: Champion select report option
Some players are truly masterful with certain champions, and can surprise you. Don't get flamed up in select, because that "trollpick" could be the key to win. You have no idea how many times i get flamed for picking Soraka, because "she is useless", then enemy flames me for playing cancer champ. Another day premade toplaner was first pick, and brough a Soraka. I was 4. pick support. Enemy locked Trynda, and i brought Teemo. We got flamed, because Soraka toplaner, Teemo support, and Teemo in general. We switched before start, and won the game in a was, that enemy Trynda dealt less damage, than i with Soraka. That Teemo killed him in 2v1 while enemy ganked.
: Supp is okay if u play ap burst and know how to control the map. ADC is shit because you depend on your laner or on your team after laning fase, without them u can't do shit and that's frustrating
If enemy is weak, then yea. If not, then they won't give you kills/assists, and you gona have a bad time until late, because of the lack of gold. Those supports are designed to have big AP to deal real damage. Without it after 6 their damage will be less, than any protector's healing/shielding. Against all-in the situation is worse. After lvl3 they can eat you alive, if they just land one combo. And Alistar doesn't even need to land skillshot. Leona ignores minions. In general Support always dependent on someone. Poker is dependent on ADC to poke as well. Unless enemy is noob you won't get out good from 2v1 trades. Protector dependent on ADC's patience. They unlikely win all-in before 6, and can't help a team, that has no teammate worth helping. All-in support dependent on ADCs follow up.
: Game is too team based player skill dosent matter
What you fail to understand is that you are part of the team. Chances are, that you get bad/good teammates is same as for your enemies. You play enough games, and only constant will be you. If you can't climb further, than where you are in 50 games, then you reached your limit, and the only way to go further is by improving yourself, or switch role+improving yourself. You could pay for an account, or have your friend boost you to Diamond, but all you will have is even less winrate when you start playing with it. Role strength order: Jungler. "better jungler wins". Not entirely true, but jungler currently has the greatest impact. Unlike others he has the luxury of picking any target, and all the buffs are on his shoulder to take. I once played Rammus, and couldn't manage to land a good gank. However i got rift herald+5 dragon. We won like hell in the end, because while both team was on near full build we had the dragons' buffs. Mid. Winning your lane let you roam to either lane. Which gives you serious tactical advantage. Also once a lane lose/win mid becomes a priority push. Top. Winning top let you roam. Also top is often ignored for easy splitpush. Some low elo guy prefer to flame over help, and let you destroy 2, or 3 turret before they move into a 3 player gank to stop you. ADC. Kinda similar to top, but you are dependent on your support to win the lane. Also depending on adc you might even dependent on support to keep you alive in teamfights. Support. You are ALWAYS dependent on someone. In early ADC matters a lot, and later unless you are poker support with good feed you are dependent on your team to react your all-in, or have someone who can win, if protected.
Encrux (EUW)
: Pre-20 Surrender should not be unanimous if there are less than 5 connected players in one team
Yeah there was an idea back then on other boards. Make FF available at any time, if someone is offline for more, than 3 minutes. Maybe make it 5. There are 2 type of afkers. Tilted rragequit who unlikely to return, and even if he does unlikely to win. People with technical issue. They return most cases in a reasonable time, and often doesn't really affect the outcome of their short afk period.
: Are enchanters overpowered?
In my experience they aren't that strong. Lux is same as any other i poke the sht out of you champ like Zyra, Brand, Xerath, Karma. Great early game, but if not fed until 6, then worthless until late. Sona is hillarious. Until the enemy brings a Leona, or Alistar, or Blitzcrank, or Pyke. If she get caught in an all-in combo, then she dissappear, and unlike Lux she can't poke from 99 kilometer. Nami is one hell of a champ in the hand of a true master, and this is the problem. Her Q requires some insane skill, or teamwork to land, and the rest of her skills are not exactly OP. Soraka is annoying as HELL. She is the only support, that requires special attention unless, if she is braindead. Her W heals massively, and her silence aura can break the assassins' combos. If you face a Soraka, then focusing her is top priority. She is the only champion that has the healing done strong enough to match pretty much any champion's damage done on others.
GainBoost (EUW)
: Is Jinx to Strong Right Now?
