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: Thats extremely toxic? Explain which part is extremely toxic?
CantAnnihilator: BEWARE GUYS CantAnnihilator: DIAMOND 5 IS THE EQUIVALENT OF SILVER 3 CantAnnihilator: as in CantAnnihilator: you are silver 3 CantAnnihilator: not the people you play with in ranked CantAnnihilator: im chal;langer CantAnnihilator: im gosu CantAnnihilator: kindred went red then krugs CantAnnihilator: %%%% off <-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CantAnnihilator: are you serious CantAnnihilator: look at this bronze 1 kindred <--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CantAnnihilator: farms all game CantAnnihilator: and still manages to feed CantAnnihilator: how do you feed CantAnnihilator: how do you int CantAnnihilator: if you do gank lanes? CantAnnihilator: 2/7 bot lane CantAnnihilator: we got this CantAnnihilator: lol CantAnnihilator: this ekko <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CantAnnihilator: so shit <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CantAnnihilator: didnt use ult CantAnnihilator: what a geee CantAnnihilator: varus CantAnnihilator: 2v1 CantAnnihilator: lmfao CantAnnihilator: omfg CantAnnihilator: this bronze kindred <-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CantAnnihilator: feed again CantAnnihilator: yet still CantAnnihilator: 0 ganks CantAnnihilator: how? CantAnnihilator: how can you feed if you dont go into a lane? CantAnnihilator: omfg CantAnnihilator: she is 0/3 CantAnnihilator: how CantAnnihilator: HOW CantAnnihilator: YOU HAVENT GANKED A SINGLE LANE CantAnnihilator: HOW DO YOU KEEP DYING CantAnnihilator: EXPLAIN CantAnnihilator: get out of here with that bronze dead ass scuttle <--------------------------------------------------------- CantAnnihilator: MISSED THAT ULT CantAnnihilator: LEL CantAnnihilator: WOW CantAnnihilator: ULT VARUS CantAnnihilator: FOR ONCE CantAnnihilator: PLEASE CantAnnihilator: ULT CantAnnihilator: %%%%K <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CantAnnihilator: ULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLT CantAnnihilator: LMFAO Post-Game CantAnnihilator: SUCH A MEGA TRYHARD <---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CantAnnihilator: LMFAO CantAnnihilator: TRYHARD X10
: ok, what can i do about it?
Call Your internet provider, explain situation.
: champion randomly freezes instead of moving
You have packet losts. Try to open CMD then write Ping -t [anyinternetpage] You will see real ping. *e.g Ping -t
ItsThea (EUW)
: {{champion:131}} {{champion:10}} definetely underrated champs .Plus in my oppinion i think they both indeed need a full rework
: 14 day suspension
For me it looks extremally toxic :) 1) I play since beta, and never got banned, so it is possible 100% 2) People got banned not by single raport or single game. This chat you got is from last game you got reported, but before that game you had to be reported many times in short amount of time. 3) If you feel nervous due to game, stop playing. Unless you are addicted, then go to specialist. 4) Internet fighters are pathetic :)
: My beautiful Asol!{{sticker:sg-jinx}} He only needs to be played by the best ones 3:) hehe{{sticker:sg-syndra}}
Honstly I saw him only when I tried to play him. Or eventually on Youtube.
: When LOL will DIE ?
It will die when riot will make new game. It may happen soon. They are smart, they sniff money in online gaming.
: Which champions you think players play less? Like which champion you almost never see in-game?
Slixi (EUW)
: Zilean.exe
Hidden op. But not even half as op as yasuo.
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: Im giving up the game laters u trollers and afkers and smurfs and toxic players.
Well i understand you completely. I had a long break (2 years +) and recently I came back to see whats goin on. I see situation is worse and worse every season. Pro tip, if you want to start winning a games just pick assassin class. This game became League of Assassins and League of Damage. Only dmg matters now. Take katarina or Yi, l2p with it and get profit. But the best idea is just to uninstall the game. Game should give fun, but this game is actually unfun at all. I did uninstall again. I used to love League of Legends, but it is not same game at all.
