Budsbam (EUNE)
: As a support main , i feel that nothing really much changed for supports , but i really felt that the game impact was protecting the assassin or following up with a tank
Well,for the support not much,but..when lee see ganks your lane none stop and one shot you..kinda annoying..i am rebuilding runes the way i want also...for my play style,still the same..I think they should balance them more..
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: New runes/masteries
I know the feeling,also runes are unbalanced....
Budsbam (EUNE)
: Let's be honest: {NEW RUNES]
The idea of runes is nice...but runes itself sucks...Assasins over powered,tanks overpowerd,for supports like soraka and etc no place anymore
VoQeles (EUW)
: League of 1 shot wtf balance
I know how you feeling...For a supports like soraka and etc,no place in game at all.4 games in a raw...Hecarim 1 shoting rengar lol,mf over powerd,kalista over damged,taric over stuned...like wtf....League became soo unbalanced...
: >WHY DO MOST OF U PEOPLE Most of us. Interesting. So you met a moron ingame, and subsequently decided to accuse the majority of the community of toxic behavior. Nice. I would say the toxics and people like you deserve each other.
the same as u insulting right now?maybe.WHAT makes u better than him then
Rioter Comments
: Uninstall the game, you will make the community a better place :>
TpT Sanity (EUNE)
: I can add you! Hope you can play with me even if I'm not the greatest player
You are a very goo player {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} With u,we manged to win game 4v5!{{champion:33}}
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=StonedCupcake,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=doW6Lw6u,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-07-22T23:09:10.700+0000) > > hmm,oki well,this will teach u to never say those 2 bad words ever again:) coz next gonna happen is...perm ban :) someone seems randomly happy about this O.o
oh trust me i am.....I have been through insults over the game for now already 2 years on this sevrer...I am so proud about it,u got no idea.And today i have played with my bf,player who played rakan,insulted his mom with cancer,called him a caner and said he will fk his mom and etc etc etc and so on,After we reported him,we got a feedback.Now u understand why i am hella happy about it.
: Ban Blog: Day 1 of 14, Ruthlesslink the toxic Mordekaiser main
hmm,oki well,this will teach u to never say those 2 bad words ever again:) coz next gonna happen is...perm ban :)
The S1ash (EUNE)
: I see you did see my match history. Did you open any single one of those matches? People in those matches have usually 0/50000 and I feed someone who is already fed. And lately I play only normals. I am trying to enjoy my games and learn new champions. So the explanation why I have bad KDA is that I have no idea how to play that champ... = darus, talon, varus If you look closely onto those yasuo matches and look at damage done. I am the only one who has dealth any dmg at all. And why I was dying. Because support has better things to do than help me or anyone push the lanes (by tanking turrets or saving my life after fights). So let'S open up my **15/15/13 yasuo game**. probabely the one you did not like and said that I am feeding because of. _**The game: http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1756499400/221872607?tab=overview**_ × normal game × We have lost. × malphite was 9/14 and tahm was 6/14/17 (pretty nice feed there) × I got quadra kill × I had 22k gold (2nd most of the game) hile maximum in my team was 19k × I had 353 minions (most of the game) × You can see that I was trying out 2 different items to build => I was experimenting -> caused dying few times × I have got 3 solo drakes and I almost got solo baron (becuase junlger did not care) So anything else to say about me feeding and trolling the games? I was the only one trying to carry the game to victory Now let's take a closer look onto my **Iceborn Gauntlet blitz** game that you second point was aiming at. _**The game: http://matchhistory.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUN1/1755593709/221872607?tab=overview**_ × I was playing blitz for the second time in my life × I got S- × I was build recommended build (check ingame if you do not believe me) × I had warding active on my {{item:2303}} × We won the game × I died 5 times (3 times to save adc) × ADC had 9/3/9 while I had 6/5/16 (I think I did my job well) × I placed 20 wards (in bronze where I am it is more than anyone else in 3 games as a support) We won the game and it was pretty lot becuase I was saving my team and feeding my team. 51% KP is pretty nice for 2nd time blitz In those zyra games I always have {{item:2301}} which has an active (guess what active it is) So I hope it is enough
first of all,if u dunno champion,go to play Bots:) 2ND OF ALL,if u dunt wanna be toxic,u will never be.
MonokumaMLG (EUNE)
: Im also thinking about transfering to EUW since EUNE is filled with flamers.EUW also has trollers,feeders etc. but on a Much smaller rate.
nono,bad idea,not to euw,people sayiing euw is not better tho.If u read,u will see,euw also the same.I am thinking about NA.
