Câstiél (EUW)
: The thing with intentional feeding is, that it's really hard to detect (sometimes it's obvious, but those cases more often than not get a penalty). Like you said - everyone can have a bad day and have a score like 2/10/0 - and many people would call that inting. Honestly, recently people cry "int" as soon as anyone has a bad game. Now, the thing with toxic behavior is different. It's really easy to detect and can even be automated. And honestly RIOTs system works kinda good. It's one of the best out there. Spending money on something doesn't justify toxic behavior or anything like that, it doesn't give you a free card. If you're at a bar and drank something, maybe even ate something and paid for it, it doesn't mean that you're allowed to insult other customers. The reason why you insult them doesn't matter. If someone harassed you you just suck it up and tell the owner, and he will kick the toxic person out. Same goes for league. You report and eventually he'll get a penalty. I'm investing money into the game too and I'm not afraid at all to lose anything, because I behave according to RIOTs rules. If I don't like the rules, it's my problem.
The reason i posted this is that i realize i can sometimes be obnoxious in certain position and its rare that i do that,and i really hate that about myself,and i immediately apologize to the other person,because i had no right to say ``f you`` in lobby the first thing i say when we all join is we got this guys we got this,in game i slip its rare but i still slip,i dont wanna slip and be punished for it,how do you deal with that inner demon,i wanna know so i dont slip,i started slapping pillow that is next to me and it helped 95% of the time,but those 5% is that what worries me
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Werrix (EUW)
: Idea for a Christmas Kayn skin
I would buy that Kayn not gonna lie
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: Why no one play custom funmodes anymore? FTT (Find the Teemo) UB (Ultimate Bravery) e.g.
i didnt even know that even existed,nor did i even try to think about that :O :D
Kilapara (EUW)
: victorious skin
After all these years Aatrox well f deserved it
: Account locked
Da faq ?????
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Torkl (EUW)
: 1. Buy a vision trinket and place wards! 2. Participate in combat, you just got outdamaged by a qiyana..
I couldnt buy vision trinket,teemo shrooms were everywhere,i had to buy oracles,and it was the right call, i used to participate in combat more but than my cs would be lower,ppl in chat would say to get s you need to get high cs score Plus,i have most dmg done to turrets and objectives (in this particular game udyr outdamaged me on objectives) Ty for your response
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: What do i have to do to get in the freaking gold
Wow,guys i didnt think ill get so many answers,it really brings me joy that you lot game me so much tips {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: A suggestion even if it hurts your feelings stop playing Lucian you are bad at him less than. 35% win rate in over 30 games it's enough to tell you it's not your champion to climb with. Also 101 CS in 35 mins is not Gold rank level. If you want to climb with adc pick something less mechanically demanding. Learn the basics of wave control . And farm better. Look at other adc streams and learn from them. Looking at your Match history I don't seem to see any evidence that you are helping with winning that much.
NO it does not hurt my feelings at all,i apreciate you are helping me on the matter but im not making excuces,in the last match support didnt even want to help just stood by the turret,match before that ppl had 1/10 2/10 matches before that akali went afk because i took the kill fair and square not lasthitted,etc,etc,im as much to blame as them but,noone is looking to help the team just compeeting to get the kills,if you look statistics i have the most turrets destroyed and most dmg done to objectives and turrets,im not chasing kills,and poor cs just happened in the last 3 days,maybe im burnt or overtrying not patient,idk man maybe i dont have the mechanics
: Also I'd stop playing Lucian if I were you.
I had 90% win rate with him untill 4 days ago
: gold is way worse then silver ^^ i wanna demore back to silver
I wanna go to gold just because i want the victorious skin
: If you are tilted, stop playing for a while. The easiest way to skip losing streaks.
How man,the end of season is at our front door
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: Tl;dr: There were internet issues in my city, so I'm asking for special treatment. Can you imagine how many people also get DC-ed because of internet issues? Your case is nothing special, just wait out the punishment, or don't play, it's that easy.
Id rather get a weekly ban or daily ban or a monthly ban,because those 20 min are precious to me
: After quite a while
I would like for you to see my match history,maybe im insane but I dont see any game that I was afk And now the way you are speaking to me it sound like im responsible for that and that I did that on purpouse. Ill take the responsibillity but I wont take accusations. Facts are a lot of ppl leave games 30seconds before finish. And I get a dc in the last min and get a ban. And I have played 3/4 games in total over the last 3/4 months because I didnt have internet. You dont.know how I feel about this nor you care.
