ScoutCrabby (EUNE)
: Can i get a ban for using these words (Ape,Donkey, Monkey, noob )?
: I like how you appear on every Riot-hate post to spew your hate. It's like you don't have what to do with your life, just waiting until someone makes a post saying how they hate the company. No hate, just saying :) You are the one following me around only talking trash, maybe look at your own life.
: Turn off skins.
Yeah, good idea but this money hungry trash indie company will never do it... 10 years have passed already without this option. RIOT GAMES
tsikak1 (EUNE)
: Ranked Games 2K20 League of legends lul
Riot Games
: I was a living example of that. Had one 14 days ban. Which was for like 4 keywords ( as a joke to a pre - made) out of 50 i wrote. Lv5 honor, no previous bans what so ever. Lost season rewards, honor level dropped to Zero LOCKED. I did try to bargain with Riot support, to explain what really happened, my premade also messaged them and YEP i remained banned. Riot support was like ' Bro you toxic, you lucky it was not a perma ban' . Cmone for 3 seasons straight i was not toxic, but for 1 single game and 4 keywords i am a toxic person ??? How come ? After i received the 14 days ban , my god i was a rage monster. Sexism, racism, anti- Semitic, death threats. You name it, i wrote it. (not in this account, but my main). Trolling, afk'ing . I was thinking just of new ways to make people loose the game or at least Rage quit because of me. This went for about 5-6 weeks and about 100 games or more. Then i deleted the game of course. Took me some time, to forgive and accept this unfair ban. At some point i got back to playing, because of friends. p.s. I don't mind toxic players, ragers. It doesn't matter what they say, i have a mute button. But afk's or trolls , people who on purpose loose the game are another story. You cannot do anything about that.
I had the patience to run a similar experiment for a year...yes a whole fkin year of literaly runining it down like old Tyler1 style, ofc nothing happened cuz their ban system is shit, they treat toxicity like the worst evil posible... company of SJW clowns.
Zedant (EUW)
: Yes they do last longer and its the reason I started playing more this year. Still after 30 minutes losing one single fight means you lost the game,death timer to long (65 at min 35,it was 35 second before)
well that's what happens late game, what do you expect ?
: Riots butterfly effect and how its failing its players
I mean LUX clearly needed a buff .... 😂👍
Eldian (EUNE)
: So when Riot servers were crashing every minute, the first thing they did was that...
HarciMiksa (EUNE)
: Just a last venting before quitting league forever.
You have to give a big thanks to Riot for their perma ban experiment for toxicity, which clearly backfired, players come back after being perma banned more toxic than ever, in an continuous loop . It's well known that league cause addiction, what do you think it will happen when you ban a toxic player addicted to the game ... he will suddenly stop playing ? or suddenly become a role model player ? Answer is so obvious yet Riot cant accept the truth.
Assmatik (EUW)
: Toxic Community? What do you think?
Toxicity existed before, but for LOL it skyrocketed when the permabans were implemented . You can argue that that is a good measure to reduce toxicity, but the truth is it backfired and caused the opposite.
Assmatik (EUW)
: why is everyone demanding compensation from a free to play game? the only thing you've lost is time... fill it with something useful
Because NA get preferential treatment ?
: Boycott Riot Games and its unreliable servers
You can boycot it by playing any other game but DOTA 2 ... seriously that is not a good example, have you heard of Subscription Plus in dota 2 ? There are many examples of why that game is shit, and a shadow of what the original W3 DOTA was. For me Path of exile does the job right now
Typhl0 (EUW)
Your visa has been denied, compensation are a North America exclusivity
: > [{quoted}](name=The Elder Troll,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=P4AUU3A9,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2020-02-21T04:57:08.977+0000) > > Imagine splitting focus into 5-6 new games when you cant properly handle one ... this company of clowns 🤡 imagine that 100 employee work on league. now they make another game...guess what. they do not use those 100 from before. therefore your argument is invalid and stupid
: if you cant trust the company why would you support it?
If you are referring to me supporting it by playing the game, it's an addiction I'm trying to cure
Zedant (EUW)
: Riot made 80 skins last year,time to use that money to fix the game
games are way longer now vs last season wtf u talking about
: Save yourself some time.
I wonder how much time have you saved by making this post 👍
: Lucian stole my bike and when he was going home he pulled the server cable
: Its easy to detact a smurf and booster. And from the documentart riot put out on netflix thay claim to do there best for there players to be happy rather than moneymaking. And now thay even put on something to make smurfing less apealing for players by making it harder to rank up, how is that even fair for players that have spent years trying to get out of one elo.
Wait, you actually believe a word riot says ? ...pfft
: Smufing
Smurfing means more accounts, meaning more sales for rito , they either buy xp boosts or the "smurf" account will became his main and will invest in buying skins on that one. Also smurfs are harder to detect and ban than trollers and inters ... and Riot can't even efficiently detect the latter
: Sooooo what we getting as a compromise while the server is offline again?
Isn't EUW like the second biggest after korea ? yet they still worship their naram funmode region that hasn't accomplished anything in esports
: Account banned without further Information
Even if you did it, they should accurately point out some proofs of the claimed actions. This is not what an answer should look like, that is a clown-generated answer. 🤡 It's like they accuse you for stealing something and get jailed without a trial.
: I warned you about "Servers will Fail" But you deleted my Post
Imagine splitting focus into 5-6 new games when you cant properly handle one ... this company of clowns 🤡
: Shouldn't have been toxic in the first place. If you get chat restriction and you're still toxic, that's your problem.