Not really. I find Draven stronger in early, and Vayne stronger in late. She has no big escape, no superior poke, no superior CC either. Just normal damage. Draven has more damage, superior escape with his minor CC+charge. Varrus has superior CC with ult, and his Q can poke better, and even through minions. Ezreal can shoot his Q much more often, and has superior mobility. Vayne after 6 has superior escape with stealth, and in lategame she melts off any champ regardless of how much defense they got. The only thing Jinx is superior is working with All-in. Her traps can make the all-in even stronger. With other support types she is just medicore, and in teamfight she also just normal.
iNew (EUW)
: Real Bots Everywhere
Haven't seen any of these yet.
: Bot-lane discussion-Poke champions or no poke champions?
All 3 types have their shine, and problems. Poker: shines brightest at lvl1, and 2. Becomes weaker against all-in after 3, and weaker, than any after 6. Assuming, that they don't get fed before that. And this is their primary problem. If not fed, then after 6 they are worthless until late. All-in: if not countered, then beats enemy seriously bad after lvl3. However he is very dependent on ADC's reaction. But a good all-in can easily beat the pokers after 3, and hard beat them after 6. However if you lose, then you are going to lose BADLY. Protector: Weakest early game, but even in loss their loss is not hard as with all-in or poker. Theorical super support: {{champion:25}} . She can beat any support in theory. Against other pokers she has pokes of her own, and spellshield to reduce damage. Her spellshield also can counter all-in by erasing their CC. Her poke can also beat protectors, if she can land them often enough. Ironically the best thing, that can beat her is skill. Avoid her Q, and her efficiency is reduced to dust.
: Wards and map awareness as an adc
Your support has it's wards on cooldown sometimes, and then you should really ward river. Unless you use maphack tracking enemy jungler is not always obvious. Especially on lower LP where people are not all super pro calculating their abilities, and jungle with 4 decimal precision for optimal farming, and ganking.
Ulula (EUNE)
: https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/877/200/b90.jpg Couldn't find taric one which i'm certain it exists but this'll do.
Taric is kinda questionable. He is very strong against certain opponents, and super weak against everything else at lane. His skills are all delayed, or low values which makes him kinda worthless in protecting ADC against assassins.
RastaBoyL9 (EUNE)
: Reworks
It's kinda the point. Make an old champ more playable, and popular. Also people tend to switch main easier, and buy skins. The game has changed since old times, and old champions needs to be adjusted to it. Instead of 40 minute gameplay it's more like 30. Tanks no longer able to survive forever. Skillshots EVERYWHERE. Mobility increased a thousandfold. The game got a much greater speed, and much more dependency on skill.
: 0 aoe camp clear even shaco clears faster and shaco has the worst spells to clear the jungle with i don't know i think riot just wants to find how low his win rate will go down by making these changes these changes literally go against everything they stand for when designing champions
They designed Pyke as SUPPORT! You know what support is? He is not meant to clear camps, or lanes. He meant to help the ADC on botlane. Either assisting in killing the enemy, or protecting the ADC. Clearing up the whole wave, or camps are not part of the role.
: Pyke Get non-champion damage removed next patch.
The primary reason behind this is, that Pyke was stronger as top/mid/jung, than support. Still has his insane damages, but also the gold to have more items for even more damage. Now he will be worthless in jung, and much weaker on mid/top. His support role only get minor change since his "lane cleaning" is not really required as support. He can still help with his super heavy basic attacks.
: What to do when Mordekaiser ults you?
If your champion counters him, then you can kill him. If not, then you have 2 options. 1. QSS 2. Run away. If you can dodge his pull, then you don't even need extreme mobility. I can kite out Morde with a goddamn Soraka.
01Zero23 (EUW)
: Nerf that BROKEN af Morde
Just need a bit time to player to counter him, but he is not that strong. Sure, if fed as hell, then he wins 5v1, but lots of champions do that.
: why pyke is getting gutted
2 different problem. It's like, that we should ban alcohol, because tobacco can cause health problems. Pyke was pretty much superior in every lane, and even in jungle compared to his original role (support). They just fixed it so he is no longer an univerzal assassin, but instead a support as he meant to be. At least not strong as he was. Tahm is a different question which needs to be adjusted. His early game is damn strong, but his lategame is worthless, because his base damage is not enough for that, and his ratios are weak. Without complete rework it's quite a difficult task to balance him to support role. The easiest solution would be making his base damage reduced, and ratios increased. Less OP in early, and midgame no longer smashing the top, but more useful in lategame. With these changes he would permanently moved to top/mid from support role.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it that ARAM is the only gamemode where you can play without stressing?
