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: Jezus christ the average rank you play with & against is Gold II. You get high silver/low gold players in your games...
Actually, no. When I solo queue, I get with P4 and lowest G2-G3, but I've been playing duos with my friend Allien1, and since he is G4-3, we get matched up with lower ranks.
Zineus (EUNE)
: you can leave your and the reason you are getting 15 lp a win is that you only won 7 games out of your last 20. intresting thing is that i won 17 out of 20 and im gettting +18 and -17:) in conclusion mmr is trash this season
I had a winstreak with my friend (~8-9 wins in a row), and with each win, I won less LP than the last match
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: then why does it take space on the central profile screen
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. You can't, not at this point at least. Signups are closed until further notice.
He's right.
DreamV3 (EUNE)
: Game abandoned error
Same. It is just worlds riot doesn't care about the community now. its just all about worlds >:(
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: We've got several engineers looking into the issue. A subset of the game servers got into a bad state, which we're trying to resolve without further impact. More info as I have it...
Please try to fix it ASAP ;-;
: just wait
I'm waiting for 1:30 hrs .....
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Suprémacy (EUNE)
: Championship skins
ok thanks guys! appreciate it!
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Suprémacy (EUNE)
: How do I get Honor Ribbons
ok thank you guys all for answering appreciate it
Suprémacy (EUNE)
: Corrupt file
Thank you guys I solved it Finally I had to reinstall my league. I did not have time for that until now. Thanks all!
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Rismosch (EUW)
: This applies to all ranks, except Challenger.
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: Only if you lose a lot of games in a row and lower your mmr to bronze 5 aproximately, till then you have nothing to worry about :3
Rismosch (EUW)
: To get demoted you need to fullfill following criteria: - you must have 0 LP - you must be on a losing streak - you must've been Silver 5 for a while Te first one is pretty easy to understand and doesn't need an explanation. The second one is there, because you could have 1 or 2 bad games. It would be unfair to lose ELO for 1 dumb game, so only when you keep losing you will drop. The third one is important, when you recently climbed from Bronze 1 to Silver 5. There is a block that prevents you from dropping when you reach a new rank. So when you just reached Silver 5, you cannot drop after a few losses. It's basicly an insurance that gives you breathing room in your new inviroment. If you are Silver 5 for quite a while now, this insurance is lost and you can drop.
thanks a lot :) is it the same at all ranks or only in silver?
: Dont worry you have a possitive winrate and probably good mmr for your ELO so you can get down to 0 LP have and have a loseingstreak whitout demotion.
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Agidyne (EUW)
: Did Riot stealth nerf Urgot or something?
don't think they did doe. Still doing a ton s**t of dmg :D
Suprémacy (EUNE)
: About Hide N' Seek
I'm not very good at english I just wanted to know if people are interested ^_^
: Rabadon´s Death Cap or Luden´s Echo?
both of them are good it will help you really much {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}}
Jabbabax (EUNE)
: Yo dude, I'm just mentioning this, but "This post is interesting" is not a question, it's a declaration. The correct wording would be "Is this post interesting?" I'm just trying to help out, don't take this the wrong way man ^^
I understood thanks for showing me my mistake ;)
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: **Uncel Dolan** Passive:**Swag - ** Uncel Dolan haz sweg, so he taek 0.25 % less damage for every % health missing(doesn't affect true damage) Q:**Swag overload - ** Uncel Dolan increases his sweg amount for next 2/3/4/5/6 seconds, Increased sweg amount doubles the passive and Uncel Dolan has 10% increased movement speed and attack damage in the duration W:**Smoke weed - ** Passive - Uncel Dolan has 10/15/20/25/30% increased attack speed. Uncel Dolan blazez blunt of weed, and for the next 2/3/4/5/6 seconds he gains 5/10/15/18/22 armor and magic resistance. His basic attacks make the enemy bleed for their 2% max hp every second, stacking up to 5 times(every stack adds 5% max hp). Lasts 3 seconds, attacking an enemy refreshes the duration. E:**Heroic quikskope - ** Uncel Dolan dashes forward(400 range), gaining a shield, which shields hom for 35% of his AD for 2 seconds. His next three basic attacks will 360 quikskope the enemy, dealing 150% damage, and stunning the enemy(ies) for 1/1.5/2/2.2/2.5 seconds. R:**Dolan time** Dolan raeps his target, surpressing it. Surpess ignores all debuffs, and keeps going until it ends. The enemy can't escape it. During the time, Uncel Dolan's hp refuses to be reduced below 1. The raep surpress last for 60 seconds, dealing 1.2/1.4/1.5% enemy max hp (true)damage every second. Enemy health regen is stopped in the duration, and the enemy can't be healed. Hoep u liek it
I'd like this champ :D
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: Source for Login music?
they make it there is no soundtrack or anything like that but u can watch on youtube for many melodies. Like yasuo's music. Good Luck
Edyr420 (EUW)
: how is URF that hyped?
you think that it is annoying but think about a champ that is op and has 1 second Cooldown Reduction. Like nida. So OP :D {{champion:76}}
: He's also completely right. Try it, it actually works.
I tried it my face hurts now :D
: Press R now roll your face across the keyboard with smartcast on hovering over your enemy and they die.
: Riot please fix this!
it is true there is a bugsplat problems Pls Riot FIX
: So I just witnessed something epic
the diamond 3 ziggs might be carried by his team and thats how he got diamond 3
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: fiddle is fun as hell, lee is amazing but you need to master him to do anything, kha is just kha. why don't you try hecarim? I bought him yesterday and he is AMAZING!!! fun to play, can be top/jngl. fast, tanky, dmg with trinity is uber mega high . anything else ? ohhh yes....HE IS HECARIM!!!
Thanks CoffeeDude I will see
: I never play strict Meta or FOTM champs, and since Lee and Fiddle both are meta and FOTM, while everyone complain about Kha being trash tier...i bought him just yesterday. Kha is fun as hell and the feeling it gives you is one of a REAL hunter (no OP ult like rengar's infinite stealth with the "drawback" of a little question mark that, more or less, tells you that Rengar is there and you are going to die...). Yes, it's first clear is bad, but with a good leash and the Red health buff, you can pick both Blue and Red before first recall.
Thanx Sarchiapon think m gonna play Kha :)
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: Flaming in game
NO you are not wrong I know ow it is to be flamed many times (Im ~~not~~ a bad player :D, Just joking I know how to Play The League) and all you have to do is play the game and use that **MUTE** button that you have. Hope I was helpful. Good Luck in your next game :)
: Flaming in game
NO you are not wrong I know ow it is to be flamed many times (Im ~~not~~ a bad player :D, Just joking I know how to Play The League) and all you have to do is play the game and use that **MUTE** button that you have. Hope I was helpful. Good Luck in your next game :)
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: kassadin. flashing everywhere i please was fun. sadly he isnt the same anymore.
: Gnar needs another skin!
he really needs a new one
SirSoap (EUW)
: Pantheon and to this date I still don't know why I liked him that much{{champion:80}}
xMidnight (EUW)
: Draaaaaaaaaaven :D {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}}
> [{quoted}](name=xMidnight,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=oEA19UB3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-03-06T17:59:09.958+0000) > > Draaaaaaaaaaven :D {{champion:119}} {{champion:119}} true :)
Suprémacy (EUNE)
: What do you think about the new champion?
Than you both I think he is a better jungle than a support
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