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: Why do players think that the game is about them and not a teamgame?
I was playing with a friend. We were behind and we were losing the game. During one teamfight we were losing, he left the fight and went for the backdoor. He won us the game. But our Vayne was mad because he wasn't the one that won us the game.
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: 1 day of Clash - FAQ and Known Issues
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ProTheMole (EUNE)
: Logical Zilean ult idea
Zilean ults Rumble. Rumble launches again into the sky and lands on his machine. :D
Eveninn (EUW)
: Goo morning to old and new regulars! \o
Yesterday, I played with a friend ranked solo/duo and won my promos for Gold I. Just now, I played with the same friend and we won, so he won his promos for Platinum IV. :P
: Do you remember your FIRST EVER Ranked game?
I don't remember it, but the first time I played Support, I was telling my ADC to stop stealing my farm.
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Etherim (EUW)
: The Opinion Game :D !
I hate the Star Guardian theme. In the new gamemode, I would rather play as the Void against the Star Guardian. I hate Mordekaiser because of his passive. I hate Fiora and Vayne with a passion. I used to hate Nasus' passive but now I can buy a Bramble Vest and I am OK. I hate Gnar mostly because of his W (Mini). I hate playing ADC. Riven's E should scale with Ap LIKE EVERY OTHER SHIELD IN THE GAME. I want more Battlecast skins and an event about Battlecast vs Mecha. I want a new skin for Yorick. I know that they confirmed we will get one this year, but I am starting to believe that it's going to be released on 31/12, at 23:59:59. I hate it when someone loses their lane and blames the jungler. My main role is top and if I lose my lane i will do my best to freeze near my turret and not die. The jungler's purpose is to secure objectives, not win my lane. Whenever I play Cho'gath, I hate the last second heals/shields/buffs in general right before I nom you. ;-; I love playing tank champions. My favourite are Cho'gath and Galio, Cho'gath is an old love. When I started playing around the ending of season 2, I saw him in one of my games and I liked how he had the ability to grow size. I like Galio because I can protect my team with his kit. I am thinking of buying Ornn. Battlecast Prime Cho'gath should be updated. At least give him some interactions. Promotion games are scarier than horror movies.
: STAR GUARDIAN 2017 Login Theme /// This is actually pretty hype, not even kidding.
They released new Star Guardian skins last year. I believe they should have made skins for an other skin theme, for example Battlecast.
: What annoys you most?
1) When someone loses their lane and instead of playing def, they push into the enemy turret and keep dying. 2) When we are behind and there is not a chance to win teamfights, and someone just keeps starting teamfights and the rest of the team follows him.
Infernape (EUW)
: Jhin has a compulsive obsession with the number four (his gun holds four bullets, his ult fires four shots, his Q bounces to up to four targets etc.). Thor sounds like four.
+ his name has only 4 letters.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: We were programmed to support Riven's side, but it didn't work out
Sunako17 (EUNE)
: VS. Event
I support the cause, not Yasuo.
: The weirdest flame I have ever received in League
I was playing Yorick in Summoner's Rift and my team had a teamfight at bot lane. So, I used my ult to deal more damage and we won the teamfight. Then, our Vayne decided to split-push bot, but my ult was pushing with her stealing her farm. She proceeded to spam ping my ult to go away and flame me, even though I explained to her that my ult was going to push the lane until it dies and I can't do anything about it. The funniest part about this story is that my ult stole a kill from her which made her even more mad.
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: I would do it but still, thanks
I found this too:
: wait, a video?! LINK PLEASE! I know the ASK RIOT thread were the talk about it, but there is a video!?!?!
: Riot are killing our memes
Memes becoming real? Does that mean that Yorick will finally get his first new skin?
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, what about multi role champions? Will they count as one for all roles? Many mages can be played as top or support, tanks can be played as support, top or jungle, there are many marksmen that can be played on top, mid, jungle or even support. Basically I can cover your requirement with less than 10 champions, completely ignoring meta junglers and supports at the same time. Or even better, let's cover all roles with marksmen only: Top: {{champion:133}} {{champion:67}}{{champion:126}} Mid: {{champion:110}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:81}} Jungle: {{champion:29}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:104}} Adc: most of already picked ones fit there Support: {{champion:21}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:17}} 12 champions, all marksmen, 3 per role. Add any 8 other marksmen to fill 20 champion requirement for draft games
When I said role I meant: Support, Marksman, Fighter, Tank, Mage, Assassin.
