Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Why would you need a warning to not tell others that they are mentally ill?
cos it is mental illness when youre a psycho calling others in names when they didnt give something you didnt get and trying to force them into what they didnt sign up for
: >and only say that they are mentally ill Deserved
they keep spamming rage words all game long, i bet they even didnt get a warning, and i get a lvl 1 from 5 without a warning ofr saying they are mentally ill for spamming insults for 35 min straight
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: Not in LCS, but in SoloQ game are long enough, Ezreal Kaisa Lucian MF Kog, all are strong enough with just 2 items, and are viable picks, only Crit ADC are much weaker early - mid, but are strongest late.
Umm, havent seen game longer than 30 min this season at all. And now past games, when seeing on bot a toplaner + supp vs adc + supp, adc has always been with scores like 0-10. Their damage is too low to even do anything. Vs caitly as vlad i went bot, i could take every single of her shots, do 1 q, im full hp again, then get lvl 2, flash ignite, and shes dead, when i have charged q and e. After lvl 4 i started turret diving, she was 0-10 before 15 min, because she culdnt even be safe under turret when i got to lvl 4.
Marcua (EUW)
: Riot is doing their best
Except, rito removed a class of champions from game... Now every adc player has to learn game anew, and actually, it might drop some for example plat players in forever silver, because there are reasons sometimes people play certain roles. Iv never played too much top, because i could never learn those champs for real, while adc and mid i addapted really quick, and learning support took me a while. And now, im just forced out from botlane, cos supp is made something, umm i dont know what, jsut something random, and adc consists just of assassins or toplaners, so i can play only middle now. And for some people this shit, it has just ruined their game forever.
: Searching for a new main
Well, previously my worst adc ( Lucian ), is now the only adc with which i can do anyhing as adc now. Now im playing Vladimir, Irelia, Akali botlane, and im making enemy adcs 0-10 in less than 15 minutes of game, if i get a toplaner against me, then the game is something, well, what you would never have expected before. Rito literarily deleted a class of champions from game.
: > [{quoted}](name=FF Asrieljp,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jhM5mjqj,comment-id=000a0001,timestamp=2018-06-13T17:56:02.381+0000) > > have you watched LCK any time last 3 days? Have you played any rankeds plat and above? :D and btw they just steamroll her No. I'm not a meta slave i don't have to know what the koreans playing because it doesn't matter for soloQ. ADC are very much alive and viable. Just because koreans play differently ADCs aren't getting magically weaker.
well, as adc main, i have moved to play middle now, because i was maining support and adc, and both roles are raped in the ass now... I have to start to learn toplane champions to play bottom lane, which i have no clue how to play, top is my worst role. Watch esports, all teams who picked adc, just lose, INCLUDING SSG, KT ROLSTER and SKT T1, which were previously best teams. I haven won a single game in past few days where ive picked adc, and enemies have a double toplaner bot, but i have won every single game where i picked a toplaner or lucian in bot vs an adc.
: Since season 1, everything was changing, but botlane (ziggs adc meta exception), bot was all the time just support and carry, and most of the games was just about which team got better carry. Now you have a choice you can still play ADC, they are viable, you just need more time to scale (which make sense to me since they should be lategame monsters). What's wrong with fighting over scutle ? If is impossible to solo carry the game, how is possible to solo throw a game ? In that LCS part you are totally wrong, did you saw the last LCK? finaly its not a farm fest until 40min and wait for a one with a stronger carry to win. Who is the troll? can you define troll ? What is trolling? bcs in my point of view Troll is anybody who dont play like I want, which is everybody in the game (premades exception).
but since games arent long enough for adc to get 400 farm and to be viable, adc does not exist.
The Splicer (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Swarmer,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=2mTJbv5T,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-21T09:47:59.175+0000) > > Well, now gaining curency is so fcking slow anyway. > > Previously i made 1k-2k ip per day, now in 2 weeks i have gotten only 3k blue essence. 1k? Okay, sure, possible I guess. 2k? Unless you were using IP boosters I highly doubt that, unless your day is 24 hours.
you play 10 arams ( 15 - 20 min each ), even if you lose them all, you earned 700-800 ip. Now wih winning 10 games in a day, on draft pick, you get a level, which grants you, tataaah 270 blue essence. Everyone who owns all champions agrees that now the essence gain is around 10 times slower.