Completely off topic answer, if u cant answer his question don't do it at all @Ξ MrSir Ξ You probably said one of the most grave offenses like k*s or something
dino0 (EUW)
: Hmm I couldn't explain it in a better way myself , since this system came in riot just abandon any further Research in this matter, because it"works" Don't understand why the hate tho, this man made some important question/arguments
There are 2 or 3 sad kids that used all their accounts to downvote, not that I expected much by making this post.
Achrn977 (EUNE)
: Mecha kingdom pass
> lets hope they give us something small in return :) How about something big ?
Bæka (EUW)
: Yeah my mission (weekly) is not registering the games I played.. I saw some other Boards posts about this issue, hopefully they fix this and add an extra day to grind tokens (or a few days).
nah, i want my tokens, I dont have time other day to play wtf
Rioter Comments
: How is your "Permaban for toxic players" experiment going Rito ? Reality check
Imagine the sad kids that leave downvotes but have no argument , pathetic
: > I give you my example, I had 2 accounts perma banned when it started, but that didn't stop me from being toxic ... I just found another way to do it (like many others), and that is intentionally feeding, and trolling,... yeah it is bannable ... OR IS IT ? but that is another discussion. Hope you were born in a wealthy country and your parents are rich, because otherwise with that level of productivity and goals in life, you'll end up washing cars in traffic for .5 euros, after you get to the age of 18-20 years.
I can probably buy everything you own, but this is completely off topic and I invite you to spread your morals on your mom's facebook if you dont have any argument against what I am saying.
: > I did that ..and all It took was a good beating to not do it again. I'd fully support the installment of remote controlled fists on League player monitors to slap people via standard TCP/IP as an alternative to banning them. One "k**" or n-word and the likes results in that player being beaten to a pulp, fit for hospital, alright? /sarcasm However, banning an account is not life prison sentence. It is more like going through an accelerated process of private insolvency. You are stripped of your assets but you still have the same rights and possibilities and can start anew (on a new account). Life prison sentence is more akin to what Jensen got; a permanent ban from playing League or creating or maintaining any account at all until his parole.
Lets not forget for WHAT IS THE REASON of which you get sentenced to "private insolvency" while your assets are confiscated.
: Remake rules are a joke
In one week had 4 games that should have been remakes, no actual answers, not ever riot support can give you a logical explanation :
Rioter Comments
MonsG (EUW)
I cannot see anything since 1 year, made 2 tickets about it and Rito suggested it's my side, I say "WTF everything is stored on your shitty-ass servers" ... they say "no no, delete lol, do this, that, then come to us" Did everything, guess what, same shit.
: Please just give us a real soloqueue
: 2020 league
It's just the perma ban experiment for toxicity in chat that is paying off, these are the results.
ZoemXb (EUW)
: This is a scam, they literally steal credit cards and buy rp using that which will get your account banned, and once it gets banned they just kick you out of their discord to %%%% you over
: Matchmaking is good, each team gets equal skilled players and game is 50-50% winnable.
sunt un zeu (EUNE)
: TFT Ranked full of bots.
: Does Riot really have a balancing team?
No, they only hire janitors or clowns that talk trash on twitter
: I explained at length in a previous thread to you, but I just want to iterate that the system does not drag you down. The system *will* match you against and with higher-ranked players as you win more games. Conversely, if you lose a lot of games, then you will play with and against progressively lower-ranked players. If this did not happen, then your matchmaking rating would hold very little value because it would not actually be used to match you against opponents of your skill. Over time, every player will gravitate to a 50% winrate because there will come a point where they cannot beat the opponents they are against more than they lose them. It is a natural consequence of most matchmaking systems. However, nothing *forces* you to have a 50% winrate. If you really are very good (like some players such as Apdo), you can reach the top of the ladder and still not gravitate toward a 50% winrate. It's just that the *vast* majority of players do gravitate towards a 50% winrate because most players do not have the aptitude for solo queue that someone like Apdo does. Even if you're not Apdo, it might take a long time for you to end up at a 50% winrate. There is no cloak and dagger here. :( Sometimes you will have players that over or underperform, but the 'system' can't predict that - The players that over or underperform are doing so relative to their expected performance (i.e, their matchmaking rating). In a nutshell, that means that the matchmaker *was* correct and did, on paper, assemble a balanced match.. it's just that that one player had a particularly bad or good game, so in hindsight it looks like it was poorly matchmade. While Riot does not use Elo, you can read up on the Elo matchmaking algorithm and play around with some numbers to get a good idea of how a system like this actually works. The cool thing about the Elo system in particular is you can, with a little maths based on the rankings, determine the likelihood that any given player will win against another player (and the Elo system itself uses that to factor in potential matchmaking gains/losses).
ur matchmaking system is trash and you all know it
: Nerf sett
-5 ms incoming
: can I get a free pass to your European server
Stal1tsa (EUNE)
People have real problems and you complain about some useless bots lmao 👍
Rioter Comments
Febos (EUW)
: 👍
Satella (EUNE)
: What the actual ffs Queue for over 20 minutes before every game.
TheMusicMan (EUNE)
: Tired of trying? I have the perfect pitch for you!
: How is it not allowed to even call someone a bad player in this game
because of the 12 y old snowflakes, but its alright, you can always troll your ass off in return.
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