You can't change people. But you can use the ignore button against flamers, or just intentionally losing for them. I often say, that if you play for win, then go ranked. Ranked: Hardcore winning. No testing, no outside meta unless you really know what you doing, no first timer champ. Do your best, and whatever it takes. Normal: Softcore winning. Anything goes except super trolling. So don't bring AP Jihn/AP Soraka. If they flame you for being bad, or inexperienced, then just press ignore button. They started on low as well. Just forgot about it. vs AI: Anything goes. Unless it's some special mode such as doombots.
: But if he didnt make it to the end of season rewards on his own or a duo partner that actually is on his elo he just didnt deserve them easy as that. And there are multiple other ways to help your friend improve so he can make it on his own like replay analasys or helping him with the champ hes maining, teaching him the basics of his lane etc. Overall improve him as a player and not the elo shown in his profile.
Smart people understand this, but flash news. Most people are not smart. Also it's like cheating. Some people play to get high position on that list. No matter how they do it, or what it takes. Begging for boost, or paying for it is just "legal cheating". I have no doubt, that i could reach higher rank with auto dodge, and auto skillshot.
: But helping your low elo friend wont get him anywhere because you take him out of the elo where he belongs in and he will drop back down when you stop duoing. thats basically Eloboosting which is forbidden.
That is irrevelant. Sometimes it's not about boosting the friend, but more about simply playing with him. He just ranked exclusive guy, and that's why smurf is made. Other times it's about getting the season end reward. If there were no season end reward for rank, then less people would do it. Other times they just fail to understand, that they are that weak, and rather beg, or sometimes even pay for boosting to get out from "elohell". Only to be proven wrong in like 99% cases.
: Why do People have the need to smurf?
Multiple reasons possible. 1. Helping out lower elo friend. 2. Switching regions, and don't wana/can't pay transfer money. Such as i did from eu west to nordic east. 3. Some people are that sadist. 4. Some people get punished so badly, that they create new account. When a really good, but very toxic friend of mine got a 700 match chat ban he just made new account. In a few months he was back to diamond, but until then he gave some hellish time for the low elo. 1. Not RIOT's fault, and can't really do anything about it. 2. Riot could fix it easily by allowing accounts to be connected, but it would mean profit loss to RIOT. 3. Can't do anything about it. 4. Riot could remove punishment for bad language, toxic behavior, and other stuff, that can easily fixed by pressing a single mute button from player side.
rat is back (EUNE)
: Why isn't kench nerfed yet?
Not needed. He has superior lane phase, but becomes less, and less effective in midgame, and nearly worthless in lategame. He has too little damage, and CC to be relevant in later stages. Enemy team just ingores it, then kill it 1v5.
Raymaxe (EUW)
: Reports Mean Absolutely Nothing - Change My Mind
To be honest words shouldn't be a reason to ban anyone. However toxic, or bad it might be. You got a block player button. USE IT! Playing off-meta should only be bannable on !!RANKED!!, if it's totally unreasonable, or played really badly. If you bring AP Jihn+AD Janna botlane with Janna playing the carry, that's obvious troll. Building pure AD Garen against Yi+Vayne+Gnar is quite reasonable since all of them are % damage tank slayers. No point building tanky against enemies like these. Playing really badly should be bannable on ranked in general. If you give 10 kills in 10 minutes, then you do something seriously wrong.
: Can we get a list on what's actually "worth" the insta ban?
Being toxic repeatedly, or just saying a bad word once, and being unlucky with a moderator who got a bad day. Int feeding, trolling, using first timer champ on ranked, intentionally losing, and other relevant stuff are mostly ignored. Unless someone super mode feed the enemy with 20+ deaths nothing happens.
