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: same here it even said i declined too many games in a row Log: https://pastebin.com/ZbvTpDWZ
I got banned for "declining" games, even if I pressed "accept" on every game. Riot doesn't care `bout us
: league of legends queue bug!!
Playing from Latvia, same issue here, at the beginning it found me 7 matches, I pressed yes on all of the games. Next game was okay, I entered lobby, but then it froze, kicked me from lobby and said that I have declined too many games in a row and I am temporally banned from joining queues... NICE
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: When you play and win games your mmr increases, which means you you wil be placed among stonger players(both teammates and enemys) the problem with that is that you ussually don't progress that fast and eventually you lose. It's what people tend to call it hitting your true skill level. If you climb high enough this could happen multiple times. This recently happened to me, ussually my playstyle was win laning phase then ward up enemy jungle and just keep pushing my advantage, but when i hit my skill level i just coudn win my lane, which just disrupted my gameflow. I became so focused on the laning phase that i forgot to do the warding after it. When i hit my true skill level my playstyle was disrupted, which caused me to go on a losing streak. Lastly your main issue could be completly different, you barely have any ranked games played, you're just scratching the surface of ranked or ranked just may not be for you, so just stick to normals.
Bro, I know what you are trying to say, but I don't talk about myself, but my teammates. How is it possible to win 9 games in a row then the next ones have a insane feeders in team. I mean, riot is doing this on purpose... they matchmake me with low win% every game, so I cannot climb out of my bronze. My skills are good, I can outplay some plat players, but my team ... urghhh
: Solo queue, flex and normals are 3 entire different games... After the many years i've started to realize, I've played in higher elos (plat 1s and 2s), BRONZE IS NOT AN ELO HELL, i've been recently playing in bronze myself n i did have these issues that u had, however u can always win the games with the right knowledge, like for example knowing how to win your own lane and then shotcall properly will win u the game easily in bronze, if u are good enough you'd snowball and easily 1v5 enemy team... Yea this happens in bronze all the time, in silver and gold too for me... BRONZE SILVER AND GOLD ELO ARE THE SAME THING, However once u start playing versus high plat players you'll see the real difference between the gameplay, u can't afford to go beserker boots on adc every single game... Neither can u skip a QSS every game, you'll have to learn to use your items eficently etc, you'll actually need to learn allot more things in order to get out of bronze, don't blame your teammates instead try to see your own mistakes and improve on them, no one has a flawless skill flow, no one outside challenger players, (not including all of them ofc) You can always improve lol... But one more thing don't think that if u cant get out of bronze you'd be able to get out of silver or gold, silver and gold will be the same thing for u until u actually reach gold 1s, where you'd start facing platinum players higher caliber, once you face your first platinum 1 team you'd see an entire different world, like uhh the entire game flow will be different so ye.. I guess that's all i can say lol, just try to improve in your own gameplay one more thing u can do is, watch higher elo players like a lot. So u can gain some basic understanding on the game. I recommend u to watch platinum/challenger tier games, dia games will b mostly troll unless u watch some D1-D2 games, but high plat is where u will learn the most about the game, considering it's the elo ppl try their HARDEST, other then D1 ofc ^^. Good luck anyway
Yeah, man, totally agree with you, but the thing is I am winning my lane every time, try to carry, but when my team is first game top, adc, supp or something else, I cant carry when enemy team is 13/0, 8/1, 10/0, especially if they are those hyper carry champions, yasuo, kata, vayne...
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