: I agree with my other account. Acting like petulant children over here. The changes are fine. You get 50 essence per day plus other giveaways and stuff and levelling up comes fairly naturally.
Previously you got around 1000 ip per 10 arams ( loses included ) or 1500 ip for around 10 normals ( loses included ) And no there never was 145 ip cap, i have checked all accounts around EUNE and EUW on which i have played, on some year ago, some half year ago, some just before preseason, on average per aram win it was 100 ip, aram lose 70 ip, normal win 150-250 ip, for normal lose 80-100 ip. I made 1000-1500 ip per day. Now i play around 10 games per day, and i dont even get a full level. At level 39 now, i have 6900 essence. When i started this preseason, i spent my blue essence on those chromas etc, and i had 3000 left, and its like comletely useless, if i want to buy the new champion and also have tons of mastery 7 and 6 to upgrade, its just impossible with this new system. And BTW - EUNE still has no +50 blue essence on first win of the day.
Saibbo (EUW)
: I guess you don't know that with the last patch before pre-season there was a bug that increased the number IP gained after game, but riot didn't bother fixing it because they were to change it anyway, so all recent game before preseason have incorrect values of IP, and if you don't believe this just send and ticket and ask
Umm, even in summer, playing arams and losing them all each day, i got 1k per day
: FacePalm
Very simple, looked you up on This game in particular. Your teams p/kill is very unequal, and yours is still low. It seems like you never did anything outside your lane. All enemy team is at around 50to60% p/kill, while you are 54%, and others are at 30%, sion also has low p/kill, so i guess you were both on the lonely island, and you never even bothered to help your team.
KeyGey (EUNE)
: Well i found my self with same problem and i think that this new system is not as good as we hoped it would be for veterans,yes there is unlimited leveling which is great but we veterans already own all champs and it is a downside for us that there is no more reroll option for us,and in my case by my lvl 35 i barely got 4500 BE and i think i would have gotten more with old system but that is because i got 6 champs that cost 450 BE and are disenchanted for 90 BE so yea this this new system is not that good for veterans getting champs but it is good for new players,and i personally would like if RIOT would take us veterans a little bit more in consideration when putting new things in LoL because this is another thing where i feel like veterans have been a little left out compare to the rest of the players because we had the same problem when they released honor capsules and Grey Warwick and Medival Twitch,because again veterans have all champs so they don't have use from champs shard in honor capsule plus most of them already own the skins like myself from Refer-a-Friend and they didn't get anything from RIOT in return for releasing those skins back in the game whilst championship riven,urfwick,PAX sivir and possibly some other champs which i cant remember now got borders on new skin like NEO-PAX sivir,i would just like that RIOT gives a little bit more about veterans.
quote from lol website comments ''That is just the mission in the beginning though. If there were missions like that once a week I wouldn't be complaining, but I personally leveled up to level 32 within the past 3 days and got only 500 blue essence worth of champs that I already own. Now just to give you an idea of the time comparisons. I played 20 games averaging 30 minutes in the past three days. This resulted in approximately 500 BE. Now if you look at before the update, I could earn around 500 IP (or now BE) in two wins on separate days assuming the games last around 30 minutes. So do the initial mission benefits outweigh the grinding necessary to meet the conditions before the update? No, not at all.'' Also, in 8 levels i have gotten only 3000 essence, and people tend to say they made it few days after patch came out that minimum is 810 :D Why would they put it only in .23 notes ? I recently after last lvl up got only 270 worth of essence.
Saibbo (EUW)
: >you are guaranteed 600+ per level, You are guaranteed 810 BE but you need to unlucky for that >but its annoying that i have 5 champions with mastery 7 tokens sitting there, and 9 with mastery 6 with 2 levels up i got a shard for 1 champion that i needed for the mastery 7, also it's not like in the old system it was that easy to upgrade them either. If you are lucky even 1 level up for that. > so in 10 wins previously it was 1000-1500 ip On average 1 WIN game of 37 min was 100 IP.. so in that case you had 10 win streak game of 40+ mins... so highly improbable
Just checked my euw account, on which i last played before preseason. 400 ip for 44 min win game, then around 200 each game after all around 40 min. s0, 400 - 150 fwotd makes it 250 for 44 min. So whoever said its capped at 145 after 55+ min lies to himself. Also you lie to yourself.
