Miuri (EUW)
: It basically is the same like the current one. To be more precise the client is running electron, an application based on the open source chromium (which is like you said the base for google chrome or the new MS Edge, Vivaldi, Brave, Opera). Electron allows you to run websites as a somewhat standalone desktop app, by emulating a web server through something called node.js The updated client is only going to improve a bit on the performance site, as the newer versions of electron have a lower memory footprint and are more optimized. Right now the current client is also electron based. I just hope their pipeline is less messy.
For real? I never knew that the current client is made with electron. This must be the slowest and buggiest app I've ever seen running on electron.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Riot should start enforcing Mac address bans so those with 30-40accounts can finally stop ruining the game
If riot ever started banning Mac addresses, not only would that mean that siblings with 1 PC would be in trouble, also thousands of tutorials on how to change your mac address would surface.
jacktjong (EUW)
: I'm also not 100% sure but I believe it's a lot like a web page launcher? Like how you can run spotify or discord in chrome. I'm not sure though...
chromium is a web browser that google chrome is based on. In this context it means that League launcher will transition to work more like a website, in the same way that spotify & discord work.
: You cannot win a game with solo skill anymore. Rito made is clear that only boosting services can give you rise, by removing any worthy skill picks from solo lanes. Yet, they are never going to nerf {{champion:157}} Coincedence? Don't think so.
So "You cannot win a game with solo skill"... except if you're a "boosting service"?
Hat Jack (EUNE)
: 2-3 months versus 6 months.
Some might take 6 months to get honor 2, sure, but the argument I meant is "if it's ranked rewards it's ranked rewards". The punishment system has always been there, the rewards have never been purely based on your rank. I would actually argue that nowadays it's easier to avoid punishment than with the old system, nowadays most of the punishments are given for chat behavior. So with a bit of self control avoiding punishments is easier than with tribunal.
Hat Jack (EUNE)
: "So the system makes you get stuff if you behave decently and punishes you if you behave badly." The problem there is it's not rewarding decent behavior. It's punishing bad behavior. It rewards NEUTRAL behavior? Now do you %%%%ing understand? Denying ranked rewards is a reason some don't want to play ranked anymore. What's the point? Hard work for nothing. Sure you can say your rank is a reward. But removing someone's hard-earned rewards for some negative reason isn't a good punishment. They have punishments for this shit already, why nullify people's work alongside it? And yeah, I decided to tell someone to play the game instead of %%%%% to others. Kill me right? I should be %%%%ing lynched on the spot. Worse than Hitler. How dare I ask Riot to separate ranked rewards that people work for from the honor system. Just gas me already.
I don't understand one thing from your argument, why complain about this now? I mean, since I started playing league in season 2, if you got a restriction 3 months prior to season ending, you couldn't get the season rewards. It's not some new thing that came with the honor system.
: riot's honorwall
So... nothing's changed? Before honor system if you got a restriction 3 months before rewards were given you didn't get anything. Even with the old system you wouldn't be getting anything, so what are you complaining about?
Restalious (EUNE)
: Greetings, If they don't ask questions they can't know if you are really you that seems legit to me, also the thing with the charge back won't work at all.
Yeah, it's not like implementing 2FA, so this wouldn't happen, would be a better idea than asking players what champions they bought 8 years ago. EDIT: I've also lost access to my alt account because I don't remember in which order I bought my champions. Thank god I remembered those details for this account or I would have quit 4 years ago.
Possible (EUW)
: there is no rules for females that they can't join they just are not good enough. There used to be a ''female'' pro player tho
There even used to be a female team, but they disbanded before playing a professional game.
: What about your 0/11/7 Sona Game. Worse kda than anyone in this Team so according to your Logic even worse boosted.
_No no no_, you don't get it. It's **always **the teams fault.
I had the same problem with my account a few years back, fortunately for me, it was not my main account that I forgot the password of. But, what! They gave you a snippet of the email you used to register the account? I asked for that information and they didn't give it to me. I'm 100% certain that if I got a snippet of the email I used, I would be able to get my account back trough there.
Gόld (EUW)
: Please Everyone i need help ASAP
To have a mustache like Braum, you need to be Braum.