: I would say there are at least 100k accounts that have used cheats this season. It is anything from ddos'in other clients so they high ping, hacks that abuse some skills (example no cooldown flash, karthas ult that is availabe lev 1 every 4s and also hits minions), scripts like evadee (given skill shot models, will move to avoid them) auto combos ex: riven/yasuo/katarina where you press 1 key and get penta, autoplayer ex: jungle ww (will just autofarm jungle, you dont need to play even) however used to be done in twisted treeline as yields more exp per min, etc. There are smart keyboards and mouses, that you can set up to do example Rengar 0.01s full rotation of skills + tiamat + autoattack. These macros can get nearly as complex as full blown cheat engine. For noob players its already impressive to see perfect kalista studderstep (better than Uzi), or just animation cancels like syndra e+q, reset mechanics ex: diana r+q+...+r+auto, auto attack ex: resert riven or auto cc preventions like fiora/zhoja, ez ult to nexus respawn when champion with killably low life is recalling to hit exactly on recall moment, scripts that add counters to all jungle camps, or campion ability cd's and scripts make performing or knowing about them a trivial thing. I would say lots of people use them because it has been used aginst them, and not just 1ce. Others would not play the game if it was even. Some do it just because they can. Personally, i like skillful players regardless of if they script. However, I do not want to play agaist that in ranked solo queue. I wish there is a separate queue and ranking for them. Let them have fun, but within different rules and even playground.
A FORMER teammate of mine used DDOS. Can't write name, because of forum rules, but it's probably the strongest cheat you can imagine. An enemy simply get constant DC, and over 900 ping. No one can tell who does it, or if it's intentional. And the cheater gets the 4v5 games in a row for the much easier win.
: the best junglers i have played with have always tracked and matched the enemy jungler the worst junglers i have played with have just ganked and farmed and hoped for the best sometimes you play vs a monkey and you popoff others you get smashed the first type of junglers are the more consistent type and win more often
The best junglers i saw did both. They smashed enemy jungler, AND helped on the lanes. There was a time when our Shaco DESTROYED the enemy jungler badly. He didn't helped any lanes, but there was no need for it. That was a very, very unbalanced game. If a lane lose softly, then the jungler can turn the tide. If a lane win softly, then the jungler can turn that into a hard win. If a lane balanced, and enemy is not free flasher, then jungler can tip the balance. And at any times. Jungler can hard counter the enemy jungler. Deny their farm in the jungle, and you literary leave them with no money, nor xp. And for many champs even the laners can't help. What laner can do, if winning softly. Nothing. You can't roam, because enemy just send SS. If you can force him to recall often, that's a hard counter. if win the lane greatly. You can roam, or destroy enemy turret, or kill enemy champ. If you aren't too far in farm/fed, then enemy can turn your hard win into a lose. If you lose softly. You can hold the turret. Enemy jungler can make you lose hard, or your jungler can turn the tide. if you lose badly. In early game your jungler can turn the tide, if not fed yet. Otherwise you can just avoid being killed, and hope, that you can catch up later. If balanced. You can keep farming, and the 2 jungler decide whether it turns into a win/lose. As you can see the laner can only ultilise itself onto other lanes, if he wins greatly. In any other circumstances he is bound to his lane, or risk losing the turret/advantage. The jungler has no such limitations. He can work in enemy jungle, or any lane unless they lose badly to enemy jung. It's like throwing a dice, and see how many point you get. On lane you can throw 2. time, if you get 6. Otherwise 1 throw's point is what you get. The 6 represent of hard countering enemy which unlocks the option of roaming. In jungle you can throw 4 times, if your first is not 1. Getting one on first represents the case of being hard countered in jungle. In that case you can't do anything.
