Sefi (EUNE)
: Not that different from silver imo
Im gold 4 but it's still the same :D
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Haze97 (EUW)
: Two skill shots, silly. Never have I seen a Zed need to land more than a double shuriken. Stop giving me that bullshit. You should never have been able to kill a Juggernaut who was a level above you, has higher HP at the start of the battle, and still managed to land his abilities.
Sure, I used all my abilities (ingite, R, AA, double E, triple Q) and He survived. He hit me with one Q and AA and i almost die.. Not bad
Haze97 (EUW)
: The sad part being that a level 10 Zed at lower HP than a 11 Darius, still all ins and beats him in a 1v1. And that's despite those bugs. Yup, Zed must be underpowered. Now try doing the same thing with Talon, Katarina, or even Khazix.
And you think Zed is op? You must hit so many skill shots with him. Darius hit me one Q and R and im dead.
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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: This is why you should pick an underrated off meta champion never banned xd
Ye you are right. Thanks for the comment
Forsaken1 (EUNE)
: feels bad xd suggestion for future edits, try not to use as many dead memes but other than that, pretty hilarious!
I know only that classical memes :D Where can i find that new memes? :D (dont say on the internet) Thank you for that tip :)
: hhaha lol so funny bro i feel like this video i wannna broken my keyboard when i see zed baned
thank you man! i'm glad you wrote this.
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: the Point of a Montage is to Show amazing or funny Clips. A lot of the Clips seem like you use very Basic mecanics with lots of hesitation: 1. why do you use w like this, you can for example walk up place w behind you and doge with or something like that, w seems a bit wasted there 2.good kill but not very amazing considering irelia Focus so muhc on fizz that you can execute your Combo for free 3. again Basic Combo on pyke, getting the kill but not really amazing 4. Auto r and not really a outplay considering she face checks you … the last Clip was okay These are the first couple of Clips, but it generally repeats itself. The mecanicsw in those Clips seem very unclean.
yeah ur right. That kills are not an amazing but i just wanted to try how editing and yt works and get some feedback. Maybe I should choice another concept, or just collect more an amazing stuff. Not just collect some shitty kills from last 3 games.. :D Thank you so much for your time and tips.
: i really disliked that the in-game sound was louder than the music. usually if you took a look at other montages, the in-game sound was either really low or non-existent, so the music could shine
Ok ty for advice. I will maybe mute that in-game sounds. I just thought its good to listen the fighting sounds.
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