: nobody there can read russian btw
There is english part below the russian text.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I'm no expert here, but wasn't the K/DA theme about all of them being assassins in game?
Si K/DA Pyke it is.
Akorahil (EUW)
: You have to be friends for some time to get gifting to work. Its a security measure, if someone would hack you, he cant gift stuff to newly added people.
Shamose (EUW)
: I don't think the point of the thread is that he's angry about the blue screen. Rather that OP is branded a leaver when he played 30 out of 32 minutes.
According to op.gg he gained 0 XP from minute 7 to minute 15 which is quite longer than 2 minutes of afk. https://i.ibb.co/tmmBjSB/Capture1.png
: well realistic? i mean you see kennen spam his ult like normal, come on it can be osme kind of spiritual blade, which could have sens and that how they look like in game and be stoic doesnt mean be totaly detach and with no emotion, in game she claim in battle, so
The blades are literally her family crest after it was shattered by noxian admiral. It's nothing spiritual.
: and the reason you're not sharing with us this "date" is ?
Because people would google what 20 4 1889 stands for.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Yes, I said in the post that it doesn't work on loading screen.
Oh, I am sorry then. Have you tried Lightshot app?
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Is there a way to take a screenshot of the loading screen?
I think F12 is the key to make screenshot in-game. Not sure if it works for loading screen too.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Purchase History? That only goes back some months.
No. When you set your profile background you can see all owned champions and skins in the exact order you unlocked them. It doesn't distinguish between bought and gifted content, tho.
: > [{quoted}](name=Strigina,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=vH42BRNZ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-12-17T08:21:23.750+0000) > > Fun fact: There is a way to find your purchases in the client. It's just not really obvious so lot of people don't know about it. Ahah, i just checked it and indeed i found all my purchases in order of bought. My memories were quite accurate about these. Funniest part is, the old client lacked these informations, so i always though they were kinda lost. Instead they are still there. Has been a while since i started playing this game, hasn't it? {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
I didn't believe it when someone told me about the way to find it but since I remember my first purchases I checked it. It fits, both champions and skins.
: So RIOT has suspended my account and wants me to make a new one and pay them again?
Fun fact: There is a way to find your purchases in the client. It's just not really obvious so lot of people don't know about it.
Lynnedin (EUW)
: Riot Games has stated many times that the proper way to report inappropriate behaviour is through their in game reporting system at the end of the game. There should be no need for me to send in a ticket every time someone crosses the line.
Of course it is, that's because the system then may learn how intentional feeding looks like and detect those cases better. Unfortunately players themselves are screwing that with reporting almost everything as "assisting enemy team", from giving first blood to not giving blue buff to midlaner. Poor system is confused.
Ryznyx (EUNE)
: blood moon katarina when
Yes please <3 https://www.artstation.com/artwork/YokoX
Zymexxx (EUW)
: Riot does not ban intentional feeders, proof inside
That's not inting, that's boting.
PwentPL (EUNE)
: Only 9 years olds cant handle when they get flamed. Everybody shoudl grow up, because in the real world everybody will flame you.
I honestly don't recall the last time someone flamed me "in real world". Even when I screwed up my boss's appointment at foreign police regarding his residence permit he didn't flame me. He cooperated with me instead trying to solve the problem as best as we both could. Needless to say it had way better results than him screaming at me even when it was my mistake. Guess I live in different world than you.
Physmatik (EUNE)
: Zyra plants and rune effects
Well, Manaflow band and Ravenous hunter explicitly say you have to damage the champion with an ability and plants's auto doesn't count as one (I am pretty sure no pet in game can proc it - Yorick's ghouls nor maiden, Morde's ult ghost, Malzahar's voidlings...). Dark harvest needs damaging champion only regardless of the source of the damage.
: What is wrong with this Poro ?
Poros are broken in ARAM right now. Sometimes this wharf rats from Butcher brigde slipped in, sometimes it's 8bit arcade poro, I once had white silhouettes of a poro as well. It's almost like a lottery - which poro will your ARAM have? Or someone fed this poro after midnight.
