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: page that show all skins
That is a really nice idea..they could probably change the itema tab from old client and make is show a list with every champ and next to it every skin there is for the champion having they skins you own colored and the ones you dont own look grey, there are tons of options for them.
LordSocom (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Staiii Joooss,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=E6KWq9hE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-11-04T23:17:37.443+0000) > > They could give us the option to use them individually like we use summoners icons and maybe something like a summoner icon for a lvl 8 ( maybe 5 s or s+) mastery , banner for lvl 9 ( 5 s +) and limited edition skin for a lvl 10( 7 s +). So many ideas... I think the limited editions skins would take so long :/ keep in mind they'll have to do this for all current champs (120+) and all upcoming champs. This would take years, literally and they would never be able to catch up. But icon & banner might take a few months aswell for all champs :/ I was more thinking about easy banners like E-sports teams & banner of baron/rift herald/all the drakes. and eventually adding champion banners in exchange for RP. Guess that would be a good market. Maybe it's possible with the new client who knows :p
I know i was over hyped at the time , let's just hope that someone from Riot notice this post. Btw your idea of banners like jungle camps is really nice.
LordSocom (EUW)
: I'd love it if you were able to switch between your banners and i'd hope they would add more banners without having to buy ultimate skins, it would be a nice way to show who you are as a player, you can show your rank (end of season reward maybe) or your main champion when you reach mastery 7 or so.
They could give us the option to use them individually like we use summoners icons and maybe something like a summoner icon for a lvl 8 ( maybe 5 s or s+) mastery , banner for lvl 9 ( 5 s +) and limited edition skin for a lvl 10( 7 s +). So many ideas...
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: You win a sumonner icon if you win a Doom Bots game, so they make the mode harder by deactivating OP champs to make the icon rarest :) Seems logic for me. Riot just want to reward skillful players I think {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
i already won 2 games on 100 but they disabled brand because bots group and you can use your skills effectivly right?how about they disabled bot brand too??it's not like we dont group and he can do the same thing. i really love how riot helps the comunity to have fun and make new fun modes but the TAKING AWAY all the fun
: Brand disabled in doom bots of doom?
We had a really good team comp for lvl 100 but riot just disabled brand for no reason at all and they don't even respect the comunity enough to make a post about it and explain themselfs. They always say that they want to give us the best experience in game but they do stuff like this and it makes me sick. Are you happy with yourself Riot? Making a nearly impossible mode and removing one of the most powerfull champion for it? Why dont you disable Varus too? Or maybe Ziggs too...and any other good champion? Why dont you just disable every one else and jus let us play Soraka Janna Taric Braum and Blitz??? This is the first time in 7 years i am truly ashamed to be a LoL player and really supporting your company!! Was is so important for you to disable champions so that only 0.01% of the comunnity can win a lvl 100 by a miracle? Are you really feeling so proud of yourself for doing that? I really wonder if you will even have the self esteem to answear my post !
InTheory (EUW)
: There is a regular cost reduction for both RP and IP every time a new champion gets released. Every single time there is a 6300 IP champion getting lowered in cost (so there is always the same number of champions in this price roster) and every second time there is an additional champion from the other price tiers lowered. Edit: Always the oldest 6300 IP champion is lowered while the other reduction seems to be random.
Acctually every 3rd time a new champion is released 1 champion 6300 is demoted to 4800 and 1 random champion that is worth in the range of 1350 - 4800 is demoted to a lower ranking. My point is to demoted 1 champion from each tier , not 1 random champ from 80 champions because that doesn't really help anyone, we just end up stacking a lot of 4800 champions and a lot of newer ones that are 6300 making it kinda hard for new players to get something new, not to mention runes and rune pages.
Sodamix (EUW)
: 84 IP/game 480000 IP for all champs 35 min/game -> 5714 games to buy every champion -> 139 days straight playing to buy every champ I hope I didn't make a misstake, if so please correct me.
5714 games for every champion there is out there untill now, let's say 5 games a day average which means 1143 days which means 3 years and 3 months not to add rune pages and the runes itself, which will probably double that amount. Here is my point in price reduction 1 champion in each tier for every 3rd new champion.
ZseLotH (EUNE)
: Yup, primetime draven is considered legendary even though it costs 975rp because it promotes lolesports.
Primetime Draven it's acctualy a legendary..not only considered one.People should start leand to play the champions and then ask for more skins don't you agree?
Zamès (EUNE)
: Hextech Crafting #2
ehmmm..hextech galio ...ehmm..anivia...ehmm...janna..singed..sion...w8 wut?
Sodamix (EUW)
: IP concept for champions
That is one way to do it but in my opinion a better way to make new players get access to champion would be to demote the price of 1 champion in each tier every time a 3rd new champion is released. I don't think there might be a chance in which the game would be less popular or played , in a matter of fact it could be a good encourage for new players. With the amount of ip needed for every champion combined and the time it would be needed to get the ip it's "truly outrageous"( i will let someone that can acctually do math to help me) taking in considerations that the average time for a game it's 25 minutes and 100 ip ( taking in considerations wins for longer games and first wins).Most of the players won't be affected or even care about this because people like me that have ther accounts since 2010 already have every champ and every runes so someone more capable from Riot should take a closer look in thread.

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