Hannsen (EUW)
: One fun fact. Health on level 18 for Pyke is around 330hp higher than Thresh if I got it right. Thresh just seems to have more health because he build more tanky items than Pyke. In my opinion you can get Pyke a "bit" tankyness with Aftershock Rund and in late you can go for things like GA if you got enough damage. I played him a bit in ranked and I must say (supp main), that he isn't this bad like people always say. He has his strength in comparison with Thresh, but also weekness. It's a bit like you would compare Gnar and Fiora on top, isn't it?
Gnar has been in meta for one or two patches, but is normally at 46% winrate, even at low playrate, Fiora has always been decent even with a high playrate (which implies lowskilled players influencing her stats). I dont really mean that he's useless, just that he's eventually getting buffed for sure.
Raoul (EUW)
: Calling it now, a month from now when people figured the champion out, the boards will be flooded wirh “pyke op“ threads.
They'll buff and/or update him. Maybe an item comes that synergises with him
Acheron16 (EUW)
: I just realized Pyke's problem
His ultimate is VERY telegraphed. Incredibly easy to dash, flash, stopwatch or whatever out of.
Hannsen (EUW)
: Hm, in my opinion it's not this extreme as you describe it. For warding the upgrade of the support item gets you plenty of AD, CDR and Gold-Generation and with an item like Duskblade you'll get also stats for you assassin plays. I agree, that the mid game is not this easy, but if you position yourself well (which is really difficult) he has really big potential. But of course, if you get mispositioned you will be dead in a blink of an eye.
Yea, that's sure enough. But you have to admit that his dueling and assassinating is lackluster. You can't make a whole team stun in the late or mid game, because you get nuked before your e stuns their team. I feel like every other champion does, what pyke does, better. Thresh is similar, but he has some health. Imagine not being able to do a playmaker combo with {{champion:412}} because he's too squishy to do so. I'm saying this because he's been advertised as a playmaker/assassin support.
Leto GT (EUW)
: He's honestly really strong in toplane/jungle once he gets {{item:3147}} which he can abuse like no other champs. For support, I haven't got the chance to make an opinion about it. But overally, he's far from behind thrash. Assuming he get a kill, he's very snowbally.
You can go 2 0 3 in early game with pyke, get a duskblade, hit all your spells and combos, and get outdueled by a 0 2 2 kayn or most other dueling type junglers (if they got ult, and even if they miss half their spells lol)
: Inb4 someone come and say that it's fine because RioT should lock tank items away from assassins anyway (except that any other assassin but {{champion:555}} can have extra health so it's kinda a one-champ lock for now).
But being the only champion with this limitation is obviously dumb. Rengar is played toplane with {{item:3071}} and {{item:3065}} . Rengar does pyke's role much better than pyke once he gets these items. It's funny, really
: I was nearly killed in one combo by a Pyke when I was playing as Lucian earlier. He grabbed me with his Q, then stunned me, then I think he AA me and he ulted. He just ulted to early and he probably needed another AA, or I would have been dead for sure. That combo is also almost unavoidable if he lands his Q.
Dash to the side once he hooks if you got a dash. But the issue is you can outdamage him if you both hold back on your ults, or dont have them.
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