: for a jungler to carry a game he should be destroying the other jungler if a jungler destroys lanes thats not carrying if you take out the jungler of the enemy team from the game then you are set up to carry a overwhelming majority of jungler players don't know how to do that and thats the reason junglers don't carry they only influence a lane and then that lane hopefully carries
If a jungler destroys the lanes, then he or his teammate will carry. There is no difference in the outcome. If he destroys enemy jungle, and jungler, then he also carry, because he technically 0 an enemy turning the game into 5v4 until lategame. This is the point. A jungler has several options to win early game, or make others win early game. Strong early game gives easy midgame, and easy midgame erase lategame. I know that 99% of the players are diamond, or challenger, and that they know how to avoid being ganked, and never get countered, or even if they do they can solve it without help, but that other 1% is reliant on the good jungler, or weak against it.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > The point would be making easier to leave elohell Elohell is a myth, its an excuse people use when they lack the skills to climb any higher so they seek for a way to "justify" why they can't climb because accepting the fact that they aren't actually as good as they thought isn't something they can do > if someone is good enough. If they are good enough they will climb, pure and simple > As told numbers might need extra effort. If suddenly too many people get loss prevented, then increase it to 10. Well only 9 people can vote and you're never going to get 9 votes, but this is besides the point as its not down to players to vote for a loss prevented > I would find begging for honor pathetic, and would not give for that reason. Sure but that won't stop it, people already used to do it when the only reward was a loading screen flair, start adding in loss prevention and boy oh boy people will start to beg like it was going out of fashion > First it would reduce the luck factor. If you are truly good, then at least some unlucky games would be prevented by getting enough honors. If you're truly good then you don't need this system, you would naturally climb until you reached the point where your skill maxed out, the issue is lots of people seem to believe they somehow deserve to be placed higher than they actually do > As a secondary effect smurfs would leave the low elo faster. Since they are MVPs on those games. Smurfs already leave fast enough, this system wouldn't change anything in relation to them as they will likely be winning most of their matches anyway > The reason to come up with the idea is that many people think, that personal performance should be rewarded. And if this were a 1v1 game they would have a point, but its not, its a team game, therefore only the performance of the team matters, you win together or you lose together, thats how team games work > Making people give votes is the best option As the tribunal proved, relying on the playerbase for anything is a pretty terrible idea and a waste of resources > I remind you, that in every hour there are at least thousands ranked games played. I don't need reminding of this fact, but the number of matches played has no bearing on this, the system simply has no reason to exist, automated or otherwise
I agree, that in certain number of games you reach the rank you belong to. But with such system you would reach that rank faster. Not everyone is a time billionarie to play 1000 match in a season.
: **"Better jungler wins" **is not remotely true - it is simply an ignorant phrase used by the following groups of people: 1) The jungler on the winning team (toxic) 2) Any other member of the winning team (toxic) 3) Salty, flaming members of the losing team (toxic) They use the phrase as a form of catharsis, or in a self-aggrandizing sense. The only people who truly believe** "better jungler wins"** are people who have not played enough jungle to have experienced a match where one significantly outperforms the enemy jungler, getting himself and his teammates far ahead, whilst dumping on the enemy jg, only for 1 person (that's all it takes) to ruin the second half of the match. So as I said, the phrase stems from ignorance.
If you win early game, then you get easy midgame. If you win midgame, then there is no lategame. I saw games where enemy jungler mopped the floor with our entire team. After they got 20 kills in 22 min., there was no real fight. They just went in on mid, and won under 25 min.. The difference between the good laner, and the jungler is the potential of making/getting fed. On lane you are 1v1, or 2v2. You are checked against a single/duo enemy, if your skill is greater. In jungle you are checked against all enemies. You go top, and you checked against the toplaner. You go bot, and get checked against botlaner. You go into enemy jung, and get checked against enemy jungler. If any of them gives kills, then you get stronger. If enemy top is better, and you can't kill it, then you just ignore it, and go where you can get kills. You can't do that on mid, if enemy is stronger. You leave the lane, and if you are unlucky, then get followed, and since enemy is stronger... You can't even follow stronger enemy who goes to roam, because just turns around, and you get wrecked. Or against AD your turret will lose lots of health, if you leave it. Even if you are stronger on lane, but not strong enough to get fed roaming might not work out well. The SS makes other lanes fall back, and all you get is wasting time losing gold, and XP.
PabKonrad (EUW)
: better laners win every game tho
Even the best players can get wrecked. The world top best toplaner can get countered, and his main banned, and then the originally less skilled player mops the floor with him. Guess who could turn the tide?
: for as long as ive played this game junglers have always been the punching bag of the team if lanes go poorly it's always the junglers fault this is pure blame deflection by insecure players better jungler wins is a meme and it's very rare case that a jungler carries a game 90% of wins are a jungler snowballing an already won lane that gets out of hand yes the jungler contributed but he didn't carry when the ezreal soraka lane cries for ganks on the braum lucian when you are playing shyvanna and then they cry better jungler wins you will understand what an insane meme this is and how you shouldn't care about it
If there is a lane, that wins greatly. In many cases the only possibility to counter a good jungler is not pushing the lane. And this is where the good vs bad jungler comes in. You can push the lane against a bad jungler, and even on gank nothing happens. You push the lane, and either kill the enemy, or deny their farm. On the long run both helps a lot. Might even destroy the turret early. Against good jungler you reach enemy turret, and gank comes. And once you reach again, then gank comes from another direction. Unless they bring something, that ignore wards. Then you die on first try.
