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Elyviere (EUW)
: Interesting. When I solved this I don't recall touching PersistedSettings.json. Perhaps I googled it and did and I've simply forgotten, it was a while ago after all. Thanks for the detailed explanation on how this works! :)
Alright thanks guys, it works now!
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ftmenHUN (EUNE)
: Dear Garen,{{champion:86}} Your mighty armor, mighty sword, Your shoulders standing tough and broad, Your perseverance, always brave, You beside me I always crave, A thousand daggers I wouldn't give, If you could all of my crimes forgive, Cause you spin my heart round and round, More than the Death Lotus, to which I am bound, Your eyes, any injustice on Top they smite, But sadly, I on Mid, have an Ignite, So conquer through the lands of differing, And don't let my heart stay there withering, I can take Luden's, and you The Black Cleaver, Together we can go on a killing fever, No-one could stop us, the ultimate pair, They would run in dispair! We could take an adventure, farm all game, Take on the jungle, who needs a lane? With you, all in the world I could do, At the end of the game, who cares who threw? Sinister Steel, they know my name, Resets and Shunpo, I am a pain, But for you, my Garen, mine truly, my dear, I would forget the META, and buy me a Tear, So with your hand, this Winter's night, Battle through this world of blight, To sit with me arm with arm, And let me work the Christmas charm. Yours Truly, Katarina{{champion:55}}
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Free Skin Contest nr 20 Christmas Special
Dear Wukong _I used to be a fox roaming between the trees But then I opened the locks that kept me from the blue seas_ _I hope you will not mind And take my offer kind Will you be my monkey? 'cause I know, you're spunky_ _There's no need to be shy because I'm your ally In war and in love And in bananas, kind of.._ _I was confused by the spirits And frightened of secrets But I'm no longer scared 'cause with you, I'm paired <3_ **Let's have a romantic christmas together, Wukong, at my home, the beautiful woods of Ionia. ** {{champion:103}} {{champion:62}} Thanks for reading! _P.S eestlane :P _
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: [Answered] Is this supposed to be fair?
Alright, thanks for your responses! :) Best regards.
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