: [Patch 7.23] Low FPS
After last patch, i usually played on 80 caped fps, now i have lagspikes during some champin skillshots ( ahri Q for example, because just played her ), fps drops just down to around 10, untill skillshot is over. System spec: intel i5 7600k gtx 980 12 GB ram 250 SSD
: also, i am experiencing major lag spikes after this patch. I have a really good internet provider, yet i get spikes from 25 ms to 400 out of a sudden. it gets really annoying, especially when you are playing draven
Ping is not part of your computers performance.
Glazebone (EUW)
: Before you little sheep start attacking a guy, just because he dislikes the new BE system... how about actually turning on yer brains and thinking (I know it's hard but trust me)? Right now, you ONLY get BE when leveling, you don't get BE from playing games. Before, veteran, no-life players would literally "no life" the heck out of the game and would rack-up IP in the 5 digits per day. PER DAY. I myself used to play at least 9-10 games per day (still do occasionally) and that would, considering you get an average of 114 IP per win (which is actually too low) (ignoring the bonus 150 IP first win of the day), make about 1026 - 1140 IP per day. Now, I don't know how fast you guys level up but I doubt you can do more than 1 level a day, and if you do level up faster, it's definitely at the cost of more games (considering an average game of Summoner's Rift at 30min would award 228 XP, you would need 12-13 games to level up at higher levels, even more later on). What I am trying to make clear is that: - a causal player, who only plays 1 game a day (first win of the day) would statistically benefit more from the new system, whereas, - a veteran player, who plays 10+ games a day will benefit more from the old system. Gee, so hard to do simple mathematical calculations?
On free days , when i have no university and work, i play around 15 to 20 games per day, and then im taking usually 3 to 4 day break, which in the end makes it very unbenefical. Im losing the xp bonus, which now is a lot more awarding than 150 ip bonus was.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: No, they changed that after a couple of days after the system was introduced. It's been like that for a while now already. --- > But its still less than with IP No, it isn't. You're getting more BE now than you did IP, unless you play 8+ games every single day.
Btw, new +50 BE is not up on EUNE yet.
: 810/900/1260 is, from what other users are saying is what you can get. I'm not there yet because I can't really be bothered but come on, you can't be getting less than 810 a level unless you were below 30 when the system was integrated.
They made 810 minimum only in this patch which came out today. But its still less than with IP
Maluber (EUW)
: Level-up capsules contain a value in shards of either 810, 900, 960 or 1260 so no way you got only 3k BE after 8 levels. Don't lie to yourself. Here is my 10 level gains: All IP calculated by 150 FW, 100 W and 67 L. 31 5W-7L, 1260 BE, 1119 IP, FW 32 5W-5L, 1260 BE, 985 IP, FW 33 5W-4L, 1260 BE, 918 IP, FW 34 2W-9L, 900 BE, 953 IP, FW 35 6W-5L, 810 BE, 1085 IP, FW 36 4W-3L, 900 BE, 1051 IP, FW FW FW 37 8W-3L, 900 BE, 1151 IP, FW 38 4W-8L, 900 BE, 1086 IP, FW 39 5W-6L, 900 BE, 1052 IP, FW 40 6W-7L, 1980 BE, 1369 IP, FW FW Total 11070 BE, 10769 IP After 10 levels I'm UP 300 BE compared to what I would have got for IP. You definitely have to hit the special 10 level capsule for double the BE to balance out. If you get a shard for a champ you don't own, since you get lots of shards now, and want to make it permanent you get 20% off the BE cost of the champ, or the shard gets double the value if you want the champ.
After i bought my 100k and 50k icons with gemstone, i had 3k essence left. Now i have 5900, and i have lvl 38. So i am lying to myself ? And yes, i bought them instantly, when logging preseason. Just spoke with 2 other people with whom i always play. They also said, they have gotten 270 blue per leveling up. 3x 90 blue essence worth champions. Also, i just got 5 90 blue worth champion shards, so it means, i didnt even get that 675 which was before this patch.
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: First Win of the Day
Well, now gaining curency is so fcking slow anyway. Previously i made 1k-2k ip per day, now in 2 weeks i have gotten only 3k blue essence.