: "Better jungler wins." - is Bullshit. #The jungler is there, to exploit mistakes. If the enemy has the better jungler, it means he was given more chances, than yours. There obviously are junglers who have no idea what they are doing, but that's true for every single lane. Mid isn't gankable from 6 routes. Depending on your map side, you ward the midwall bush (behind the blue) with a pink, and place a ward in the same side's mid bush, and play only on that side of the map. If the jungler comes from there, you move to tower since you already saw him. If he comes from the other side, you escape through your warded bush into the jungle. On top you pink the river bush or tribush, depending on your side, and yellow the other. Even better, you put a deep ward into the river's scuttler area, or to the enemy's buff. **** Even if you're 10/0. you only go for all-ins, when the enemy jungler shows himself, on another lane. This way, you will never be killed by the enemy jungler. Also, It's not the jungler's job to : * Trade flashes with your laner * Ward your lane * Win your lane * give you buffs * Solo take objectives * Solo kill the enemy jungler > It is damn annoying when i'm under turret for 15 min., and not a single gank. Well maybe you have a kha'zix, that can spam bot lane-ganks, and win the game through there, instead of giving double kills on cooldown to that 2/0 post lvl6 illaoi, or darius. I especially love toplaners, who die 2 times early, then expect me, as a jungler, to re-balance their lanes. Not how it works. I play to win, if you lost early (especially in a favourable for you matchup), it means that I shouldn't invest many resources into you. I've seen ignite renektons solo-die from teleport rivens, pre lvl6 - how is that even possible ? You legit don't even wanna get close to that lane, since there's something VERY wrong with it. Ganking an 0/2 toplaner, might result in him not even following up since he's tilted or just plain bad. So yea, the struggle is real. **** Also, if you're not the squishiest champ, you can hide behind a tower, in most cases, unless you mess something up big-time and you let the enemy dive you. There's no hiding in the jungle. A 2-0 enemy top, when teamed up with his own jungler, while having deep-wards on your buffs, will keep cheesing your jungler on cooldown, while your toplaner is sitting under tower, failing at last-hitting farm. **** I had a main role on every single lane in the game, currently a jungler, since mid - seaons 4. I have good, and I have worse games, like everyone else. I DO WANNA WIN EVERY GAME, hence I'm trying my best. People spam pinging me for not ganking after they fed their ass off, does not help. Cut us some slack.
Without wards a pushed mid can be reched from 6 directions. Wards can reduce this number of course, but even with jungler's help you cannot cut off every route with wards. Deep ward takes time, and extra risk. If enemy notices, then you might get a 2, or 3 player gank while doing it. Again jungler can ruin your day. Also you still can't ward all routes. Not to mention junglers who can walk through stealth, or jump through in less than a second. You put 1 ward in river, and one ward in tribush. Enemy jungler still got a route through the explosive herb. He literary lands in the bush in river, and at that point it's too late, if you are deep pushed. Especially true, if enemy has free flash. Not to mention, that the ward last one minute, and has 2 minute CD. So with the exception of botlane you can't even maintain 2 wards at all times. Yea, if a lane is hopeless, then you might as well leave it. But if top simply gets countered, and under turret all times with enemy not getting any kill, then you might as well give a helping hand. Maybe that 2 kill is all he needs to turn the tide. If you are melee, and enemy got ranged, then he can deny even the farm from you. Try laning as Garen against a Gnar without any help. My main is supp., and i saw countless times being pushed under enemy turret after enemy got a single kill, and over 10 minutes nothing. Why? Because the enemy jungler mopped the floor with ours in the jungle. Enemy jungler won, and with it all lanes, that won by enemy are abused twice better. Also the lanes that would normally won are banged up by enemy ganks.
: Easy to abuse and player that fed most is one that enemy would more like cause he gave them free win. So bad people would have higher rank just cause they don't loose anything loosing.
Primitive people might do that, but would you really like a bad player on your division? Would you risk giving free ranks to bad players knowing, that they might end up in your team?
