VIT Laati (EUNE)
: There are some who build Rylai with him :/
Yea sure, I mean then Jinx ult slows as well, or lux ult. - those are more annoying than velk W LOL.
Salron88 (EUW)
: please fix velkoz infinite mana
In what universe is vel'koz a she, also, how exactly does the W slow ?
: I bought skins every month, which is optional ofc, but dont talk to me like im some1 who didnt support this game in so many years, like i said probably all of you combined didnt spent as much money then i did, anyway this is pointless dunno why i even opened the forum its a waste of time like it always was, there are ppl here who spend more time thne playng which is sad...
Why make this about yourself ? I spent over $2.4K on the game, got close to 300 skins, I am happy to support the company. All that is irrelevant. The company needs to turn a profit, and they give you options. You either straight up buy a skin with RP, or you buy a lootbox, or get a pass. You can purchase none and still be able to play. I am personally done with the RP purchasing, after Riot's f#$kup with the 1BE capsules, so I'm not getting the passes. What I don't understand is, why does it bother you what they are selling ? And lastly about them not being cheap, They are. 10 bucks is less money than you spend on an average day. It's gas money, if you commute. I really don't see what the big deal is.
: Enough with the passes already
Do you want to continue playing LOL for free ?
: Improper Ban
I always compare this to getting fully geared IRL (bulletproof vest + helmet + military style clothing), 4 mags on your chest just like Rambo, an AR in your hands, a bazooka on your back, and going into a police station, with the intent of showing your non geared friend that it's not cool to do so, and that people who do so - will get into a big mess. Pure Darvin award right there.
Imagine double karthus ulted on a squishy champ, while below 80% HP.
: good job riot
> this is the ca20 th time my account is going to get perma banned And you're still not getting Riot's message ? yikes
: tell that to my team it's like they are always tempted to leave base at one point when enemy is ss instead of just defending some of them even afk or pointlessly split making it 4v5 cuz they are "tired of defending"
Well in that case that is a player error. I don't see why it would be considered tryharding, to abuse mistakes of your enemy. You do it all the times. All kills in lane, all successful ganks, are possible due to player errors.
: if u full build how do u get pinks do u sell ur items and rebuy them
If everyone is full build, there is no need to leave - you should be on even chances (depending the champs of course). You wait till the enemy comes to you, and you fight them. If there are non full build members, like the support or the jungler, they should get 1-1 pinks between the inhib wall entrances, and sweep near the nexus to take out potential TP-able wards. I just saw your OP.GG, I see that you're a lower rank player, I mean no disrespect by this. What I mean is, if you have any questions about strats and tips/tricks, feel free to shoot. I'll answer all your concerns.
: if u backdooring with sion or the rat it's especially more annoying since their kit allows them to easier do it unnoticed or harder to stop without tp
So if a nexus is open, and the enemy has no awareness of the enemy teamcomp + shit map sense, while they leave the base, if you're with twitch, you shouldn't press Q and try to hit the main objective of the game. Cmon dude.... If the enemy has rengar/kha/twitch/tf/shaco/trynda and so on, you ward the jungle entrance bushes , put pinks between the destroyed inhibs, and turtle in base while getting funneled double superminions. You have no reason of leaving the base, since you basically FF, if the enemy has one of the said champs, and you don't do what I described. This is EXACTLY like walking into tower aggro, or trying to solo baron at lvl 10 with sona. It's pure common sense. Is it not easier to end the game with a cheese, if the enemy is shit, rather than trying to ACE them over and over again, till they FF, or till they all die and you don't, hence you can end ? It seems to me, that the second variant requires more "trying" than clicking R+R+auto on the nexus with TF.