Zaklo (EUW)
: yes it does matter xd because as a plat 2 player (was in promos to d5 for 6 times T_T) i tried to test my skills so i started a new account , i make it to level 30 then played my placements games and got gold 3 then i won 7 games in a row and make it to gold 1 then i was trying to learn how to play lee sin for the first times i was wining and losing a lot then i get bored from lee so i continued my climb , i wond 5/8 of my games and make it to promos then won 3 in a row and make it to plat 5 if i only count the games that i tryharded i make it to plat in about 30 games in those games i was stomping silvers(in first placement game)/golds/plat5 players in my main i had a diamond 4 mmr for 2 or 3 games , i was playing with and against diamond5/4 in solo queue and im telling you that diamond 4 players are monsters (diamond3+ are more than monsters) micro and macro play in the other hands i play with diamond players in normal games and no one is playing that good and im one of them xd i play like garbage in normal games because i don't give a shit , i play in auto pilote mode while chilling and eating and texting my friends so you can't judge someone in a normal game and if you find yourself as good as diamond players , why don't you try and make it there ? the more you climb the harder the games become when i was plat 5 player i was saying that i will make it to diamond in no time , then i got stomped by plat 3/2 players then i realised that i have to get good so i improved myself and climbed until diamond promos long story short divisions do matter
Only a bronze and diamond 4 and higher. Because i just see people who know no shit, just lay over 1k ranked games, stay at around 40% win ratio, feed every game, played with them a lot, and like %%%%, how the %%%% do they get double lp for win than what they would get for lose. At over 60% win ratio, only 100 games played this season, i get the same as they get in plat 1. I have been in d5 myself. Only in d5 LP gains become normal. Rito should fix this issue with LP.
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orrvaa (EUNE)
: patch 7.9 -End of Game Stats - Damage Mitigated on Self
Umm, hw the hell do i get like 30k of it in game as an adc ? With no itms that block damage ?
: Hey Gergopool, So... you can't afford a new machine high spec? Tough luck man... you know... life is only for the ones who can ... Don't worry tho... i'll be joining you side pretty soon... ( euromillions would do the trick as a patch for the current situation xD ) cya soon m8{{summoner:4}}
-Launcher turns off during champ select -Launcher freezes during champ select -Launcher is flashing home screen during champ select -It just shuts down randomly -Cant change runes and masteries -Cant edit masteries -Lock in button greyed out -Blackscreen during champ select You dont need specifics, if out of 20 people, everyone encounters couple of times of day something from this list. My specs are: intel i7 6700k 12GB RAM 125SSD - lol is on this 1TBHDD 880mGTX And i have encountered all problems on my old pcs too, and they run smoothly lol with these specs, and even those computers had no problems with old launcher, never. On my: p4, 2gb ram, 6700GT and my: AMD Athlon X2, 4GB ram, 8800GT
: what's ur computer system?
-Launcher turns off during champ select -Launcher freezes during champ select -Launcher is flashing home screen during champ select -It just shuts down randomly -Cant change runes and masteries -Cant edit masteries -Lock in button greyed out -Blackscreen during champ select You dont need specifics, if out of 20 people, everyone encounters couple of times of day something from this list. My specs are: intel i7 6700k 12GB RAM 125SSD - lol is on this 1TBHDD 880mGTX And i have encountered all problems on my old pcs too, and they run smoothly lol with these specs, and even those computers had no problems with old launcher, never. On my: p4, 2gb ram, 6700GT and my: AMD Athlon X2, 4GB ram, 8800GT
xflorixotrx (EUNE)
: you say this is bad but w8 till the beta client is over and the legasy be removed i hope youll se then it will be beter becose you playing for 4 years it is like a lot so dont waste it {{champion:421{{summoner:11}} }}
Umm, new client isnt working for any single person i know. It has tons of bugs, which will make ranked unplayable, only because of campion select bugs.
gergopool (EUNE)
: Riot made me hate the game I love [open letter]
I was taking a break from lol when they made adc crap, for 3 months i played wow, return to lol, Oo adc is nice again, and they screw it up again, and i resub to wow. :D
Mada (EUW)
: Pro tip: find players with whom you enjoy playing the game
Somehow when i got to plat last season, i encountered some good players in plat, with whom i play all the time now. Ofc got ome silver friends from real life with whom i play sometimes, cos i like that matchmakin is lower there, so i can 1v5 win games there. :D
: Except that Riot doesn't know how to optimize the stuff they add into the game. The new rift is more craving than the old one. People like me could clearly play the game with a decent framerate(above 60) on the old Rift with no problem, Riot reworks the rift and suddenly framerate issues starts to arise. So who's fault would that be? It would be Riot's. Its not our fault that Riot HAS to make the game look like Battlefield fu*king 1. I can't really afford a new PC at this time and I could play league no problem before but Riot has to be "that guy" who "innovates" new sh*t. Riot has the tech to make the game run better on older machines(Mine is not even that old tbh) but they don't want too because that would take resources away from them.
