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: Also you can submit a request, if you still can't open it.
And wait 1 week for the answer ^^
: Try to open this lol.launcher.admin.exe (C:\Riot Games\LEague of Legends). Then try to repair.
Initiated full repair. Still that one account isnt working Edit after 5 mins. Now 2nd acc again doesnt work
: Try to open this lol.launcher.admin.exe (C:\Riot Games\LEague of Legends). Then try to repair.
Now only 1 doesnt work (didnt change anything). Somethin g ight be uip with launcher
: I cannot connect to LOL
Same problem here, but on 2 out of 3 accs
Teejoon (EUW)
: No, they can't. Unless they want to break EU Laws. There are laws that say you can't charge more for products based on nationality or country of residence only which this would be. Since its an online service they could have different prices for different countries, but they aren't allowed to stop me from just changing the country and get it cheaper. They could have a different price for RP Cards for different countries, but then I could just order those cheaper cards online from a seller and still get it cheaper. They wouldn't be allowed to stop me from using them.
That is not the case. FOr example, ciggaretes. Tell me, how almost every country has a different price for them, even tho they might be the same label? I am talking about EU standards atm
Zurkrem (EUW)
: >--First would be, that in the store (or collection) It would be nice, if i could press a button, to see the owned skins i have. It takes a lot of time to go through each and every champion, looking, what skins i have. And if u say: "You can press show owned skins at store". Yes, i can, but it doesn't show legacy skins, so i still have to go through each and every champion in the end. Riot has already stated that they're planning to add this (due to player feedback). --- | |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| | Source | |:--:||:--:||:--:| >PRIORITIZED - A separate "skins tab" in the Collection. Players want a way to see all their skins in one place. We'll give you one.
: Well, come from Norway and as a 16 year old i have already used 225 EUR on this game, i dont even have a job :p
Link (EUW)
: My Shop Sucks
The thing is. You got 4 epic skin shards. U can call it all you want, but i will say, you are pretty damn lucky.
Giorno (EUNE)
: Lag in champion select
So. Let's sort this through. As you can see, the other players were running the client okay, so it was yours PC fault. I suggest you should check your memory or motherboard. Either viruses/internet connection errors/packet losses/just an outdated motherboard.
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: If you give me the highlight I can upload it to youtube for you ^^
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thankarezos (EUNE)
: Kennen invisible ult
If it remains in other games, try repairing lol at lol launcher before login screen. Cuz it might be just a bad patching for u.
: Right, I'm not fully getting what you mean here. Are you saying that Tear is sometimes stacking 3 times in the 8 seconds rather than twice, giving 12 more mana instead of 8?
No. 1 charge is after 4 seconds. But it stacks up to 3 charges (supposed to be 2) . Thats what im saying. :)
: shaco bug
Ummm.... i play shaco a lot. Never happened to me but i suggest it was a bug with ur patching. U should repair (u can do it on the lol launcher ebfore login screen) and try it in the custom. After that, let us know if anything changed. P.S. another idea is that ur alt button maybe was stuck and so when u ulted all ur movement commands went to ur clone?
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