: We need a Karma rework!
{{champion:202}} *SNIFFS* Yes rework pls goodbye support one shots
Gebba (EUW)
: Yasuo is literally the best designed champion in the entire game. I say that because he is the most played champion in the game, despite being almost perma-banned in lower elos. I think Yasuo is trash personally, and every champ i play counters him, but the point is that he is super fun to play. He genuinely is, amazingly well-designed, and his playrate definetely shows it.
Yea, i'm pretty sure Lee Sin is the most played as he is rarely banned but Yasuo would have a higher play rate if if he didn't get banned in most games.
: CertainlyT is a good designer,it's jsut that in general riot made balanced chances which aim into something else .Zoe for example and her 100-0 combo ,is an idea that riot rejected it in the past (see nida for example). But in general i like some of his champions with the best being thresh (one of the best support ever made for both solo q /otp /e sports.
: I edited my comm, not even troll tho.
Here is an actual design: Passive: Every 3rd auto attack does 50% True Damage Q: Champion X transforms their spear into a Great-sword swinging it with two hands dealing 50-250 (+65% AD) physical damage. This is an AOE effect (400 unit radius in front of the champion) and will heal champion X for 5%(static) of their max hp per champion hit CD: 8 seconds W: Champion X thrusts their spear through an enemy stunning them for 1.5-2.5 seconds and becoming immune to damage and crowd control for the duration then preceding to knock them back making them airborne as well as dealing damage equal 10-15% of their max hp + (5% AD) magic damage to the target champion. (Champion X is animation locked with the target) CD: 15 seconds E: Champion X blinks to a location within 500 units resetting the cool-down of ability W. CD: 35 seconds (Does not interact with CDR) R: (Active) Champion X sets himself on fire dealing 5-15% bonus magic damage on each auto attack while inflicting "burning" on champions which auto attack Champion X. Burning: Champions under this effect are 5-15% more vulnerable to all damage sources as well as taking 12-22% of their hp as True Damage over 5 seconds. CD: 90 seconds - 60 Seconds
: I'd give champs a version of the old Fiora ult and it wouldn't even be their ultimate rofl xD Passive(melee): 15%-33% scaling (1-18) chance to slow an enemy by 30% for 2.5 sec with an auto attack or ability ( Consecutive E jumps on same target count individually and also potentially? twice(if not deemed overkill) since they'll count once as a spell and once as an auto) and gain 35% AS for 9 sec by auto attacking a slowed/ marked enemy. Doesn't stack with each other but resets duration instead on both sides of the passive. Q: Skill shot that ports you to target location if it connects, deals dmg based on distance traveled and minor stun. Deals minor dmg to minions it passes through (ignores minions collision) potentially slows down by hitting any. W: When pressed acts as old Akali blink part of her W then enters 'counter stance'(acts as a channel) and being attacked by an auto from let's say 450 range max will automatically make you push enemies in the direction from which they attacked you from (you move with them) disarms during the dash/push and stuns on reaching end point.(with potential extra stun duration for collision with walls/ units etc.) E: old Fiora R but you're targetable and deals less dmg, can hit cs with it so better used when no cs around. Casting W pauses this ability but it'll resume after W is procced or if you cancel the W. R1: For 25 seconds makes Q travel faster and for a longer distance, adds more dmg to W, extends stun duration(or you can add the collision part here) and also makes the dash animation faster when your W gets procced. Minor dmg and slow to enemies(or marks them/ passive) in immediate vicinity of you on cast. R2: A fast projectile suppress skill shot that moves you close to the target but you're suppressed as well during the animation, low base dmg, semi decent scaling, best used when you got allies around. OR R2: The last fast Q you threw stays on the ground (even if it doesn't connect with any enemy) and you can instantly recall it to you from any distance dealing dmg and stunning enemies caught between it and your current location.
OOF, I'd make Yasuo's windwall completely surround him, adjust his e to scale with 1000% AD and movement speed and armour and magic resistance and hp. I Would also make his ult require no knockup and change the ultimate armour pen to not bonus armour pen, but overall armour pen so he ignores all armour, while reducing the cool-down of his ultimate to match his E.