: Championship Riven
Championship riven has only been available twice, when she was released in season 2, and in season 6. I doubt it will show up in shops any time soon.
: So apparently NA players are more privileged since they get permanent suspension lifted and players
So you'd rather have them not test this is NA and just drop it entirely? Just be happy that it might be a possibility to get a ban removed. I bet you wouldn't be making a post like this if it was any other region (EUW, OCE...)
: How I became a toxic Player (All of you should read this...)
Honestly, I suggest that you play with with preamade. I don't know if you play only ranked or normal too, but I play normals with premades every day. You say most of your games are "pain in the a...", maybe I'm just lucky but I encounter this type of games only few times a week. I'd ask you to join our premade but you're on different server. Good luck in the future.
Hey im G (EUW)
: People Based Skins
I would by Faker Ryze skin even if it was an ultimate.
: RIOT forces me to name change for no reason again
I am not a native English speaker, but does Sparkling Land even mean/refer to anything bad? I just read the Summoner Name FAQ and couldn't come up with a single reason to deny your name.
keniq200 (EUNE)
: i have to pay with rp to swap names lol,im better to delete all of them,ty.
Actually, the linked site also said that you can swap names with BE.
: Then what about runes that help you the least? Such as Soraka with Domination? There's no way it can work properly and help your partner in lane, let alone your team. But if it actually works, is it still a troll pick?
I don't believe there are troll runes, if you take any runes, anything at all, and make it work, even if there are better ones, it's not trolling to take them. If you take absolute garbage runes and try your everything to win, even if you don't succeed I don't believe that is anywhere near trolling.
: Is taking Troll runes but succeeding still a troll pick?
I don't believe there are such things as troll runes. Every rune helps you in some way. Some people make really weird rune combinations work.
: Meanwhile...
Meanwhile my alt-account just reached level 16 2 days ago
Hydnoras (EUW)
: >I dislike the mentality of ranked, I personally just view it as a normal mode which ranks you over the time. You are entitled to have your own opinion and that's fine, but there are also people like me who hate people who don't take ranked seriously (so not like normal mode) and it hurts the competitiveness and the consistency of match quality. People who do not take ranked seriously, should not play the mode. And by taking it seriously i don't mean complaining. You hate people in ranked who complain but you are one of the main reasons why they complain.
Yeah, I get what you mean, it's just sad that riot locks rewards behind ranked, I had to play 10 games of ranked to be able to play clash (Altought I don't like ranked, me and my friends participate in many tournaments), and every season I have to play ranked enough to get victorious skin. It isn't fun for me, nor for people who take ranked seriously
Keyah (EUW)
: What do you like/dislike about the Ranked System in League?
I dislike the mentality of ranked, I personally just view it as a normal mode which ranks you over the time. People get too worked up in ranked and complain about every single little thing. Really makes it unenjoyable for me.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raptorz,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IkZPuaTy,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2018-07-10T11:29:26.690+0000) > > Alright, but I don't understand how after you said > > you ended up in the conclusion that those trollers are sent by Riot, like your next sentence suggests. are you main adc? If you would be main adc , you would understand my thoughts , 3 from 5 games autofill support , not even when i get an main support it's not safe because they doing mistakes too , i don't like people who play trash and flame adc... , and i definetly not like to get surprises , i don't know how good is the guy who play next to me , idk what i can do and what i can't do with it cause there is no way to detect someone skill now based on ranked rank , even most "s124id" people get carry because of skilled people like me who play and carry all time , who just carry even 4 feeders in team when they start well , i been in this cases many times ,and i don't like what riot create with autofill system ,no one like to be forced to paly support ,most of them troll and i pay no RIOT , i pay with my time lost,my nervs,my lp cause of the loss , on top of that i am get punished too if i say something ... ,just let's be honest ,true is never good , riot just learn us to lie , to say all is chill and cool , we don't get angry , i didn't even flame that guy and got punished so what so ever this just proof how riot keep the thinghs , if you tell me i am toxic for just that chat logs i have to say you are out of your mind cause i definetly know what's insult. It says same message no mather you flame , just says "other players judged your comms to be far below standards of the league of legends comunity. Everyone deserve respect etc....,if you continuate communicate this way ,you will continue to be chat restricted or risk account suspensions. Where IS MY RESPECT FOR PLAYING THIS GAME FOR 7 years... , where is it ? , is it behind these people who laught about my stats ,who take fun of me , and who disrespect and still play this game ? A better question would be what standards i broke ? , you can't say anythingh mad that you get banned , riot bring me other games i got banned for , where are chat logs from installation folder , i have no longer acces to my own chat logs ,how i can defend myself in front of you? Why it ain't show up what terms and condition i broke ?? , is this verbal abuse ? i don't think so , is this negative attitude?? i just keeped play and didn't gived up .
