: I haven't had any issues. What browser are you using?
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Karhast (EUW)
: Lmao, as Urgot, it is extremely comfortable to team fight regardless of the team, they just need to stay alive for 20 seconds (combined) so enemies wouldn't focus me. Every teamfight with baboons on my team, ends up with me taking a triple-quadra and both teams dead as I am last standing. Elo hell has no clue how to do come backs, never able to 1v1, but serve well as meat shields - enabling me to eliminate the enemy team.
I do that too, But goddamn man, they love picking squishy champions that does in 0.1s all at once, They don't even check what the team lacks, like a support sees the entire team has no tanks, what to pick? soraka. and man, fck soraka players, I had one played as an HP Generator only, I kept poking the enemy natalius and jhin, and everytime I get caught I die, but where is soraka? behind me just healing every poke they do on me, in a fight? she just runs back first, then throws her skills (clearly after I die while she is just running). yesterday for example, Had a veigar support, the dude literally didn't try to do anything the entire game but casting E, he never did a proper EWQ the entire lanning phase, so, When I see him using E, I dodge Lux's Q and go all in on the enemy Lux and Sivir, and guess what, the dude is literally waiting at the turret watching me dying just to write "gg it is lost" everytime I die, So I lose my shit about him and kept playing like a %%%%%% all game not trying to dodge anything because I had enough of this bs he is doing (use E and don't do anything after).
Karhast (EUW)
: Impossible to carry
Well, most of my games has a Hyper-Late-Game Carry in the enemy team, while my Laner against him can't even punish him early, Hell, I had a Kassadin in the enemy team being 6/0 in min 4, I won my bot-lane by 12/0 score, But how am I supposed to handle this Kassadin that keeps running when he sees us coming to gank from Bot-lane, Or when it is late game and he literally just RW R R R R for penta-kill, This new meta is %%%%ing hilarious on how every single champion picked is a Hyper-Late-Game carry that becomes fed because for some reason, My promos are about Lv30 that goes to base running instead of pressing B and a no-ganking jungler that flames anyone asks him to gank by writing "lol you can't even win ur lane" (true stories). So, yeah, carrying is impossible when nearly all the enemy team picks are Hyper-Late Champions that gets fed early and non of your 4 other mates is able to win a 1 v 1.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Dont play ranked s10 on first week!!
I just had 7 games at Flex, every game was like this: 1. **Lee sin / Ekko**: Farming all Game and doing 0 ganks, writes when you flame them "calm down it is just flex" then initiates to feed all enemy team with a score of **1/7** or **1/8** ((Last game, My lee sin literally saw me as **Ahri** go **Flash + E W Q** on **Akali** and she was just 1 HP to die, Immediately jumped on me with W and last hit it and ran writing "xd", When flamed him, his beautiful **Duo** **Fiora** kept writing "calm down kiddo, it is just a Game" and the Lee sin kept writing "xd it is just flex")) 2. Every game is all about **Ekko, Kassadin, Dr.Mundo, Aphelios, Akali** being over fed on the enemy team by our every game **Ekko, Kassadin, Dr.Mundo, Aphelios, Akali**. 4. There is this one Polish Lee Sin OTP player in my team that goes "omg you're playing X champion lol" and goes from 6/0 to 6/15 while dancing everytime, Same person never used his Ultimate on Thresh to save us from 4 enemies by knocking them up, When flamed him he wrote "xd, ult useless thresh and waste it?" then proceeded full troll, 0 ulting all Game and dancing. 3. Everyone is full trolling and writing "It is just Flex" or "It is just a Game" while feeding. ((%%%%ing hell, After leaving Silver last year and jumping to G2 in Flex and P4 in Solo I never read anyone write this BS of "It is just a Game/Flex" and goes full feeding, I even forgot that this type exists)) P.S. Clearly all Yasuo-ex-mains moved to be Lee Sin-mains
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: ***
I have an awesome idea, What about you stop playing LoL, Learn how to make Games, Make your own Game, Be successful with it, Then bash person **X**, **Y **& **Z **freely, Because their **A**, **B **& **C **doesn't match yours, And prove that you're better and always correct? No? I suppose you will keep crying about Champion **O**, **P** & **Q **because you don't know how to beat them in **Game**. I despise fighting a fed **Kassadin** & **Yi**, If I would think they're unbalanced or OP _(I despise any **Point&Click, LowCD Hyper-late-Carry** champions that you can't **outsmart/outplay**)_, I'll just write a post about that, So that the Community can see it, Agree or Disagree on it, then it gets up in posts, Then someone at Riot sees it, And discuss it at the Company FYI, I never had any problem winning a Game against an **Aphelios, Senna, Akali, Yasuo, Zed or Fizz**, Yet, You will find a lot of people crying about them all day like you do, My only problem are Champions like **Nasus, Veigar, Kassadin, Master Yi & Garen**, Because they're Easy to play and in **Late-Game** they're literally take **1-Skill** that doesn't require any precision to kill you, Or having a **free setup skills**, At least we know how to fight, How to beat those champions is simple, But the exertion to beat them in **Late-Game** is higher than their exertion to win the **Late-Game**, Which is a big BS, but hey, **Beat them Early, Win them Late philosophy** BS of **Hyper-late-Carry** comes. So, Are you telling me that for you_** (Aphelios, Senna, Akali, Yasuo, Zed or Fizz) > (Nasus, Veigar, Kassadin, Master Yi & Garen)**_? P.S. Grow the %%%% UP
Infernape (EUW)
: You've locked the game's frame rate to the refresh rate of your monitor.