: Waiting for the Riot bots to upvote this {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Why don't you come up with some designs yourself then?
: I think all the creations certainly T have done have been fantastic. They're unique, and offered new playstyles to the game, and diversity - something that starts to become difficult when you have so many existing champions. I honestly don't see why all the hate on Zoe from the playerbase - as someone who plays as and against her frequently. She's easy to collapse on and if you can do that, she struggles to do much. The whole "1 shot" paddle star is a late game mechanic, and is really no different to veigar starting to one shot at that point. To me, she just doesn't seem as much of a problem as so many make her out to be.
IMO I think they should shift some of the damage in her Q over to her E to and rework the w into a more damaging ability.
: I think all the creations certainly T have done have been fantastic. They're unique, and offered new playstyles to the game, and diversity - something that starts to become difficult when you have so many existing champions. I honestly don't see why all the hate on Zoe from the playerbase - as someone who plays as and against her frequently. She's easy to collapse on and if you can do that, she struggles to do much. The whole "1 shot" paddle star is a late game mechanic, and is really no different to veigar starting to one shot at that point. To me, she just doesn't seem as much of a problem as so many make her out to be.
I don't find the one shot thing a problem, I just dislike the design in general, I feel like there is too much emphasis on landing the paddle star to do damage.
: For some reason I expected this to be the meme: "CertainlyT is the best thing to happen to this game - CHANGE MY MIND" Other than that, I kindly disagree with your opinion. :)
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Kioshek (EUNE)
: 1. Squishy? You are joking right? He has free shield that's charged BY MOVING. And his W block almost every ability in the game + ranged autoattacks. And don't even try to tell me that the wall is hard to use properly or something like that. You just have to not be bad as hell to block anything you need to. 2. Yeah... little CC bc his Q knock up every 5second isn't reliable CC at all. 3. Knock ups.. that are not hard to find. His Q alone is enough. But it's not like Malph, Janna, Alistar, Orianna and so much more champs do have some knock ups and are played fairly often. 4. Yeah... such problem for him, when the minions come to lane every few minutes. 5. Every champion has some counters... 6. CURRENT META MAKES HIM WEAK? HOW? Conqueror + IE gives him so much true dmg, so building armor won't help you at all against him. 7. Again... same with counters.. most champions are useless if they are behind. 8. Pushing is the players choice... if you find it bad.. don't do it. :)
You obviously have never played Yasuo so i'm just going to ignore this.
: 1.) Of course he is. Bless his soul. 2-3.) He can have teammates to do the knocking up for him, also since cooldown is very small on his Q when he combines it with E, so it’s easy to stack up Tempest Steel even after failing to land it on an enemy. 4.) Even without minions his movement speed, as far as I’m aware, is 400 or so. I so hate when the enemy Yasuo catches up so easily just by running. Those are moments when I’m praying for minions not to come along. 5.) If one plays him right, then he can easily go against his counters. Just land one W right, and that’s the enemy’s public execution. 6.) I beg to differ after having to play him a few times on One for All. He is as strong as ever af. People were complaining when Riot released a PBE patch where his ult’s AD scaling was increased to 250% from 150%. That was an immediate revert. At the time, even Yasuo mains admitted he was already strong or in good position. 7.) True. Although, I’ve seen many Yasuos being a success after getting Phantom or Statikk + Infinity Edge. Those were crazy comebacks, mate. 8.) I’d say it’s rather different for every player. +1.) I love how you cannot escape his Airborne effect with Cleanse, did you know that? Just so you are guaranteed to be screwed.
2-3) It is not easy to stack it up in a team fight at all, and "He can have teammates to do the knocking up for him" which would make him very team reliant to the point where he needs specific champions on his team in order to be useful. 4) Its 390 with tier 2 boots 5) Not true at all, play yasuo against malzahar, darius, syndra or akali, i can name more champions if you wish. 6) i have played him almost 300 times so umm yea. 7) There are exceptions of course, I agree with that, I came back with talon in the late game and carried. 8) its different for the players who don't like stacking their q so they can poke the enemy and for those who don't dash through the minions to take trades.