First of all, this is not your first punishment, you didn't use any known trigger word which results in instant ban. The system is more sensitive of people who have had warnings. Besides that, I too am ADC main, to be more precise TOP/ADC main. But yeah, I might not be able to understand, because I always go and get a duo support before queue. The few times that I have not had voice communication with my support, they weren't bad. But because communication is limited, there are always some miss plays.
: This forum is trash
It would be more appropriate to say "This section is trash" when taking a screenshot of a single section of the boards.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Raptorz,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IkZPuaTy,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-10T10:51:57.702+0000) > > Your friendly neighborhood fact checked here, that account has 1501 games played as Jinx across all queues, not 2100 in ranked. > > *Flies away* i have 1 more account with over 800 games ranked as jinx , so i don't lie my friend i am a good player i been platinum last season and almost all season , i have a large knowdledge , i know to play this game . I need to go right now ,i just have to get to university , gl&hf there on ranked man , it's just a trap this game ,even my best friend who is main support and is stuck between plat 1 and plat 3 start to see more often trollers ,so definetly riot is killing them game , i just try to keep chill and stay away of this game.(is way better so there hundreds of games,who makes you have fun and be chill ). Anyway i learn something from this game how mad would be a person never fight same back , that's definetly helps me deal with people who are angry.
Alright, but I don't understand how after you said > my best friend who is main support and is stuck between plat 1 and plat 3 start to see more often trollers you ended up in the conclusion that those trollers are sent by Riot, like your next sentence suggests.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: About riot submited bans
Your friendly neighborhood fact checked here, that account has 1501 games played as Jinx across all queues, not 2100 in ranked. *Flies away*
: in that way, getting S two and three times against any match-up does not measure mastery level too.
But in a way, rather than giving mastery point based on mastery score, giving them based on how many well rated games they have played would, in my opinion, be better.
: they are probably wating for the fanfictions for that, i wouldn't be surprised if they end up being "inspired" by the winners. isn't it curious that they are chosing 2 winners for darius and 2 for garen?
Some might see that as something negative, but if they actually end up using same concepts as the fan fictions, in my opinion it would be amazing. Riot would essentially be writing the lore with the community.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raptorz,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=rjbRUF3e,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-08T17:01:28.051+0000) > > Hells, a celestial being capable of creating galaxies can be killed by a yordle with some blow darts, in-game has never reflected lore well. This nonsense of Law, Order and now God Kings was made practically only to sell these fancy skin. Nothing more. I would really like some event centered around the REAL lore of the game, like the Bilgewater one when GP got his new base skin.
I agree completely, I would be fine with this kind of events more, if they published a decent lore to back the event. The lore we got for this one was minimal.
: As it was known from practically day one, Darius is winning. I mean even with all the players who hate {{champion:122}} because they think it is OP (even tho most of these players probably got it and play it too)...who the hell may like {{champion:86}} more, a champ that is designed to go in, deal random damage, and then run like a chicken to abuse his stupid passive? It's the opposite of the way a brave and bold fighter would behave.
Hells, a celestial being capable of creating galaxies can be killed by a yordle with some blow darts, in-game has never reflected lore well.
: Searching For Some TeamMates To hit on the rift as one and win some games and have fun
You join my team, this isn't a suggestion, it's an order.