its more like, they want to make lol like cartoonish shit dota
: Not sure about the whole "noone wants to play support" thingy , i would play support over jungle anytime in ranked. Also here usually in high elo there's a decent amount of supports, if anything i got autofilled more times as jungle than as a support. And if you play ranked you play it to win, if half of the team is offrole and the enemy team gets their main roles then that game is 90% over in loading screen. Now usually here we can talk to find a way to get a decent team comp. Note that i'm talking about master elo, things may differ in lower elos.
Like yesterday, i have roles set adc/jungle, got forced in mid :D
GLurch (EUW)
: If you can't afford the proper specs to play this game you may as well not play at all.
Old sr was dark, and had its own flavour, now its just a cartoonish dota clone
Eambo (EUW)
: FPS Issues - Gathering Info
- issue began around 7.8 launch - happens only on new client - using a laptop - fps before , if i didnt use fps cap 80 it was 200, bu i use cap - fps now 69-73, dropping down to 1 sometimes, stays up to 200 with old client - fps drops when a minion wave spawns each time, also when jayce fires his q, even when hes not in my screen.
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: You are in a zombie apocalypse...
{{champion:67}} , couldnt decide if vayne or jinx, both would be best for zombie slaying, maybe lucian, but in the end vayne, because shes about protecting people from darkness. {{champion:40}} because of her protective barriers, and being able to make cyclones, and push the zombies away with her ult. Weapon would be {{item:3094}} because melee weapons ? Im not that risk taker, who would fight a zombie with a melee weapon, im not a peak human, athlete and so on. Also, im not so profficient with bows Ult would be {{champion:30}} just to slay all zombies in one go
: Dear smurfs! If you can't reach higher level than you actually are, don't ruin lower people's game
Mostly, people who make smurf accounts are bronze players and silver players. I made a smurf account, and in 70 games i were already in plat from s1 after promotion playing roles i dont play. Im adc/mid/supp, so i smurfed up with only top and jungle. So you get a smurf, but he will be far away, some divisions 5 to 10 in like a week. And most of you are happy to have a smurf on team, some of you toxic people get 1 game to relax with him in team, because you wont see another smurf for like 50 games. Im plat, and i saw out of all games when leveling to 30, like 2-3 games a smurf, and when i was ranking i didnt see a single smurf, but i saw a lot of people saying im smurf in nearly every second game, so i declared they are bronzes or silvers smurfing again, and tryin to act pro, and like they would be diamond, in some of games i were against those so called smurfs, and i dominated lane like 5-0. So stop complaining about smurfs, because if you cant win a bronze or silver, its your problem, that you are a bit brainless. Bronze players are sually ones who play way more games than challenger, but their logical skill is below that of an average 15 year old. So if you cant outplay them after you have played the game for like 2 weeks, you should be able to outplay them.
Gramann (EUW)
: Got the same problem. To change DNS go to Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Properties on your connection (Ethernet or Wireless) > TCP/IPv4 > Check "Use following DNS" > Set prefered to and alternate to
doesnt work :(
: Dynamic Q is great for Solo players!
dynamic queue is bad for low skilled ranked abusers. As you can see, most past season platinums are now stuck in low gold and silver, and cannot do a shit, because they are just bad. Prev seasons you could just play 183876898 games solo, and climb up to diamond , and be worse than a bronze 1 player in mechanics, strategy and so on.
: Bring SoloQ back
Actually now a lot better skilled players are higher in ranks, and last 2 season paltinums mostly cant get out of silver now, because now theres mostly people in roles they prefer to play, and youre not stuck in your worst role for 20 games in a row, and you can easily carry all the games. At long last i got on a straight run to platinum, while most of my past season paltinum friends, who were never better than me in any way, strategy or mechanics, are stuck low gold or silver, because bad players cannot exploit dynamic queue.


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