I have no idea how did I do that, How can I undo it?
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: Why do people direspect me and call me a troll and expect me to keep playing the match?
Have you had a premade top/mid that doesn't like you last hitting minions while they're dead and didn't like the fact that you smited gromp when they were next to you when they tried to steal it, So they stole all your camps all game making you lv13 vs lv16 in jg too?
Hansiman (EUW)
: There's been players stating that removing Blitz app solved the problem for them, which is why I suggested it. As for the dual core CPU issue, I'm aware, but many players stating they're having the problem are not on dual core CPUs.
I am **Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E8400 3.00GHz**, I suppose that the problem? But why now that happens? It used to run smoothly before on the same **Processor**.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Are you using any 3rd party apps like Blitz overlay, nvidia, etc? Someone on Discord reported the FPS issue was solved by removing these.
Used to use **Blitz**, But **removed** it **when the FPS drop started** to happen, **Nothing changed**. _P.S. Nothing is running while playing LoL._
Bazuka x (EUW)
: Is this possible to disable Hardware Acceleration then, if thats the case ?
If that the case, **They** will have to implement a button to disable it.
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: > Currently I have extreme lags and stills. UPDATE: I just ran the Hextech Repair Tool from Riot Games and reinstalled the game using the Repair Tool. I recommend you to try it out. I now have stable FPS again. It is important that you check "Reinstall". But don't select "Clean Uninstall", otherwise it deletes all files from the Riot Games folder after uninstalling the game. It worked for me. Good luck to you! If you dont have the Hextech Repair Tool, you can download it on the Riot Games Support Site! https://support.riotgames.com/hc/de/articles/224826367-Automatisierte-Fehlerbehebung-Hextech-Repair-Tool
Does "Reinstall" requires me to download parts of the Game again?
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Cryptidian,realm=EUNE,application-id=N9uP9Byj,discussion-id=EAEKgZek,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-11-03T15:34:00.452+0000) > > According to yesterday's live stream, only 1 person picked FPX to win the Finals, so after G2 getting into Finals, that means the other two picked G2 to win. That was said before G2 won. So those two people could have picked SKT.
I didn't get the perfect Pick'em Score(74p), But I have picked FPX as a winner, does that mean that I am the only one picking FPX as a winner in the entire Game?
: Better jungle wins :')
in addition of: 1. Stop pinging me for a Gank at Lv2 while your're under the Enemy turret. 2. Stop making me do the first move and soak the entire Laner damage to die and tell me "**GJ**" after you getting the kill like it was worth. 3. Listen to my Pings when I tell you **(Danger)** because as a Jungler, I totally know that you will be ganked **RIGHT NOW**, Instead of dying and saying "**jg difference**" while you're pushing without vision. P.S. Nothing is better than a Jungler that plays in a Lane and understand what to do when his Jungler comes, People shall learn Jungle and suffer from their Laners, Then try to learn a Lane.
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: TFT everyone is just afk lol
Doesn't matter anyway, all of them will build Knights, They don't even need to move.
: Changing Nami's ult name
Does Runeterra know what a Tsunami is?
: Afaik rewards are granted through missions that are redeemable til mid-november, so you'll be fine.
that a relieve, man, thankful for your time.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: The odds of the TF being a chally smurf is less than 200 out of, what, 2 million?
Well, I don't care about that, But the **+11/-19** thing, What is the meaning of having such ratio that can bring a challenger to smurf? If you understood that I'm complaining about playing against a challenger, Then nope, I actually wished I were in place of Tristana to check the difference of myself and him.
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Morkenau (EUW)
: I know this topic is a bit old, but I would like to introduce a fifth option : 5. You get the Yasuo player who doesn't prepick or type in chat that he wants to play Yasuo, gets mad when you (and the other team) ban Yasuo, and goes on trolling your game.
Let me introduce my solution that works 90% of the times (my main role is Jungle): 1. I hover Yasuo. 2. Team bans it / I ban it after showing the team my dominance and that I own Yasuo now / Enemy team picks it and it is instant win to my team (while the enemy team asking to report Yasuo). P.S. Had the exact situation you wrote, Yesterday.
