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Belkano (EUW)
: This season's matchmaking is so bad it almost forces you to drop League
Absolutely agreed, they said they will fix it, but guess when? in s11 XDDDD, both euw/eune are sad currently, champion balances are sad too, its either u end it in 15 mins or the enemy, u can win 4 lanes in ur team, but if u have a 3-0 kassadin in enemy mid, guess what? u lose.
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had the same, send a ticket.
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: With the phantom dancer thing remember that rapid fire cannon makes it so your attacks can’t be blocked, so if you are fighting someone with phantom dancers or yordles it’s a good idea to go straight for a rapid fire cannon (double recurve bow, pretty easy to grab through carousel phases)... not a full fix but it’s at least counter play And riot said next week we will be choosing our starter ~~Pokemon~~ little legend by choosing between silverwing, the mole, or the sentinel
Yeah but still its too op, then they should make all other chance items work 100% too
Khoncept (EUW)
: 1: I agree, it's pretty OP. 2: While I would like this as well, you should always only play for fun - that should be the main reason you play the game, unless you plan on going pro or something. 3: I agree that they should tweak PD. 4: Absolutely. 5: I don't know what you mean by this. 6: Yes, in time. But for now, the existing roster needs to get balanced first.
For me the copmetition to win is the real fun
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M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: lol, it's npot random, just slow and ineffective, cause instead of starting 3 day ban, 1 week ban, 1 month ban and permanent ban it starts with chat restrictions and people easly get around that lol
Nah, you're probably lower elo that doesn't tryhard or you just don't care about your division. Because if you tryhard and do well in game having 14 deaths in just bot lane you can't just say "its fine" i do my best to be fine but it's just impossible. And my first ban on this account was directly 14 days, that's why i said they randomly ban.
Areum (EUNE)
: not rly
Didn't ask. Hold your answer for yourself. As you see there is no question mark asking anybody anything.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Look, I found more salt mines. To be honest, only way i use masterwork chests is when I am not sure what skin I want and for which champion. Otherwise I just straight out buy the skin lol.
Not gonna pay a single dollar to this indie game company that randomly bans people and has a trash gameplay experience, so go ahead and spend some money.
: I'll do both while you moan.
Already chat restricted to not get banned, if you want to talk you can surely add me in game so i can make you moan.
: I cant win games no matter what i do,plz help me
If ur diamond+ u cant win no matter what, if ur plat or lower then u have chance to learn.
: When Masterwork Chest loot reflects your feelings
: That's not gonna happen any time soon. Either cough up the dough or keep playing on eune.
Better smoke a pack of cigar instead of playing 1 game of league of legends in Europe Nordic East server, this server is trash.
: It was only free when they split euw/eune so that players could decide which they wanna play on afaik, so i doubt it will come back.
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Vallen29 (EUW)
: Concept: Permanent ARURF
Don't think so, i had 200+ urf games and after some time it doesn't feel fun, because how the system works to make 1 team so strong and 1 so lame. It's rare how 2 teams are balanced and u can actually have fun.
: Buddy, diamond 4 is low elo, if you have plat players in your game then your MMR is shit because of how many games you've lost. Ranked reset only really helped masters and above.
ur the right example of why system sucks lol, u were plat 5 in s8 and now dia 1 which shows how system is coin flip, doesnt matter how u play as i said, alogirthm coin flips, if u get the right side ur dia 1 else ur dia 4. Or euw sucks since ur in euw, don't know.
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: What happened to Clash
We didn't even see the clash bar in client lol
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Entiloak (EUW)
: A computer for league.
U got lots of budget pcs for esports, just research a bit
: I would like to see that, however Ranking up is time consuming. It's not like an 100 meter race and then you done. In some cases it takes months to reach high elo. Also, even in the actual sports, the athletes have some qualifications to compete against each other. That's like asking a student to play a game against LeBron. Kind of a waste of time. Skill difference between an Iron player and a Diamond is kind of huge. Further confirmation on this isn't really necessary. Idk why I'm saying all these, you are diamond you should know better {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
Spending time to rank up is last problem, when you reach diamond - it's over. You can't climb, you can just fall back to lower ranks, you get +17 and lose -25, wheres the logic? I stopped playing because of that, playing in diamond is waste of time since you know its the max rank you will reach with +17 and 54 winrate. Reset it and everyone gets where he deserves.
