: Loving this April Fool's idea; can we make it permanent please?
It's fun for 1 game. Forcing it for an entire day is stupid. This will get downvoted, because only fanboi circlejerk is allowed here.
: I would say that something like perfect doesn't and shouldn't exist. "Perfect Imbalance" is a pretty common concept in gaming. Creating exactly equally powerful game assets is not really the best way to make a game fun or interesting. The basic idea is that something is just slightly more powerful than other things. Players discover this thing (in this case: champion) and play it. People start to notice that this champion is strong and find something that is strong against that champion. Now this new thing is the strong one. And then players find something against that. And then they find something against that etc. etc. Imbalance makes sure a game is evolving on it's own and stays interesting, even without interference by the devs. Long story short: Perfect balance was most likely never Riots goal and it shouldn't be. And it would be impossible anyway unless everyone plays identical champs on a perfectly symmetrical map.
Good point, but this wasn't really what I meant. Are you arguing semantics just for the sake of arguing? "Has riot finally learned not to buff champions too much?" was what I meant, not absolute perfection, but reaching a point where the players are satisfied with the balance.
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