is, you should never have enough deaths to the point where it can count that you die once every 4 mins (eg: 5 deaths in 20 mins) 2. warding & vision score. warding is a key essential to league, and most support mains (mainly in low elo) just get lazy when warding and place generic wards in tri-brush, the lane bushes (NEVER DO THIS, PLEASE.), and that other bush at the end of the river and beginning of the botlane. if you watch pro play (lec, lck, etc.) you'd notice that the supports are all over the map, they do this to get more effective wards, usually in the enemy jungle or in the pixel bush/somewhere else in the river.
1. I always limit try to limit dying to 2-3 per game 2. I do a lot of warding, that to be said, I do that a lot of wards in those generic places you mentioned. Anyway - thank you.
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: One ping that I would use a LOT would be _**PLEASE WARD HERE**_ or **_NEED VISION HERE_** Right now if I want my team to ward drake/baron, I can either ask assistance in a ping, which isn't straight forward, use the "enemy has vision here" ping - what I usually do since it resembles a ward, or type it out. Introducing a new ping, that requests vision in a specific place, would help me out in these situations. {{item:2056}}
You are right as well. My point is - adding new pings could help/improve the game as sometimes "context" can be missed in the heat of the game. ... but yeah 100% true.
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