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Ognjén (EUNE)
: banned for? psy sht game
I am Ognjen and I got banned for saying c.unt because its "sexist" and didnt certainly not because of homophobia because i said "pedere u blendere" wich is a joke from where I am from and i dont even know if homophobic people exist. I never met any and I'm certainly not one of them.
: Man, I don't say this very often, but **thank fuсking god** you're banned. Normally I don't care too much about the average garden variety flamer. I just mute them, play and report after the game. But holy shit, people who sit in base while typing "im AFK", "shit team, can't carry", "just ff", "go next" and etc. are literally as bad as int feeders. I think I speak for everyone when I say you being banned makes this game a whole lot better.
you didnt see my team
im also lvl 0 after my ban and ive been playing alot still didnt get it ;( gl to me i guess
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iSneez (EUNE)
: You had chat ban or 14 days suspension of your account ?
yes i was banned once, but i have perma on 1 account that didnt have border before and now it has and its banned
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Altiverse (EUNE)
: If your honor level is 0, you won't be gettting any fragments. In level 1, you'll be getting them at a much slower rate than usual. Only in 2+ they'll be normal.
Ive been playing for few months since my ban and my honor level is still 0. I get honors after games and everything i dont think i can get higher level honor anymore
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