: I know this getting me downvoted but idc i usually don't see trying to win as try harding but there are things that especially piss me off to see in a non competitive game 1- backdooring 2- picking ridiculous comps (like infamous veigar-jax-renekton for perma stun combo in 3v3's) 3- going for kills all game and farming enemy champions like minions these are all valid definitions for tryharding for me first two shows an absolute determination to win that's a bit overkill and the third example is just the "showoff" type of tryharding as in you try so hard to look better than enemy at the game that's it
So basically 1 - using brain to win compared to the famous ARAM on SR mode that you see in low ELO, abusing the enemy's shit map awareness or inability to buy pinks / press 4. 2 - playing the game. None of those, except maybe the jax is considered a god tier pick. The comp is nasty, so is xayah rakan, twitch/kog lulu/ taric/sona and so forth. I'd rather see picking vayne or hecarim as tryharding - yet they probably have a 60% blind-pick pickrate. 3 - that's literally the definition of playing for fun. hyper aggressive low ELO style, with 0 objective focus. The INT TO WIN strat. 30 team kills in 15minutes. If the enemy is shit, that's not your fault. Are you supposed to back with full HP if the enemy is still staying in lane with 3HP vs a 10/0 xerath ? Like legit, I don't get what you're supposed to be doing, if the enemy walks into every spell of yours, and takes a couple of towershots/ minion aggro in the meantime. There's no such thing as tryharding in my book. If you beat me, you were better, and I respect that. Be it chee%%%%%/cheesestrat/me failing/you outplaying. I blame myself for losing, and not the enemy for beating me. Maybe that's why I'm where I am, and OP is where he's at. my 2 cents.
: Smurfing
Maybe they are playing for fun as well. Also, common misconception, someone playing better than you, and doing the right thing isn't a necessary indicator of "tryharding", it simply shows the skill level gap between the two of you. A high ELO player can casually win lane/game with AD janna top vs any gold OTP, without the need to tryhard. Tryharding is often used for "doing the right thing, at the right time". It's the opposite of trolling. I legit never understood how can you tryhard in a game. You either play to win, or you don't. There's no middle ground. What's not-tryharding in your book ? Chasing a kill for 3 minutes instead of taking an objective ? Farming perfectly ? Doing 20 minute barons ? Ganking the same lane twice ? Pulling off coordinated roams/ganks with the team in order to take an objective ? Please lemme know, I'm very curious about your definition of "tryharding".
hrelja noob (EUNE)
: Whats your promo loss streak?
6 promos last season for D3. I was going through 2 packs of smokes / night - 1 on each promo, always going 2W-3L. Was quite the experience. Good luck with your 10th promo !
: It was on my other account : Matoilpazzo ! But no problem, all good ! Good game - Ps: Already unistalled :)
HF in Tetris.
: oof checkmate
And the last part is more of a disclaimer for people who make this kind of post. Not calling you personally a hypocrite, it's directed towards the hundreds of similar posts. I have nothing against you personally, however as I explained, and hopefully at least made you consider my point of view, the idea is not viable. It has been presented a bunch of times, you're the first one who wouldn't mind winning less, so props to you for that one. Hope my lightly harsh style didn't bother you. Cheers
spulsh (EUW)
: Mac Client Reset(?)
Same happened to me, (I'm also on Mac) - but some of my friends who use the Windows client reported the issues as well. Riot knows about it, I personally reported it too, I'm sure they are working on a fix. In the meantime, just use 1 page, and edit it before every match, in order not to lose it again (since it happened to me like 3 times already). Another friend from the windows client gets an account data reset every time he logs out.
TheWHOkill (EUNE)
: Haking game
Yes, "tf balde", the famous Chinese hacker, that tampered with the US elections too, is now preventing hardstuck P4 players from climbing. This is some very dangerous stuff you've stumbled upon, I wouldn't if I were you. Just take the loss, don't piss off the powerful people behind this "hackign sistem". You risk getting paired up with trolls and AFKs, like the others, who messed with them. Just buy some RP, and you'll soon be getting winning streaks, and your reports will get people banned, no matter what they did. /s
: I see your point, and don't answer questions for me then say I'm a hypocrite it discredits the rest of your post I wouldn't mind receiving less LP for a 5v4 win cuz that sounds fair enough
I don't see all your complaint posts regarding winning against 4 enemies. Care to link ?
: being an agressive player in a "defensive" team
You can apply pressure on the map elsewhere, duelling 1-2 enemies that come to stop you, if you play the right champ. If your team just turtles 4 man under their towers, that's not a bad strat either. If 2 people come for you (we're expecting you to be able to 1v1 anyone with a splitpusher), maybe they'll find the courage to engage 4v3. You can also play an anti-siege champ, that has good waveclear and doesn't let the enemy get close to your towers. And sadly, there are unwinnable games, you have to accept that, and move on/go next, if things go bad.
Lersubem (EUW)
: Event border
First off, you need the champ and the skin in order to use the border. Purchasing it will not give you neither of those 2. Secondly, even if you don't own the champ or the skin, upon purchasing them, you will have the border. #Third and last, yes, the borders / chromas purchased with event currency last forever. Again - You CAN NOT USE the border standalone, without using the skin on said champ. Couple of border examples purchased with event currencies.
