: Wrong, he knows English, but doesn't have a full grasp on Grammar or he just plain doesn't give a shit, there's a difference between the two, I'd advise you actually learn what the two mean before trying to big yourself up to someone who can clearly talk English completely fine. tl;dr Don't be an asshole and talk about something you don't know about.
: "Like somebody cares" - Clearly you do buddy, because you're responding and going out of your way to defend yourself lmfao, I love how all these people use the "HAH I DONT CARE11! GOT U THER11!1" way of doing things, it really is just pathetic.
Axisdeus (EUNE)
: You do not get temporary bans for just 2 games. Better cut the lies and come clean with yourself. More to it, premade reports count less in the overall decision of a punishment. RIOT's own words and statements. More ot it, the 14 days ban is some serious stuff. Normally, they issues some progressively harsher chat restrictions before issuing the bans. [Romanian language highlights] Nu iei ban temporar dupa doar 2 jocuri. Mai mult, RIOT da ceva restrictii la sistemul de mesaje inainte de a-ti restrictiona contul de joc.
I know english ;) Last time I recall being punished was last spring/summer, when I got a chat restriction. I have never been toxic since and I never got banned or any other type of punishment since then. You can call me a liar all you want but this is the truth, I have no proof since there is no way for me to prove this to you so this disscution is pointless, believe me if you want, don't believe me if you don't, I don't care. I was also surprise by the fact the punishment was so severe without me getting previous punishments.
: It doesn't matter if you tell me that you've never trolled or flamed in the entire time you've played League, because either way, you have. Riot doesn't ban people on the spot for a one off thing this low down, if you were hacking or cheating then yes, but if you had never been punished before you would have received a chat restriction and nothing more. You have broken the rules on more than one occasion and more than likely have received other punishments before, you telling me that you didn't doesn't change anything because the truth is, you **have**.
Well believe it or not I haven't received any punishments this season or the last half of the last season. The last punishment I got was last spring because I was toxic, but I have never been since. If I had any ways of proving it I would, but I don't think there is a way. If you don't want, don't believe me but don't post about it here like somebody cares
: It doesn't matter about that one game, you are banned overall for an accumulation of rule breaks, **not** just one occasion of a rule break, you have consistently broken game rules and have thus been banned for it, if your teammates were the ones who actually got you banned they would receive a message telling them that they were the last people to have reported you and then be thanked by the message for helping keep the community clean, so feel free to ask them if that was the case. I'm not saying what rules you broke, but either way, you were banned for breaking game rules, whatever they may be.
I never trolled or flamed ever before. I only trolled this time only, and only because I was playing with friends not strangers. Also, they did recieve that message thanking them for the community clean.
: Why are you even wondering? You got reported x9 2 games in a row, with very bad score and troll items. Did you even think about that whole enemy team reported you? You were 5 premades so u got matched against another 5 premades, 1 reported you they all reported you. You think enemy enjoyed playing against 1/15 troll Yasuo who doesnt even give gold when you kill him. Enjoy your ban sir.
As I said in the actual post (maybe you should read it before posting comments.. idk.. just a suggestion), we won that game, so I didn't give the opponents a free game. Also, I didn't feed on porpose, I only bought full boots after I was like 5/16. My score was bad because I suck at playing Yasuo, not because I trolled.
Illazuel (EUW)
: Just shows you how little it matters how you behave and that you will get banned for no other reason that people disliking you. Not actually doing anything wrong.
Actually noone disliked me, I got reported as a joke not from someone getting mad, and I would accept the ban if I did that when I was with strangers / in ranked.
Zanador (EUNE)
: The Tribunal system. I'm pretty sure that Riot didn't implement a code into it to recognize jokes.
Well this is why I made this post, for RIot to see that I got punsihed unfairly, I know it's not their fault but what can I do if my friends didn't know how the reporting system works
Zanador (EUNE)
: I assumed that much. Still, it is an idea that seemed like a fun joke first, until you consider that you are actually using a machine to execute the joke, and it doesn't really know the concept of humor.
I don't get what you mean with that. We were all in skype and were all cool with that, what machine are you talking about?
: The enemies still were strangers, you affected their game aswell.
We won that game so it's not like I made it easier for them, they lost anyways
: > How is Riot supposed to know that the others 'were okay with it'? This. Generally the indicator for "being okay with it" is "not reporting it". But if your friends DO report you the system has no choice but to assume that your friends were NOT okay with it.
They thought that if you report someone you were preamde with it wouldn't consider that an actual report.
Driaven (EUW)
: Tl;Dr Accounts doesnt get banned for 1 report you have been before negative etc and accounts wont get banned for jokes
Zanador (EUNE)
: Take your rightful place at the camp fire next to the guys who surrender a ranked game as a joke.
This was in a game with friends and they were joking, I would never do this in a game with strangers....
: Well, atleast there is now lesser chance to get you in my games.
This was in a game with friends and they were joking, I would never do this in a game with strangers....
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