: #FreeNubrac
I actually can't belive that the community stand by Nubrac. IMO both Nubrac and nb3 should be banned.Nightblue deserves the ban for obvious reasons. Now let's talk about Nubrac. 1.His winrate is 48% in 408 games. 2.He tilts his allies, as you can see in the videos posted everyone but the toplane went afk because of teemo.All of you saying he deserves to be unbanned should play bot without a support it is like asking to be dived 24/7.As for the enemy midlaner it is harder to dive mid especially with a teemo than it is to dive an adc. His "strategy" not only puts the enemy midlaner behind but his own midlaner aswell because of xp sharing. 3.This is not innovation.He is Master, the players he gets queued with want to play competitive games not aram clown fiestas on SR.If this is considered healthy for the game i can make a case for disco nunu being an innovation.Ever wanted to play a league game but you only had 10 mins to spare?
: Sylas Imbalance Issue
Do you really complain about Sylas in diamond? That champion is a minion with items this patch.41% winrate in plat+. Just buy a %%%%ing executioneer/morello if you really wish to torment him. His W is the only decent ability sylas has right now aside from his ult.
Memuru (EUW)
Aftershock Sylas is a huge problem.Broken champ comfortably sitting at 41% winrate is plat+ rito please nerf him.Picking Sylas in soloq should be bannable until they fix him. Joking aside riot should change aftershock before they butcher lux because of it.


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