: I didn't call them anything mean... I said that if they want to have rotten ethics and morals.. they can rot in their rotten filthy behavior... that's not mean... that's just explaining how they behave...
I agree with u about league.I do like it,really do...But tired to see salty players around..Game called*free to play*But most of the time,people need to spend money to have more fun.Good,like 1 year ago right.they did they Hex w.e thing.I do not have money to spend on game,and i am ending up in really bad games,with toxic people,who wish me to die,insutling my mom,even tho,she has nothing to do with it.I wish they would make the moving scrolls free..That would be more than helpfull.
PapaBaron (EUNE)
: Why this kind of players are tolerated? And who will ?
welp,if they feed,or afk or so,u can report them for feeding and afk,Simple as that.Dw,i know myself,some ppeople got banned for this.
Kreatiivais (EUNE)
: Boosted gold 2 player (proof)
I will be honest,my bf helped to go up from bronze to silver 8) But i do not play bad my rule,aka support.And..Now days on this server,having alot of good games,it is just immposble...
: Do people know English?
I have been annoyed by this too.But nothing we can do.Maybe league should so something like,insta translate,or w.e XD
Fawkz (EUW)
: Toxicity
Dear player.This happens to me each and every game.Sometimes,i wish,that this server would be shut down coz of it.I am tired of hearing those insults.Tired to mute people,coz of their humanity is 0.Today i have played game,Aram,and Ziggs stole mostly all of the kills,what i mean stole,is watched us to die and then,u know,ulted and skilled and all.But in the end he could not carry.I asked him nice,if he could stop stealing the kills,but he insulted me,my family and the whole russia at the end.I wanted to screen shot,but dunno how to do it in game,sinc ei got lighshot.After the game,he insulted the heck out of me.People do not get.IT IS JUST A GAME.JUST LIKE U PLAYING WITH UR FRIEND SOME MARIO AT HOME OR SO.JUST LIKE U PLAYING WITH UR BROTHER A FOOTBALL OUTSIDE.U wouldnt flame ur friend,nor ur bro right?But now days most of the people just living in the game,they not so powerfull like in rl tho,but in game they feel power,oh look op fiora,or oh look op fizz.That is why people most of the time calling themselfs GOD in game,OR enemy *noob player* and etc.Now days people forgot what means humanity.I started to play 5 years ago,Started on NA and i miss that server...I wish league will make free moving scrolls,i realy wish to move from here.
: Perma Banned Because Using 3rd Party programs !!
Nothing u can do,some people do not get unbanned,coz when league checks ip,they see what person uses and such.So...if u got banned maybe for a reason:P
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Game isnt about kills btw. How was her CS, roaming, objective control, warding? Edit: If its game u played as Syndra, then compared to you she was god. She had 2x your CS, 3x your damage to champions. You only had 23% kill participation while she had 50%. YOu didnt buy any control wards. She bought few. Also she is Diamond 4 and u are Bronze. So she is faaaar above u.
Oki,ik she is good and all,but why to show off about it?why to call urself a GOD,coz u better than anybody or somebody?So u mean,this player ,which was insulting my mom and calling herself god,has a right to insult and such coz she is diamond?Man..this world going to hell really.And idc who was worse and who ssed and such and which wards she had,,my point is,she had no right to insult player,infact,even rules of league says to be polite and kind.Like she never was a noob who tries?You people relaly lost ur humanity from being high ranks.
Goperod (EUW)
: not everyone starts in bronze. you have to be really bad if you hit bronze
Umm,,,,do u even understand what are u saying?Si from unranked,u are already diamond?Man,......guess u dunno how ranks work....
Rioter Comments
Praes (EUNE)
: I'm not on EUW, where did you even get that idea?
oh,i read that wrong...XD But anyways.Lets admit,not are perfect.Somebody just learning how to be an adc,its not very easy to cs and being a good cser also not easy.Idk,but now people became more..how to say...haters and short tampered.So,just do ur thing,one day u will be good enough:P
Loneliness (EUNE)
: I honestly think one game shouldn't be a permaban trigger for anything and that Riot should implement some kind of warning before giving out any type of ban.
Hmm,it was rules befor.they did accteully messaged people with warning,like 3 or 8,i forgot,then 14 days ban.Idk now
: the banning system gotten so ridiculous?!
