: I think the best way would be letting items decide what your champion can, or can't do. 1. Remove all these tons of true damage, and % damage stuff, and put cap. on penetration. 2. Remove all offense stuff from defense, and reverse. Right now many champion builds AD, or AP only, and get tons of shield, or heal from it. Only exception should be enchanters since they usually don't have the damage to destroy others anyway. First rule would let people be tanky, if they wana be tanky. Second rule would prevent tanks doing tons of damage, and damages getting great survival without sacrifice. No more 1000 armor Malphite destroys the ADC 2 seconds, or only AD Hecarim survives 5 turret shots while doing a double kill. You would be forced to find a balance unless you play a champion, that can entirely protect itself.
Just remove malphite from the game... best choice... The last week I have faced 4 malphites going ap... been tanky af and still one shotting you, being op early and mid game taking comet and perma poking you and never running out of mana because he has mana rune and he has a fckn lost chapter... FCKN HELL WHY IS MALPHITE IN THE GAME WHO THE FCK EVEN LIKES THAT CHAMP AND PKAYS HIM?! He is so boring.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Really where you see that lol? Maybe in low elo tanks are op..Maybe...but even from silver tanks are useless.And adc op???Cmon lel.Be honest .
Adc is broken same as assassins (specific like akali) and mages... draintanks are by far the most broken thing in top lane...specific supports are annoying eg lulu yuumi... skirmishers are the worst class because draintanks (or juggernauts) do their job and better... the adcs played rn are the most cancerous (caitlyn, kai sa, jinx, tristana) instead of nice adcs like ezreal and lucian... nasus and darius need to be perma banned for the game to be ok and kata is a stupid champion because she has everything (one shot damage, sustain, mobility, aoe, snowball potential, scales well). They need to fix the meta... I feel useless whenever I play any skirmisher champ (except riven because she is op too)
Tree Main (EUW)
: Fix this whole season (worst meta so far with the worst changes so far)
Give this man a medal... literally said everything and I agree with it 100%
: People need to change their way of thinking.
: hard pushing against nasus is bad idea. Better freez.
I rather perma ban nasus
ChefGG (EUW)
: How is Riot going to adress the poor quality of ranked games in season 9?
Yes this game is really unfun to play nowadays... even up to diamond it is just shit quality. The jungle imo has ruined the game and also this snowball meta is very bad because if someone get 2 kills it is basically over because for some reason games close out so easily and you can't really come back because people just give up. I am borderline of quitting this game because the quality is just trash. Champions that are broken never get nerfed and champions that need buffs never get it. Even by muting everyone you get the urge to tell the ones that are feeding or toxic or never help you to go and kill themselves. I really want this game to be how it was in s7... I don't care if it was tank meta, it was an amazing season, not the best but still pretty good. S8 was terrible but nowhere near as bad as this season. The worst part about it all is that the good players and non toxic ones have all gone to tft... even my friend which was my premade. I hope they fix this game... it has serious issues.
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AdzStitch,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=EXOoNnmB,comment-id=00010003,timestamp=2019-06-12T11:45:23.637+0000) > > This hasn't worked for me I'm afraid - Have added exception for both the Client and the Game exes but it's still booting me out of games and not letting me back in. > Anything else we can try? Can't play at all at the minute :( If the exceptions didn't work, the alternative is another AV unfortunately. I assume you're using one of the two mentioned? While it's highly unadvised generally due to the security risk, you could try uninstalling your antivirus temporarily and try a custom game to confirm if the AV's the problem. If not it may be unrelated to the ongoing issue, but if the uninstalled AV resolves the issue, we'd advise using another product until the AV companies update their definitions to resolve this issue :-(
Is this the issue where after champ select loading screen doesn't come up and it says to reconnect but you can't? Because I am having this issue
Svinjex (EUW)
: Game wont start
Same issue


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