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: Well, according to your op.gg Stats you had 3 Games in the past Week which where your team had to remake and you play really poorly most of the Time. Maybe you got suspended for that?
Hey,im glad you brought that up. What you said is true,but it wasnt me who left. And me playing poorly should not affect me getting low priority quee. And i cannot tell you why am i playing how im playing,because you will feel sorry,and i hate when people do that to me,so ill keep that for myself,and dont judge book by its covers. Uh wait i did left once past week,i had to rush my dad to a hospital...peace out
: Because bug splats are actually easily duped by messing with the games files, so they won't really accept it as an excuse. Happens to everyone. Also, you don't get banned because of bugsplats, maybe you got low priority que or a suspension, but if you got a ban you must've been leaving quite often.
I respect your oppinion regarding me "leaving quite often" but i do not appreciate the predjudice and the picture you are making of me. And its a low priority quee,still like i sad,its taking up time and frustration.
: message support, don't know how much help they can provide but you never know. If they can check that you had a bug splat then they will and if that was why you got banned then they should be willing to remove the ban. Don't just assume that they will be able to fix it though
Over the 5 years,i had it 50 times at least,and they never replied,im even willing to pay them to lift the ban. Its not big ban 5 games,but i value my time more than my money.
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: are you kidding me riot
Wow,so now my client is working on its own,logged in and im aperantly in a quee,and my chat says im disconected wow,just wow,great job
Arzzo (EUW)
: First, please improve your english, it's quite difficult to actually argue/comment on something written that poor. Secondly, it is NOT riots mistake nessecarily. First of all, you seem to have had an error with the last patch, since I saw noone else complaining, maybe your connection was bad and skipped some files or you have a virus or even an antivirus that blocked or influenced files from the patch downloaded to your pc. The clien started to autorepair because you CAN'T enter or reconnect the game simply because your client bugged out, so it needs to find the issue and fix it (repair) so you can enter back into the game. Doesn't matter if it's your fault or not, it's not directly Riots. Test first on normal game or practice mode or something if you can connect to the game properly before going into a ranked after a new patch, then you can repair your client before you go into a ranked game. YOU were disconnected/afk in your ranked game. Your team decided to remake since they don't want to play in a 4v5 disadvantege. YOU as the leaver lose as only person the LP for the match and potentially get a Leave Buster punish such as lower priority Queue. Even if it's nothing you can do about like having bad internet connection, Riot wants to have fair games, and since you ruin the game for other people with you unable to connect, they mark you down as such. Would it be fair that the other 4 people in your team lose LP AND time just because you couldn't connect to the game because you had to repair your client? If it was the opposite, if someone in your team had the same problem and had to repair his client and imagine if the remake system wasn't there, I'm 100% sure YOU would be crying then "wäääh loosing LP for no reason because afkers" Grow up kid
I am complaining,same thing happened to me twice in 2 days
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: got banned for making a remake
Yep,%%%% me,you are right.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
``Bankrupt`` https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/league-of-legends-2015-revenue-2839 i think now its even more rofl
: Its not just Bulgaria
you can leave negative marks all day long,but i tried VPN Hexech repair tools and all of the above,and getting penalty again,and again...
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Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: You'll probably be surprised to know that Season 7 has already started. Pre-season ended 2...3 weeks ago
Nope season starts on patch 7.1 as far as i know
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: yes tried all ill try again
rofl it crashed -.- if i get banned ill sue someone
Khmnoosh (EUNE)
: not a rioter but did you try to repair your client from the launcher? (a suggestion)
yes tried all ill try again
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: you feel frustrated...so? that's no consolation for your team. If your uplink is fine, and your game isn't, but works fine for millions of players, then there is something wrong with the local installation of the client, and that's your responsibility to fix. Low priority queue absolutely warranted.
I wanted a help and support and all i've got was a dick
: Erm...no? Because, most players had no problems at all, so if there was a technical problem, it was on your systems end, and therefore is your responsibility to fix. There is nothing more frustrating, than having someone stand at the fountain for 10 minutes, so if you continue to queue up for games, despite knowing that there is a problem you should fix first (and you did continue to queue, otherwise you wouldn't have 20 minutes of low priority queue, the system starts at 5), then the low priority queue is absolutely warranted.
And you dont think it is frusrating to me when i see ''atempting to reconect''.... and my internet was and is fine i have screenshots to prove...
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