: I am a terrible jungler
Hello so I am a jungle main, And although I am only in Gold 4 I can give you some tips: For Warwick a good thing to do would be going to invade your enemy's red in the beggining, And telling your top/bot lane (depends what side you're on) to ward your red and then take the other laners and mid to go invade the enemy's jungler. Try to dodge any spells and hide in the tribush and when your team is with you go to the bush behind their red. As you're there make sure the most tanky person on the people in the invasion (in that case if the support is tanky then the support, if not then you) goes first. Try to grab a few kills/assist while you're there but don't get too carried off by going in too far and dieing and giving the enemies a triple/quadra kill. Make sure you smite the red at 410 hp if the enemies are still there and you havent killed them. After that if the enemies are dead you can try getting the raptors, But if they're there you should leave and go to your grump. After grump take the blue buff, then wolves and to your scuttler. When you get the scuttler you can perform a gank on either mid lane, Or top/bot lane (the closest one to you) if the enemies are pushing. Make sure that you don't waste your flash without need. If you see the enemies use their flash to get to their turrets, Ping that they flashed and just go back to farming. That is an efficient way to start up the game. After that as warwick you should rather try to farm to level 6 and then first gank. I'm not a warwick main so I can't exactly say too much about this but I hope this helped xD My mains are {{champion:11}} and {{champion:2}} on jungle :P Peace out! {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
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