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: Riot, Im done. The game is not playable.
I agree that the game is not as fun as it used to be I am facing similar problems with Nox Noctis too. These are some of the most frequent that if not in every game than every 1/2 games. By the way everything is based on ranked games and not normal games. **#1 People banning champions that u declaired.** **#2 A lot of times people in the chat say that they are going to troll they either for example pick a champion that is clearly not made for that role. And I know that most of the players will say just dodge but thats not how it works. Since this is happening so often if you dodge you will lose 20 lp for no reason.** **#3 I have played many games where I have the lead in my lane/jungle and my team just don't wants to win the game. For example I am fed at mid and all other lanes top/jungle/adc/support are feeding as a result we can't win the game. I have heard from many players that are high devisions (I am hardstuck Gold IV) that if you are good enough u can carry low elo-games. That might be true but when my team feeds and it seems almost intentionally champions like Tryndamere that can 1v9 with 5 kills its impossible to carry and win the game.** **#4 As a result of the 3rd problem my LP per victory has desincreased from 20-22 to 16 and when I lose I get -18lp thing that is clearly not understood by me.** **#5 Unfair Matchmaking people that it seems they play for first time league they are same devision with me I cant win games anymore because most of the time my teamates are just really bad and they are clearly not having a bad game. And to make it clear i am not talking about those who just have a bad game. Bad games is something common for every player that plays league.** **#6 People do things to make you triggered for example: Support taking farm and kills, jungler comes to lane and dies for no reason which is something that makes me so mad. ** Every problem that I mentioned above is making me mad and I flame those players sometimes (stupid, idiot, retarted, boosted, you are bad af) etc. As a result I get chat restrictions. Riot should stop checking chat with robots and put humans to see THE REASON people are flaming and what words they use. League of Legends is not fun anymore it is just a way to make me get angry and ruin my day. I just can't quit I am addicted. If riot fixes the above issues it will be my favourite game with a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Thanks for reading my post :)


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