arsa1998 (EUNE)
: No one said that she doesn't have everything now. I am just saying little changes can give her more posibilities, as i said, like Morgana and Karma, why can they stand against other champions on mid lane and Nami can't? Nami is perfect for supporting now, even after some rework she doesn't have to be mid laner, my opinion is that Riot can make more powerful and interesting tidecaller, as they created all these heroes and really good changes and reworks, they can make something better out of her definitly.
the difference between Karma/Morgana and Nami is that Karma/Morgana started as a midlaner so they can 1v1 and went to support while Nami started as a support and some ppl took her to mid
arsa1998 (EUNE)
: And if you go mid with her, she surely can't stand against any champion that has jump/dash or any movement buff ability. Q - easy dodgeable and most of her damage is in Q.
but why would you go mid with her when she is 10000 times better as support and by going with your logic there are tons of other champs who cant stand against jump/dash etc, from the top of my mind Teemo for example once you get in melee range he is done, or Ashe she is good in range, but cant do much vs mobile champs btw why would you use your Q vs mobile champs? go with your w and e point and click free heal/dmg+slow


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