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SinsanitY (EUW)
: Just got through Promo's to silver. If you're playing Ranked Solo Q on your own, please stop.
what can i say ur just bad or u some how tilt them hard thats the main problem if u shaco main u should watch some streamers iron-low gold is super easy to carry with shaco and ganking with him ... if u play lane u should extend your lead if u have it just by roaming to mid or from mid to top/bot or if u playing bot after destroying yourlanes tower ( and ur snowballing) u should trade lanes with top or mid so u can push...
Evidence (EUNE)
: agreed,but its gona take a long time until riot notice this.
yea i mean they are half blind xD
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BangRos (EUNE)
: Is shaco agood champion right now s9
THIS champ is beyond garbage im playing him couse im otp i cant play enything else just dont play him..

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