Satrap (EUNE)
: they always feed even when I, as the jg, camp them. I main Vi and yasuo can press R when I Q or R. Most of them cannot even do that while I always tell that to them at the game's start.
Always. Always? Lying isn't appreciated. :)
: Right, but the question was about Yasuo. :p Akali is a whole other can of worms.
Now here are his advantages: 1. Situational team fight CC. 2. High mobility provided he has minions. 3. A wind-wall which he can use to save his team mates or himself. (This ability is what saves him from actually going 0-20) 4. A situational ranged ability. 5. Free weak shield for walking which allows him to take trades and nullify harass. 6. Double crit chance allowing him to build crit. 7. Bonus armour pen with his ultimate passive. 8. Will snowball. If I miss any, tell me.
: Right, but the question was about Yasuo. :p Akali is a whole other can of worms.
XD Well here are a list of Yasuo's disadvantages: 1. He is a squishy melee champion. 2. He has little CC. 3. His Ult requires a knock-up, his own knock-up is situational not to mention it is hard to land without an E+Q combo, so without a knock-up he has no ultimate. 4. Without minions, he has 0 mobility. 5. Champions that counter him, counter him hard, and there are many of these champions. 6. Current meta makes him weak. 7. If he is behind, he is almost useless with this near non-existent damage without items, his ultimate to cc multiple enemy champions is the only thing that prevents him from being as useless as a feeding assassin. 8. He pushes easily meaning you can get him to push you under tower and have him camped unless he freezes the wave.
: I main Yasuo
Down-votes? for what? Just shows how childish this community is for hating people for playing a champion.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: because there is no grey zone in yasuo mains. they 20/0 or 0/20.
What? so you have never seen a yasuo go say 14-7 or 8-5, cause I see that most games there is a yasuo, they almost never feed that hard and almost never yasuo get that fed
: Because he has unfair and almost limitless mobility, at least 6 knockups per minute, turret protection on his ult, double crit for passive next to a freaking shield, and his windwall is a pain in the ass. Your ult also buffs you up, and you get blinked outside my turret’s range? I have a reason to ban Yasuo every game. Kind regards, A Karthus main
*ahem* unfair mobility *ahem* new akali
: Well, simply said, people hate having Yasuo's on their teams. Imo 99% of Yasuo players Gold and below have no idea how to play the champ, which is the cause why they either go 0/20 or 20/0. You guys have a tendency to go in 1v5 or 1v4 or 1v3 trying to outplay them with your mobility, which sure, you can, but let's be honest here, 9/10 times it ends with you dying and your team having to play defensive and give up objectives/map control while your dead. You guys are also ranked as the 2nd most toxic group in league, first one being of course Riven Mains, so chances are, if you loose your lane you'll start flaming the jungler or throw the game. TLDR: when someone picks yasuo and says "I'm a Yasuo main" I dodge the game, because in my eyes he just said "Hey guys, I'm gonna loose my lane and then proceed to flame/Int before I'll afk" {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I play Yasuo, I carry, then get flamed, I play lux, I feed, my team supports me. Edit: Yasuo and Riven mains rarely flame compared to Ahri mains on EUNE
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BobbyB103 (EUW)
: Did this too, should have put it in thread sorry. Thanks anyway mate
no problem, have you tried looking at superfetch? it causes massive problems on some hard drives usually being 100% disk usage resulting in programs locking up.
person (EUW)
: I updated driver from ~388 to ~398
Maybe try to rollback your driver and see if that changes anything
Marbian (EUW)
: I attempted this and it didn't work - I also manually uninstalled LoL etc, still the exact same problem.
aw that sucks, try making a support ticket
: [Gameplay] Fps drops!
I used to have this issue but it later resolved itself on its own pretty much. What I can suggest is clearing the games cache which consists of a tonne of log files and older league versions, with some research on the matter you can probably find the directory and exactly what to delete either on these forums or reddit.
