: i started playing in season 2
I thought Kennen was female and Kayle was male
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Where do you sign up for PBE
They aren't always open
: Post all your "but Graves can't have a cigar" jokes here.
Azir can get bent over by Rito, but graves can't have a cigar?
Raül (EUW)
: Name for a Thresh OTP
100% Wifesteal (Lane)tern Thresh Hooker Green Lantern Korean Hooker Bronze 5 Thresh
: > [{quoted}](name=Strikerz99,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=WEb2vPHE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-10-07T18:36:07.702+0000) > > **Me too. Everyone is like "Oh just ignore it" or "We don't care about your opinion" but in my opinion I remember the nostalgia when League was like a war game and everyone was trying their best to win with team spirit. Since when did it become an anime to entertain 11 year old girls? They couldn't seriously do any better?** You contradict yourself by saying that, your new Icon is Anime related and you say "ohhhh league becomes an anime to entertain 11yo girls?" Seriously dude, What ?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
im pretty sure if i got a free skin or icon i would try it. And how is the icon related to anime, its just an icon i took for free after a survey. True thing related to anime is the time rioters spent on creating five fantasy prepuberty flashy skins and promoting them instead of working on more important stuff
Rioter Comments
: I need a name with zed winner will get a mystery skin
: Bruhh look at your profile picture it's Star Guardian Lux...{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} I'm Smh I don't understand you Strikerz99 {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
? I got the new icon, what's wrong with putting it on?
Shirooyasha (EUNE)
: Thank you for the broken remake system
I love you Shiroyasha. Upvoted cuz of name.
Xenoid (EUNE)
: If you are so eager to spend them, you can gift me Star Guardian Jinx! (which is coming soon) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Lol Good idea gift a stranger 15$ dollars dang
: **There is one skin line referencing anime and people go apeshit. If you don't like it turn it the other cheeck.** ######**Wait why was this in bold letters?**
I personally like Anime. But Anime and a War Strategy game being mixed up is a very wrong decision.
: I'm sick of this game becoming weaboo fiesta (an "anime")
**Me too. Everyone is like "Oh just ignore it" or "We don't care about your opinion" but in my opinion I remember the nostalgia when League was like a war game and everyone was trying their best to win with team spirit. Since when did it become an anime to entertain 11 year old girls? They couldn't seriously do any better?**
Rioter Comments
: wrongly*
Crap, the burn
: thanks :)
Logically speaking, how can a demotion be too strong? This is like a demotion slap from Masters straight to Silver. That would be the 'OP' scale that mostleague players use often. Anyways as for demotions you need to get three losses in a row. If you were 0 LP and lost 3 games, you will be demoted. However you are misunderstanding, you don't necessarily have to be 0 LP. if you were 35 LP, lost two games and got back to 0 LP, then one more loss would be a demotion because the two rules are there; 1) you are currently 0 LP after losses. 2) you lost three in a row.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Well, to be honest. I prefer those champions with huge circle abilities myself such as Amumu, Lissandra, Kennen, Fiddlesticks, Gragas, Nunu, Galio etc. It is the easiest type of skill to land if you just get good position and timing and very often it can turn the losing game in your favor. If you are good at positioning, you are able to play safely even during teamfights and you have good sense for timing your abilites, you dont have to play "safe Ahri" but you can exchange this safeness for bit more dmg, which in your case means going for Kennen. You can also build full DMG items if you can stay safe, you can also choose Thunderlord over a SoTA, you can go for full DMG runes instead of mixing armor and mr etc etc etc. Many things you can adjust to your plays. Choosing a right champion for you is one of those things. If you feel like you die too much before you can even deal a damage, go for Ahri. If you are good at staying safe and being patient in teamfight, waiting for the best opportunity to strike, well, go for Kennen. Each champion has its PROS and CONS, thats why it is too hard to tell you what you should play. Play whatever play-style you are comfrotable with. For me its Tanky Champions with land-zoning abilities, CC is a must and they are very dependant on positions.
First off I want to thank you for saying all that. Second for me it's pretty much the choice between Kennen and Ekko. And after what you said, I will likely get Kennen.
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Strikerz99,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sLa5KPGW,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-02T18:34:26.193+0000) > > - {{champion:103}} Pretty nice champion, but sometimes I believe it's not my kind of champion. Her main spells are skill-shots, and she is more like the burst-wait-burst kind of champion. I believe other champions can do better. Also her team fighting is kind of awkward *let me just charm and Q, then have nothing to do for 8 seconds* Let me tell you one important thing. The Teamfight is not about kills, but survival. Team with more Health Points/Survivors can get objectives. Objectives wins the games, not kills. Now, you might wanna reconsider Ahri. She has 3 stacks on her jump, which can be used to jump over wall and basically at any time to any direction, not like Akali jump where you need an enemy target to use jump. Staying safe, poking and surviving is all you wanna do as an AP mage who is going to be focused first by enemies in Teamfight. And thats where Ahri is so strong, more than any other champion.