: Say it like this, i linked games on this board which got me banned and most players agree that it was undeserved. Im not here to justify anything but in fact that one person who are being flamed all game long and responding to toxic behavior gets punished in same rate as the flamer is wrong. And my response are not "get cancer" etc but explanation why we are losing. Why remove me when the person who are "STILL PLAYING" are not banned? For me this is a lost case, Riot removed everyone, those who are mainsource of toxic behavior and those who are second source of toxic behavior. Riot removes those who wouldnt be toxic in the first place if Riot did there job. There is a reason league has become what it is today. A toxic hell hole. Can`t play one game without atleast 3-4 toxic players in it ;) Luckily world of warcraft will soon launch "reforge"
>Say it like this, i linked games on this board which got me banned and most players agree that it was undeserved. There was one person who said so. The other were explaining how punishment system works. > in fact that one person who are being flamed all game long and responding to toxic behavior gets punished in same rate as the flamer is wrong. I don't think so. If your reaction to wrongdoing is the very same wrongdoing, you deserve the same treatment. > There is a reason league has become what it is today. A toxic hell hole. Can`t play one game without atleast 3-4 toxic players in it ;) Strangely I meet very few toxic players recently. But as some volunteers were saying on boards already - the more toxic you are, the more toxic players you will meet. > Luckily world of warcraft will soon launch "reforge" And most of those players calling for Vanilla will stop playing soon when they realize they don't have as much time as they had 14 years ago.
: which part? all reports flags yoru account? starting a investigation? non of the information i have given you are false :P
Well, let's start with this: >more reports higher prio on investigating your account. There is no priority in investigating your account. You are reported (no matter if it was one report or nine, the process is always the same), the game is reviewed and that's it. If the report is classified as unreasonable, it's thrown away. That's it, no priority needed. >You will be punished for say sarcastic "ggwp" etc and the punishment will be the same as if you said "get cancer" etc. You won't be punished for "ggwp" no matter how the game went. You might be punished for constant passive aggressiveness but it will take much longer time than saying "get cancer". Also hate speech starts with 14 days ban while negativity starts with 10 games chat restriction. >More reports slower climb rate, something Riot has said. More _**valid**_ reports. Invalid reports won't slow down your climb. I know person who has tons of "assisting enemy" reports because he instalocks Katarina every single game but was one of the firsts people with honor level 5 because instalocking is not against the rules and thus these reports are invalid. >You see poeple banned for incredible toxic behavior as (get cancer, get aids, hope you die etc) and someone saying (You are bad). I would like to see person who was banned for "you are bad" and for this only. Because mostly these people are negative whole game, trying to tilt others. So please, show me someone who say only "you are bad" and didn't show any other sign of negativity or toxicity.
: My report history
Are you sure the reports are collected for 3 months only? This is my history (few months old): { "reportsReceived" : { "HATE_SPEECH" : 29, "LEAVING_AFK" : 16, "VERBAL_ABUSE" : 66, "INAPPROPRIATE_NAME" : 1, (lol) "NEGATIVE_ATTITUDE" : 67, "ASSISTING_ENEMY_TEAM" : 57, "THIRD_PARTY_TOOLS" : 6 }, "reportsMade" : { "LEAVING_AFK" : 171, "HATE_SPEECH" : 64, "VERBAL_ABUSE" : 393, "INAPPROPRIATE_NAME" : 10, "NEGATIVE_ATTITUDE" : 1032, "THIRD_PARTY_TOOLS" : 8, "ASSISTING_ENEMY_TEAM" : 75 } } I doubt I made over 1700 reports in 3 months. I don't even remember the last time I reported someone for third party tools. Must be way older.
: Toxic Honor Carry
I never honor toxic players, no matter how good they are. But I also mostly play ARAM and there I only honor people who feed the poro. Unless they are toxic of course. But if they are not I don't care if they are 1/15, if they fed the poro, I will honor them.
: Its not related at all so I dont know how it was homophobic. If I knew he was homosexual and then called him a %%%got it would have been homophobic. The way I used it it was just a meaningless insult.
If you wouldn't know his skin color and call him a ni\*ger it would still be considered a racist slur. If you wouldn't know his mental state and call him re\*arded it would still be inappropriate toward people with actual %%%%%%ation and might get you banned too. The same treatment is for fa\*got - no matter how you use it, it's a homophobic slur in a first place.
: I got a 14 day suspension for insulting someone taking my role and then immediatly trolling
I am afraid the "%%%got" in your chat log is a homophobic slur starting with F. That's a ticket for 14 days ban straight. I am sorry for your ban but there are certain words that shouldn't be used under any circumstances. Racism, sexism, homophobia, telling people to kill themselves...no matter how much was that person trolling, there is no excuse for using them.
