: Nautilus is still pretty toxic atm
Let's see. {{champion:122}} + {{item:3071}} so armor doesn't count. Also a tank has to stay in fight, so basically after a few seconds Darius has +180 ad and a 1k true dmg execute. Also his heal is just as potent as the shield of Nautilus, I don't see him not winning. Except if he goes OOM. {{champion:266}} Boring fight. But he will simply not die. A tank doesn't deal enough damage for that. It will take around 2 minutes though to end. {{champion:36}} Need to say more ? Infected Cleaver hurts tank, also refuses to die. Sustain dmg through w racks up. {{champion:48}} So...ummm.. you are tanky ? {{champion:5}} Straight up outheals him. {{champion:114}} bruhahaha
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: All self buffs are now auras that provide the same buff to allies
{{champion:13}} . You proc your passive and your whole team gets to bash their abilities like crazy. Imagine having a Riven on your team... On the other hand {{champion:12}} ult laughs at everything. {{champion:107}} would be scary too, he presses R and all champions stealth. {{champion:33}} Is ok. It's all right. (W is kinda like a mini alistar-ult) {{champion:50}} Is fked up too as long as we consider his ult a buff. {{champion:32}} {{champion:75}} would win long engages with their aoe % health damages (also Nasus ult = teamwide heal ?) A hard engage team with {{champion:2}} would be almost unstoppable. How would his passive work ? Would they get attack speed if they are low on hp or if Olaw is ? Or both ? These came into my mind.
duckarp (EUNE)
: I don't think it can be viewed as a neutral statement, because you declare in advance that everyone you'll kill in the match is a noob, so it's an implied insult. You admit this in your post title as well :) It can be easily perceived as a negative attitude, because like you said in the comment below: > would make the other person tilt more
Yes, you declare but you could defend yourself by saying "I'm a really bad player and I can only kill people on my level." You can make it sound like critizicing yourself. For example : "I am rarely able to kill proper players." It is a choice of words. This one might be even better because it implies that it might have been just luck. And if it happens again then you he is going to question himself. Did he get lucky ? And it quickly translates into "OMFG, he is always lucky" because most people will blame it on that (even more so, that you gave them this choice) and never acknowledge superiority. The thing about titles is that they have to be catchy. It also has a question mark. So it can be interpreted as "is this insult not punishable ? is this an insult at all ?" A good title should catch some attention. And lastly anything can make the other person tilt more. Counterjungling. Writing an emote. Being overly friendly. Disrupting their teleport. Praising your support after he got your adc a kill. Like "Wow, what an awesome play our {{champion:267}} did." That makes them tilt and is just positive feedback. With these I'm trying to defend the point that just because something makes them mad it does not have to be offensive. I'm really playing devil's advocate here because I don't believe in this being correct either but I want to see how people view this.
duckarp (EUNE)
: Why do you feel the need to insult anyone in the first place?
This misunderstanding was sure to happen and I apologize fot not making it clear. I did not make this discussion with the intention of trying to find ways to insult people. It is just a theoretical experiment, I really am searching for answers and want to find out how the rules apply to specific cases. I just asked because it is not obvious for me not because I need a way to hurt others. It is a kind of philosophical question. Does a neutral statement about yourself and a justified gameplay action together make an insult ?
xCillion (EUW)
: Problem is that if you spam chat with that, it is still percieved as an insult/negative attitude. (you calling other players noobs one way or another..) You would get reported and most likely punished.
I thought about doing it at the start of the game, not spamming of course. Just once. Also what about saying "I can only kill noobs ?" You are only degrading yourself with that statement. It's like if you had low self-esteem and then surprised yourself. The rest is gameplay. It would also mean that scoring a kill would make the other person tilt more.
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Vadalken (EUW)
: Sated Devourer passive
Rakax JT (EUW)
: Why is AD lee sin frowned upon?
Strange. AD Lee Sin's damage compared to other AD casters isn't as bad as tank Lee Sin's tanking capabilities compared to other tanks. With the removal of the resist buffs from Iron Will (if I remember correctly) there really isn't anything in the kit that makes tanking viable. The only defensive capability he has is a weak ap scaling shield. Meanwhile he has mediocre-good ad scalings, good base damages and high mobility which are two things that assasins like. I would see bruiser is good too but tank seems stupid.
: In LoL being toxic is rewarded (how the LoL enviorment affects us)
The first two are soooo good. I mean you are not directly offending them, in one case you are being friendly and praising your jungler. Also they can mute you if they don't wanna hear it, so I see nothing wrong if you choose the right words. Okay, "hahaha" may not be too humble but still. In a complex, strategical game like this I don't see a reason why psychological warfare shouldn't be used.
: [Skin Idea] Mafia Braum
Just imagine Hodor Braum using Bran as a shield...
: Why does Thresh count as a ranged champion?
Easy question. For balance reasons. Imagine someone with that much of a range getting a frozen mallet. That would suck for most real melee champions. In this game range isn't decided by your weapon. Most melee champions have 125 or 175 range and with range buffs they usually stay melee (except Kayle for example). If you have the typical range of ~500 then you count as ranged regardless of your weapon.
: {{champion:32}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}}, this is a nice enough list IMO
{{champion:24}} and {{champion:75}} are included but {{champion:254}} is not ? also {{champion:57}} is a worthy mention too because he fits the tank meta and is not that challenging to play. {{champion:35}} is extremely fun too but may be less viable because he can be really hard to play. {{champion:72}} is worth a try too, he can be built in many-many ways.


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