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: That patch was the worlds patch so it focused on pro play. In pro play there was a high priority on weak early game junglers, ones who need their ult to gank. So instead of nerfing them riot buffed kha and Elise who are two aggressive early game junglers in order to bring more action in the early game. And kha hadn’t been doing much since his ult change... so not like they buffed someone who was already strong.
maybe u are right but in my opinion he is too strong now.
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Smerk (EUW)
: That's because Riot aren't doing that great of job explaining how report system works. I encounter too many people that still think that you will be instant banned without any investigation if you'll get 9 reports at once
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Hansiman (EUW)
: You'll need to be at least honor level 2 in order to be eligible for ranked rewards.
what about frame ? u get it no metter honor lvl ?
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Hansiman (EUW)
: Because personal effort isn't something you can automatically check. Base it on personal score, and it's super easy to pad the numbers in your favor, while also ending up hurting your teams ability to win. Any system that has been proposed so far does not tackle the problem of rewarding those that are not playing to win.
what about ranks u get after game Like S rank A rank u dont get that rank only for score ? or u do ? and if not it could be good if u get S rank and lost to lose less lp or something like that
: Post your chatlogs. If the ban is justified it wont be lifted. You can skip chat restrictions if you use stuff like racism, encourage selfharm, etc.
U just cant imagine how much i was explaining that dude.. what he is doing wrong .. and after he just flamed without arguments i started 2. and flamed like hell i deserved chat restiction but i dont think 14 day suspension.. is real. And no racism just garbage . jerk ..
: 1) They can't remove bans/suspensions unless it's accidental because it ruins the whole consequence thing. 2) Nothing justifies being a d!ck. If people are flaming you, mute them and move on. If you just lost 4 games in a row, Take a break. 3) If you weren't in the mood, why play?
u are right for that 3 rd think :) nvm i dont care about 14 day but im devastated by players who play ranked games.
: Boy... nothing to do. They will say they cant lift suspensions and shit and u should have muted them etc etc... if you dont want perma like i had just dont talk on chat... im so sorry for you. i feel for you.. good luck on not ''flaming''
haha just played game with no talking with riven that didnt care about game and i was 7:0 mid and we lost in 19 minute couz she was not helping and jungler was going 1vs5 after 3 of us die . And u just cant tell them anything.. u just need to watch that pathetic people that dont even try.. but its ranked game not normal and riot dont do anything to prevent that
: > after 2 games of flaming guy that flamed me first So you deserved that ban. >If u can riot it would be nice to remove 14 day suspension i wont flame ever again. if i do ban me pernamently . They won't and after you are done with your ban the next punisment will be a perma ban so think about it.
2 games of flaming deserve ban ??? but every game every game is full of toxic people and flame and they dont get anything but i got for 2 games
Hansiman (EUW)
: For extreme verbal abuse, 14 day bans are a standard first penalty.
Gameplay of 90% of Player in this game and how they attitude to game specialy ranked game is extreme mentaly abuse and i think this game should do something about it becouse its a rlly big problem
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Watch & Earn: Log into lolesports... "Start Earning" button not working?
This mission is dumb how many minutes or what i have to watch for to get rewards.. wtff
: Riot has openly said that it doesn't matter if a person gets 1 report or 9, it will still get triggered by the system. Furthermore, the system doesn't always tell you that a player is banned, in fact it's a rare occurence that you get to find out. So just because it hasn't come up saying it, it doesn't mean he isn't banned. If someone falsely reports you, nothing happens. The system won't flag you, you won't get a punishment and it just won't count. So no, the system does not randomly ban people and it also very very very rarely makes mistakes.
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