: cool idea but it would destroy the elo system as the game is negative sum this has the potential of adding elo to the system and inflating the rankings of many players that don't deserve those ranks ie you don't want gold to be the new bronze
Last part: "Maybe 4 is too small" If there are too many people who get loss prevented from a system like this, then all they need is to increase the number. That way only those who deserve it would have their loss prevented. Make it 12, and it would become a rare, but very reasonable occasion. Finding the balance is a question, that could make it's own pool, and lots of testing.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its not really down to him to prove its bad, its down to you to prove that its good, and i don't see any benefit to this, why would you want to honour the enemy team to give that player a loss prevented exactly? its not down to players to decide that sort of thing and it would just promote people begging for honours again, i don't see any actual benefits to your proposed system and i see negatives, so yeah prove to us why your idea doesn't suck :P
The point would be making easier to leave elohell, if someone is good enough. As told numbers might need extra effort. If suddenly too many people get loss prevented, then increase it to 10. That way you only get it, if most players agree, that you were did great. I would find begging for honor pathetic, and would not give for that reason. First it would reduce the luck factor. If you are truly good, then at least some unlucky games would be prevented by getting enough honors. As a secondary effect smurfs would leave the low elo faster. Since they are MVPs on those games. The reason to come up with the idea is that many people think, that personal performance should be rewarded. Even if you lose the game. However as told writing an algorythm, that can decide this is incredibly difficult. Making people give votes is the best option, and who else could give vote, than those who played the match? Who else could decide, if someone was truly great? I remind you, that in every hour there are at least thousands ranked games played.
: That's one of most stupid idea I saw here. You know that would break ranking system completely?
Could you explain it in detail? For now this is like a politican's argument. Your stuff is bad. We don't/can't tell you why, but it is bad.
: "Better jungler wins." Question is: is it a bad thing? and how would you solve it?
I would give the turrets some protective aura. Like that old shield they gave at some time. That would make it harder to dive, and would make easier to hold yourself, if the enemy is better. The first would give less opportunity the jungler to get kills, and the second would make the laner less reliant on jungler, if lane is losing.
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: I feel the game is harder than it should be
Compared to old times it became harder. More stuff on map to keep an eye on, can no longer keep full warded, and devs made more champs into skillshooters.
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Whale Oil (EUW)
: MID Instant dc's unable to remake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Probably the best algorythm would checking how much time one spends on start. If i were made it, then remake would be available again after 10th min., if someone spent more, than 75% of the game on start. Still would be abusable to prevent lose, if the team is losing badly. Which is the reason they haven't implemented such thing. It's simply abusable. You lose badly, and want your premade to go up. DC yourself, and your premade remakes for free loss prevented.
: Depends on the game. If it's a single player game, then probably some people prefer to see the story rather than play the game. if it's a PvP game like LoL, probably low self-esteem.
> [{quoted}](name=ˉÐęqûńˉ,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GBtzAlU2,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-06-04T20:07:34.543+0000) > > Depends on the game. > > If it's a single player game, then probably some people prefer to see the story rather than play the game. > > if it's a PvP game like LoL, probably low self-esteem. I don't really consider cheating as cheating in SP. Single player exist only for that one person's entertainment. If he is entertained by cheating, then it's his/her decision. That "cheater" will not harm other people's gameplay. I usually do that on games i played a lot already, and want to try some crazy stuff, and mess around. The question was about MP., because in that case the cheater actually harm other people's gameplay.
: [GameMode IDEA] LateGame Mode
Maybe not all items free, but starting with some insane ammount of gold so you can't readjust items that easily. I think like 20k.. That is enough for pretty much any full build, but you left with limited gold, if you want to switch items later.
Talon Bοt (EUNE)
: Losses due to people going AFK mid-game, should give a compensation!
