: wow riot
The audio: 3% Hearing the word "Please" 7% Idk what he says 90% Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss... **** That happens to me too when i had LB, and sometimes after you finish the (5/10/12) mins, once a match is found but someone didn't accept or timed out, another one pops out instantly, but it won't let you in, it will actually time out with you being the decliner and you'll have to wait again
: Perma Ban?
Are your teammates pre-made? Cause they might agreed to report you because they don't "Like" you
: where's the patch ?!
Relax, buddy, Fortune comes to those who waits (Except normal teammates, cause it's a myth) Aaanyway, Everything you said will be released later after the patch, not instant, just like lunar event, we downloaded it's patch, but it hasn't started until later
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Giojun (EUW)
: Take a break from ranked and do some Normals/ARAMs until you feel ready to do rankeds again and pray you have a decent game. (Still inters in normals, but why not?) Take a break from the game itself and play something else to get your mind off League until you feel ready to go back onto Rankeds. (Sounds good) Don't play at all. (Why not?) Uninstall the game and find a new game. (No) Keep playing until your losing streak is over. (Maybe) ..Profit? {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} EDIT: I demoted from Platinum 1 to Platinum 3, so I'm scared myself as I'm currently heading down to Platinum 4.
Taking a break from ranked or from the game itself does not fix the issue where your teammates decides to feed from the start of the game or those who "/mute all" cause they think they can "1v9 1-shot ggwp #MyGirlfriendLeftMeAfterThisMatch" It can only cool your heat and titling
Twitchhy (EUNE)
: Off-topic but.. The Boards right now: "Can I log in when I don't have the server working" I think you can't buy the chroma if you don't own the skin. If you get it as some type of mission reward or with tokens, you'll probably get it but have to buy the skin to use it. (I don't know much about the event because I can't log in)
You can't use chromas if you don't have the skin, and vice versa You need both of them And if you're the type of player who pays 0 money for RP (Like me), then the best you can do is spending those tokens on orbs and get yourself a nice skin shards, better than buying frames and god knows when you'll get the suitable skin
Arnoter (EUW)
: What exactly is Vision Score good for ?
It's as good as any other statistic you made throughout the match (E.g: damage, self-mitigated, gold, etc...)
elin990 (EUW)
: Who is the best supp champ right now?
Can't say who's the best, but i can say my favorite and reasons {{champion:40}} Her E does not only shield her ally, but also increase their AD, going E at level 1 can give bot lane an early advantage in damage between 2 ADCs, then later she can reset her allies health bar by healing them with her ultimate. {{champion:78}} You can make a use of her passive when you get her {{item:3302}}, and her W can get her endure some damage when a fight breaks out, and she is the hero the team deserves. {{champion:43}} She may be a bit weak in early game, but if you are lucky enough and the match lasted long enough, you can actually do some pretty high damage to any squishy champions (Best targets are mid or adc) with her R+Q, combining with "The ultimate hat" rune, you can cast her R even more quickly {{champion:117}} CUPCAKES
Snow Enix (EUW)
: haha sorry sorry xD
Rakan is useless without xayah, like for real, he IS good, but he need xayah to be good, but he can still look good without her :P
: Revert Janna changes ASAP
I max E because of shield and AD increasing
NYcomed (EUNE)
: DAAAAMNugandan knuckles got me in trouble
You can say that you can't find da wae to get back to this account :P
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MacDeath (EUW)
: >HEY poppy and lulu do look like they're pornstars! I really don't want to know what kind of porn you watch to come to that conclusion. ######rekt mate
: >99% of female champions AND their skins look like pornstars 1% is tristana and reksai That's not "mature content" though, looking attractive is not forbidden. Even Pornstars are allowed to go out in public after all. This game is PG13, and so are the Boards, that's why this rule is in place :) > are u kidding me riot? Also, why are you addressing Riot? This contest and its rules don't have anything to do with Riot actually ^^
Also, other than tristana and reksai there is poppy and lulu
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: Most Honored player^^
DylxnBK (EUW)
: I got an S- With Varus but no Chest.
