: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/IllegalPalatableCoyote-size_restricted.gif
: Is the new life of the support in season 7, you carry the lane and save the adc thousands of times and you get 0 honor for that, and then the adc gets 4 honor from the rest of the team. Support Life in new honor system
I honor just the tank or the support. The tank start the fight and sacrifice for us and the support sacrifice to save the adc or mid. For now I play more ARAM and i get all times at least 1 honor because all time someone from my team notice that after a fight he is still alive.
: I wasn't necessarily saying that it has to be 0.1, that was just an extreme example to show the point better. Riot would be able to come up with a better, more balanced set of numbers depending on what they thought was reasonable.
Yea, but Riot should do something with the extra rewards. The IP is a reward for all and this is how you grow up in game (its the main source for incoming). If Riot add a method to buy IP with RP only then will be a discussion about restriction for IP. Is a more complicated thing and I can't explain why (limits of english speaking, the unknown RIot incoming, how this will affect the game so it need tested a long period of time...).
: Maths - A Honourable Idea (Sorry)
Its ok how its now. 0.1 of daily IP si 15, so if someone get lvl1 he can delete the account because he will get stuck. So in this way they need to invest some money to buy things because with 100 IP per day the 6300 champions will be only in shop and not in collection.
Biolith God (EUNE)
In my client if I get D- to A+ its say just N/A. But if I get S-/S/S+ its say right.
: What does mean bronzzers?
I used as reference to a site for mama's big boys (and girls).
Agnostos92 (EUNE)
: Champion Info In League of Legends Client Is Outdated
Blitzz (EUNE)
Your dad will gonna report you because you say "MICOROSFORF".
: Limba
Intreaba pe forumul nostru ca stie unul.
: What a waste of an ult lol, the shield would've done the same job Kappa
It was with bots :D
Rioter Comments
21pasindu21 (EUNE)
: Any thoughts on nerfing draven?
"Hey, I play vs Draven and kick my ass in a game. Nerf him" "Draven make a Double kill with his ult and we lose. Change his ult do deal no damage" "Draven have all time more items than me. Block one slot to have max 5 items in inventory."
: Mostly for clarity. There are too many skins for everyone to instantly recognize the champion by an icon from any given skin. Sure, you could make it so that only the user sees the skin variant, but that is a lot of effort for a rather uniomportant bit of aesthetics. So - clarity and the fact that it is pretty unnecessary.
You can do this in one day. You just need to cut the faces, save in files with specific name and with a code you just refresh the classic face and put redirect to the new file. If they are really busy they can exdend to max one week.
: add a training mode that learns poeple how to counter tanks ap and ad ...
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/features/practice-purpose You can set an enemy tank ap (Swain) or ad (Garen)... And what do you want to add more? Chests to get free skins? Champion bans in ranked? Item sets? Daily free IP?
: Katarina or Akali, 60 minute vote and result! ^^
+ Katarina weak in early (lvl 1-5) and very strong in late. + Akali not so weak in early (same lvl) but strong in late. With Katarina you can do an 1v3 to 1v5 fight because she have a lot of AoE damage. You just need to kill only one enemy in the middle of fight to spam your daggers on the map. After you just walk and take the daggers and read the "Penta" on the screen. (6 of my 21 was like that) With Akali you can do only 1v1 but kill the enemy more faster than Katarina. So you choose what champion you buy. ######Katarina
: {{champion:4}} losing a trade to a {{champion:141}} {{champion:4}} ults to team {{champion:141}} decides to go along for the ride
Is funny when TF teleports in the fountain with Kayn inside. Or Kayn use his ult on adc and Tahm Kench use his ult to go with the adc under a turret. This is how you can troll Kayn =]]
Jack Mana (EUNE)
: Where to start?
In another life you died of dehydration with a glass of water in your hand? Now really... You ask where to find people who play LoL **ON THE GAME FORUM** ? And you ask for sites to find this players? Hmm... Why did your friends left you behind?
: Servers
2k17 and people still think that servers are made by CS 1.6 style. _Just click on "create a server", set the players limit and run it. No need hardwares and rooms full with cables and other think who cost more money than 3 of us make in hole life. _
: I'm signing off.
I feel much better after I see people who stay chill and living the life with no stress. This is the attitude who must dominating the community. Enjoy that you can be an example from someone. Up-vote for sure :>
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: I managed to lose in plat! Recipe: - get autofilled into support and pick Teemo - flaming adc who don't even want to play with you - get feeding top - get even harder feeding mid against full AP Rakan - everyone on your team is feeding enemy jungler yi - since its 5v4 everyone is trying to solo push lanes, especially adc Caitlyn who is constantly trying to push into t2 bot alone (when t1 top and mid still stands) resulting in more fed Yi - team dies 4vs3 while Yi focusing the support Teemo 3lvl behind with 0 farm
I take Olaf supp to troll but carry the game with him. Just Silver things...
