: /mute all. It works. It does. I got a 14-day suspension recently and it was just because I was venting my tilt in chat, which if you use any sort of graphic language, will already be reason enough to ban a player. What I learned form the ban is that it's pointless to use chat for anything else than discussing strategy-related things with you team (which you can also just communicate through pings). Just disable /all chat, since it can only tilt you more and INSTANTLY mute any player upon toxic remarks, since that will only distract you from the game. What is also tried is just reducing the chat scale, making it so that i would focus less on chat and more on the game (this is just a small cosmetic change, I don't know if it even helps, but why not right).
From now on I'll /mute all
: If its like the last seasons you wont get your end of season rewards if you get a 14 day ban in the last 3 months of the season, have an active cr at the end of the season or if you were involved in boosting. so you should be fine, as long as you dont get the next punishment, a permaban. Hextech rewards will get unlocked once the system sees you as a positiv player again. This can take somewhere from weeks to months.
When does S7 end?
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: 14-Day Suspension
Ty guys for all the answer! Hm as you guys say i was a bit over the edge on that flaming i told him to get Ca... beacuse of him playing Yasuo :/ the typical. Imma start on my other acc and play if off and try be stportmanlike for the coming 14 Days and hop on and try to get to dia cuz i were pretty Close and i dont wanna fall right Before the finish line. /The Hunter{{champion:32}}
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