N3utro (EUW)
: People playing 1st time champions in ranked
I don't think it's necessary. 1) You can have experiences with the champion and still screw badly. For example your toplaner wasn't actually playing Urgot for first time ever, he has lvl 3 mastery on him. 2) It would destroy the possibility of trading in champion select. 3) Some champions are easy to grasp, especially if their play style is similar to other champion you play. If I am able to play Nami I am pretty sure I can bring Sona to soloQ as well even if I would never play her before. 4) What would you do if you would have autofilled support whos only champion he ever played was banned? Would you force him to go...I dunno, Darius support instead of easy peazy Janna just because he didn't play 10 Janna normals before?
: Omg this Zoro looke so cuddly 😍 The real question is, do poros have noises? 😂
No idea. I sent question regarding anatomy of a poro to Ask Riot once, but they never answered. :-D
: Champions Poros
Awww, poros are life <3 My favorite is Zed poro (Zero? Zoro?) https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/6/67/Zed_Poro.jpg I even made my poro plush lil' Zed cosplay. https://i.imgur.com/8rg899X.jpg https://i.imgur.com/83jrTCi.jpg Also whenever I see this Yas poro I immediately think he is sticking the flute up his nose. :-D
: Hey! I'm always down to help people get into cosplay - I miss having an apartment big enough to work on projects at the moment! First of all: Don't worry about your body type. Cosplay is your interpretation of what the character looks like and feels to you. It doesn't matter how much physically you match the character in that respect. My last cosplay, for example, was Morgana, and I can guarentee you I don't have the typical body type for that one. Secondly: You need to decide which way you want to do this. You can either flat out purchase items - at which point things like Etsy are good. Ebay is bad - usually dodgey quality and not so great. If you want to MAKE things, you need to decide how high quality you want to go. The Prices on these can vary drastically. My Le Blanc cosplay cost me around $300 to make. My Morgana cosplay cost me about $2500 to make half and buy some bits and pieces... It can get pricey! My advice would be: Pick a champion you like a lot and enjoy playing. Build from there. Without a base to start from and a goal to achieve, it's difficult to answer this question for you. I'm happy to offer help and advice once you've decided though :). Edit: And now you've got me doing research back into an Old project I was interested in. Y u do this :(.
Do you have any cosplay page? I am interested in your cosplays.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: op gg saying
I think op.gg counts remake as a loss.
: Proud player!
Congratulations, man. :)
: Why is this okay and how did i deserve this?
>.I go to her op.gg and turns out she is adc main(tristana and luci). He has 2 Lucian ranked games in preseason and suddenly is a Lucian main... If you look closer at his S8 statistics you will see he played more Thresh or Evelynn than he played Lucian. His most played champion in flex is Zed... >And im here wondering why the %%%% did an adc main get mid (it was her 2nd option) Is that a wild guess or did he tell you? Because I see he played lot of mid/top/jungle games recently without playing adc once. To me it looks like he doesn't want to play adc anymore. He also played Akali 2 games before but since she was banned in that one game he picked Zoe. Having 2 Akali games in a row and 3rd mid game after that one doesn't really look like having mid as secondary option.
IAmABalloon (EUNE)
: Cosplay
And how much complicated do you want your cosplay to be? I don't know about many LoL female champions with medium length brunet hair. Taliyah and Leona come to my mind but you may find them quite challenging if this is going to be your first cosplay. Or female version of Draven might be fun. Also don't be afraid of wigs. Lot of LoL characters don't need styled wigs. For example Red card Katarina would be easy cosplay even with wig because all you need to do is to buy red wig, unwrap it and put it on your head. They also always look better than natural hair, unfortunately.
Boolhya (EUW)
: If you are ugly please don't cosplay anything these ugly grills cosplaying ahri are just ruining the fantasy of evry one
Your fantasy must be really poor if something like this can ruin it. I will probably make Ahri cosplay just to ruin your day.
Drupu (EUNE)
: Can I actually get banned for this?