Recrited (EUNE)
: Loot idea
I personally wouldn't care. Got at least a skin on all champs, most of them are the best skins (subjective). I look at skins as an achievement, as a number. You collect them, that's all. There are some super ugly skins that I prefer playing over cool ones. I own for example glacial and mecha malphite (+ a good amount of chromas on him) as well. I still use Shamrock, which is IMO one of the worst skins that exist in LOL. He looks like a bush, and it's funny. About Udyr, his black belt skin, is worse than base. It's basically 3 brown pixels running around, punching people with dorritos while walking like he was animated by a 7 year old using paint. I own all his skins, including the ultimate one. I play black belt a lot. I see your point, the idea isn't for me, AND I don't see how that number of 3 would benefit you in any way. There are so many shit/outdated skins, you can't dodge fate. Also, chests are RNG. They appeal to our inner gambling addicts. Messing with the system in any way or form, would remove part of the whole experience, which makes it fun IMO. Same as with how the ARAM bans were. I always banned none. I want my random experience to be random. Sometimes, being in control is boring. And futile, especially when it comes to the thousands of outcomes a chest can have.
: Lose LP relative to how well you played?
League is a lot like chess. There is 1 objective in the game, taking the king, I mean destroying the nexus. You do that, you win. Enemy does it, you lose. Overcomplicating it as you, and the other 2 and a half thousand posts (this year) suggested, would kill the simplicity and beauty of the game, as a strategic MOBA. Would you really want a Zed that deals 3% of the teamfight damage waiting to last-hit kills, then deciding the game is unwinnable because he thinks so, never grouping with his team again, and going AFK farming the jungle and proxying the waves till the enemy finishes the game, so he has good looking stats in the end-screen ? Would that kind of behaviour deserve to lose less in your opinion ? Honour ? Honour has nothing to do with game performance. It's the attitude. You can be the worst f#$king iron 4 0LP 30% win-rate player, and still get 4 honours, due to keeping the team's spirit up, and helping your mates through the hardships of a match. It has / should never influence your LP gains. Super bad idea, as always. This specific post/idea is legit starting to bother me. I don't get it why people are so fixated on this. Do you complain when you win a 5v4 ? No. Would you accept winning less LP if it's a free game ? - the enemy has a DC or a troll. - the answer is NO again. Then don't act like a hypocrite.
: ok rito, we gotta talk
The darius obviously messed up the lane's wave management, if that nasus could stack up and get to an almost even itemization as the Darius. Darius is a lane bully, Nasus is a scaling mid/lategame champ. Failure to shut him down early will guarantee losing fights vs him. I'm pretty sure you easily beat him at lvl 6. Both having items from the 1st back, even if you're down a kill, if you play the lane correctly.
Lari (EUNE)
: Most dmg in game so..Ans also i was tilted from previous games
> Some of you think that they can pick whatever they want in ranked games [](http://l) > Ans also i was tilted from previous games This is ultra hypocritical - hope you can see it too. > Most dmg in game so.. Most damage. Yes indeed. You should be banned for griefing, for that game btw. Also funny how you have 0% win-rate on ezreal, yet you still keep picking it - offrole as a trollpick. And then you dare wonder why you're hardstuck low-gold with nearly 500 games. And on top of all that, you have demands, expectations, and you're trying to boss people around, so they pick whatever you like ? What is wrong with you ? And while we're at it, since when does a support's utility come from dealing damage without having any CC,any gank follow up, engage nor disengage. You either don't understand how the role works, or you're trolling. Just....stop.
Lari (EUNE)
: "Stfu i will pick w/e I want"
You're playing klepto Ezreal support in ranked. Your point is invalid.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Lane Police,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=KALGMhEP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-21T04:39:22.880+0000) > > > > This is just too perfect. LOL The irony lmao.
: I did but haven't gotten a reply yet, and maybe somebody knew something else i could do
: Dont talk about a champion's balance with no valid argument behind it. This is just too perfect. LOL
: just wait till you get to d4 thats the best elo kek
He won't. Can't you hear that he has a 100% int-rate in his games ? We just got lucky to get to diamond, probably because we spent money on the game or smthn.
: Its something Gotta pump those numbers up :D
Kendzo (EUW)
: "**You can get 10 kills, and solo-lose the game vs 3/10**" Right, because this is a 1v1 game... "**Get objectives done and scale**" I think I'm well aware of that. I think what you meant to say is "get teammates that also comprehend that part to play with you". As an example, this decision making of my teammates on the map (at minute 6:39) while I pressure mid and end the game... just one of them. If you're placed with lower elo teammates but play against higher elo teams, they don't know to do that! There's not much you can do heh?