: > [{quoted}](name=Raptorz,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=qzu8nEfP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-06T20:40:50.586+0000) > > I'm disappointed, none of my mains or skins listed. > But this list is spot on. tell me yours them and i'll say my oopinion
Championship Riven and Jayce brighthammer
: what skin says about players
I'm disappointed, none of my mains or skins listed. But this list is spot on.
: Normal MMR doesn't reflect ranked MMR. Matchmaking takes whatever it can get, in your NORMAL MMR RANGE.
I see you on every topic, do you have boards open 24/7 just waiting for new posts? :D
YujaAnoYu (EUNE)
: Orange essence
*Laughing with 6k Orange Essence.*
Sefi (EUNE)
: Question for people experienced with the silver league.
I'm bronze, but most of my games include at least one gold or higher, my latest game features a diamond player. Your division really doesn't affect matchmaking.
fifalegend (EUNE)
: Why I think old players are quitting this game
Why most of my friends left a few years back, is because LOL and other MOBA games were becoming way too competitive even in casual matches. For people who don't want to commit their lives playing this game the competitiveness that other players force on you isn't fun.
Arnoter (EUW)
: Even for that small Amount, dont get scammed. If you find somebody who does that, remember that he needs to be 24 hours your Friend in League and dont give him the Code until you have the Skin.
And then the problem becomes that no one wants to give the skin before getting the money.
: Zed ult doesnt make him untargetable
You cannot be targeted, what you are talking about is damage immunity, which if it existed in zed's kit, I'm glad it doesn't exist anymore.
: https://gyazo.com/67c95f5653a5e3d6181631f0c05a9dac That's not including ranked.
Alright, the API must have been drunk
Baarzal (EUW)
: Riot can you create a rule to don't allow play champs with less than LV 4 or 5 in RANK
You suggest this, but you only have 2 champions with 4 or higher mastery level. Do you suggest that you shoulnd't be able to play ranked? If you were able to play, what would happen if your 2 only champs got picked or banned?
: First Time [INSERT CHAMPION] in Ranked Play
First of all, I didn't read the whole post, so sorry if you said something about this. How would you define "first timing" a champion? I have played league for 8 years and have played with every single champion at least once. So to the suggested system it's ok for me to pick anything? Some people have suggested being able to play with only champs that you have mastery lvl 4 or higher on. But even this system would pose the problem that some new players might face nowadays, You'd need at least 16 champs to have mastery lvl 4 or higher to be able to play, and at that point you only have that amount of champs to pick from. After ban & pick phase you might have a lot less.
: It really doesn't... An account from season 1, i don't have under 300 normal's LMFAO
I don't know about that, Checked with my bot that reads Riot API.
: Ik how it works after 4000+ normal games.
Your account has a bit under 300 normal summer's rift games. (Just correcting stats)
570 Scythe (EUNE)
: How are new players supposed to buy " ALL " champs ?
Actually it's much faster for new players to get champions now compared to before be. I'm currently leveling an alt account and I was surprised how fast I got 16 champions to be able to play Draft. If I remember correctly, average IP for each game used to be 80-100 (bit more for first win of the day), requiring a lot of games to get a 6300 champion. New players get BE faster than they would've gotten IP.
: ARURF needs a fix
Personally I like ARURF because it's out of norm, offers a new way to play the champions you like. I don't know how to explain it, but ARURF different and fresh compared to regular Summoner's Rift game. Honestly, I can't imagine enjoying ARURF without a premade. It's surprisingly hard to explain why I find something fun.
Roamcell (EUW)
: Thanks, but what about ranked? Or by flex you meant actually that? I have seen 3 v 3 statistics, but not RANKED. Can you confirm?
3v3 ranked is ranked flex. SO yeah, You can find 3v3 ranked data in the API.
100 ms (EUW)
: New cursor
They have already confirmed that you can still use the old cursor if you want to, just by enabling it on the settings.
: I would like it even if it happens to me. Because as Riot clearly says, they can't do anything if you left a game and you are penalised, so they should insta 15 days ban people who leave intentionally or even ruin game for others.
I used an example of internet not working, and you respond with "they should insta 15 days ban people who leave intentionally". I don't see how it's intentional if (for example) internet (or power) goes out in your area. Sure it would ruin game for others, and it also ruins the game for you.
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