ThePikol (EUNE)
: How to lose 5v4 game in Silver guide
Is more funny if you hear that I was Thresh with Lucian vs Vayne and Leona was afk until min 15. I did full poke and Vayne has 20 farm in min 9. But Lucian has 10 farm without poke (i try to kill myself when I saw that) and in min 15 a wild Leona appear. I use Q on Leona and was super effective. Vayne use "trow" on me and I was stuck in the wall (meanwhile Lucian farm). I die by Leona auto (2 fking stuns in the wall and cant even flash) but our Rengar was close. I switch with him (and Lucian still farm) and Rengar use "hide" if front of them. Die by Leona's Q. Lucian try to help us and die by minions. Leona did last damage on him with the shield. On chat:"EZ 2v3 Nubs". And thats how you can make a triple on lvl 2 while you was afk 15 min. We surrender at min 22 when Leona did again a triple (3 for, one against and Lucian afk). _Good promos....good...._
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Tahm is a 6300 champ
You know what I mean. I dont waste blue essence on Tahm just to keep him in inventory. I have all 6300 supports, except Tahm, and i get them by rerolls. Is true that I didnt say it but now you find out. 50% of my ranked games I was support so i want to play something else, but the game just give me shards from the owned champions or still supports.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kurogami Eibon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Z2arXRIu,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-07-14T15:05:26.617+0000) > > If i really get a ban for this you can go fck your whore mothers you piece of shit riot staff. Oh, I'm sorry. Here I was thinking you wanted to convince us that you _didn't_ deserve your punishment. Silly me! > Game 1 > KurogamiEsper: i dont need bronze %%%s to believe me Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: i just need you not to feed like %%%s Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: %%%nasus Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: see > KurogamiEsper: that piece of shit didnt help > KurogamiEsper: and dies already Blaming/insulting. > KurogamiEsper: yes so he should not feed Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: says the noob with 21% Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: my jungle is already fck with no help at start Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: stfu Aggression. > KurogamiEsper: how is it my fault?? Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: im behind you fkn noob Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: because of nausus the fkn feeder Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: let me guess > KurogamiEsper: my fault aswell > KurogamiEsper: that one aswell i guess > KurogamiEsper: still im at fault? Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: you did at start Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: ffs Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: useless nasus and roaming panth Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: i can easy 1 vs 1 him > KurogamiEsper: and maybe help jungle duh Gloating. > KurogamiEsper: nasus didnt Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: this is a wait of time Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: we are 4 vs 5 > KurogamiEsper: and you are also not so good Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: maybe > KurogamiEsper: but i can play Gloating. > KurogamiEsper: how do i do that > KurogamiEsper: i didnt get helped > KurogamiEsper: because i know you are shit Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: so i just say it as it is TRANSLATION: You acted like a jerk in a place that does not take kindly to people who act like jerks. > KurogamiEsper: so you blame me for lack of skill? Ironically, blaming. > KurogamiEsper: im not doing better? Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: i get a crap start because i get 0 help > KurogamiEsper: and still i come back Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: and this nasus is as good ? ahahahahahah Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: so varus > KurogamiEsper: you say that we all deserve to lose? > KurogamiEsper: that is greefing > KurogamiEsper: and reportable > KurogamiEsper: so ill be reporting you and nasus Blaming, retaliating and report-calling. > KurogamiEsper: toxic is your opinion > KurogamiEsper: and subjective > KurogamiEsper: that you suck and dont help is objective Insulting. (Also, wrong) > KurogamiEsper: yes > KurogamiEsper: because i look your history > KurogamiEsper: and see that you suck Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: so i asked you > KurogamiEsper: if you remember > KurogamiEsper: not to feed > KurogamiEsper: and to help > KurogamiEsper: what did you guys do? > KurogamiEsper: no help > KurogamiEsper: and feed > KurogamiEsper: yes tresh helped me 1x > KurogamiEsper: but that was after i was behind > KurogamiEsper: they dont help me at start or ever > KurogamiEsper: and when i say we lose because of it im flaming guys > KurogamiEsper: see that > KurogamiEsper: they say they dont care, but cry when they lose.,,, Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: so when i say they are stupid and useless then they cry... Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: logic... Yes, funny that, almost like you openly admit to insulting them or something. Good lord, not even halfway through your case, and I'm already confident in thinking your punishment is justified. > Game 2 > KurogamiEsper: wtf > KurogamiEsper: why do you pick him then??? > KurogamiEsper: fckkkkkkkk > KurogamiEsper: cun Aggression. > KurogamiEsper: fck this > KurogamiEsper: i go afk Negativity through afk threat. > KurogamiEsper: yuou steal my blue > KurogamiEsper: fkn %%%%%% Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: i go feed > KurogamiEsper: bye Announcing intention to intentionally feed. > KurogamiEsper: report bot for stealing my blue Report-calling/blaming. > KurogamiEsper: i just keep feeding > KurogamiEsper: you fkn %%%%%%ed %%%%s > KurogamiEsper: red and blue stolen > KurogamiEsper: because of this fkn %%%%s > KurogamiEsper: i just keep walking bot and die > KurogamiEsper: they steal my blue > KurogamiEsper: then ww steals my red Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: yep > KurogamiEsper: bot steals my blue and farm Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: no blue no red jungle start > KurogamiEsper: and still they flame me > KurogamiEsper: and they flame me Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: i dont want free win > KurogamiEsper: i wanted to jungle > KurogamiEsper: not to have my jungle stolen by my own team > KurogamiEsper: then have my red stolen > KurogamiEsper: because noone helps Blaming/negativity. > KurogamiEsper: i want free win for the other team now Announced intention to feed. > KurogamiEsper: yes are you fkn noob Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: this is ranked and you steal my fkn blue > KurogamiEsper: see again ww take my blue > KurogamiEsper: while bot just watches Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: you think i get a ban for 1 crap game with fkn %%%%%%s? Aggression. > KurogamiEsper: i get 0 help after all my buffs are stolen > KurogamiEsper: so i think you get a ban for flaming me Blaming/report-threat. > KurogamiEsper: stealing is not help Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: im fkn lvl 1 > KurogamiEsper: and cant take farm > KurogamiEsper: noone helps Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: ww takes all my buffs > KurogamiEsper: bot takes my buffs Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: so yeah > KurogamiEsper: fck this Negativity. > KurogamiEsper: see > KurogamiEsper: not your problem ahahah Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: this is my second account > KurogamiEsper: im silver on this one > KurogamiEsper: plat on other > KurogamiEsper: so dont tell me how to play Gloating/blaming. > KurogamiEsper: ww would you keep playing after your own bot steals your blue and farm? Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: learn to type noob Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: im not even flaming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tv9FtGFRBbI > KurogamiEsper: i ask for help but noone helps > KurogamiEsper: they say its not their problem > KurogamiEsper: not steal my fkn blue > KurogamiEsper: see > KurogamiEsper: they see it happen but dont care > KurogamiEsper: thank botlane > KurogamiEsper: they want to fck my game up Blaming. > KurogamiEsper: so yeah then you get this > KurogamiEsper: see > KurogamiEsper: plz report bot > KurogamiEsper: report you and naut yes Report-calling. _sigh_ Ok, how does game 3 continue to dig your grave... > Game 3 > KurogamiEsper: gang%%% > KurogamiEsper: come help blue Aggression. > KurogamiEsper: fck off man > KurogamiEsper: ffs > KurogamiEsper: are all fkn %%%%%%ed? > KurogamiEsper: stfu you fkn noob Insulting. > KurogamiEsper: you just go in to die %%%get NOPE. Nope, I'm not going any further. The moment you thought it was a good idea to drop a homophobic slur into your vocabulary like this, the last shred of hope I had for you completely evaporated. Your punishment is DESERVED. You treat your other teammates like dirt and believe that not getting your way gives you the moral right to behave like a genuinely awful human being. And going by the way you act on this forum, I'm not exactly having a hard time imagining this was an exception where you just lost your cool once or twice. This community has no place for people who can't behave like a team player. Please never come back, you terrible, terrible person.
So much time wasted for someone like him... Still vote-up :)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: You know you're playing League when...
... when you play support like 20 games in a row and when you want to play something else the support leave the queque and after 7 times happen this you go back to play support. ... when ex Platinum on smurf account get killed by a Silver in min 2:00 with 150 ping (the Silver have that ping). ... when you play ARAM and you have that guy who ks all time and flame the team because we are nothing without him. ... when your jungler soloing the drake and the enemy support steal it. ... when you get a penta and your duo partner get two in the same game but still lose. ... when you have Yasuo in team with 4/12/0 in a beginner bot game. ... when the team honor the afk because they think that this is the report page. ######_Life in Silver is awesome..._
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: In fiddle we trust
"...and main him must be". https://img.cinemablend.com/cb/d/2/2/1/4/7/d22147c71c1e53d6f3344a0f8709c4023b59653e6f5fed733f333a83b19b6ac7.jpg
: Just bought 10 hextech chests and keys and got...
I get 5 champion shards in a row on chests from S grade in 5 weeks, so yea... (Nasus, Sion, Tahm, Akali, Ashe). I reroll 3 and get Mordekaiser. Still wait for 6300 champions....still wait....
Zangetsue (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Terror toy,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=MhiXAzZ1,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2017-07-11T20:11:54.854+0000) > > Put the wards on "B" to be more simple to you. If you keep press it by accident too, then is not our problem. Thats just rude :/ And what do u mean by our ? 😂 Are u a riot employee cuz i dont see the word riot in ur name
"our" - the players who want to help you and comment to this post. We say the solution and you can used right. If you don't then we can't do anything more and is not OUR problem. Get it?
Zangetsue (EUNE)
: Not its not the same :) Ur ultimate button dosent get binded with another item, ability ...etc So no
Put the wards on "B" to be more simple to you. If you keep press it by accident too, then is not our problem.
: Thank you Riot./ I have reformed.
Mailund4 (EUW)
https://i.ytimg.com/vi/VRxMV95O8Lg/maxresdefault.jpg You can click "Repair"button in settings or take "Repair Tool"from Riot site. No need to wait 20 years to download and reinstall the game.

Terror toy

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