Meltzahar (EUW)
: is it fun to play against a katarina thats ahead? against a Diana thats ahead? against a zed thats ahead? assassins are meant to be rly strong when they are ahead. assassins = do or die. thats classification
Because Assassins are main factor which destroy fun from League of Legends. Since season 3, when they Implemented class "assassin" and created zed, khazix and rest of this unfun to play against heroes, the game was being balanced around DMG. Atm most playable heroes are DD/assassins. Grey screen simulator. I remember in old times You had to think how to play, it was real League of Legends. Now this is League of Damage and League of Snowball. Game is going in wrong direction, and If riot will not make battle arena in league it will be over soon. Game is unfun to play.
: Kai'sa, underwhelming voice acting?
And later on people are shocked that game is over 8 GB size :D Dont get me wrong. Its really nice work, but how many MB for all those voice strings?
: Shaco in ranked = trollpick.
Actually I did meet one shaco who knew how to dance. We won this match, but only because I wasted about 1500 only for pink wards. Shaco was just going to our ADC and literally oneshoted her. I wasnt able to protect as Janna. The only way was to spare one slot for wards and carrying 5 pinks all the time placing them everytime we stay somewhere.
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idfc (EUW)
: she has everything, like literally dash, range, cc, insane dmg. How stupid can someone be to create champ like this and dont even fkin understand that it is unbalanced? I would literally fire the person who thought it was a good idea.
this is just riven with insane range
: Big nerf to her E increasing its cool down significantly... and her waveclear is being hit... But riot don’t want to kill her... so one step at a time instead of going overboard straight away
Maybe they should rework all toxic champions like {{champion:105}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:11}} which are unfun to play against
Moca Sama (EUNE)
: Name something more depressing
my match history in this week
idfc (EUW)
: Riot honestly i dont understand
There will be nerf next patch, but I believe the nerf will be same like Ekkos nerfs -_- Just minor numbers changes
: Janna's Passive now triggers Aerie?
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: Stuck at Autheticating....
Solash (EUW)
: TLDR: "My favourite champion isn't very good atm, that means the game is garbage"
This isnt my favorite champion since they remaked her as a jungler champion. It was just a example whats wrong with game.
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geo12don (EUW)
: Really want to get into the game again.. but y'know.
I have same. And i discovered that this game is just a parody of itself from 2015. The game is dead. As per my opinion the game is popular only because its popular. The quality of this game does not exist anymore. There is no fun of playing champions in meta which are extremally stronger than other champs. For me - its over. Uninstall
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: How to fight against...
How it looks in reality? You are focusing one of them, the rest is killing you in 0.03s Akali bruiser build Nocturne with this {{item:3814}} bullsht item that should be deleted from game asap. Katarina who was focvused at all the time. and MF with safe distance ulti, that just eat hp of entire team. GG. I played in lol since beta. But the game become crap. I just realised that I am playing only because i am ADDICTED to play. The game is not fun anymore. Bravo riot. You lost another customer. Yes, you can minus.
: Well adcs are supposed to counter tanks. And it isn't a tank meta, it never has been and that's what annoys me the most. It's a fighter meta if anything (I'm more convinced it's a mage meta but oh well)... very different (sorry pet peeve people calling fighters tanks.
Its dmg meta...
Loonsta (EUW)
: I finally did it DELETED THE GAME.
I will follow you, and uninstall also. I had fun with league of legends since beta tests. I remember all bad and good mooments in league. In this moment league gives me no more fun. I dont like to play present meta picks. The game is just terribly unbalanced. Is way too "oneshottokill". Game for me is just aweful and I realised that I am playing only, because I am addicted to. So guys. Farewell, and gl with next balancing patches.
