Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: Yes, I think we have the same opinion about things. I feel like people on EUNE just get SO mad over a TINY thing and it is super annoying. I had a game in which my Vayne trolled because she died 2 times in 5 minutes and said that she is useless and that the game is 100% lost because she can't carry now. Also, even vs bots I have seen flamers. Like one of us got executed at the turret trying to catch Annie Bot and then that guy called him a "bronze idiot" and asked him how does he imagine to win the game if he does that, like if it was a ranked game. My only problem is that I have all my friends on EUNE, and if I transferred I would have to say farewell to them, since they don't want to transfer. I have an account on EUW but buying all the runes and champions again would take ages and again I would have to most likely play alone or find some "online friends". I played on that EUW account for about a week, and I must say people are much much much nicer there and tbh "smarter". They go for objectives more than for kills which is logical. Blind Pick champion select on EUW is like heaven, if two players say mid they will talk with each other which wants it more and make a deal, while on EUNE if two players call mid first thing you'll see is "me first" and then both will lock in a mid lane champ and troll in game. Also, another reason why it is EUW > EUNE is **NORMAL DRAFT**. EDIT: As for the game, I think Heroes of the Storm is somewhere near League's system requirements, but it has poor optimization and a pretty bad engine. Some people who meet the recommended requirements can't pass 60 FPS so yeah.
I would like to say is normals, I would like to say is only low elo but it isn't. It feels like EUNE just got full of flamers and trolls.The only quality games I get are solo ranked anything else feels like a team deathmatch. And the removal of draft pick did not make things better.I would honestly start a new account on EUW but the grind is too big.
: Change for the sake of change is always gonna be crap. Stealth is a bullshit mechanic, but now you don't even have counterplay to it, so it's even worse. What you mean normal draft is still there just not for idiots? So if I wanna play Braum on-hit top I'm an idiot? For not being a meta-sheep? And actually make it work and stomp the game (which I already did)? Now I'm forced to go to ranked to try stuff out? What is idiotic again? Your "logic" if you might call it, is flawed bro
Stealth is hard to balance because it either is broken or useless. The thing was that pink wards totally nullified stealth, it was still unhealthy for the people who enjoyed stealth champions so Riot is trying to find a middle ground. I know is frustrating I personally find it frustrating but I just trying to maybe make you understand why they tried to change stealth. As far as plants go at first I thought they are not gonna be a big deal but they are not needed, they where never needed.I think Riot just saw that the elemental drakes worked and tried multiple things and ended up with plant. But hey are not healthy the green ones helps junglers a lot in the early games, the blue one wouldn't be so bad if it just revealed the area for like 3 seconds instead of also revealing wards, and the red one is just bullshit. Well this are my thoughts take them as you wish.
xinf3ct3d (EUW)
: Yes^^ But in EUW flame is real
Transfers are blocked for a while already.
Gene (EUNE)
: Bye bye normal draft
Ayy I know is off topic.But do you wanna play together?I started playing less because draft was removed so I wanna try new things out to see if I can find some fun.
TTekkers (EUW)
: I generally like to see some more reasoning .... but I agree with the sentiment xD
My reasoning is that sometimes I feel like chilling back playing a certain champion or role without putting Lp on the line.Where do people like me have to go Flex que?I don't want to ruin peoples games or demote them even is a premade or a solo player


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