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: [NEW SKIN] - Dreadnova Darius
Hopefully a Yorick one will show up. {{champion:83}}
: State your fav food.
Main course: Schnitzel Dessert: I don't know the name in english
: Wanna be a Red panda's BFF? Check this out!
> Interests? - Food - Food - Food {{champion:31}} main here. We can feast together. :P
: Technically the skin for Ryze, SKT T1 Ryze was planned 7 months in advanced and it was confirmed 3 months before its release, maybe even more months before. His last, skin, not counting SKT was White Beard and that was during September 2015, SKT Ryze was released on September 2016 (that is one full year). If you want a better example to help your case, Varus has gotten a skin every single year after the release of Artic Ops Varus in 2014.
: Well, There are a lot of popular champions that havent gotten a skin in months. So yeah.
Is Yorick included in the unpopular champions that got a skin? NO Some might say that he has yet to receive a new skin because of his rework, but when Ryze was reworked he got a new skin shortly after...
: NEW SKIN, CARNIVAL ANIVIA! (Name I just made up but its themed after the Brasilian Carnival)
I wish I could get hyped for new skins. All these new skins and none of them are for champions I play. That's because only the most popular champions get skins of course.
abraklaas (EUW)
My main is Cho'gath. I love playing full tank and seeing my enemies suffering while they are trying to kill me. The first thing Cho'gath would say if he saw me would be: {{champion:31}} : ''You look delicious'' and then he would eat me. xD
: Oh my oh my ,, noxus will get rekt from everywhere !
I will join you. The only thing I ask is to let me eat their dead bodies. {{champion:31}}
: I bet this might go viral !!! rioters u have to see this !!
I will join the Void. The Void Creatures will devour everything, especially my beloved Battlecast Prime {{champion:31}} .
: i am waiting as hell
Do you know what will take longer to come than Yasuo nerfs? A new Yorick skin.
: What are you people's main?
Full tank {{champion:31}} .
BexXz (EUW)
: there are 130 champs.
So, what? Yorick was released 4 years ago and he only has the 2 skins which were released with him.
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: Noob Stuff we Did ( Admit it we all did at least one of theses )
I waited to have exactly the amount of gold I needed to buy a huge item, for example 3600 gold for {{item:3031}}.
: So I am forced to play ranked? **[rant and reason]**
Riot just doesn't know the difference between quality and quantity.
Tukan Tonko (EUNE)
: What do you enjoy the most in LoL?
Full tank champions. Have the whole team chasing and trying to kill you only to get away with 2/3 hp. Once I was playing full tank Cho'gath and I had full build. My friend was playing Kayle. At one point w edecided to tower-dive the enemies and he ulted me. I just couldn't die. xD
Wukongz (EUNE)
: If I get a free transfer, or at least make it with IP, I might consider comming back to League for more than the occasional aram every now and then; as long as there's normal draft in EUW. Until then I'll treat flex ranked like a normal draft and ruin people's games by first picking champs and roles.
TTekkers (EUW)
: What the removal of Normal Draft will ACTUALLY do.
I hate to do this but it seems like I will use one of the two ranked queues as a normal draft mode for testing. :(
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: When the biggest annoyance becomes your greatest ally
Whenever I play top or mid, I mostly blame myself if I lose my lane and let the jungler decide when to gank me ( except if it's an extremely difficult situation in which two "assistance: pings are perfect ).
Perilum (EUW)
: Well when I continue to perform on Yorick and Skarner with 70%+ win rate, I will make it. I'm confident I can make it.
I love Yorick. I even have his Undertaker skin. He is my second champion for top after Cho'gath. I love Skarner when he is on my team. I hate him when he is on the enemy team. If he has the Alpha Battlecast skin I love him whether he is on my team or not.
Perilum (EUW)
: Time to fight for Glory @Cosantoir
In 3 weeks this race will be over and the true "Best Silver EUW" will rise to gold. Looking forward to it. :P
: Standard arm length is about 2/3 of a meter.
Well, seems like I am very good at leaning with my chair. :D
: um... that is a bit far
Well, i said it approximately. I am too lazy to measure it properly. :P
Kurotsu (EUW)
: What champion comes to mind when I say...
1. Brand 2. Bard 3. ... 4. Cho'gath 5. Xin'zhao - Master Yi 6. Cho'gath 7. Every champion that has a OURS vs THEIRS version 8. Cho'gath 9. Cho'Gath 10. Teemo
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