: You can not decide on forehand what you will build. If you want Varus, you will never see a single Varus in the entire game, except with you enemy who somehow got him to 3 star unit. before you were able to build just a 2 star unit. That is TFT for you, that is pure RNG, the luck is always with the winner. The only thing you can do is go with the flow. See what the game gives you and try and build on that. And even that will not work 80% of the times because once you start building that Fiora, you will notice that eventhough the drop odds are still good, you will NEVER get the 9th unit. Meanwhile your opponant already has 2 champions 3 star. Its all about luck. NOT ANY TACTIC will outplay blind luck. Put 8 challenger players in a game and only 1 will win.
Man, Sometimes I feel that RNG is always against me, For some reason, But, Totally agree with you.
Lariatas (EUNE)
: DO balance team even test their %%%%in brilliant decisions ?
man, %%%% {{champion:53}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:11}} the hookers of the Game
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: have 5 different traits active at the same time.
then lose immediately to a person having a lv3 Kennen and 1 trait.
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Dawis10 (EUNE)
Does it matter? I'm pretty sure that nearly 90% of the players already set it to auto-login, I mean, It is slow, Now imagine having to write your information on top of that. P.S. It is a simple thing what you asked for, I myself as a programmer know that it won't even take longer than 10 minutes to provide the **Dark Mode**, But after seeing all these wasted capabilities of customization that I have no idea why the Company doesn't make it since it will only take like an hour of work from a single programmer, All I am sure about is that they won't even do it And act like it is a big request for some reason, just to provide it later on, My only speculation about this laziness is that they fundamentals are really spaghetti.
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: There is a 5th option: dont be an asshole and don't ban him if your teammate wants to play him. Don't be toxic, play well and you will climb. Shit happens sometimes and you cant avoid a loss in a game.
Not when **12 out of 18 Queue** has a **Yasuo** that goes **1~3/16~26** to a **Katarina** and **Olaf**.
: Once i banned an hovered {{champion:157}} Top. The guy protested a bit about that, but then he picked {{champion:6}} and carried that game massively. I felt like i have carried that game a bit too, thanks to my ban. {{sticker:vayne-pose}}
Won't say it didn't happen to me before, But the chances for that are **1 of 10 Yasuos per Queue** being a carrier, Which is still an **LP Loss**, And I'm not exaggerating when I say that they go **1/26**, Not just that, But the fed **Midlaner** is always a **Katarina** in **6 of 10 per Yasuos Queue**; The only thing I don't understand is WHY every 4 deaths of my **Yasuos** is under the enemy turret followed by "??? lucky af" to the enemy laner;
: It's simple. Can't beat em join em. Play yasuo urself
I know how to play him nearly **75%**, thus I don't feed or run the game down on my team most of the time, But sometimes I just want to play another lane but **Mid**, Which leads to this topic, again; It is just like I am a hostage to every Yasuo's hovers, That I can't just type/do anything to them without losing LP.
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Kraungard (EUNE)
: Don't you love it when people run it down and go unpunished?
Now let me tell you about my promos, 1. Teemo at toplane pings for help 100 times at min 3 While i'm still clearing my Blue Buff, He dies, I go to midlane give them kills, then to botlane twice and give them 4 kills, at the time **Teemo was 0/2** and kept crying about how I don't gank his lane and that the Game is over and he let Malzhar take first 4 plates of turret in min 8 while writing to the enemy team that the game is over and he will open the lane and to report me, Later I went to gank when i finally found him going to the turret, gave him the kill then he cried about how i gave him his first gank after 4 plates were taken and went to feed malzhar again then went all game farming only and feeding all lanes, we even were near winning, but he left us to farm and threw the game hard because he thinks the game is all about him. (the entire Team flamed him hard). 2. Teemo gave first blood to Vladimir in min 2, I told him to wait and play safe under turret, till I finish my Blue, He just went to give Vlad his 2nd Kill, then the third after it, And when I ganked him after finishing my scuttle and killing the enemy jungler in his jungle, Teemo watched me 1 v 1 vlad till I got my hp to 10%, for him to just Q vlad and run back, Later on we had a 5/0 vlad at my blue buff taking it with 20% HP, I attacked vlad but he healed to 30% then teemo instead of attacking vladimir he stole the blue buff with (Q + AA + AA) then died to vladimir giving him the buff (the entire Team flamed him hard). tl;dr %%%% teemo players.
Declined (EUNE)
: Are you able to reproduce this bug? Sometimes skillshots and abilities can become invisible on the client side of things (i.e. your computer) for a single match, the way to fix it, is usually to reload the match. The best time to do so, is when you're dead. Obviously this doesn't just refer to Kai'Sa abilities, but for any champion. I still remember one particular match where I couldn't see any of Ziggs abilities, that was rather annoying.
Changed the **Effect Quality** to higher than **Low** and it appeared, Anything from **Low to Very Low** make is invisible Same thing after checking it in Custom.
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: Don't quit the game , stay under fountain moving after warning message
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