>Do these people actually believe that tilting others on purpose is okay, but getting tilted is a crime? I don't think this question has a simple answer. Firstly, almost noone thinks tilting others is ok. It's actually punished, I see discussions titled "I was banned for "report X" omg, Rito" all the time but when they show the chat logs you can see they were tilting "x" whole game. Now when it comes to being tilted...well...most people are tilting others because they are tilted themselves. You may see Lucian's reasons silly but in his eyes you were the one tilting him and his way to express this was to tilt you back. If you would fall for it, you would probably tilt him...because he tilted you. And you both would most likely tilt the rest of your team. So as you see being tilted is never a good thing regardless of how justified the reasons are for you. >Question two: Can I get banned if I didn't do anything, but I still get tons of report? No. The system doesn't even count reports, they just serve one purpose - starting the investigation of the game. If the system doesn't see any rules breaking, it will throw the report away as unreasonable.
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: it's a little awkward to find such a thread but i anyway, you can improvise as much as you want with your working out method, but you still have to make yourself a diet program else you will have no results.
I wouldn't say no results. I work out 3 times a week without eating properly and it definitely has results. But they will never be as good as they would be with proper diet. And I will never achieve six pack but I can live with this.
: Just had a game where i was trying the new spirit guard Udyr skin that i got yesterday and of course i warned my team that i was playing him for the very first time. However there was that Ashe who told me to kill myself dosen of times and after the fifth time i got a bit angry and told him to shut up then he started cursing me, wishing my mother to die and such things. (i give up on discussing anything with him at this point so i didn't chat him anything) Anyway i performed great in the game and we won but even in the lobby he kept donig that for some reason so i reported him for it and wrote a full note of what happened to my report. 2 of the players also said that they will report him so that's 3 reports. As far as i can see this guy is playing another game right now and i got no report feedback. However when i open forums i see threads where someone have said "reported" or anything small and gets permaban for it. Yesterday i even made a thread about it and people were like no you are wrong they deserve that. Well i'm saying it and here Riot your auto ban system sucks! Hire staff to take a look on your cases and tickets!
Was the game on this account? Because I can see an Udyr game with Ashe in your team but she didn't play any other game after this one and currently isn't in any. Maybe that player is banned already (you don't always get a feedback, it's tuned down on purpose)
Raoul (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ozzie Storm,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=5KKGWJ9R,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-21T09:00:29.515+0000) > > hope you&#x27;re proud of yourself for your offensive nature. Glad our connection doesn&#x27;t exceed this comment cause i feel sorry for the people that have to deal with your racist ass in real life. > Good day to you Assuming for a second that this is not a troll post, if we take all the lagnguages into account, you will most likely find something to complain about every name. So... should RIOT just stop naming CHampions? For example, Lulu is a (childish) slang for Penis or Urin in some languages... does that mean RIOT has to rename the Champion too? Swains name sounds like the insult "Schwein" in German. does that mean RIOT has to rename the Champion too?
That reminds me of times when I was hardcore raiding Siege of Orgrimmar in WoW. There was one mini-boss named Kun-Da which literally means c\*nt in Czech. We had some good voice chat back then.
Peterko (EUNE)
: Email
1) Tady jsi na anglické verzi fóra. Šance, že ti tu bude někdo rozumět, je poměrně malá. 2) Ano, možné to je, může ti pomoct [Podpora](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/cs), ale budeš zřejmě muset prokázat, že jsi vlastníkem (tedy zakladatelem) účtu.
: > [{quoted}](name=Strigina,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vn2UEZrY,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-20T16:26:14.899+0000) > > Basicaly...yes. But they have special boxes where only 3rd series chibi icons are (they are called &quot;mystery mini&quot;). They have 8 of them and one box is 2500 BE. So at worst you will have to spend 20 000 BE to get it. GEEZ that is really stupid .
I don't actually see an issue here. It's a BE dump for people who have nothing else to spend BE on after all. They can also be gifted, so you can ask more "rich" friends. And they will be back during midseason BE shop.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sidney Crosby,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vn2UEZrY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-20T16:23:50.428+0000) > > You wait until essence emporium starts. but i read about a mystery box? so you buy a box and hope this icon is in it ?
Basicaly...yes. But they have special boxes where only 3rd series chibi icons are (they are called "mystery mini"). They have 8 of them and one box is 2500 BE. So at worst you will have to spend 20 000 BE to get it.
Shamose (EUW)
: Because Riot checks every language it supports. Not every language on the planet.
They don't check every language probably, but they definitely check more than they support. For example they initially wanted to name Xayah as "Xaya" but changed it when they found out it's word for men testicle in Azerbaijani.
CJXander (EUNE)
: That moment when you think your team is the issue, but YOU are the real issue.