> If you're placed with lower elo teammates but play against higher elo teams, they don't know to do that! There's not much you can do heh? You can play consistently well, and you will climb. It's only your own skill that's limiting you. This is my smurf acc (B3 to P4), I'm getting 20 game win-streaks, constantly getting higher and higher opponents. _**My team-mates don't matter**_, bcz I know how to close out games. There are indeed unwinnable games, they don't stop you from climbing tho, if again - you're CONSISTENT. which you are apparently not.
: not improving isn't really the case the game evolves players become better you being stuck in an elo for years just means you aren't improving at a fast enough pace if you really didn't improve you would be going to lower elos every season
Yea, sadly bronze was the worst one till this year xD Maybe they just don't care to improve. I remember my first season, made the plat from silver jump in under a year. All that was needed was a change in my mentality, and some practice. The rest came naturally.
: RANK 1 WUKONG PUTS ON THE THANOS INFINITY GAUNTLET | League of Legends Edited Wukong MiD Gameplay
TPK Luffy (EUW)
: bro you can disagree all you want you can get all of the upvotes. but dont forget 1 thing this is the fact and 90% of the people here on riot boards are riot supporters and big riot fans. lmao go to youtube videos reddit posts where they say the exact same as me. like Videogamedunkey. he got 271k likes on 20k dislikes on his league of legends video where he said the exact same thing. so 271k people agree with me and like.. and 20k dont those are most likely people like you board fans. so even if you get 10k upvotes dont feel hyped cuz there are alot of people that will disagree with you and dont have seen your post.
You don't have to be a Riot supporter in order to see, that it would benefit nobody to be able to freely flame.
: simple, only players with +1k gmaes in bronze for more than 5 season will be accepted. no smurf would play so much on a troll account.
It's hard to believe that such players exist ( I sadly know that they do), but how in God's name can't you improve throughout a thousand games ? Also player that has 1K games is far from a casual. OP is talking about casual players.
Kendzo (EUW)
: Is this your average Bronze player? (Why I quit League of Legends)
You got it all wrong. The main objective of the game is destroying the enemy nexus. There are two major parts of League of Legends. #Micro play and #Macro play You are bronze, because you suck at macro. You can get 10 kills, and solo-lose the game vs 3/10 enemies, if their team comp scales better. You can outplay everyone, if instead of going to the baron after an ace, you go farm the botside golems to keep your CS/min score high on OP.GG so you can complain later about your mechanics. Micro play is important, but again, most low ELO people are forgetting what the main objective of the game is. Hitting a charm versus another bronze player, is not like hitting a charm vs a diamond level player. Having 100% charm hit-rate accuracy in bronze, doesn't mean that you're above them. It means that you got THAT one part going on for you. That's all. Take that WW at the 40second mark. He ganks a lvl6 Ahri that has ult up, while having ezreal as a laner with no consistent follow up damage or any kind of CC. Why ? Doesn't that scream bad player to you ? And on top of all that, you average 3cs/min against that kind of competition, and having a near 0 vision score / game. **** Don't let the flashy streamers and montages fool you. They are made by people who already reached near the top of the ladder. They know exactly how to close out a game, in contrary to your average bronze player. Plays mean nothing, winning the game matters.
: Udyr Montage - GODYR
Why aren't they moving while fighting ? WTF ELO was this filmed in ? Especially the first one vs Illaoi, pure cringe.
TPK Luffy (EUW)
: riots perma bann
Not how it works buddy. First off, you provide a source for this one : > Riot will never change their policy because it generates them more money to perma ban people Because I might say something regarding you that gets me banned here, and present it to you as a fact. It wouldn't be a fact, just cuz I want it to be. So source on that one. **** > i can understand being banned for cheating or going afk for a bunch of time but getting banned for shit talking on a game what is this %%%%ing %%%%% ass babyschool or something? No. It's not babyschool. It's a billion dollar company's quality of experience. If you'll ever have the chance to work in a serious environment, you'll see, that there are certain rules, to ensure the quality of the product. It's called quality assurance. And by the way, the AI learns from the community. It's not even Riot who doesn't want you to tell someone to hang themselves, it's the community itself.