Well there are 3 kind of leavers in my experience. 1. Most common is something bad happened. Could be internet problems, computer problems, or simply electricity issues at the place. However these guys usually rejoin quickly. 2. RRRAGEQUIT. Usually, because he gets beaten badly, or teammate writes something bad to him. Hate to admit, but i'm kinda good at making my teammates ragequit without writing a single toxic, or hateful word. Such as: *enemy got early double kill from gank. Our ADC keep pushing, attacking, then dying.* "What do you expect man? You think, that we gona be magically stronger now, that they are fed?" 3. Giving up. Sometimes the match is lost, and some people refuse to keep tryharding. They give an ultimatum. FF, or they leave. On non-ranked games i can understand these guys. On ranked you should tryhard, and fight until the bitter end. Who knows. Maybe 3 enemy gets a DC. The problem with any "solution" is that it could be abused to prevent loss. Still i would give an option. After 10 min. you would be allowed to remake, if a teammate was on start at least 75% of the match. You couldn't avoid lose, because after teammate goes afk you would need to play for quite a long time, but if someone just keep getting DC, or goes afk early, then you just have to last until midgame.
Jinwu (EUW)
: People "gaming" the report system?
My worst lose so far. We are winning like hell. Fed Talon mid, strong Olaf top, 2 dragon, and 4 tower destroyed. Just had teamfight, and Talon quadra kill, but last enemy were killed by our Jinx. Talon RRRRAGEQUIT, because penta stolen, and Olaf followed. We lost in 3v5 in like 10 min.. By the way this was on ranked.
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ΑοΚι (EUW)
: So true! Even if someone bans all my mains... {{champion:427}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:60}} ...I still have my pocket picks left to crush them {{champion:92}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:9}}{{champion:31}} {{champion:117}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
If you are on jungler position, then it's usually too late to change. And if your true main is banned, then you loose at least some effectiveness.
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Even if 10 different junglers are banned and in this 10 bans are my 4 main junglers {{champion:203}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:121}} , i will still find a champion to unleash my wrath upon you. A good jungler main can play almost every champion in the jungle... !!!
Most player has only one true main, and some second. If your true main banned you aren't that effective.
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Perilum (EUW)
: Don't overextend your lane at level 2 and all your problems are solved.
Level 3 Zac just jump in out from ward range, and you %%%%ed up unless you are under turret. Even on middle part of top or bot is gankable. What you really ask is: stay under turret except for that 60 second every 2 minutes while you can ward, or spend your money on control wards only to be destroyed in 1 minute when enemy jungler comes. Level 3 Evelyn, and Twitch just walk in stealthed. Level 6 Nocturne, Pantheon just jump behind you with ult. Hecarim, Rammus, Warwick, and Yi after 6 with boots+movement speed runes+mastery can go through ward in 1.4 second. If you slightly beyond middle you are %%%%ed. Unless your jungler gives ward or move further, there is a 2. route to get behind you. Midlane in middle has 4 place to gank from. The true answer is: be mobile as %%%%, or stay under turret 24/7. Unless enemy is seriously bad and give you a lot of kills on his own.
Tiichu (EUW)
: Better jungler wins. (At least this patch)
There are several reasons for that. Mostly because a lot of jungler simply can gank through wards at some point before midgame, and because only botlane can actually ward itself without jungler's help. Toplane can be ganked at some point at any time when pushed. It's just not possible to keep it warded at all times without jungler's assistance. Mid is unwardable, if you are in middle part of mid, then there are 4 place to gank from, and if you overextend, then there are 6. At any time it is possible to find unwarded route. Also there are 4 jungler who can gank through normal ward at LEVEL 3! Zac, Shaco, Twitch, Evelyn. Shaco can be seen as he goes into stealth, but only if you look there. It can't be seen on minimap. Another 3 current jungler has free flash for better gank. Gragas, Ezreal, Kha'zix. 3 Jungler can easy gank after 6. 2 of them literary unwardable. Pantheon, Nocturne, Kha'zix. 4 Jungler has some sort of great movement speed. Combined with runes, masteries, and +5 boots you have no time to react a gank unless you ward far away. That kind of warding takes more time, and need +1 ward for full warding on top, and bot. Hecarim, Rammus, Master Yi(after 6), Warwick. It is possible, that i missed some, but this is a lot already. In many cases if you go to just middle part of your lane you expose yourself. Going beyond that is risky as hell unless your champ is very mobile, and can escape easily. In the long past there were one less route for top, and bot, less jungler had free flash or strong movement before 6, you were able to ward yourself, armor and mr. had more impact or items gave more (full AD enemy team without Vayne or Yi, and they kill me in 2 seconds with full armor+health rammus), Masteries gave less speed in river, and bushes. Not sure about the final part.
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