: Hey
: cant start a game
Try using the hextech repair tool to reinstall or repatch league, I can't help you any further as I'm not a moderator or anything and have not experienced this error myself. Repair tool: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/224826367-Automated-Troubleshooting-Hextech-Repair-Tool
person (EUW)
: my fps went down from like 400 to 150
Maybe you turned the settings up? I for example average around 300fps with my GTX 970 on max, so a 1050 getting around 150 on max sounds about right. (a gt 1030 gets around 70 on max if you are wondering)
BobbyB103 (EUW)
: FPS goes to 0 - 1
Maybe check your power settings? They are often set to power saver or balanced on a laptop, turning on the high preset should fix your issue at the cost of reduced battery life
: You'll need to upload it to a website like imgur or tinypic, then post the imagelink here. Let me know if you need more details and I can give you a more indepth run through.
thanks i managed work it out so i could do it through drop box
: Can't lose at volleyball if there's no one there to beat you {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Amazing work!
Coxis (EUNE)
: The Newbie Project - Volunteer Contest
https://www.dropbox.com/s/3kdkvpa9k4yaggp/Solo%20Rek%27sai%20By%20Nico237%20%7Beune%7D.png?raw=1 eyyyy it works Reksai is lonely :( (drawing with just a mouse is impossible lol)
: nah, pool party theme already sucks.. They should of invent sth new, tho im not saying that current theme is bad, but i'd prefer more demonic look on ahri c: or just the fact that they make her completely naked :3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
Coxis (EUNE)
: The Newbie Project - Volunteer Contest
: Add a "place a ward here" ping?
Yes this would be so useful so i can tell my dumb adc to ward when i have ran out xd
: Ranked for ARAM ?
I've heard there is some background rank system in aram already or something
: Probably they will rather make another skin for ashe like PoolParty ashe <- this champ gets so many skins it's unbelievable .--.
ik it suuuuucks, pool party ahri is possibly the best pool party skin they could make
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: No, I play this game 15 hours a day for 3 years already. I think I can give u some statistics after 16 000 of hours, playing this game :)
i play max 4 hours a day and my summoner level is more than double yours.
Maxilox (EUW)
: Riot actually banned me for writing "wow" in chat
Usually you won't get banned for one toxic game, which suggests you have been reported for other reasons too.
: Ban for spamming? Is this a joke?
It's sad but its in the TOU. Riot being umm i dont even know, decides to put a rule in the TOU saying to not spam, instead of just implementing a proper spam filter in game.
: You people are delusional. I genuinely can't believe that you find this ban-worthy.
Exactly said, most of the community is delusional, shall i tell you how almost everyone from a single match reported me? I wanted to try out xin in blind pick and there was a darius player spamming top or troll, so during the game he decided to feed an enemy tahm kench so i decided not to gank because 1. he was toxic, 2. it would have resulted in a double for the tahm, then darius was spamming rep me the whole game for not ganking him so he decided to literally start inting, also my adc spamming to rep me for not ganking top even though i couldn't of course, and guess what? the enemy team decides to also rep me for not ganking someone who was toxic and had fed someone to the point where you could only 5v1 to kill them, oh and no one wanted to rep the inting and toxic darius, hmmmmmm. (Also ban-worthy is not the same as ban-able, so what he did is definitely ban-able, but ban-worthy? Nice joke)
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MasterKota (EUNE)
Yes its really annoying, most of the time i get around 27 ping but it randomly spikes up to 100-200, wtf riot?! I know its not me because I have good internet and a good PC Internet Connection: Virgin Media vivid 200 (gamer) PC Specs: i5 7500 8GB DRR4 GTX 970 1TB HDD MSi motherboard 600W PSU
: Patch 8.6 Still Fps Drops - Unplayable
I have an i5 7500, 8GB DDR4, GTX 970 and have no fps problems on max, with my fps hovering around 300 fps pretty much everywhere without a custom overclock. ( i also use two monitors at 1080p.){{champion:103}} But if you are getting "black pixels" i would think its your graphics card artifacting.
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: Zoe is too much nerfed!!!
I think there should have been no nerf AT ALL, Zoe was perfectly fine and I always won lane against Zoe whether i picked yas, ahri, zed, nerfing her just made her even weaker of a champion, meanwhile actually broken champions like Varus are being ignored, what on earth riot?

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