: dude.. it is an game. why getting permanently banned from the game if the chat isnt a part of the game? do i play league on the chat or in the game? seriously if you cry over being insulted then you're litteraly and p4ssy. there is an mute button if you feel hurt then press it and you wont cry anymore. if you wanna bann toxic people bann them from the chat and not from the entire game
> why getting permanently banned from the game if the chat isnt a part of the game? Oh but it is. It's part of the experience. Riot as a billion dollar company, needs to have some quality in its services and rules, that by the way are dictated by the community. The AI doesn't ban because Riot programmed it to. It bans, because a majority of the playerbase considers certain things unacceptable, while other things are OK to say. It doesn't take a nuclear physicist to figure out what you should type and what not. And if someone still fails ? Well happy Darvin awards to them. There are enough players already, I don't mind a few of them leaving on a permanent vacation. Chat in lol was not made for socialising be it positive or negative. It was made simply to signal summoner cooldowns, and do to complex shotcalling, that can't be done in pings.
: > By this logic, a bunch of people are shoplifting in the world, and doing other small time crimes. We should reform the whole system, so they go unpunished. Bad analogy, shoplifting in irl would be like scripting in LoL, being sneaky and taking something that doesn't belong to you (kills/wins). Arguing with team mates are making negative comments would be like doing the same thing irl, it doesn't even require an anology. If someone argues every once in a while in LoL, they will eventually be permabanned. If someone argues or says something negative to their team mates every once in the military for example, they won't be so easily fired. They see you as a human being, and human beings sometimes argue and say negative things. > I'd rather have 30% longer queue times, and 30% less people in lol, than a mode where they can just flame for free. The beauty of this mode is, that if you don't like it, you don't have to turn it on. By default, everyone would be using the default chat mode and won't be able to see the comments of people who are using free chat mode. Do you have a counter argument against it?
> They see you as a human being, and human beings sometimes argue and say negative things. You're free to argue, in a civilised manner - like a human being, not like an animal. Animals throw feces at each others, and kill their rivals. We're not animals, we can settle arguments like humans. > The beauty of this mode is, that if you don't like it, you don't have to turn it on. By default, everyone would be using the default chat mode and won't be able to see the comments of people who are using free chat mode. Do you have a counter argument against it? I don't see how this would be beneficial to anyone. _**It's a proven fact, that typing a lot in chat, especially flaming, reduces ingame efficiency, draws the mind away from the game**_. Flaming loses matches, and ruins your day. So I'll ask again, why would ANYONE want this ? You like losing more games while playing in a more toxic environment than you're in now ? - I don't see why anyone would like this.
: LoL is a huge game, and in its current state, the overwhelming majority of the player base is at risk of getting punished in some way, shape or form due to the current chat system. Which is why it needs to be fixed, since riot don't plan on fixing the tribunal system any time soon.
By this logic, a bunch of people are shoplifting in the world, and doing other small time crimes. We should reform the whole system, so they go unpunished. > the overwhelming majority of the player base is at risk of getting punished in some way Very good. Than it means, that the system is working as intended. I'd rather have 30% longer queue times, and 30% less people in lol, than a mode where they can just flame for free. It would have legit zero benefits. They eventually get permabanned over and over again, and hopefully in 3-4 years, only the hardcore oldskool core will remain, and we'll be able to finally have some fun.
WAVenom (EUNE)
: U have more chance to win game with flamer than a troller and intentional feeder but hey ban flamers better cuz why not u said %%% to him he will go and commit suicide he will listen to u
It's not about winning. It's about respecting a set of rules, that you legally agreed to upon account creation. Both are equally wrong, flaming is easier to detect, that doesn't mean, that inting is never punished, it just takes more time, if the troll knows what he's doing.
: Voluntary Chat Modes (Suggestions)
So you basically want a mode that's just like the one we have. And another one where you can tell someone to have intercourse with his relatives while drinking lighter fluid then jumping into a volcano while whistling Samoa's national anthem and repeatedly hitting his head with a rubber mallet mid-flight - in a videogame, that's about destroying the enemy nexus ? Who would this free chat mode benefit ? Sick people ? Edgy teenagers ? LOL is a huge game, it's leading the industry. You need quality. You can't allow everything, it would lower the quality/feel of the gameplay experience. The idea is just stupid.