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Tarolock (EUW)
: if you think previous seasons were more balanced than now i suggest you watch Frost Primes "How OP League Used To Be" videos
Yes, and those champions were always banned. Now we should have more than 15 bans to keep it "balanced"
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FckPolice02 (EUNE)
Problem with balancing a champion is not a champion or balancing team. Problem is a fact, that all balance is based on tournaments and the highest ELO players (about 0,09% of popularity). The problem is, that most of players belong to Bronze - 43%, Silver - 37% where Yasuo is just a god. I dont say nerf him to let weak players win against him. I will say, make him more countrable, or atleast show us how to counter him properly. I will tell from my expierience. Always I see yasuo top, I do pick Garen. The lane phase is fine, we are farming, he want to attack me, I punish him. Usually the lane phase looks 0/0/0 unless some mistakes happened. After lane phase, Yasuo already have 100% critchance and pretty easy takes his first kill. Let the snowball beginn. What is the most op in this champion? Not the specific mobility, not his doublecrit chance that elevate his early up to the heaven level, not his ulti, that coops with rest of teammates (Does Yasuo ulti work on those exploding seeds in jungle?) , also not this AOE CC with range of Janna Q but pretty faster. He is OP because of this stupid WALL. The WALL that should be atleast his ULTI, the WALL that breaks WHOLE teamfight. This wall should block maximum ONE tick of dmg piercing through it and dissappear.
: Most of them take skill to play, some of it at least. And then there's Fizz.
Every monkey can press buttons and deal stupidly highdmg in early/mid and lategame.
OlmiLux (EUW)
: Fair? 1 spear = kill. That wasn't fair.
You must be kidding me ;) One spear that 90% of time hits in minion or tank. So easy to avoid just need to pay attention. About dmg of spear: {{champion:105}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:45}} and many more are doing LMAO right now :)
: Wait, we're in a dmg meta??? Did i miss something or what?
Ofc. Dmg to win. So much dmg, that sometimes you die in teamfight from aoes, by playing a bruiser or tanky champion. Meta where even metatanks deal more dmg than regular picks. Meta where team without assassins does not exist. With more and more popular dmg support than support support.
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blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
Just bring me back nidalee from S1-S3 with slow spear with huge breadth, that is so easy to dodge. With additional armor and speed in cougar form, without "hunt" in passive. It was fair nidalee.
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Mosómacska (EUNE)
: Annie is too OP
Nah man. Annie is skill champ. She has plenty mechanics and overall is very hard champion. Hard to play, hard to master. On mid she has poor farm and is easy to counter. Also very squishy even when builds RoA. Her bear is kinda UP and should be buffed. Hehehe just joking :D she is brainded op.
: Message from tank player
I'd tell better remove this {{item:3071}}. Some ADCs with this are just stupidly strong. Example. Bullied MF that got only this item in 15-20 min of game. She ults you - you play bruiser with 250 armor. Ulti does 1300 dmg. You have 2000 hp... - what?! srsly? This item should be prohibited for MF.
: help me pick a new name
Another$spentOnGame or I BoughtNickChange
: Only in higher elos. But come on, there are challenger Shaco and Teemo players. And the game is about _finding a creative way NOT to be useless_ on certain champs.(Had Shaco support in one ranked... He was actually good with his CDR heavy bruiser build though)
Top 1 teemo NA resigned from league coz as he said "teemo becomes useless"
: Shaco+Teemo. (either AD-AP or double AP) Both are cancer champs. Both cause cancer to the enemy team. Easy buff steals, baits and ambushes. Boxes and shrooms everywhere. Incredible pushing power and ambush potential. Enemies WILL flame 100%, either your premade or inbetween themselves. Fun to play. Easy TROLLING :D
Tarolock (EUW)
: to get to lvl 30 takes half the time as before the change (i dont really remember when it hit live servers) and lvling an account forces you to play, so you have at least a basic idea about the game when you hit 30, why would you remove that? ppl are QQ-ing about unskilled ppl going ranked already, you want to make that even worse?
There is no real difference between lvl 10 and lvl 30 with 50-60 won matches (rest vs AI).
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: this is for plat+
Ye i just checked on Mobafire charts&statistics. Only Korea has different highestwinratio champs. But the rest is same. Sona got 1st place.
: Sona broken with the update?
Lol sona highest winratio all servers all divisions... Riot gj xd
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