Your talk makes sense, but rather in High Diamond/Master/Challenger where people know who and how to focus, and you are basically pointing out to sum it up that her ult can make it hard for people to focus her in a teamfight. But why would they focus her if she cannot bring much to the table? What I mean is that her Final Form with her ultimate in a teamfight is the same as her poke. Not like Kennen, who is fearsome in teamfights because of his AoE damage and stun, and not like a good Azir who is fearsome in teamfights because of his game-changing ult.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: How is recommending a otp being a jerk
? That means you're close-minded sir and don't think about perspectives. For example, I'm here to ask about what champion is the best, and they are all equal for me because if I like one more than the other then I would simply get it, right? And there you go, simply because you like Ahri doesn't mean you have to offer Ahri to everyone else, but rather you must put yourself in my shoes to give an understandable answer.
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: That's with every champion? Miss your shuriken you won't kill them. Miss q/w with brand you wont kill, same with viktor, etc.
You are wrong, that's not with every champion. Not even half, only the AP's that depend on skill shots more than targeted. Do you get screwed if you miss your W on Ekko? I'm saying, some champions are more forgiving.
Madliv (EUW)
: I think Ahri the most, since the combost and the ult which is free escape/engage, I don't play mid much, but as a jungler main, ahri can be quite tricky to gank
She is fragile though. Her ultimate gives her mobility, but not a true form of extra damage. A simple mistake like missing an ability, and your combo is done for.
Mr Struggle (EUNE)
: You're right about Ahri's combo, but I would still go for her. Why? She is not hard to catch up on, and her combo can land some teamfight changing charms on an ADC, mid laner, or perhaps the Kha'Zix that rampaged your bot lane :D So, yeah, Ahri would have been my pick from the 5 :D
Thank you for your opinion.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I've seen Smeb's play, and in fact that's what reminded me of Kennen, a while ago I watched the Protobelt guide but I wasn't very attracted to it because there was no guaranteed result, Smeb's play kinda shows me how it works. Syndra is more like Ahri imo. "*let me just E and Q then have nothing to do for 7 seconds in a teamfight*"
Sianon (EUNE)
: Depends. If you wish to invest a lot of time and practice go Azir. Otherwise, I'd suggest Ekko, because he's very addaptive and surprisingly fun to play.
Thank you. Although Ekko is a little bit like Yasuo, he is either an elite carry master, or goes 0/8 then afks.
: Since i always buy champions that can be played at more than a single lane i would say Ekko. You can play him top and jungle not only mid and his combos are insane.
True, there are many champions like that. But sometimes, you just feel like a champion belongs to a certain place.
N0rby99 (EUNE)
: Get that Kennen, nice dmg, good cc, great teamfight and 1v1, the real freelo out there <3 {{champion:85}}
Looks like you support the idea of Kennen being freelo huh. Is there a risk of it not working or being fragile?
Rioter Comments
CJXander (EUNE)
: 40 Rp short for having 2000 rp :(
Ladrac (EUNE)
: ***
He is asking for your opinion. For example, maybe you have Project:Yi and you think that his autoattack animation isn't nice? He will add that to his list and reach a better conclusion.
: From Bronze 3 to Silver 5
* You have time to get from B3 to S5 or even S4/S3. * Gold is almost impossible from Bronze in one month unless you get boosted. * It ends at 11 November. * Carrying should be easy in Bronze, from my experience. * You either carry or lose, as it's very rare for you not to do well but still win. * Don't care about the details. Bronze is the worst tier in league, if you do not deserve to be there, you will eventually rise. * Everything is about time. Yes, never give up. Sometimes you don't have to search for "What Champions can carry Bronze" or "How to Carry teammates" all day. Simply playing will make you better at the game.
Ladrac (EUNE)
: ***
He didn't tell you to choose what he buys. He wants you to give him your perspective/opinion over these skins. And maybe he liked all three? Why are you so clever.
: What Skin?
The main idea is to buy the skin you like most, and for example if you like P:Yi but everyone other than yourself tells you it sucks, BUY IT. However, if you like all three same the order would be 1. {{champion:122}} 2. {{champion:11}} 3. {{champion:14}}
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mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: we are all bugged
> [{quoted}](name=mustafa2881,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Xlo1wpQt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-30T16:33:03.172+0000) > > we are all bugged ? Uhm no. My friends are normally playing.
Rioter Comments
vladz2k (EUNE)
: By the way, in PD passive, what is meant by ''last enemy hit'' does it mean the basic attack? or spells and basic attacks?
> [{quoted}](name=vladz2k,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4UmVLTQu,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-20T16:56:21.193+0000) > > By the way, in PD passive, what is meant by &#x27;&#x27;last enemy hit&#x27;&#x27; does it mean the basic attack? or spells and basic attacks? No idea
: Renekton W and Fervor
Not sure but I think so. Since Renekton's W isn't an empowered auto attack but rather _**"Renekton's next attack will make him attack twice and stun the enemy" **_so if I had to guess it counts as two autoattacks, as for empowered counts as three autoattacks. Maths: If you have more than 50 fury, just autoattack the enemy champion once then use W. That will give you 8 fervor stacks.
