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: I know it's quite annoying but think about it. You're stuff like skins and stuff which actually cost RP but you're getting them for free.
Yeah, and you get a ultimate skin fragment that costs tons of orange essence. And to get that skin you need to open more of those boxes and pray that you get a skin shard that is worth a lot, and you'll need few of them to unlock that skin. Sorry for my English :D
Aldduren (EUW)
: All i see is "Boo hoo make it easier to get stuff i originally have to pay for for **FREE**" Seriously, stop freaking crying over not getting free stuff fast enough. League is already on the way down, it'll collapse completely if the company stops earning money.
We just want the FREE stuff to be satisfying. And at the moment for people who don't want to pay for rp just want to get that FREE stuff more often. Because it's FREE.
oFabian (EUW)
: what do you mean? i don't exactly know how the keys boxes thing works, but yea i do know i have WAYY more keys than boxes xD
I have like 6 boxes and 0 keys ;DDD
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Eambo (EUW)
: Update: The majority of DNS providers are now functioning correctly, there's still a few lagging behind that we're waiting on updating, but the majority of players should now be able to get online without any changes required.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi SpectruM121, We are currently seeing issues with DNS resolution to which would result in this error showing - right now I would hold off on further troubleshooting as this issue may not lie on your end. We're currently in contact with our CDN provider for further information, and will be working towards resolution ASAP.
Thank you very much! :)
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: I think League Of Legends players have evolved a mentality that makes it "OK" in many peoples eyes to flame someone for even the slightest of problems and even something that you yourself can't do anything about, an internet malfunction. Also I believe a huge amount of the fanbase only play to win or to destroy others so you'll get flamed even in a game such as ascension, I mean why else would they tryhard pick rengar, khazix and other sick assassins in a fun game such as ascension where you're supposed to run around and sure work together to try and win, but most importantly... HAVE FUN! :) With that said many and I say many people can have a single bad day and since the fanbase is so huge that wouldn't be uncommon. I don't agree with any toxicity and I would like people to try and have a bit more fun myself, but a lot of people even if just 1/3 will just ruin your game for various reasons:p
I agree, most of the people want to have fun on any game, that's the purpose of video games, but everyone understands 'fun' different ways. For eg. I hate playing League Of Legends solo, because it's just not fun for me.
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: Yeah, well, fck...
Krankenbert (EUNE)
: Hey Spectrum121, I've added you in game, hope to talk to you soon! :) {{champion:17}}
Declined (EUNE)
: Hey Spectrum Could you tell us a bit more about yourself, do you have a preferred play style, role, champion, anything really that would convince us to choose you as a partner this close to the season end?
Hello :) So I prefer to play in mid or top lane, but i can play other lanes as well, my main champions are Yasuo and Zed. I'm a really competetive player that's means I need to win. I also like to play normal games and aram, but at the moment my number 1 is trying to reach Gold division. Btw I'm new on the forums :)
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: Play ranked instead of posting on the forums, it's the best way to climb ;) But seriously, read some of the many posts and guides on youtube and you have more than enough resources available to gain the knowledge required for Gold or even to Plat.
I'm trying my best to reach gold at the moment :)
: So I am silver 1 at the moment and these are things I've been using to get to silver 1. Pre game (pick and ban phase) - if you start fighting and arguing in champ select, probably game for you is over. So say hello, greet them and say your pref. And if you dont get your main in lane which you want, don't rage, accept it and do your best. While in loading screen - think of their team comp, what abilites they have, how teamfight is going to look-a-like. Then see what you can do in teamfight. If they have Jax lets say which can jump to your carry, you will have to peel to get him off your carry...think a little bigt Early game - speak with your teammates, ask them how are they today, talk about something in those 2 minutes before minions get to lane. Build nice friendly 'relationship' between each other. Laning phase - really dont know what to say to you here since I am jungler. But what I do when I get other role is that I try to track enemy jungle, if I see him top and I am bot, I am pretty safe in lane. WARDS!! Vision is the thing you will need through the whole game (Vi and Sion , you get me? :D where your opponent is and knowing wheter you are safe or not is good, so yea, ward your map. -- OBJECTIVES : Let's say you've beaten your opponent on bot, you forced them to recall and you've pushed your lane towards their tower and you destroyed it meanwhile your jungler is somwhere near. Go straight for dragon, dragons give victory...I haven't lost game when my team had 3 or more dragons... Turrets - no need to explain, when having chance, push down turret or two then back off -- Mistakes : try to die less and make less mistakes each game. One thing is overextending, lets say you WON teamfight, you killed a lot members of their team and you decided to push down turret or two and you did, you destroyed turret or two, next thing you want to do is either go to your lane for CS and then back off or get to a safe place and back of.. Think of it, enemy is coming from base, ''fresh'' , with bought items, stronger than last time and if you go fight them after fight you almost survived...what will happen is that you are going to die and you will be free gold to them. -- DO NOT RAGE If one of your lanes starts giving kills to your enemy over and over again, last thing you want to do is go and flame him, just go help him, ask teammates to help the lane which is getting wrecked and try to shut down that bastard. And of course you wont be able to win all games. When you lose games, dont try to catch up LP you just lost because next game you will be playing frustrated and probably going to lose one more. As well if you are on win streak, you need to know when to stop and take a rest. This all that I use every day in League, I hope that you will get to gold :) Best of luck
Thank you for these tips :)
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