Hansiman (EUW)
: That'll honestly create far more damage than good. You'd group every player back together, causing horrible imbalanced games as the system would suddenly see Iron IV players at the same level as Challenger. It would take a long time to get players back where they belong when you make such a drastic reset. The problem that was occuring that's causing the reset was unique to Diamond and above. Why should they reset people under this who haven't been impacted at all?
Still, that's the last option, since i remember games where i was in platinum 2 series and had a lot unranked players in my games, let it take months for everyone to reach their rank, so what?
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: > [{quoted}](name=T00Late,realm=EUNE,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=E3LszUkl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-18T19:35:10.708+0000) > > millions of dollars for copyright FeelsBadMan copyright sucks
: how to play ezreal
not that hard actually, just dont try lcs builds and stuff 1 tear is enough, u find him hard cuz nearly every spell is skillshot just learn that
: GABRANTH (Final Fantasy XII) PANTHEON SKIN! - League of Legends (Fan)
millions of dollars for copyright FeelsBadMan
: What should I do when 4 premades threaten to troll me in pre-game lobby?
northellion (EUNE)
: Trolling goes unpunished
probably l9 wannabe but cant be sure, or got so tilted
: Help me cuz I'm trash
You probably watch proffesional games in lec, lcs, those games are played with full concentration and no risks, they dont want to try 2v2 because it can lose them the game, so they just farm and farm, if you dont watch them and still have bad cs, training mode is a joke, you wont cs better if u just practice it offline, just play more and focus on cs and not kills.
: Make league voice chat
i can already hear 12 year old toxic kids screaming, so no. Thanks.
Fiestor (EUW)
: why is lp gain in diamond %%%%ed?
Thats why i stopped playing soloq lol, i play 1v9 to get 15 and if lose -22? xdd
: Best role to carry low elo
Secret information for you, jungle, pick yi, get conqueror, rageblade, win. And watch some cowsep to learn the mechanics, its ez but still there are some tricks.
: Your unironic constant use of "XD" made me want to kms
Hey hey fellow summoner, just to remind u not to break the summoner's code.
radetari (EUNE)
: I shit u not I played for an entire year until i could unlock DJ Sona because I got her before Riot made that Ultimate drops are permanent
worth if ur sup or sona main but still, maybe u missed other ultimates cuz of that
: FreeSync not working on League?
Bro, ill talk personally, i play this game cuz at first place im addicted, but in the second place, i have trash pc, if i had a good pc to run new games, why would i play this game, far cry 5, division 2, metro exodus, and u play 5v5 moba where half ur games u get inters, feeders...
: I cant hold in my toxicity
That is why smurfing is a big problem, a new player has to play against a experienced player, maybe the challengers from future just stop playing, and we have to play with the same community.
Costi555 (EUW)
: How it feels when you miss a skill shot... It happens to the best of us
radetari (EUNE)
: Meanwhile I need like 450 orange essence for upgrading my Mecha Zero Sion to permanent, and I get a %%%%ing ward
i had the same with the hell lucian skin, impossible to get it permanent, i just rerolled, lul.
: Do you play the game with the usernames shown or not?
Without of course, that is how i believe pro players do it, its better to play the game, instead of looking who you are playing against, imagine, you are a rookie top laner playing for some x team and you have names on, and you see a long time proffesional player playing against you, this might be a bad example but, still, you focus to the game, not names.
Montimort (EUW)
: I restarted many times, this is an everyday issue, not a one-time thing, sadly. And still going on...
if it really is impossbile for u to get mid lane, then your last help is riot games support, send a ticket.
: From ur comment is enough to show that u are more toxic than him 1000 times
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