Nakoruru (EUNE)
: I killed so many players with my Clarity spell because they jumped on me thinking I'm out of mana :)
But {{summoner:13}} is only available in ARAM mode
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: why am I lv 12?
In LoL login screen, check the region you're logging in I thought i was playing in EUNE, until somehow i found myself prompted to try out tutorial and level 1 BECAUSE i logged in EUW It was funny during that moment
karolmo (EUW)
: i can't recall how many mastery 7 yasuos have gone 0-17.
: Master your Champ before you go Ranked
> AT LEAST 4 champions on lvl 6. No, not 4, cause these 4 can be banned in the lobby or already selected by other players and so you got no champion left to play with
: How come Xayah gets to say shit
Riot allowed {{champion:157}} & {{champion:79}} to drink. ~~But ~~{{champion:104}} ~~can't smoke a cigar~~
Tryficic (EUNE)
: {{champion:18}} : This would make her E deal less damage overall and go even further from the meta. Her E is fine as it is, since you can pick pretty good 1v1s with it by jumping on it and then securing the kill of the enemy by jumping again. {{champion:40}} : Janna is one of the best supports since ever in my opinion. The R change would increase her pick rate a lot and increase the count of Jannas that cannot hit a single tornado or have absolutely no idea how to play Janna correctly. The Q change could sometimes guarantee a Janna will dominate the lane and win. {{champion:117}} : This would make some problems. One of those is to fail your escape by just a few mana, as the ability can cost mana over time. Another is to fail the save of your ADC because it just costed you that mana you only needed to ult your ADC. The mana cost over time will make the ability very risky to use for Lulu and for the person closest to her that she has to save.
Then what do you suggest? What do you see fit better?
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ThePikol (EUNE)
: When Soraka goes off role
What about soraka jungler?
Mada (EUW)
: Support main hates adcs
If there's anyone in the world who understand me, it's you, i am support too ({{champion:40}} & {{champion:117}} ) But i main ADC too ({{champion:18}}) When i play ADC, i actually want support to farm, cause a HUGE deference between win and lose is mostly about support (As far as i know) Let support farm so they gain extra gold and xp so in the future they can return a favor by helping taking down an enemy or use their utility ability (Heal, Shield, Buff, etc...) But i am just like you, under-rated support player who get Pinged at whenever i hit a minion or steal a kill when an enemy managed to escape
: burn
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MadLife (EUW)
: riot risking to lose a few players in the rift ( fps issues ).
I get the same thing man, sometimes the game freeze for like 1-2 seconds before it get back to normal, i thought it's just me
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Saporoger (EUW)
: I run hextech repair tool, did installed new client, removed all lol relevant files before that, did auto-repair after and its gone. Still find old client has better UI/UX then this. But at least it works. Thanks.
My problem occured after my modem got rebooted, I got into lower piority Queue because i couldn't even load the match ever again, i can't even use practice tool because same error
TeeTohr (EUW)
: Restart pc, restart modem, ask if any modification as been made by someone on the modem (physically or with a pc). Check your firewall or anything that could block the connection software wise (an update couldve created this problem). I wont go into other possible solutions since I'm myself not knowing enough to give you proper instructions which will not cause more problem than anything else.
I did what you said, and the result retured as negative {{champion:32}} But still thanks for trying
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