U should of muted them.Then they would of had no reason to report u :DBut to be honest,i srsly dislike the communtiy now..Befor it was fun to play.Bugs was fixed and all.Now RIOT focused on new skins,new champions,and they dont fix bugs or lags or idk,untill next patch.
: Is this some kind of scam or troll?...
never belive to people,who is giving free Rp!XDD
: How to stop being toxic
You going to laugh,But i have never been toxic to players at all,even if they were insulting me from my head to a toe.I just showed smiles to them:DIf my team mates playing bad,put a hope in u,that next game gonna be better.If u feel super bad,think of watching a movie after the game.it can calm u down a bit.If u dont like movies,just listen to some music or watch some funny vids on youtube,then go to next game :P
: Ranked Flex and Keyboard Rambo's
Welp,They are calling u a kid,while themselfs are not more than 10 or 11.Think about that and laugh on it :D
Neonchan (EUW)
: It's not spamming when it's done by different persons. It's just toxic players not seeing their own flaming. I would love boards to have way more of those... would mean a meaningful number of players is actually banned
I agree with u.I even saw one post of fb,where 1 guy saying,that leauge is shty game,coz he got banned for no reason.
Rusek (EUW)
: Hello I would love if you guys could help me out on what to do in this situation.
To get banned for this,u need to get enough of reports.Idk what happend with u,i have seen myself people do scripts.i have seen lux having a bard ult.Riven,which go invinsble and have skills of talon.Tristana,which hits 5 thunderlords in 1 time.But,what i wanna say,U can try to idk,talk to them.From ur link i see,that u just got nice skills there:P
: > [{quoted}](name=StonedCupcake,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=zUEa8O7a,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-31T20:48:23.292+0000) > > I am having the same problem... Just found out how to solve the problem since no1 wanted to help. All you have to do Is reinstall current patch with [HRT(Hextech Repair Tool)](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool) and It'll be gone after you patch the game again
: Can you stop assuming that calling lower ELO players trash is ok because you're higher???
welp,first of all,i think calling somebody treash,is srlsy stupied and sick.2nd of all,people have to understand,that u playing might be first or 2nd time with kalista and trying ur best.So,nothing wrong with u:P
MrVit0 (EUNE)
: Player names.
Well,i dont kinda....report for names,because they never offended me..I look on how player behaves and plays :P
: Why can't i be nice?
Just do not take a game so srlsy and...play for urself tho XD
Yaveinn33 (EUNE)
: Sensitive players at the game?
I respect u for this Post.I am really sorry for this player tho.I have been getting insulted for playing annie bot,for not landing one of my bubbles good as a nami.So,i think,he just have to mute them all,and play as he can.
GLurch (EUW)
: Yes, still, you presented your idea in your previous comment like it would deal with 90% of the connection issues out there, which it clearly doesn't. Maybe 10% or something like that. Now, I don't have proof for that, but I have enough faith in humanity for the majority of them to be able to check their connection before playing and then complaining about their connection or at least for them to check their connection after the game.
Honor!If u got a nub account on eune,i can add u!I am playing with high ping too and always wining the lanes;D HONOR AGAIN!
: Now the part where u'r wrong, is all of it! You can simply ping the server before you start a game and see how your connection behaves. And if u have a connection problem, you can tracert and see where the problem is. If you are aware your connection sucks and has lag spikes usually, you should have some common sense and not use it for a game such as league of legends.
Oki,so,lemme say something.I am playing with friends and i got no time to check my connection.2nd of all,if my connection was good in like 4 games befor it,why would i check it?Sometimes happens to me.My game at start going very well,like ping 90 or 70,then its just some lag or so and going to 1k.It happens,no need to cry about it,just understand each other and thats it.It is just a game,nothing more.
GLurch (EUW)
: >Why are they even playing if they know they have issues with the connection. Before a game, you can't always know how your connection will be or the provider can fail as well. Those are things out of your control. >or they are poor af and can't affor a propper internet connectoin. Let me explain to you how it works: If you don't live in a city, it's for most impossible to have a good connection. Money has nothing to do with it, the government does. >And usualy after they say how high their ping is they just dissconect, and don't suffer any consequences. They do. If they regularly have such problems and have to disconnect, they receive a 20 minute ban before they can start the next X games. >In my oppinion anyone experiencing ping higher than 100ms shouldn't be allowed into solo/duo-queue. As I stated previously, you can't know your connection before-hand. Sometimes, you go into a game with a ping of 60 and after 10 minutes, your ping jumps to 200. There is nothing you can do about it.