Chests can only be acquired if you get S- or above on champion you own
: Janna Tooltip
I rarely use {{champion:40}} 's Q due it's really high mana cost (90 at rank 1) But when i do, I cast it for defense purpose, like being chased, or anti-gank, Or canceling enemy channel (E.g: {{champion:21}} 's ultimate). What i recommend is to start with E, then W (Level 2), then Q (Level 3), keep ranking E then W and leave Q for last since it already has good cc and expensive mana cost. Don't forget that you can launch Q early by pressing Q again, and aim at target's future position, not target's current position. [My janna](http://i.imgur.com/BX2gif8.png)
: Remove Yasuo icon from my icons
Here's a better idea, ignore it
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Nobody is inherently entitled to respect. Just sayin. Why would you _ever_ want to buff janna this hard? Why buff her at all? The last few patches are literally the first ones I remember in years where she isnt top tier, and shes still good. Same goes for lulu. Was the best support before this patch. Still top tier after getting nerfed. Why buff her? If you propose such drastic balance changes, please at least give reasoning, dont just list changes without context.
My reason for janna is because the ADC keeps on flaming after they die because she didn't shield them, although janna already did and the ability was still on cooldown when the adc died as for lulu, the uses of E is for Q or adc farming, even if the shield is depleted, pix would still assist the ally target
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xXExileXx (EUNE)
: Shaco disabled again as Ascension comes wtf
ikr XD I don't play as shaco actually, but i LOVE ascended mode :D I wish riot would make it a permanent game mode
: Client Crash&LeaverBuster
Simple, By doing what you suggest, players can unplug the cable instead of Pressing Exit Also, for the current moment, your best bet is to get a better PC and/or internet
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Nakoruru (EUNE)
: I killed so many players with my Clarity spell because they jumped on me thinking I'm out of mana :)
But {{summoner:13}} is only available in ARAM mode
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: why am I lv 12?
In LoL login screen, check the region you're logging in I thought i was playing in EUNE, until somehow i found myself prompted to try out tutorial and level 1 BECAUSE i logged in EUW It was funny during that moment
karolmo (EUW)
: i can't recall how many mastery 7 yasuos have gone 0-17.
: Master your Champ before you go Ranked
> AT LEAST 4 champions on lvl 6. No, not 4, cause these 4 can be banned in the lobby or already selected by other players and so you got no champion left to play with
: How come Xayah gets to say shit
Riot allowed {{champion:157}} & {{champion:79}} to drink. ~~But ~~{{champion:104}} ~~can't smoke a cigar~~
Tryficic (EUNE)
: {{champion:18}} : This would make her E deal less damage overall and go even further from the meta. Her E is fine as it is, since you can pick pretty good 1v1s with it by jumping on it and then securing the kill of the enemy by jumping again. {{champion:40}} : Janna is one of the best supports since ever in my opinion. The R change would increase her pick rate a lot and increase the count of Jannas that cannot hit a single tornado or have absolutely no idea how to play Janna correctly. The Q change could sometimes guarantee a Janna will dominate the lane and win. {{champion:117}} : This would make some problems. One of those is to fail your escape by just a few mana, as the ability can cost mana over time. Another is to fail the save of your ADC because it just costed you that mana you only needed to ult your ADC. The mana cost over time will make the ability very risky to use for Lulu and for the person closest to her that she has to save.
Then what do you suggest? What do you see fit better?
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: When Soraka goes off role
What about soraka jungler?
: burn
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MadLife (EUW)
: riot risking to lose a few players in the rift ( fps issues ).
I get the same thing man, sometimes the game freeze for like 1-2 seconds before it get back to normal, i thought it's just me
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Saporoger (EUW)
: I run hextech repair tool, did installed new client, removed all lol relevant files before that, did auto-repair after and its gone. Still find old client has better UI/UX then this. But at least it works. Thanks.
My problem occured after my modem got rebooted, I got into lower piority Queue because i couldn't even load the match ever again, i can't even use practice tool because same error
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Restart pc, restart modem, ask if any modification as been made by someone on the modem (physically or with a pc). Check your firewall or anything that could block the connection software wise (an update couldve created this problem). I wont go into other possible solutions since I'm myself not knowing enough to give you proper instructions which will not cause more problem than anything else.
I did what you said, and the result retured as negative {{champion:32}} But still thanks for trying
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