yiridang (EUW)
: RIOT really needs to fix this
I get 15 LP in D4. Don't know how much I lose, because I failed to lose a single game until this day, since I promoted to diamond. I'm currently 5-0. It's simple, if your gains are shit, and your losses great, the secret of climbing is this : Don't lose. lul
: Trolls in Ranked game (please help i am done)
That "troll" Nunu had a higher kill participation, and more gold and a better KDA than you, on far less farm. So if a random troll has a higher impact, than you, mr. Serious Player, what does that make you ? Yikes.... Also, I suggest you read the boards rules, before posting something. You're breaking multiple rules.
mcheema4302 (EUNE)
: Permanent Bans
Comparing this to real life jail time is wrong. You'd rather have to compare breaking the TOS with f#$king up at work. Big time. F#$king up that hard, that you get fired. Your contract torn to pieces. Do they rehire you after 12 months ? Not really. You have to understand, that you own nothing here. Riot owns your account, the RP that you purchased was a pure donation to them. It's not yours. You're RENTING. And if you break the rules that you legally signed in a contract (agreeing to the TOS upon account creation), your access to the RENTED account and other DIGITAL GOODS (that again ARE NOT YOURS), gets restricted. Either for 14 days, or permanently. This is why I'd make lol 21+ or at least 18+ (of course that would probably bankrupt me but hey) - children (and some adults too, sadly) fail to understand how legal contracts work. The concept of consequences is unknown to them. The fact that they can lose something forever is un-known to them. They are used to a slap on the wrist from mommy, and 2 days of no computer games. That's not how real life works. > remember 6-12months could be the difference of a kid growing up and becoming mature A kid is 12-16 years old. You don't generally mature till you're 21, or even more. You might be legally an adult at 18, but you're still a kid. So that 6 to 12 months, means nothing. It means that little toxic 13 years old Jonny will be 14, with a more advanced vocabulary, and 0% more maturity. He'll run it down just as fast, and tell you to kill yourself just as easily, as before. Make the minimum sign-up age 16, require an ID upon account creation, and then give them a 5year ban instead of the perma. I'd be OK with that. **** Again, This is the company policy. If you disagree with it, you go and enjoy fornite or minecraft or whatever is hip this month. The ONLY way of the company policy changing at this point (after the failed "3rd chance" experiment conducted with some permabanned accounts) - is pulling a couple billions out of your back pocket, purchasing the Riot shares from tencent, and rewriting the TOS. Welcome to life, where your actions have consequences.
iZeus (EUNE)
: Homestart bug after latest patch
Limit your FPS to 60 or 144 depending on your screen. This is called tearing.
: 8 years old account perma Banned. Farewell losers.(RIOT)
> I already created an account to make your shitty game even more shitty. So basically you are bad at the game, and due to that frustration you got yourself banned. And now you're making another account to get yourself banned again, due to the frustration of you getting banned before. > Do you really think your matchmaking is ok? How can a beginner unranked player be in silver elo? After 300 matches, I got teammates who are playing their placements just after getting 30! You call this fair? I know there are alot of people who feels me! Your system is %%%%ed piece of shit company. Yup. Silver is an entry ELO, it's totally normal for new players to be in there. It's your fault for being in it, after 300 games. It amazes me, how you couldn't get to gold in the span of 7 years. You showed 0 improvement, and yet, you were toxic, and had expectations from others, hell - you even flamed them when they didn't act according to what you wanted. Get a grip on reality dude.
ellekene (EUNE)
: Your favourite songs to listen to while playing Puts me in a trance, removes every distraction, there's just me, and my champion.
: how old are you? because i think you are still mistakenly calling me young but what do i know maybe you are way older than me if it will help put your mind at ease i use this acc because my main WAS BANNED not because i want to..or because i want to settle a dumb score with riot the acc is already old and dead now after the ban was lifted i will continue to use this account if you don't mind..because i like this account also don't want to risk anything happening to my main account that could happen anyways but just for safety measures the funny thing is you seem to be offended by the name itself and driven mad by it as did other people which makes it even extra worth it to use....
I'm nearly 30. Again, I haven't made any assumptions about you or your age, just asked a few questions. > also don't want to risk anything happening to my main account that could happen anyways but just for safety measures Don't need to. The boards punishments have no connection to your in-game account. You can post the most offensive thing ever, and be free to play, you'd only face punishments here, on the boards. About your name, I'm not offended by what it stands for. The typo in it bothers me a bit but that's my personal opinion to have, and none of other's concern, I have nothing against you personally. I'm not payed by Riot games to suck their d@#ks, and/or to promote their game. I personally enjoy it, you have your right to have a different opinion. Neither me, nor Riot games can take that away from you. Until you don't break any boards TOS, you're good to go.
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