Rioter Comments
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Question!
League players call these champions sleeper op - hidden op - freelo Mine are Anivia and Twitch. Although I don't abuse them a lot, I'm really surprised people don't pick them often. Though it looks like Riot nerfed them because they had to realize it sooner or later. I'm lv5 twitch and lv4 anivia. Basically Anivia is freelo because level 6 just press R E on enemy champion and that is guaranteed to deal about 250 damage, you can do that every 6 seconds. Twitch is kind of the opposite, because early game if he doesn't get a kill then he'll be weak for 20 minutes. But eventually he'll farm and get items, and when he does, just go invisible into a fight, and click R. You have much extra range (from R) you can damage more than one person (From Runaan + R) You will have much Armor Pen/Damage and kill even tanks (From Lord Dominik's if you have it, Fervor of Battle and crits) as well as attack speed (From Runaan, and after invisibility attack speed from Q)
Rioter Comments
NLG Aero (EUW)
: Ivern name
Gnar Rengar Garen Are they related?
Santeri20 (EUNE)
: Does first blood affect remake
It doesn't if he was afk from 0:00
: Ranked Games and Mastery!
Sounds... meh. Yes might lower the trolls but maybe you bought a new champion? Do you seriously need to play 10+ games on normals to get them to lvl4/5 then you can finally play them on ranked?
Goodnigut (EUW)
: ***
@GoodNigut we got to ignore him and this thread i guess
: It was CertainlyGarbage. I mean I expect broken stuffs from him, but I seriously want the stuff he smoked when he designed Yasuo.
I seriously want the stuff you smoke when you create threads like these and reply at them with your logic
vladz2k (EUNE)
: I always take Phantom due to it having more AS and the passive which reduces the last basic attack damage from enemy by 12%. Maybe I'm missing something out about Shivv?
Yes. Ever played champions that have trouble farming? Mostly AP mids. LeBlancs cannot keep farming well under turret using autoattacks, so by rushing statikk you push in the wave, she will be forced to use abilities to get good CS. that will mean less poke to you and less mana to her.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: If you really want tips for Irelia, first off look at this guide http://www.lolking.net/guides/261441 Second go to Irelia mains reddit and you will find plenty of good stuff and tips on Irelia along with matchups. (Reddit server is currently down i don't know what happened) Standard runes are red AD marks, 3 quints of Attack speed, 9 armor and 9 magic resist. For more better runes or should i say for advanced Irelias you start with red attack speed runes, 3 quints of attack speed, 9 scaling armor and 9 scaling magic resist. So you get 29% attack speed. Masteries 18/0/12 or 18/12/0 but this is not recommended. It's personal preference. You can even take 12/0/18 graps of undyling. Take natural talent over vampirism since vampirism won't give you big lifesteal really, take fervor. For advanced tactics, always Q to low health minions then stun enemy and start to AA him. Use Q for escapes in jungle for example or with minions. You can use 1 ult charge to lower minion wave in order for Q reset. Max W>E or W>Q if you are ahead. Basic build is Trinity force into full tank. You can take Botrk as 6 item or earlier since that item is really good. For matchups you have to learn it on your own and look on guides. Good luck!
Thanks a lot mate!
Farce (EUNE)
: Yup. Yasuo is in no way broken anymore. He is annoying, but also hard to master. He is banned in high level games not because his 1v1 power, but because his overall kit has insane teamfight turnaround potential. He can for example windwall syndras ult saving adc or simply CC all the enemy team with ult. But that requires skill, team and good intuition, not simply locking in the champ.
I have 125k points with him so i basically like to give my opinion on yasuo threads. Tho some ppl should not get our time wasted on
ArianaG (EUNE)
: Akali should be nerfed.
She shouldn't get nerfed. Neither the majority of players nor riot give a shit about bronze players or bronze elo because it's their fault they don't know how to counter champs and i'm tired of people instead of thinking how to counter x they create a thread "nerf x pls" Anyway build some magic resist, try to shut her down before 6. She is easily kitable before level 6 and that makes her Q useless if she can't land the auto and you can use pink wards to deny her W i dont think you need more excuses
: Jungle Yasuo
I encountered a jungle yasuo before a while in ranked. I thought it was an insta win for us because I bet he had picked the wrong champion or got the wrong role etc. We lost because he build red cinderhulk and tank yasuo. That was the time when tank yasuo peaked, and I had to learn it the hard way by losing -20lp. Anyways with the tank yasuo nerfed this isn't that viable. I played one game with tank yasuo and I had to go after 40 min mark so we lost. It was a pretty cool match but assuming the players are similar skill level to you, jungle yasuo is not good. only one kind of cc (after 3 stacks and that requires like 12 seconds early game, you usually spend about 5 seconds at a gank so it's not normal to get three stacks and knock your enemy up in one gank), no minions to dash to in the jungle so it's almost impossible to make plays when the enemy jungler catches you. Also late game nothing special about jungle yasuo pick.. it's just like normal yasuo.
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