Had similar game once, but it was a bit opposite. Every lane was losing except top. But that top was flaming nonstop even when we told that Camille to calm down because we still weren't losing that hard while having late game carries (Yi and Trist). She told us to uninstall, told jungler to kill himslef and left. Few minutes later we smashed them down every time we met them and won the game. Damn, that feeling was amazing.
Eclectic (EUNE)
: You are just answering yourself dude. Go play against your friends so you have humans on the other side. See how that makes them feel. Just one point: Never wish for others what you don't wish for your own! bye
>Never wish for others what you don't wish for your own! That's not hard since I don't really care about first timers in my team. Thus I don't see a problem with doing it myself. Have a nice night, sir.
Eclectic (EUNE)
: It's not about that. Let me make it easy on you: Go create a custom game and tell your friends to play against you and tell them that you want to learn a new champion as you described here; then see how many of them are willing to spend time on your learning. When you pick your 1st time champ in a normal/ranked game and feed all game, it means that you don't care at all about others and if they want you to try new stuff in their game. So, kindly, please stop being so selfish. If you want to learn, go watch/read some guides and try that in the "Practice tool". If Riot wanted you to practice from zero knowledge in normal/ranked games, they would not have created the practice tool. Much of what you describe here is common knowledge of the game that you don't need to practice and re-practice over and over again. This is why you have to play a good amount vs bots when you start the game. Now, if you feel that you reset to zero every time you pick up a new champ, then I should tell you to go play for 30 levels or so in the bot games then come to pvp.
You lost me at "tell your friends." \*feelsbadman\* >If Riot wanted you to practice from zero knowledge in normal/ranked games, they would not have created the practice tool. We can also look on the other side. If they wouldn't want us to do so, they would make it reportable offense. But it's not. >Much of what you describe here is common knowledge of the game that you don't need to practice and re-practice over and over again. As a support main for 6 years I definitely had to practice things like farming etc. from the scratch. But bots won't help with that, they are but moving dummies. I always try new champion in AI once or twice but spending more time there is just wasting it. Learning against humans will give me way more.
Eclectic (EUNE)
: go practice in coop and sop wasting other people's time
I can play full AP Riven in coop and still steamroll the enemy. Coop won't really teach me anything beside "this ability let me jump 3 times and this ability gives me nice AD scaling shield." But you won't learn how to play against certain matchups, if you can afford to go aggressive or it's better to just farm. Or about ganking potential of your champion because every lane is pushed and stomping their opponent. And the games are so short you have no chance to learn snowballing champions (or even farming because if you want to focus on that, someone will come to kill your enemy and push your lane). This all is something you have to learn against humans. For example, I am able to get godlike scores agains AI with Katarina, getting pentakills after going 1v5. But when I tried her against human players for the first time I didn't even know how to farm without getting poked to death.
SenkaMeseca (EUNE)
You can't have balanced matchmaking in a game mode which only 5,5 players are playing.
: it is harder to get chat restricted on euw, then it is on na, I dont know will this work on our server.
It does work for every server, the link to this discussion is on game's main page. https://i.imgur.com/jgXZwu6.png
: listen up, if u got honor lvl 2 before 12 november, u will get rewards, if not u will not, simple af
Not really, if he was only chat restricted, he still has a chance. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/TGYs0hwO-2018-end-of-season-rewards-and-honor
: It´s my birthday
Yaaay, happy birthday! https://pm1.narvii.com/6385/610d55c69701728879390253ceba4455c030b268_hq.jpg
GioRgSaVv (EUNE)
: If I knew Riot would do that I would just search in google "new league of legends event hidden missions" and I will probably do that in every event from now on because Riot likes to keep some things hidden, and I'm not talking only about the missions. A better question, why did those icons expire on 11/11? What's with this day? Why not when the Worlds loot end on 3/12?
Well, it's not the first time they come with hidden missions, there were some during Pool party event, there were some during Lunar revel and possibly during more events I just don't remember. I am sorry you are missing your main's icon, but after few events with same mechanics people should count on hidden missions already. :-/
GioRgSaVv (EUNE)
: Hidden Missions
It was hidden but information about it were also given if you knew where to search for them: >There are also two hidden missions! You'll unlock secret icons at 30 and 50 games watched. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001976407-Mise-Esports-Watch?fbclid=IwAR1nWM_PfuRuc2Bs3DRO-shNckpZu7TlGXYbAFgDYKJ_hbYEw2QWkvfvXzk
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