I love this comment,ty very much.And to a person who post a post,befor saying something like that,pls think better.
: Bronze abuse is so funny. I had this in pre-game recently: Sion- Supp take tank please Me(Nami)- But you are tank Sion- We need 2 tanks Me- no we don't Sion- If we don't take 2 tanks, we lose Me- No Sion- I am Silver, you are only bronze, I have more game knowledge than you, you should listen to me! Me- lol (I lock in Nami and mute him as soon as we get into the game) Note- he was Silver V last season and is now in Bronze V; some game knowledge ;)
lolol,you reminded me.Ones we have been playing vs gold and silver( i am bot with my my bf,and i main support also)We was wining the lane(He is gold i am unranked.)When their lane was down,they insulted me*Fking bronze sht,u dunno how to play*
seppuku14 (EUW)
: just a laugh
If true,i dont care,bronze or not,i have been playing for idk..how many years...and went in ranks only yesterday XDD As long as player funny nice and supports,game can go really awesome XD
: What should i do with these kinds of players ?! I can't even report them
This have never happend with me,but,try to ask enemy team to report them also.I hope they will understand it too:P
Praes (EUNE)
: adc main hates supports
I want to say soemthing...I have been match up in ranks with Jhin today.I am playing Annie mid,but..i wanted to try support.I have been playing very carefully and go in only at level 6,since we was laning vs lulu and ashe.I got level 6,and wanted to get him a kill,he went under turret,did nothing,and since i went in with a bear on ashe,i killed her.He started to insult me,saying i ksed him,wanted to report me and all.I am good support and know how to support,but sometimes,adc also very wrong.But..on ur setuation....they just dunno how to support,so my advice to ignore them and do all as u can.Sadly u on euw or i would of added u:P{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Uvec (EUNE)
: This is why we need reports in champselect
Well,it happen to me many times,i just pick anything i want and ignore:pHe wanna troll,go ahead,he will be reported,and hopefully,loses account :P{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
: Can't launch the game with any client and any option to do so
: League client lag
I ma having this problem now.My net is working,and i am trying to patch,but shows to me the message,where saying ERROR 004 and i cant not play lol
Buttcramp (EUNE)
: The key drop rate is so low.. Or I'm just unlucky af.
Idk..i have seen all of the comments...idk how about you guys..but my keys drops very rare...stil..i didn't open my chest from last month,like 2 boxes left from last month.I am always playing with like 3 or 4 sometimes 5 people party,all are my friends,still the same...now new month started,not even a single key..but i already got 3 chests...idk whats going on..even tho all my team mates getting like S- or S+ in my team ....P.S i got only 6 fragments at last month lol....
: [QQ-Thread] I miss old Champion select. :(
Yeah,ik what u mean:P me and my friends always getting those...i am playing with my bf on bot...and we doing actuelly very well..we pick support.bot.bot mid...and always...he gets mid...i get bot...if we asking nice..pls let us togther...we getting inuslted..and our family getting insulted just for asking lawl...anyways.A lot of bugs happens there too..Like yesterday,i was at champion selection,and i pressed my champions like 100 times..still couldnt pick lol,k i got 5 minuts for not picking it...new game coming lol,,again bug with accepting the game..cmon now riot lol....
: I spend less on League than I used to.
(sorry for my english) but i totally agree with u.Oki,maps got boring..u right 100%,aslo..lol...there is alot of bugs now...like for example.when they did new mastiers,people started to scriot thunderlord..and start to hit every attack with it..we lag..bugsplit coming..wth riot..cmon..everyweek new skin...or those champions?illoe..w.e her name is..HUGE dmg..like cmon..or this jhin...stun after sun..morgana or lux with him..u screwd..like cmon..pls...i can not even play very well,coz scared that ama get dced...and its not my net..its bugs...like idk..sometimes even whole team dc...how many times i reported..nothing happend...and people here...omg..insults after insults...and riot not doing so much to stop it srsly...
: rito,pls...
and wth with a time of a game now?shwoing 600 minuts and+ in a game..i can not even spectate the game..says there is a bug..WHEN IN THE WORLD..U WILL FIX ALL THE BUGS RIOT?I see that every week is new skin going out..u just wanna take money from the people...but how about of playing normaly at ur game..the game,which people loved..it became a place free for hacks and bugs..srsly..
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