: > [{quoted}](name=Chaocontrol64,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=8UPe50om,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-11-05T13:21:27.815+0000) > > This reeks of "Oh he started it" or "He said it so I get to say it back" > > How petty, childish and pathetic of you. I couldn't be happier that you got a permanent ban for such disgusting words. It's not welcome here and neither are players like you. Uhm, you totally missed the point.. Hes point was: Player A says 3 bannable words = no punihsment Player B says 3 bannable words = Punishment. Why does player A get no punishment? Shouldn't the punishment system be equal to all players? Tbh i've seen this same thing before. I've had hundreds of players do bannable things in my time of playing this game since 2009. And after seeing the WORST of the WORST, i've decided to stalk their profiles trough OP.gg and league client.. (I wrote their names on a notepad and checked their profile once in a while for a 6 month period.) Only 10% of these players received a ban (their profiles show no new games.) I however have received multiple notifications that my report has lead to a punishment. But those have been minor offences since i have not recorded these players on the list. I don't know how the system works but if one person gets banned for saying "kis" or "Effgot" which in my mind is pretty harsh. Then every person should get the same punishment. --UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT-- I've played games since the 90's and offensive language and straight up flaming has been a part of gaming. Trashtalking the enemy is part of gaming. Whats the point of killing the enemy if you can't humiliate them? After 2016, this whole snowflake thing has been blowing up over proportions. Nowadays you'll be better off just disabling chat. Negative emotions have a place in a person just as much as positive emotions. This is a highly competitive game. Most of the times people just focus on trying to act like a lawyer ready to sue if a person types wrong words in the chatbox. It's not really gaming anymore.. It's just snowflakes pushing politics. They're not really even offended. They just want to abuse the report system for revenge if one teammate was playing poorly. I remember the old 2009 league when nobody really knew what lane to go to or what items to buy.. The times before the meta.. The time before the whole report system or tribunal.. People didn't escalate into straight up RAGE immediately.. Because writing text into a chatbox was not a punishable offence back then. Offcourse it's a D-move to do. I never said flaming is a good thing. But it took much much more to get angry cause we didn't feel like we're being constantly monitored and have a stress of making a bad move and losing everything. People are highly stressed nowadays. And the report system is to blame. Not because it doesn't work.. But because it's a tool people like to abuse. I'll probably get a lot of hate and people trying to disprove this unpopular opinion. But in your heart you know it's true. I saw 99% less rage before the report system. After the report system was installed and people started getting punishments, the whole thing escalated. And today, people are baiting people to rage in chat just to report them. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Finally someone normal... And you said you've been playing since 2009, which is roughly when I started as well and pretty much everyone that played since that early before tribunals, ban systems and stuff like that, will tell you that the game was actually fun and less toxic, because no one cared. But this influx of fu##ing justice warriors who purposely report everyone for everything in hopes of getting them banned is what's ruinning the game and making everyone even more toxic. Hell, after getting banned that way I make it my personal mission to get people banned too, just because they did it to me. And everything just comes down to people waiting for you to say "can you stop f**King feeding" so they can starts screaming reported, toxic, you lost us the game with your flame. And yes, talking s#it was always a part of competitive online games, but riot is trying to rip that out with the help of their fragile %%%%ing 16 year old twinks who think so highly of themselves. League is a dying game and riot is just digging their grave deeper. Instead of making polls and asking the players what they want they keep making changes and making stupid decisions amongst themselves. A bunch of grown ass balding men are trying to shape a game for teens and young adults. THE LAST GOOD SEASON WAS SEASON 4 RIOT, REMEMBER THAT. Take RuneScape as an example. A game that was huge, then it started dying because a few idiots thought they know what everyone wants and likes. And they stomped the game to a point where they had like 10k people online AT BEST. Then they started listening to their players, made OSRS, the game blew up and now they have regular polls in which players can partake, directly from the game, helping make decisions and shaping the game and they revived the game and have 50.000-70.000 players online constantly. Every single change is proposed by jagex and the players decide if they like it or not. If the polls ends up 75-25 or 70-30 idk, they go through with it, if not they don't. I guarantee you if riot did that the game would flip 180° and people would come back to it. I had 7 irl friends I got into league in season 2 and we all played regularly. In season 5 they literally all stopped because the game became sh#t. Now no one plays it anymore. Sorry about the long rant btw I'm not necessarily telling all this to you, I'm just talking in general.
Febos (EUW)
: You literally used 3 "zero tolerance" words in the same sentence. What else were you expecting?
The guy that told me the same to get a ban, but he didnt
: How old is your acc that met that guy in Diamond?
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