: Brand is a midlane mage? Lux is also midlane mage? Sona pokes like every other support does? For Pyke, ask riot about that.
well its funny cuz poeple play lux as supp and she does dmg, well lenora does 200% more dmag than yuumi does right now, sona heal 70% more than yuumi right now, the nerf was too bad cuz she ws fine before now shes the worst champion to play cuz shes the weakest in game with no spells that can do anything now so gg u guys got what u wanted btw i think zed should get as nerfed as akali and kata2 cuz then its more fair right?
: Since when is support supposed to do dmg?
why is pyke supp then why is sona supp?? lux? brand? zilan? u must not be too smart man, or u never played lol bot lane
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: Good. If shes too weak they will buff her next patch. But right now we get 2 weeks of Yuumi not being overpowered. And i think everyone agrees that's a good thing.
haha fun thing to say man nerf zed then nerf kata then nerf yas then they are the worst unbalanced champs in game with rengo and kha the onley reason everybody hates yuumi is cuz they dont like, that they cant target her. even trough every person cryes and thinks shes overpower, well zed s broken veigar is broken get a life kid insed of crying about 1 useless supp do 150 dmg on 1 q


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